EroticaIt was dark in your room, the only light from the streetlight outside cut through a tiny opening in the curtains that hung in the window beside your bed.

A figure dressed in dark clothing stood in the corner nearly invisible to the naked eye. He just stood there his breathing controlled motionless, like a statue. He was tall and very muscular his hands were large and sinewy, and in one he held his razor sharp knife.

His breathing increased when he heard the front door open and then close, he heard her humming her favorite tune as she headed toward the bedroom. He moved toward the door and as she pushed it open he grabbed her arm and drug her into the bedroom throwing her on the bed and gagging her.

“If you make a sound, I will hurt you.” he whisper in a gravelly voice

She was a big girl, strong, still, he overpowered her and tied her hands behind her back and then sat on her legs to tie them.

He rolled her over, and began to cut her clothing his knife sliced through her blouse as if were paper he cut from her collar to the hem of her skirt. He cut slowly, deliberately, taking care not to cut her delicate white skin. He flicked back her blouse exposing her bra. It was nothing like he had dreamed so many times before, he knew the dream it was etched into his memory. She wore a sheer black lace bra, and of course, her nipples were hard and straining against the fabric. No this was a simple white padded bra; just like the ones, he saw hanging by the hundreds on the racks in the women’s departments on his walks through the big box stores.

With one cut, he cut the fabric that held the cups of the bra together, they gave way, the bra pulled apart and her huge breasts spilled out, and settled on her chest. They were beautiful round full and the nipples just like he had dreamed of; he flicked one with his finger and watched it quiver. The cold air of the room had its affect her areola and nipples began to tighten. The areola became smaller and the harder the nipple became the larger the nipple grew. The bearded man leaned down and suckled her. She tried to pull away, but the ropes that bound her held her in place.

The bearded man climbed off her and took out his ropes and tied her to the 4 corners of her bed and then spread eagled her. With one quick jerk he ripped her panties off.

He slipped his leather-gloved fingers between her lips and found her hole and thrust his fingers deep into her pussy and began finger fucking her. He looked upon her face, her eyes were closed, and she had a look upon her face of; I can’t believe this is real, oh my god, sheer pain, and terror with some twisted delight of pleasure sprinkled in for some evil measure.

She bucked and twisted bounced and turned and try as hard as she could, she could not escape the jute rope that bound her so tightly to her bed. “Damnit, why did I have to buy this bed the biggest heaviest and strongest one the store, the massive post and headboard. The salesman said superman couldn’t break it. And here I am tied spread eagle to it and I’m now in deep shit.” That sentence raced through her mind over and over.

Erica squirmed pulled and kicked at her assailant, the ropes, she fought him and his assault. He crawled between her legs and spread her labia apart, but she made it almost impossible for him to ram his cock into her with her wild gyrations. Only after slamming his fist soundly into her jaw did she lay still long enough for him to mount and penetrate her.

He was madly humping her, his pelvis slamming into her his cock ramming deep into her pussy. “Yea, that’s right you whore, take that cock, I’m going to fill your nasty cunt with my cum. You worthless fucking whore.” He cursed.

The fog in her head began to clear, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at his masked face. She felt each and every stroke of his cock in her I have to get him off me her mind screamed. Her stomach twisted into a knot her body twisted and she made it convulse she threw him forward into the headboard. He fell upon her, he didn’t move, she was trapped, she wiggled around enough to free her head she peeked out between his body and his arm. She tried to scream the gag was in too deep and he was out cold or better yet dead.

BUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ the alarm clock screamed. Erica rolled over and sat up, shook her head, stretched, looked at the time, and she thought, “another BORING day.”