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The old one arose, showered, and dressed, he took his meds and blood glucose that, was a little high but ok.

“Let’s go old one,” his friend said. His friend had a car and was going to take him to the appointment he had in the second step of getting his place to live.

The Vets Administration had a new program for housing, they were giving a two-year voucher to homeless Vets that helped them with housing; the two-year voucher paid the majority of the rent and utilities and the Veteran paid the rest, it was a very good deal to one who didn’t have a lot of money, but needed housing. The old one hoped his needs fit the round hole in their pegboard.

A very pretty petite bronze-skinned beauty came to the lobby and collected him. He had no idea what the interview would entail. He was ready to answer any questions they threw at him he had no reason to put forth falsehoods to gain the advantage he only had to tell simple truths.

The old one took a seat in a hard cloth-covered chair in the interview specialist cube. She rifled through her drawers and pulled a sheath of papers out and two more sheets. She rattled it off, name here, number here, sign here, date here; then she would flip the page and point out the areas she would fill in. He smiled and thought to himself, “All the areas are highlighted and marked.” The old one wrote, signed, and flipped.

Then she asked him for the documents he was to supply, he had them save one and that one he was going to have as soon as he could get out of here and get there.

When he had completed the papers the bronze-skinned beauty had returned from the reproduction area, he thought about how he would go about reproducing her but that is a whole other story in itself.

The Interview specialist showed him to the door, bid him farewell, and told him to have a good day. He left the building and headed toward the carriage stop.

The old one looked at his timepiece then across the street to a small Tavern. He thought surely he had enough time before the carriage came, he crossed the street and entered the tavern and had breakfast. A breakfast that let’s face it; it wasn’t up to par with anything he had ever had. The fast food taverns served better and the cost was right up there with the first class taverns; he paid his bill and left, he was crossing the street against the traffic when he saw the carriage, he flagged the carriage down.

The driver stopped and waited for him to cross the street, he climbed aboard, swiped his carriage ticket, thanked the driver, and took his seat.

The old departed the carriage at the bank he drew out some script and then walked a block to catch another carriage to the welfare building.

Once inside the welfare building he checked in, sat, and waited. His case worker showed up out of one of the many tunnels and called his name, she asked if there were any changes in his status, he dolefully shook his head. She quipped, sign here, and date it here. He signed and dated, then asked where to get the letter that states his benefits. She told him to stand in that line and get them at that counter, so he stood in that line and stood there, and when it was his turn, the creäture at the counter said, “We don’t do that here, go over there,” and she pointed over her shoulder to another line.

The old one protested; “My case worker told me to get it here.”

The creature threw her thumb over her shoulder and snarled, “Over there, I don’t do it here.” Then he saw why, the printer was 30 feet away, the water buffalo, look-alike, was too lazy to walk.

The old one left the line walked to the other line. The line moved faster, he showed his ID, gave the man his Social Security number. The clerk walked to the printer pulled the two sheets off and handed them to the old one. “Thank you,” the old one said, and added, “and have a glorious day.” The clerk smiled and said, “you too old one.”

The old one walked four blocks north then four blocks east and entered his home at the 2100.

The old one stored his papers, changed his clothes, and sat down and wrote this little story.

The old one would now just wait to hear about the voucher and wait he would.

The VA specialist called the old one and told him to go back to the housing place and pick up his voucher. They had taken only five days to secure his voucher he would pick it up in the morning he was to say the least delighted so far all the work gad been on the people helping him, now it would fall on his shoulders to do all the work and find a home. He was close to living alone. It was going on five years since he had lived alone it was something he looked forward to very, very much.