Today was the day “The old one” was about to journey out into the world. He had his escort a beautiful bronzed skinned woman, she was going to show him an area in town that had apartments to rent and landlords, who would accept the vouchers he had and most importantly would accept him.

The lady took him to the apartment where they met the landlord. He was nice enough, but then again he was all business. He looked at two apartments on the first floor. The first was clean and neat it reminded him of the apartment set where they could have filmed a fifties television show it was quaint and unique.

The second apartment, which smelled of death the only thing that remained, was the clutter like bones that remain on the ground, after the vultures pick the carcass clean. They take the valuables, the antiques, and leave the clutter, the little things that made the memories of the occupant a living being. There were fifty years of tears, smiles, arguments and laughs all contained in that space and I suppose in there too is the ghost of the last remaining vestige of a very special woman. He thought that he would leave that apartment to someone who was more special than he was to enjoy the haunting and memories of those rooms.

He told the landlord that he would take the first apartment rather than the second one. They agreed on a price and he agreed to return the next day and pen his name to a lease that would bind him for a period of two years. Right now, two years, seemed like a lifetime.

He awoke the next morning, and thought about the lease, the apartment, and his life after the 2100. He felt like he had buyer’s remorse, in that he was voluntarily leaving his sanctuary. Could he, could he possibly make this new abode, his sanctuary, his place of hiding, his sepulcher by the North Shore. He could only hope for this peace and solitude, where he could die a little more each day, just like he had done a Thousand times before.

He thought, maybe he too, could leave his memories, his smiles, his arguments, and his pain, there at the apartment for another special person to inherit when he was only a memory.

The old one filled out the application form, Wow! What memories, the questions on a single piece of paper, could provoke from the deep recesses of his memory. He could only wonder what would come next, he could only wonder what tribulations, he would add to the weighty ones he had already placed on his shoulders and he could only wonder if he was doing the right thing.

The old one sat, wrote, and felt the shadow of melancholy settle into his soul. The die had been cast, he would have to wait to see what fate had in store for him…, and he would wait just as he had done a thousand times before.