The old one’s stoic face began to crack; he smiled a little as he remembered the phone call he had, had with his friend. She was okay, she missed the old one, and she was very displeased, that he had been in a battle with another being. The old one’s friend talked of many things that were happening to her and others we knew. The old-one was happy when he talked to her. He knew it would be another full moon before he could talk to her again. It would then be before the holiday they called Christmas.

The old-one was lucky to have been able to call someone who cared for him so close to the day of Thanksgiving. The old-one nodded, he had thanks, he thought, yes, he was thankful, and he thanked the spirit of life for keeping him alive, though he secretly yearned for an end.

The old one’s paradox as much as he wanted to live, he wanted to die, he could not shake the feelings of death, in death, would he not be better off, than alive. The old-one thought; in youth, to seek death in a battle was a brave and noble thing to do, but as he became older and more mature, the mature one thought, to seek his enemy’s death was a far nobler thing to do. Why was it even noble to die? The old-one couldn’t answer and therein lay his Paradox.