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The Craving

It struck, without any warning, the blinding flash of light, and the thundering silence and then the pain set in. I was on fire, the burning desire; no, it was the burning need for lasagna. Off to the store, and then I spend the rest of the day in my small kitchen making the meat sauce with fresh Italian sausage, Roma tomatoes peeled, seeded, cooked, and pureed. Crushed garlic and fresh spices, Portobello mushrooms thinly sliced and sautéed in butter. Ricotta cheese, small curd cottage cheese, block Mozzarella and parmesan grated and eggs and more spices and homemade noodles, Semolina flour, egg and a tad bit of oil, pasta dough rolled out hand cut and cooked in rolling boiling salted water.

It took hours, endless hours, and then into the oven the heavy pan went and as it baked the aroma filled the building. People stopped and banged on my door, all wanting the same thing, to partake of this delicious pan of goodness that lay in my oven. And to each I said, “Goodbye,” and closed the door on their dreams, and at the same time preserving mine.

The waiting was terrible the minutes clicked by as if they were days, I watched the timer it never moved until I closed my eyes to dream, and when I looked again, it was so close. I set the table and waited, out if the oven it came the top brown and bubbling the tomato sauce oozing up between the layers of noodles and cheese. I sat down and waited first 10 minutes then 20 and I could stand it no longer. I cut a corner out and lifted it that beautiful square of bubbling gooey cheesy lasagna to my plate.

I was not thinking when I put the first bite into my mouth and oh the pain I burnt the roof of my mouth. I was crushed oh, the disappointment, the agony, tears ran down my cheeks, and there I sat, the gods had forsaken me. What had I done to deserve this, this inhumanity to mankind? I picked up my fork and I again took a bite. The taste was divine, the best I had ever made, the subtle hints of the spices they all melded together to bring about one homogenous combination of tastes to comfort the palate and sake my hunger.

Moreover, I thought to myself enjoy it while you can, you forgot to write it all down you have no recipe not a hint of what or how much. I took a deep breath, cut another piece, and thought what the hell I did it once I’m sure someday I will do it again.

I leaned back in my chair and crossed my hands across my full belly, I lay my head back and closed my eyes and slowly chewed the last morsel of that second piece of lasagna. The pain the sore knees and the elevated blood glucose I would just have to endure. The delicious pan of heaven I would slowly consume over the coming week. I expect the taste will improve with age or I hope it will. However, for now all I can say is YUM.