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I reached down deep into her burrow, taking hold of the bunny by her neck and I pull her out into the sunshine. “Shush, little bunny,” I said, as I cuddled her into my lap.

She folded herself up into a ball and I adjusted her on my lap, I began to whisper in her ear, “Bunny, you are safe, no one will ever hurt you again.” and I began petting her. Rubbing her back and legs.

She nuzzled her head into my neck and I smelled the lavender and honeysuckle scents in her hair, and I felt her body begin to relax. I looked down upon her face and I saw something incredible, the look upon her face, the look of sheer joy and trust. I pulled her close to me; I felt her breathing and the beating of her heart become one with mine. Moreover, at that moment in time I knew this bunny was without a doubt…

I will let you finish this story.