Sex in the Stables

Bitsy Beruff cantered up to the stables, dismounted; she threw the reins to Noone. “Take care of him now,” she quipped and walked away.

Noone took the reins and lead him to his stall, unsaddled him and began to curry him. “One day that bitch is going to get hers, just you wait and see,” he said to himself.

Noon finished currying her horse and is now sitting in the tack room, fuming about how this bitch treats him. He hears her voice, she talking to her horse. He peers down the corridor to see her standing at the stall door; she glanced at Noone then threw her head back and laughed saying, “Men are so easy.”

Noone felt a stirring in his loins and decided right then that Miss Beruff was going to get it. He looked around the tack room and picked up two leather leads one to tie her up with, and the other to wrap around her neck. Then he stood beside the door, just out of sight and waited.

Bitsy walked toward the exit when Noone stepped out behind her, threw the short lead around her neck, grabbed her around the chest with his other arm, and dragged her into the feed room. He pinned her against the far wall and wrapped the lead tighter around her neck, then pushed her to the column where the other rein hung, he squeezed her neck and told her to put her hands together above her head. Noone tied her hands and pulled the reins tight lifting her to her toes, tying the lead off to the column he then stuffed an old rag in her mouth and secured it with some baling twine.

Now bitch you are going to get yours, he pulled his knife from his pocket and cut her togs from the waistband to her crotch and then spun her around and cut her togs down the crack of her ass to her crotch and then pulled the togs down each leg and over her knee-high boots. The turned her back around cut her turtleneck shirt up to her throat, and ripped it open exposing her red lace bra. He took special pride in cutting her bra open; he slid his knife between her tits and cut the strip of cloth that held the cups together. Her luscious breasts fell from the bra cups and swung free.

With one quick swift jerk, the thongs she was wearing were ripped free. Noone grabbed her pudendum with one hand and her long sandy blonde hair with his other hand and jerked her head towards him. “Now cunt, men are easy huh, I am going to show you who is easy,” He snarled.

Noone grabbed her leg and raised it exposing her slit; he sucked on his first and index fingers and rubbed them vigorously up and down her slit all the while he watched her face. When his fingers dipped into her pussy, he rammed his fingers into her until his knuckles touched her lips. She winced and closed her eyes, and let out a muffled moan. He pulled his fingers out and then slammed them back in, he kept up the pressure until she was wet and slick and her thighs glistened with her wetness.

He dropped her leg and stepped back she looked at him, her eyes pleading with him to let her go. Noone unbuttoned his jeans, pulled his rock hard cock out, and began stroking it slowly. Her eyes widen at the sight, he stepped close to her, and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit she tried to roll her pelvis away from him. He grabbed her legs and lifted them to his shoulders opening her up to his thrusts.

Noone grabbed the lead around her neck, and then shoved his massive cock into her wet pussy. He slammed her against the column with each of his thrusts. With all the noise, the horse’s whinnying and the dog’s barking he heard the bitch moan, not the moan of fear or anger but the moan of lust.

He reached around her and untied her and with the lead on her neck pushed her back toward the hay bales, he pushed her down onto one of bales. Then he tightened the lead. “Open your legs bitch.”

Bitsy shook her head no.

Noone tightened the lead even tighter and shoved his hand between her legs grabbing her mound and ramming his thumb into her and lifting her off the bales of hay, her legs magically opened to him.

Noone crawled upon her belly, and drove his cock into her. He pounded on her and drove her from one bale of hay to the next, then onto the floor, he had her legs under his arms, and her ass was rolled up to meet his powerful thrusts.

He felt the unmistakable convulsing of her body and then the orgasm; she squirted her juices as she orgasmed. Noone pounded harder on her, he snarled in her ear “cum bitch cum,” she did and squirted again, and again he could feel her cum soaking his balls.

Noone drove his cock into her once more, he too moaned, and he orgasmed, he pulled his cock out of her cunt, and shot the rest of his cum up her belly to her tits. He stroked his cock and shot two more wads of cum on her belly. He dropped her legs and stood up, pulling up his jeans.

Noone bent over, extended his hard to her, she grabbed his hand, he pulled her up onto the hay bale, he untied the twine and pulled the gag from her mouth, and kissed her, she pushed him away.

“I thought I told you we were not going to fuck in the stables anymore I have straw in my ears and in my hair and in the crack of my ass and it itches. And only god knows where else you pounded it into me.”

“Bitsy, you know you love it, besides you always love the shower I give you when we are done. You know I find all the straw, always have, always will, now come here. Noone grabbed a horse blanket wrapped it around her shoulders come on baby, he pulled her close.”

Bitsy elbowed him in the ribs and ran down the corridor. Noone straightened up holding his side.

“When I find you bitch, I am going to fuck you until you cannot walk do you hear me bitch.”

All he could hear were the dogs barking and her laughing, “You can’t find me. You can’t find me!”

Noone straightened up, he smiled, and he knew just where to find her. They had played this game many, many, times before.