Dungeon Tales

The floggings

The old one walked through the door to the dungeon he was early as usual. A young woman met him and had him sign in and pay his dues. He looked around he was the only one in the room. He carried on a tepid conversation with the young woman and took a seat where he could see everything and his back was to the wall.

He had not been there five minutes when others started to arrive, a couple of men, around the age of the old one, they introduced themselves, and I stood to shake their hands. They ambled over to the coat rack and hung up their coats. The door opened a woman walked through followed by a giant of a man, he was dressed in a kilt of green tartan colors and a t-shirt and leather vest, and on his feet were logger’s boots he sported an interesting goatee. The room slowly filled.

A black roll-around case came through the door, followed by a silver haired Dominatrix, her sub walked up to her, greeted her, he took her case and headed to the playroom. She walked over to me and introduced herself. I made it very clear that I was a dominant, I thanked her for her offer to torture my tender parts, and I would have to pass.

More people arrive and among them was a very beautiful woman. She greeted a few folks and slipped into the changing room, it wasn’t until she emerged that the transformation had been completed. From the beautiful woman dressed in vanilla attire who entered, to the erotically seductive sultry creature who emerged. She was dressed in a black mesh body stocking, a black lace bra, a very short black skirt. I could do nothing but stare. I had to push my mouth closed. She took a seat with the crowd of people; to my chagrin, she had her back to me.

I talked to several people and we discussed current events and some other topics, when the migration to the playroom began. The giant of a man rose, took his collared sub to the playroom, and helped her up on the spanking, flogging bench he raised her dress and proceeded to flog her. I watched the man’s face, for such a big man and some might even consider him a violent man, while he flogged his wife, his face  was one of pure love and devotion he took special care to give her exactly what she needed and nothing more. He pulled her dress down, helped her up, and sat there while hugging her, stroking her, the tenderness he showered her, flooded over the room and for that moment, time stood still for them and the feeling of bliss filled the room and my heart.

The giant man took his wife, back to the meeting room and told another woman to come with him. He stood her beside the spanking bench, and asked her questions, how was her health, was there anything he should know, and her safe word, then she stripped her clothes off and took her place on the bench.

The giant man began flogging her one flogger then another from lightweight stingers to the heavyweight deep penetrating thumpers and mixed them up with a half dozen other ones. As she approached sub-space he pressed his hand between her legs into her labia I watched as her back arched and her pelvis rolled up to meet him. He brought her to climax. I watched him, while he was flogging this one, but this one was for his pleasure, he smiled as he brought her to climax and you could see the pleasure on his face, however, the bliss he felt with his wife was not there with this woman.

The giant man took his seat beside his wife, he talked of many things, and before long he extended his hand to her, she rose and followed him, and I followed them out into the playroom.

They stood beside the bench, he asked questions, and she told him of this and that. She said she wanted to keep her stocking on and he said he would prefer her to be naked. She agreed and as she removed her skirt, I watched as she removed the body stocking she was shaven clean, and when she removed her bra, her breasts settled on her chest her half dollar sized dark rose colored areola exposed to the cool air tightened, and her raisin sized nipples immediately became hard and erect.

She lay upon the bench I noticed her knees were clamped together and her feet were slightly apart. The giant man stood behind her and gently stroked her body with his hands from her butt to her shoulders. I saw her body tremble with his touch. He began with a light flogger gently, and he would change floggers constantly and then he would stop and massage her back slowly pushing his hands up her body and back down. Then he would begin again to flog her. And as he flogged her, she became more relaxed her knees opened and she exposed more and more of herself.

The giant reached between her legs, her pelvis rolled away from his touch, and her knees closed slightly. He flogged her more and a little heavier and harder, he pulled a Vampire glove from his case, put it on his hand then began scratching her back slowly  until  she started to moan, Putting the  glove back into the case, he began flogging her again this time harder. I could hear the thumps on her body from the heavy weighed floggers and the plops as the lightweight floggers stung her skin. And before long she open her legs like the blossoming of a rose, he touched her and her pelvis rolled up to meet him. He flogged her, he ran his finger up and down her labial cleft and opened her to his touch, and he slipped his fingers into her.

She groaned and pushed back against his thrusts. He stroked her and thrust into her. She whimpered, and her body began to move in rhythmic gyrations to his combined floggings and penetrations. He slowly quit flogging her and concentrated more on his attack on her vagina. She began to moan, he finger fucked her harder, and he too began to growl, she pushed back on his hand he now had several fingers in her. Her back arched, she rose off the bench, and doubled over, she growled as she orgasmed. He said loudly, “yes that’s it. Cum now! Cum! Now!” The exotic creature on the bench, she orgasmed her body spasming repeatedly. She collapsed back onto the bench; the giant man bent over her, and held her, caressed her, and kissed her. He lifted her off the bench, and sat down with her and held her close to him, he caressed and stroked her, and he spoke in whispers to her, what he said to her only they will ever know.

I, you ask, I went to the break room to wipe a tear from my eye, you see what I had just witnessed the most intense and beautiful interaction between two people I have ever seen. I wiped my eyes and returned to the playroom. I looked around and she had disappeared. My heart sunk in my chest and I walked toward the meeting room. I stopped to chat with the Giant man.

I opened the door. I was greeted by her; she told me she was glad to have met me. She stepped closer to me and kissed my cheek. Truthfully, I can say, my heart was filled with bliss. I told her, that the scene I had just witnessed was the most erotic and beautiful one I have seen in a very long time. I can only say at this point is, I hope to see many more, before my life finally fades into the darkness.