As Mythology would have it Atlas son of Zeus was directed by Zeus to hold the world on his broad shoulders carrying the loads of all men. Time passed and men fought and died and newer Gods, lesser Gods took the place of the once mighty Zeus and Poseidon fell from favor. However, Atlas never gave up, never listened to the cries of man, and never cared what man was doing to the planet.

Atlas after untold millenniums noticed the world he was charged with carrying through the galaxies was becoming lighter and somewhat smaller. He out of sheer curiosity would pick up the world with his hands and look it over and not seeing much difference place it back on his shoulders and continue on his journey through the stars.

Atlas was rocked with jolts and tremors and the earth shook just as it had in the beginning when Zeus formed it into the ball and placed it on his son’s shoulders and given him this most sacred task. Atlas looked at the earth and caught the last remaining pieces and cradled them in his hands and he too caught the last remaining people that plunged into the darkness.

Atlas guards these last pieces of the earth, and these last few people. He searched the galaxies and found a suitable place for them to live. Here in this watery place Atlas now holds the earth not on his shoulders but cradles what is left of the earth in his loving hands.