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Loneliness is a terrible feeling

How can one handle loneliness better?
There is no better,
it’s simple, yet so complex,
lonely is lonely.

You have to find something,
to replace the lonely;
I have dealt with lonely,
in many ways for 10 long years.

You too?
It gets no better;
it only gets older,
and more entrenched as time passes.

You get more set in your ways,
yea I kind of refuse to budge,
on a few things, but not really,
yea I do,

You get where you like being alone,
yea because other things, hell most things,
get on my one last nerve.

Then I’m fed up with about everything,
Food, no longer tastes like it used too,
and I become hard and inflexible.

Nothing seems to matter
I tried to find that something,
that makes it all better
Yea, I really tried, believe me
it is elusive as hell.

Hell, the name on my mailbox is, “Lonely.”
Oh, well now I am going to think,
on that all day.

Time for me to write another dark,
depressing poem, or some prose,
that will convey my deep dark sorrow filled thoughts.

“Loneliness is a terrible feeling.”

Ok, I’m off, to refill my coffee cup,
now do I fill it with coffee or something stronger,
and then I will spend some time reflecting,
on what the hell, I just wrote.