Has the passion that burned in your eyes so bright,
so hot in your loins, so strong in your heart?
Has deceit, dimmed the blaze in your eyes?
Has treachery, quieted the roar within your heart?
Have lies, quelled that rut within your loins?
Has trickery, quenched and chilled that fire forever.

Has cursed time consumed this light?
Has time eroded your love, which you once so strongly proclaimed?
Is it now just an echo of remembrance?
Or could it be a whisper left unclaimed.

Are those words, repeated in jest, just to sait my hungers lot,
A hunger, a fear, which consumes my soul,
In a conflagration so great, so brilliant, so bold,
That it be not defined by mere mortal thought.

Does the passion, which once so strongly flared in your bosom,
Is it now, only a flicker made?
Do the memories, we first so vividly shared.
Do they now begin to fade?

Like the glimmering, colors of fall, now turning to dull gray.
Does the coupling of our bodies, our spirits together meld?
Does the sensation we felt, was so great,
Does that so perfect a sensation, is it now just a fading feeling felt?