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The old-one awoke to a new day. A day of thanksgiving the day was clear, the sun shining brightly with just a hint of a chill n the air. The old-one stood, gazing out the barred window, before him laid the cloudless blue skies. The yellow-orange sun shined its light and its warmth on his face. He felt the warmth on his face and felt it penetrate deep into his cold black heart. His heart began to warm. The old-one looked at the beauty about him, something he had not seen in a very long time. He wouldn’t dwell on these thoughts too long. He would save them to savor in more detail when he was again alone and solitary.

The old-one didn’t know why these feelings were happening now. If anything, he thought, he should be sinking into his normal state of melancholy. He should have been embracing the longing for death, but for some unknown reason he wasn’t thinking of death he was thinking of living, He was grateful to be alive. This feeling this wanting to be alive surprised him.

He would ponder these feeling until the sun dipped below the tree-line, and everything once again would return to normal and become peaceful once again. He knew not why these thoughts and feelings had overtaken him, he was in fact grateful that they had, he smiled, he lay his head on his pile of rags, and he closed his eyes, and he thanked the heavens for helping him through another day.