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It had been a nice ride down from Cleveland around Columbus past a place I had been a few times on business and where I had left so many memories and on toward Dayton I was going to meet her. I had passed old National Highway and Old Dogleg road. There was a bar, and a clubhouse not far off the highway, I used to frequent in my younger days, I wondered if they were still there. They called me Roundman then.

I pulled my Harley into the parking space across from her apartment. I stood and stretched twisted one way and then another shook out the kinks and turned to face her building. Nadine heard the Harley pull up she had opened the door. She stood there her red hair ablaze in the afternoon sun, her Daisy Duke shorts showing off her tanned legs. Her white shirt, unbuttoned to the waist with the tails tied tightly around her waist framing her bra that matched her shorts and shoes. “You’re Roundman I take it,” she said.

“I am.”

“Come on in.”


I climbed the three steps to her front door and stepped inside. She stepped aside and I closed the door. “Nice Place you have.” I said.


I reached out and took her arm and pulled her close slid my hand up her back to her head and slowly entwined my fingers in her red hair  and slowly began squeezing. I jerked her head toward me.

She lost her breath and moaned “Oh! God,”

I lifted her to her toes by her hair and whispered in her ear, “lose the bra you worthless piece of scooter trash!”

She let go of my arm and scrambled to get her bra off she tried to look at me I twisted her head away, “Did I say look at me cunt.”

She threw her bra on the floor.

I grabbed her tit and squeezed as hard as I could and took her to her knees and as I did, I heard her plead with me under breath and whimper. “Cunt that will do you no fucking good. You are my scooter trash. You belong to me. Get that through your shit filled head.”

She trembled “ye,ye,yes si,sir yes sir,”

“Ok let’s go, get your stuff.”

Nadine gathered up her stuff I pointed at a few things and shook my head she dropped them and then walked slowly toward me, I took her arm and opened the door and we walked down to the Harley.

I opened the saddlebags and took out my vest a full 3-patch vest with a nomad rocker on the bottom and another smaller vest that said Nomad’s Property.

I climbed on the Harley, backed it out of the parking spot, and signaled for Nadine to climb on. When she was seated, I reached back and pulled her close to me. “Keep your tits on my back.”

I fired up the Harley; pulled out, and headed toward the closest bar Nadine squeezed my waist, “Make a left at the next light.”

I slowed and caught the light and made the left.

“Jackass Flats is right around the next corner.”

I pulled the Harley into the parking lot and parked it close to the door Nadine jumped off the bitch sit. We went in the front door and grabbed seats at the bar. She ordered a Flaming Dog Beer and had my standard brew. I ordered another round and some food for her and me. I pulled her close, slipped my hand in her shirt, and fondled her tit, “You are my worthless pig slut,” I said squeezing her nipple.

Barney delivered the food and placed it in front of us,
“Eat up pig we are going to the clubhouse.”

“Where is the Clubhouse?”

“It’s on 70 and Dog Leg Road when you’re done we will run down there and finish up the evening.”

“Hey Roundman! Where did you get the cunt? She ain’t that bad looking. Have you tried her out? How’s her twat, she has a sweet looking mouth.” Barney smiled.

“Show him your tits cunt, hurry up we don’t have all day.”
Nadine opened and closed her shirt and then closed it quickly.

I reached over, slid my hand up her back, grabbed her hair, squeezed it tight, raised her off her seat, and pinned her against the bar. “Cunt I said show him your tits open your shirt now put your hand on either side of your tits and squeeze them together.”
“Yes Sir.”

Barney’s eyes opened wide Nadine opened her shirt and pushed her tits together  “Now Barney take a Cherry and put it right there between her tits and push it right down in-between that’s right, that’s good.”

“Now bitch feed me the fucking cherry.”

Nadine pulled the cherry from between her tits and put it in my mouth. “MMMM that’s so sweet, you fucking cunt,” I whispered. “In my pocket get my money and pay the bill.” I pulled her hair tighter and lifted her higher off the stool. She threw a 20 on the bar “Keep the Change Barney.”

“Thanks Roundman.”

I reached down grabbed her Daisy Dukes and jerked them up she drew in her breath and shuttered. “Now they are short enough for me, let’s go.”

“Take off the vest now the shirt hurry up you fucking twat!” Nadine pulled off the vest then her shirt and slipped back on the vest. I unlocked the saddlebag, took the shirt from Nadine, threw it in, closed it, and locked it. I mounted the scooter, Nadine jumped on behind me

We pulled out into traffic and made our way to the clubhouse, the ride down 70 toward the river was nice the traffic was light; the sun was just beginning to sink below the trees. I downshifted and pulled into the drive and idled up to the front of the block building a lone light shone dimly above the door the only other light was the pole-light high on the pole that would soon light up the parking lot.

There were several Harleys parked in the lot, and leaning up against the building on an old rickety chair was a probate. He stood and checked me out, so I turned, so he could see my colors and then he relaxed. He walked over and extended his hand and I shook it I told him I was from down south and living in Cleveland and was visiting the area. He took his phone out of his pocket took a few steps away and made a call. I pulled the cunt to me, kissed her, and fondled her squeezing her tits. I reached down, grabbed her cunt, and rubbed it. Pulling her head close to my mouth. “Rub my cock twat.”
she began rubbing my cock and felt it begin to harden.

“Oh my,” she muttered.

I reached down and pulled it out “suck it while we wait.” She dropped to her knees, and sucked it into her mouth. The probate turned to watch.

He closed up his phone “Panhead Paul will call me back in a little bit.”

If she finishes before he calls she can blow you how does that sound probate.”

“That sounds good but if I do the club will stomp the shit out of me.”

Nadine was sucking the shit out of my cock when the probate phone rang and he looked at me. “Sir, you may enter. Paul says he will be here in an hour or so and wants to meet you.”

“Get up, stuff it back in.”

Nadine rose and put it back in I zipped up my jeans the last time I let a cunt zip my jeans up she caught my nut skin in the zipper I do my own zipping now.

“Come on cunt!”

The Probate opened the Door and told the Sargent at arms who I was and he opened the inside door. “Welcome Roundman.” He said.

I looked around, “Thanks I think I will sit over there at the bar, come on cunt.” We took our seats at the bar and behind the bar stacked to the ceiling were bottles, cans of beer and bottles of whiskey and liquor. “Miller High Life and the cunt wants….”

Nadine looked at me and whispered, “Ask them if they have that Hercules beer?”

“You have any of that Hercules beer?”

“We did have some let me go check.” he looked at the barmaid she jumped off the stool and disappeared a few minutes she reappeared with a six-pack of Hercules Double IPA.

“Here you go baby,” the barmaid handed her one and put the rest in the cooler

“Oh yummy,” Nadine took a long pull off the bottle and then set the bottle on the bar. “Oh that’s good stuff.”

I reached over and fondled her tit. Nadine leaned over into me. “I will say one thing cunt you can suck a cock almost it’s almost like you have a magic mouth.”

“Almost what do you mean almost magic mouth.”

“Well bitch, I haven’t face fucked you yet and if you can swallow all I have that will be magic, pure magic, and before the night is over I will find out.”

Someone turned on the music and Nadine began to gyrate in her seat “Like to dance huh.”

“Yea love dancing.”

I stood up and put Nadine on the closest platform. “Dance girl.”

Nadine threw back her beer back and finished it, she began dancing she grabbed the pole and did the grind and was really into it. I was amazed at what she could do.

Nadine was in her own world drinking her Hercules beer and dancing. I sat at the bar watching the doors and her and keeping an eye on everything else that moved.

I had finished my second beer when I heard the rumble of v-twins pulling into the parking lot it wasn’t long before a long line of bikers and their old ladies and some mama’s all wearing their colors paraded into the clubhouse the sergeant at arms pointed me out Paul made his way over to me.

“Roundman I am Panhead Paul, I called around and talked to Big Bill down in Charlotte and Quiet Keith down in Atlanta. They said you were ok. So you are ok with me.”

“Mmmm so you talked to Big Bill in Charlotte when did he get out of Butner Federal prison last I heard his bid was a quarter. As far as Quiet Keith goes, I was at his funeral 10 years ago. He was hit by an 18-wheeler wasn’t enough left of him to scrape off the highway. Now Little Bill in Atlanta will tell you I am a Son of a Bitch and to shoot me on sight and send my pinky ring to him as proof. We good to go.” Panhead Paul smiled and then laughed “Yep, you are who you say you are there ain’t no doubt about it. What are you doing up here?”

“My bitch over there is quite curious she wanted to know firsthand what a biker bitch initiation was all about. I thought I would bring her and let her find out first hand. Though I do have a few stipulations, I don’t want her ass or cunt ripped up, no bottles, cans, no pool cues, and don’t kill her, I want to take her home and use her for myself. Oh one more thing she is straight so feed her to the bitches too she needs to learn to eat pussy.”
You got it Roundman.”

“Come over here Mick.” Paul bellowed.
Mick was one of those men who could have played the whole defensive line for any professional football team. He was huge over six foot 6 inches tall and all muscle and not too bright but completely loyal.
Paul whispered in his ear.

Mick walked over to Nadine and pulled her to him. He reached around her and grabbed the waistband of her Daisy Dukes. His arms inflated and when they looked as though they were going to burst. He gave her shorts a quick jerk and all the buttons that closed the fly exploded through the air as if they were shrapnel from a claymore mine.

With one swift move, her shorts were around her ankles. Nadine grabbed Mick’s head to steady herself as he pulled her shorts off her feet. He looked at her, smiled, ran his hand up her leg to her pussy, and pinched her lips.

Nadine looked over at me.
I smiled, winked, and yelled, “Your initiation has begun.”
“Until this minute, I think Nadine thought this was just a joke.”
The word spread quickly around the room about Nadine’s initiation and bikers began to form up around Nadine.

“Stand back, that’s right you heard me I said stand the fuck back this cunt is mine I want this virgin to myself before you fuckers ruin her.” One-tit said.

Now One-tit actually had a pair of tits though one was a G cup and the other was an, a-cup with a nipple. She was over six feet tall and as strong as an ox and could hold her own in whatever the club got into she was lesbian through and through but she would fuck any club member she was told to fuck by Panhead.

One-tit reached out, pulled Nadine across her broad shoulder, and carried her over to the pool table she dumped her off and then climbed up on it and pinned her down. One-tit kissed Nadine a long deep tongue searching kiss Nadine’s head swiveling and moving trying to elude One-tits advances. One-tit’s hands were squeezing Nadine’s tits and moving down between her legs when One-tit gave a quick jerk and Nadine’s Victoria’s secrets thongs were ripped from her body.
“You bitches come hold her down.” One-tit roared.

Several women came, took Nadine’s hands, feet, stretched them out on the table, and tied them to the pockets, and One-tit began to lick and kiss Nadine everywhere.

Bikers began to hoot and holler, “Lick that red haired cunt.”

“Look at that twat.”

“You ever see a red hair pussy like that those little lips and freckles everywhere.” Maybe we can get a fucking marker and connect the fucking dots.” He laughed.

One-tit spread open Nadine’s lips and her wet pink pussy just glowed in the overhead lights One-tit dipped her finger Nadine’s pussy and sucked it in her mouth. “Oh fucking Yummy.”

One-tit pressed her mouth down on Nadine’s squirming twitching mound. She ran her hands up under Nadine and lifted her ass off the pool table and pushed her face into her harder I could hear One-tit slurping and licking the cum out of Nadine’s pussy from where I sat at the Bar.

“Ok, Bitch now it’s your turn to lick my cunt and bitch you had better do it good, if I don’t cum you don’t walk out of here you hear me red.”

One-tit changed positions and sat down on Nadine’s face and rubbed her cunt into her face now lick!” One-tit began rocking her cunt back and forth over Nadine’s face and I sat and watched and before long One-tit straightened up grabbed one of her girls and let out a little scream and squirted a bucketful of cum all over Nadine’s face.

“Ok, Boys you can have her now.” One-tit climbed off the pool table Nadine’s head, her hair, and half the table was soaked.

“Get the Bitch. Bring her over here.”

Mick cut the rope that held Nadine to the pool table and carried her over to some mattresses they had pulled out of the back room. Panhead had already pulled his cock from his jeans and was stroking it Mick dropped Nadine in the middle of the Mattress Panhead scooped her legs up and buried his cock deep in Nadine’s cunt.

“Yea Panhead fuck that bitch.”

“Tear that red headed cunt up!

Paul was pounding on Nadine as if he were a 220-pound jackhammer, he stopped pulled his cock out stroked and blew his load of cum up her belly and onto her tits. “Alright whose next, 100 dollars to whoever shoots a load from here on her face.”

“ I want to go next.” Mick said.

“Mick you have a horse cock you will ruin it for the rest of us let us stretch it out then you can fuck it and you won’t tear it up ok. Is that ok?”

“Ok I guess but don’t stretch it too much I don’t like sloppy pussy.”

“OK Mick.”

“I’m next.” Nine-toes pulled his cock out, knelt down, and shoved it in Nadine and then he slapped her face. Look at me you worthless fucking piece of shit. I want you to see who is going to be the daddy of that little bastard I am going to leave in your belly. “Now grab your ankles, you let go of them and I will slice off a nipple, do you understand me bitch. Answer me.”

Nadine just nodded her head.
Nine-toes began to assault Nadine’s pussy like she never thought was possible every stroke pounding on her cervix, every stroke sent shivers of pain through her body, tears ran down her cheeks. What seemed like an eternity lasted only minutes, Nine-toes raised up pulled out stroked his cock a couple of times and squirted his cum from her tits to her forehead and onto the mattress. “I win the 100 pay up Panhead.”

“Turn over bitch.” Rory grabbed her and rolled her over pulled her up on her knees. He pulled off his belt, looped it under her waist, and pulled it tight. “Don’t move twat.” Rory pumped his cock into Nadine.

“Hey Rory as long as you are going to dog her I am going to face fuck her ok.” Smiling Kevin knelt, pulled, his massive 11-inch cock from his jeans, and forced it into Nadine’s mouth. “Come on cunt.” he began to face fuck Nadine. “Hey Rory I will bet you 2 to 1 I can make her puke.”

“God damn Rory! Not on the fucking mattress she is going to be fucked until the sun rises it’s going to be soaked with cum and piss face fuck her after Mick reams it out in the morning.”

Nadine moaned.

Bobby knelt and took Nadine’s left hand and put it on his cock and began stroking his cock with it with his other hand he began milking her tit. “Jerk me off bitch.” Bobby quipped.

Nadine was trying to speak and gag at the same time all that came out of her mouth was a splutter each time Rory would pull his cock out and drive it back in.

Nine-Toes Finished up he pulled out and his cum oozed from Nadine’s cunt running down her legs. Nine toes slapped her ass as Rory drove his cock deep into her mouth Nadine convulse and spewed all over Rory.

“Yea the cunt did puke didn’t she, she puked on you.”

Rory jumped back brushing the puke off his jeans.

Nadine leaned over the edge of the mattress and puked again and then sat up on her knees and looked around.

Mike pulled her off the mattress, “Flip it over cunt we are just getting started with you.” he pulled out his cock and laid down. “Get on and ride bitch.”

No sooner than Nadine had crawled onto Mike and had his cock in her cunt, she felt a cock being pushed into her ass, the tried to look around only to have a cock shoved into her mouth.

“Hoo ray mother fucker, fuck that twat, fuck that stupid cunt.” The bikers yelled each time one them came and they would all cheer the women would clap and congratulate their men for doing a good job then they would spit on Nadine.

“Hey Nuts you want some of this cunt she all primed and ready to go.”

Nuts looked down at Nadine “not me but the boys would love to take care of her, I’ll go get them, and you fuckers better stand back.” Nuts let’s… and the sound of scratching claws resounded on the floor and the panting of his dogs straining at their collars. He had four huge Great Dane Mastiff mixed males.

“Hey Panhead you said I could have her after… “

Mick you will have your time with her but this is entertainment so sit and watch the show.”

“Easy Mutt. Easy boy.” Nut spoke and reached out. He took Mutt over and tied him up with Max. “I think the cunts done. I’m done with her.”

Now it was Micks turn. He walked over to her he pulled his cock from his jeans. The head of his cock glistened from the precum he had leaked from watching Nadine being fucked for the last 11 hours. The women standing around laughed and giggled at him. Mick turned and shook his cock at them and his cum dripped from the tip as he shook it. Mick’s cock was 14 inches long and as thick as a beer can.

He threw open Nadine’s legs and guided his cock into her wet drippy cum filled cunt he pushed his cock in, Nadine’s cunt farted and blew cum and old cum everywhere. Mick smiled, “that pussy cleaned out now.” Mick began to pump Nadine’s cunt when he would pull out it looked as though he was pulling her cunt out of her body with him he pumped her pussy for 10 long minutes all Nadine could do is cry  and moan while Mick fucked her. There was a sucking sound as mick pulled his cock out of Nadine her pussy looked as though she had given birth she was gapped open her cunt was swollen her lips looked like they were a hot dog roll she was covered in cum and dirt from head to toe.

Mick crawled off and headed off toward the back

“OH Mick where are you going?” One woman asked.

“Come Here Boy right Now!” One tit demanded

“I have to go Piss.” Mick exclaimed.

“There is your pisser, Mick use It.” she said pointing to Nadine.

“Oh, wait One-tit we are first.” The other women said.

“Well hurry up,” Mick said holding his cock.

The old ladies straddled Nadine and pissed on her from her head to her cunt each calling her a cunt, a slut, or a whore. Then Mick pissed on her covering the rest of her Nadine could only roll over and then Mick covered her back with piss.

One-tit took her foot and kicked Nadine Roll over bitch she complied, One-tit squatted over Nadine’s face and began pissing she wiped herself and dropped the paper on Nadine’s nose. “We are done here.”

I walked over and looked down at Nadine she was laying on her side. “You want to go home.”

“Yea that would be good, where are my clothes.”

“You don’t have any they were all ripped up, but I will find something for you to wear out of here.”

“Can I shower?”

“Nope, no shower here.”

“I will get you cleaned up, best I can,

I went out and got a rain suit out of the saddle bags and came in then went behind the bar and gat a bucket of water I went over and helped Nadine to the bar. She held onto the bar while I poured water on her and cleaned her up a little.

She put on the yellow rain suit and found her shoes as we were leaving the clubhouse she climbed on the scooter and I heard this moan as she sat down on the seat she grabbed hold of me. ”Please Roundman don’t hit any bumps I’m a little sore.”

“Ok cunt I will take it easy on you. You have had a pretty interesting from what I could see.”

“Did you ever join in?”

“Cunt, I face fucked you three times. Don’t you remember?”

We arrived at her place we went inside she dropped the rain-suit on the floor. I was folding it up when I heard her yell at me I walked around the corner she was sitting on the toilet with a hand mirror and looking at her pussy. “I can’t pee.”

“Just relax you will pee you haven’t had anything to drink all night and you peed on a couple of fellows last night.”

“I did?”

“Yes you did.”

Take a Shower and let’s get you hydrated and then see how you’re doing.”

I watched her as she stepped into the shower; her lips were cracked and split from being face fucked. Her tits were purple nipples swollen to about the size of a raspberry from being pawed. She had bruises from her shoulders to her knees from being pinch punched and manhandled. Her pussy lips had swollen and tripled in size, hung open, and looked as though she had just given birth to twins from being fucked. Her asshole bled from being fucked by the bikers and by the dog.

She tried to stand in the shower leaned against the shower wall.

I stripped down, climbed in the shower, held her up, and washed her one side then the other taking care to be gentle with the already bruised portions.

“I got to pee she croaked out.”

I faced her toward the showerhead and “Let it go.”

“I’m tired,” she moaned.

I lifted her out of the shower, wrapped her in a towel, and set her on the toilet. I dried off, and got dressed. I dried her off, took her to her room, and laid her on her bed. I went to the kitchen, filled a water pitcher with water, picked up a glass, brought it back to her room, and had her drink a glass Nadine went to sleep almost immediately. I made my way to the den and made a nest in the recliner and I too saw the backsides of my eyelids.

I do not know how much time had passed but I was awaken by noises, strange noises then she walked around the corner. “Oh there you are thought you would stay and admire your handiwork.” Well look for yourself.”

“Come here cunt.”

You walked over to the recliner and sat down on the arm. I reached up and pulled you into the chair.

“You too sore to fuck cunt.”

“Yea will be for a few days I suppose.”

“Kiss me, let me hold you for a bit bitch, and whisper dirty names in your ear, and let me see if I can make you cum you nasty cunt.”

“Oh my ass is too sore to cum.”

“Oh bullshit you fucking cunt, your ass is never too sore too cum, you worthless fucking piece of shit.”

Nadine convulse in my arms and shivered and cursed closed her eyes.

I held her tight and smiled, “that’s my girl.”