Has your heart been so thoroughly and cruelly savaged?
Was it torn from thy bosom by foolishness and folly?
Is thy heart so scarred, that it is beyond any prayer of repair?
I beseech thy answer.

Have the words that thy once so freely and eagerly wrote with love and devotion.
Are those same words now written as a task?
Or are they undertaken out of pity?
I beseech thy answer.

Was the promise never to abandon?
Was it made, in haste?
Was it made, in the heat of passion?
Has it become a petty burden on your lips?
Is it only saved for honor or pride?
I beseech thy answer.

Has the sound of the spoken word,
That once brought forth such abundant joy.
Is this sound, which caused joy in your heart?
Is it now, the sound of pain and sorrow?
I beseech thy answer.

Has the fire in your loins, once fueled by love,
The flames fanned by overwhelming passion.
Has the fire that once consumed your body, your soul,
Does it still burn?
Does it still exist?
Is it now, just another dying ember,
you’ve tossed among the ashes of your memory?
I beseech thy answer.

Has the love in your heart that bloomed like a rose,
Blossomed and danced like a field of daffodils,
Is that love still true and strong?
Or has that love, crushed by untruths and deceits,
wilted and fallen to the wayside?
I beseech thy answer.

Has the desire that drove you to unbridled passion,
That filled your soul with joy and ecstasy.
Is that desire still true and strong?
Or as the colors of the fall has it paled,
faded, and tumbled to the ground.
I beseech thy answer.

What must be done?
What path, must I tread?
What cost, must I bear?
What pain, must I suffer?
What pray thee?
I beseech thy answer.

What must I do?
To touch the warmth of thy flesh,
To hear thyne heart pound,
To see thyne eyes shine,
I beseech thy answer.