I walked the halls,
Looked into the crowded rooms,
Of a place I had once lived
Up until now, it seemed a lifetime ago.

The people,
All the same,
Only the faces had changed,
I was greeted with anew,
With congratulations for work, done long ago

I talked to some,
And gazed upon others,
Spent time with the ones I had known,
Relived memories and made new ones.

They reminded me of the events,
Which I had almost forgotten,
Remembrances of a picture on the wall,
      With part of my story told below.
Remembrances of a holiday Bar-b-que,
      With the emphasis on the southern way.
Remembrances of friends lost and those
      Who, quietly moved on.
Remembrances of those still there,
      Struggling daily to survive.
Remembrances of the unfortunate ones,
now fewer in number,
      Still full of hope praying for a miraculous healing.
Remembrances of the ones,
      Who, died long before their time,

Some things like; people, ideas, beliefs, change
      Yet some things will never change.
Moreover, by the grace of God—I am one who was changed.