So, there I was standing in the middle of a very sticky situation, and there they were over there on the other side of my sticky situation. Just sitting there so intent on just watching me. When one of them would move to get a better view of my very sticky situation, another would take that place. So they jostled around to see the very sticky situation that has befallen me. Before long the sheer weight of them, so overwhelmed the fragile sapling they were perched upon collapsed and they all fell into the same so very sticky situation. I laughed so hard seeing all of them trying to escape the very sticky situation I about cried, then I reached down, untied my shoes, and stepped out of the very sticky situation taking one giant step backwards and sat down upon a very large rock. I opened my very large backpack and pulled another pair of shoes out and put them on and said as I walked around the so very sticky situation,
“I want to thank you so very much for joining me in my so very sticky situation but I must go now.”