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Ghosts or Saviors?

The old-one lost in his blindness, his hands searching for holds. He climbed toward the frightful sound coming from above him. His hand took hold of a ledge. He pulled himself up, he felt feverously around on the ledge it stretched beyond his reach. Moreover, the shrieking he had heard while he climbed had now become unbearable.

The old-one clambered onto the ledge, feeling before him searching for something to grasp, to pull himself fully onto the ledge to rest. The old-one jerked his hand back away from the cold steel of the chain. In quiet desperation, he grasped the chain pulled on it, seeking refuge on the ledge. Something or someone snatched the chain out of his hand. His heart pounded, he thought he was alone but was he alone.

The old-one opened his eyes, yet he could see nothing. The shrieking began to quiet. He struggled, pulling himself onto the ledge. He rolled over on the ledge, and lay there on his back and rested. His chest rose, and fell rapidly he rose up upon his elbows, he looked around and saw nothing however, what he heard frightened him more than the climb. The sound of chains being dragged over the rocks coming closer to him, were the chains for him, he closed his eyes and sunk deeper into his darkness.

“Clink, clink, clink” was all he heard as the links of the chain rustled about He felt around, found the edge of the ledge, and moved away from it back further onto the ledge. Inching back slowly, feeling his way he reached a wall another wall another climb was it ever going to end the thought.

The old-one rested, opening his eyes. Looking around seeing nothing, hearing no sound, feeling no rain or wind. All the perils that plagued him on his climb were over for now. Still there was the darkness, the dreaded melancholy.

The old-one rested his worn torn tired body against the wall; it was warm smooth dry and seemed to vibrate. He soon fell into a state of unconsciousness. He was suddenly awakened he sat up and looked about it was then he saw them. They lived on the ledge in shallow caves at the base of the towering wall, and it seemed they were very apprehensive to venture out from the security of their caves. These beings were indescribable, and at the same time, they were both luminous and iridescent, they glowed with a subdued white light and a collage of colors.

Colors as spots some small as pinpoints, others as large as the being itself the colors changing very dim and yet, the brightest hues all the visible colors that one could imagine and some colors could only be felt on the skin. Those imaginary colors, colors beyond any spectrum that man can perceive with their eyes, these colors, and hues only the soul could see.

These specters were opalescent and opaque; a form without substance, having a body, arms, head, legs, and feet. However, there was something wrong with the feet. The left foot was normal sized and the same color as the body, but the right foot was dark, emaciated, and lifeless. The shackle that hung around the ankle was now so large it could slip off the foot with ease, the old one thought it was now held in place by nothing more than fear.

They began to poke their heads out of their caves, to gaze upon this stranger lying on the ground. They looked at each other, their eyes, small liquid pools of color. Each one had different colored eyes; they did not blink or couldn’t blink. It seemed their eyes would drain of color, only to instantly refill, the color never changed only the hue, and brightness changed, as their emotions would change.

The being began to communicate, not with words, but with colors. Subtle changes, some almost imperceptible, the colors began flashing; they began to blur as they became more excited or more scared.

It was hard to tell what or how they were feeling. It was hard to tell how many there were. They began to move about cautiously, slowly yet, some had a more gregarious manner about them, while others were timid, weary, or afraid.

The old-one stirred, the specters fled to their caves. Their luminescence dimming to near darkness yet, the old-one didn’t stir again. They reached out to touch each other.

Little pinpoints of extremely white light pierced the darkness like the stars in a midnight sky. Then there was nothing. All was quiet. All was dark. An uneasy calm settled onto the beings.

Ever vigilant, ever weary, they began to chant, their cries and shrieks, filled the air. A distant thunder-clap echoed off the rock wall acknowledging their cries. Their calls were received by their protector and it took flight, the abomination consisted of a dreadful, odious, terrifying spirit.

The winged creäture approached the ledge. There was a sudden rush of the air as the black creäture dropped to its clawed feet and rested on the ledge. It folded its wings of taunt sinewy skin against its scaly body. His feet, three-toed talons like those of a great powerful raptors, its neck was long as its body and thick as a man’s waist. At its tip was a head like a snake.

The serpent’s eyes were crystal spheres filled with a raging inferno his gaze, piercing the body and soul of whatever it looked at. His nostrils flared with each breath it took, exhaling a breath of air so hot it could melt the hardest steel with ease. Its forked tongue flicked at the old one smelling him. The serpent crept nearer to the old one. It opened its mouth displaying the ivory colored, polished, gleaming dagger-like teeth, which were set deep in the jaws of this monstrous creäture. The dragon lowered its head ready to take the old-one in his teeth and tear him apart.

The hand of a vision reached out, touching the monster. The snarling serpent became tranquil as the light of the spirit flowed into it. The other specters looked up with surprise at the daring of this apparition. The serpent backed away and lay down keeping his eyes on the old one, ready to pounce at the slightest provocation.

He, looked about, saw the light of the being and the dragon. He sat up and pushed himself back, back until he was against the wall with no place to go. He sat terrified, frozen, unable to move. His mouth hung open, his eyes wide. The fear in him began to overwhelm him. He felt his life begin to drain away as he sat in his own despair. The old-one could not take his eyes off the dragon. He tried to scream at the horror that lay before him. As hard as he tried he could not utter a sound, nothing escaped his open mouth.

The old one’s brain was reeling. Thoughts and memories flashed through his mind trying in vain to find something, some way out. Nothing in his life had ever prepared him for something like this.

The vision approached the old one, merged with him, and filled him full of warmth and light. The chain and shackle that held the vision prisoner fell from vision and shattered on the ground. The specter floated over to the dragon and disappeared with in the serpent. The other beings peeked out from their caves and looked at him. The old-one stood without fear of the dragon or the visions. The beings and dragon watched as the old-one nodded.

The old-one gave his thanks to the other beings. Their bodies began to glow. They moved closer together. They merged into one body and then just as the chain and shackle fell from the first vision their chains dropped to the ground and shattered with a great crash.

All their chains gone, they hovered around the dragon and merged with it. The dragon rose into the air. The serpent dissolved and a spirit appeared in its place and drifted off into the depths of darkness.

The old-one stretched, looked about in his darkness reached out to the wall of rocks and he began to climb. He had not felt this way in a long time. He felt something in not only his mind, but also his heart; a sweet pain, a sorrowful pain, yet a pain he could understand.

The old-one climbed hand over hand upward. Climbing with a renewed strength, an overwhelming urge propelled him up the precipice. Now more than ever, the old-one had to climb. He had to liberate himself from the maddening darkness of his melancholy. His thoughts returned time and time after time to the spirit who sacrificed herself for him.

The feelings of compassion and love coursed through him, charging his body with a new awareness that burned within his soul.