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“The unwanted journey to dominance”

Chapter One: The Beginning

Treasure sat in the study curled up on the sofa, her feet tucked under her, a light grey woolen shawl was tucked around her shoulders. A year had passed since her Masters death. Seven years and four months earlier, he collared her. She was the property of Phillip DuBois from the House of DuBois, a Grand Master in the Society De Sade.

Treasure, lost in her daydreams, her hand toyed with a strand of her long red hair, she wrapped it lazily around her fingers then she let it go and she would wrap it again. Treasure was reliving old memories some were from her childhood.

She remembered, a time when she was a happy 6-year-old living in Kenner Louisiana a small town across the River from New Orleans. She was playing in her yard, one hot summer day, when her mom and dad came out of the house her father picked her up and kissed her. Heather, he said, baby we are going to go to the store. We will be right back. Go in the house watch TV. If you get hungry there is peanut butter and jelly, and the bread is in the breadbox. “Okay daddy, bye mom.”

The day turned to night. Heather sat waiting for her mom and dad to come home. She had already had two sandwiches. Heather closed the front door. She sat in her daddy’s chair watching TV, waiting for her parents to come home.

When she awoke, it was light out. She called out for her mom and then her dad, no one answered. She looked out the windows her patent’s car was not out in the driveway. Where could they be? Heather began to cry; she left the house, and ran to the neighbor’s house and banged on their door. “Please help me.”

“What’s wrong child?”

“My mommy and daddy did not come home.” Heather cried.

“Come in here child.” She called her husband.

“What is it you want old lady?”

“Don’t old lady me.”

“I said come here.”

“Ok, ok.”

“Go next door find this girl’s mommy and daddy.”

“But Ma’am, they aren’t there.” Heather cried out. He went next door looked all around there was no one home. “Hon, there ain’t no one there.”

“Go down the corner and get the Constable, tell him to get up here.” She whispered in Cletus’ ear. He left in a trot to fetch the Constable.

Cletus caught the Constable as he crossed Hatcher Street. The Constable listened to him. “Where is that child now?”

“She is with my wife.”

“What’s the address?”

“2110 River Road.”

“Ok. I’ll call the station and have the detectives get right over there.”

The blue and white police car pulled up to Heather’s house. The Constable got out of the car. One asked, “Who was Heather?”

“I’ am.” She replied.

“All right honey, come here tell us what went on here last night.” Heather told them her name and that her patents did not come home.

The Constable told his partner to call the detectives the first Constable took Heather into the house and they searched it. “Let’s wait on the porch awhile ok.” Heather nodded her head, she was telling the Constable about her dolls, and toys when the two detectives a man and a woman arrived, the woman said, “Well, aren’t you a pretty little girl.” Heather smiled. “Come here honey,” she said. “You two go pack her clothes and toys, and put them in the back of my car, and boys lock up the house. Heather, you will have to come with us.”

“I can’t leave; I want my mommy and daddy.” Heather began to cry.

“Heather, you mommy and daddy were in a real bad accident last night, they won’t be coming home.” The detective picked her up. “Come on honey, we will take you some place safe.”

“I want my dollies.” Heather cried out.

“Ok, sweetie, let’s go get it,” He put Heather down, and held her hand while they searched the house.

Heather found her two dolls. “Here they are,” she said. Heather clutched them to her chest. “Oh boys, if you find any pictures pack those too, ok?”

The detective carried Heather to the car, the woman was writing a report, and he put Heather in the back seat. The woman turned around looked at Heather sitting all alone in the back seat, she said, “Come here girl.” Heather climbed over the seat and she clung to the woman for dear life.

The detectives arrived at Saint Paul’s; a nun was waiting at the door to take her. The detective told the nun that the court would decide what to do with her, but for now, she was their responsibility. Sister Teresa shook her head; she knew the drill. “Come Heather, let’s get you situated,” the sister, said. Sister Teresa took her to a room with five other girls. Heather was shy she lay on her bed, hugging her dolls, and crying. The other girls gathered around her. “What’s the matter?” a little brown-headed girl asked.

Heather cried, “My mommy and daddy are gone.”

The little brown-headed girl said, “So is mine they left me here.”

“Really,” Heather said.

“Yea, so did mine.”

“Mine too.” The other girl chimed in.

“Shhh, we have to be quiet, that sister will punish us if we talk too loud.”

Heather became very sad and cried herself to sleep. Heather spent several months at St. Paul’s she learned to be quiet and not speak until spoken too. The nuns threatened to punish the girls harshly if they disobeyed. Heather became more and more withdrawn and submissive.

Six months had passed since Heather came to stay at Saint Paul’s orphanage. The courts declared her a ward of the state and had her transferred to an orphanage next to the city market. One day, two matronly women picked her up with her lone suitcase and her dolls, and took her to the state orphanage.

After they arrived at the orphanage, the women took Heather into a room, stripped off all her clothes, then an old doctor examined her; he looked her all over, listened to her heart, and lungs, and then told the nurse, to give her the three shots in her arms. Another woman gave her a blue sack dress and ugly black lace-up shoes. Heather received a cloth sack with three blue gingham dresses, three pairs of white socks, three pairs of white underwear, two dingy white sheets, and a pillowcase. She silently watched them sort through everything in her suitcase separating it into two piles, one pile she kept the other pile she would never saw again.

The woman grabbed her arm, “grab your stuff come with me,” she scowled. Heather held on tightly to her things. The woman took her to a long narrow room, with one row of twelve beds down each side of the room, a narrow aisle down the center separated them; and a small white cabinet separated each bed. The woman took her to the third bed on the left. “This is your bed; that is your cabinet, you sleep here; you put your stuff there. Now hurry up, you’re late for dinner.” The mean old woman stood there, her hands on her hips, tapping her foot waiting for Heather to put her stuff away.

Heather put her stuff in the cabinet; she was still holding her dolls.

“Leave the dolls,” she said to Heather, put the dolls in the cabinet. Heather tried to hide them as best she could. “Now come on child.” Heather followed the old crone to the dining room.

“Hey you,” another voice said. “Come here.” Heather turned to see a woman in a white apron; she was holding a cup, a bowl, and a spoon. Here take this and go find a seat and eat. When you’re done, bring the bowl spoon, cup back here, and put them in the trays. Spoons here, “look at me,” cups here, bowl there; “you got that?” Heather nodded and began crying. She walked to the closest table, and sat down. She tasted the food in the bowl. Heather made a face, “yuck,” she said.

“Hush, they will beat you for talking,” the girl beside her whispered. “You better eat some.” She put her hand in her pocket and took out a napkin, wrapped up in the napkin was some brown sugar. “Put this on it, “she whispered. Heather dumped the sugar in the bowl then stirred it, tasted it, the stuff still tasted awful, she didn’t know what it was.

“Quiet.” a voice boomed. Heather jumped. “There is no talking in the dining hall, now hurry up.” The woman walked around the room. The girls ate faster; the noise of the spoons on the metal bowls grew louder and louder until there was silence. One by one, the girls got up from the tables, put their dishes in the dishpans, and scurried out of the room. The girl beside her said, “Hurry up, come on.” Heather got up took her dishes up to the window and put them in the pans.

The new girl and Heather left the room. “Hurry run,” the girl said, they ran down the hall to their room. The girl grabbed Heather pulled her into the bathroom, “Shhh, my name is Kate, what is yours?”

I’m Heather.”

Kate ran to the end of the bathroom and into a stall. She poked her head around the stall motioned for Heather to come. Heather walked down to the stall. Kate pulled her in, “ok, listen to me and do as I do, don’t talk, don’t look at them, and don’t let them touch you ok. Now go to your bed and stand at the end of it like I do, ok.” Kate took off running. Heather followed. Heather could not find her bed. She ran to the end of the room, another girl said, “You’re up there,” and pointed; “better hurry.” Heather ran, stood at the end of her bed just as the other twenty-three girls did.

A woman Heather hadn’t seen before walked into the room, she walked down the aisle she stopped and looked at Heather, “Why isn’t your bed made?” Heather was terrified she just looked down at the floor. “Answer me.”

Heather said softly, “I just got here today.”

“Well, make it up now.” Heather took out the sheets and tried to make the bed. The woman yelled at the girl beside her, “you; help her.” The older girl next to her helped Heather make her bed. Heather with tears in her eyes looked at the girl and said softly, “I’m sorry, she yelled at you.” The older girl smiled and touched Heather’s hand and mouthed the words, “It will be alright.”

The woman walked to the end then back to the door. Odd numbered beds will take a shower tonight. She unlocked a great white cabinet took a pile of towels out and put them on the table. “You have one hour. The rest of you clean the room.” The woman locked the cabinet and slammed the door behind her. Kate ran to Heathers bed, “you’re odd like me. We have to hurry, come on.” There were two showers. Kate and Heather got in the line. The girls washed quickly, they knew the hot water would run out soon, some of the girls showered together to get done quicker.

When it was their turn to shower Kate pulled off her clothes and hung them on the hook she looked at Heather who was still dressed “Come on,” she said, she pulled Heather’s dress up over her head and pulled it off her.

“Hurry up or get out of the way you’re holding up the line.” Heather kicked off her shoes and pulled off her socks and underwear. Kate and Heather showered together, they dried off ran to their cabinets and got dressed. The even numbered girls were still cleaning, “come on let’s help them,” Kate said. “If we help them clean we will have some free time before bed time. The girls worked, and they spoke in whispers. When they finished cleaning the old witch, as the kids called her, came in and inspected the room. She pointed out a few things and said, “Fix those then you can have free time until nine o’clock.”

Kate and Heather sat beside Heather’s bed on the floor. “I have been here for two years,” Kate said. “You have to do as I do so you won’t get punished.”

“How do they punish you?”

“They put you in a closet.”

“How long are you in there?”

“All day long, it is dark and wet and very creepy. You can’t get out to pee or nothing.”     Heather shivered, “oh yuck,” she said, “I will be your shadow, I will be just like you.”

“Yea,” Kate, whispered, the girls talked until the witch came back.

“Girls; in the bed now, it is nine o’clock.” The witch closed the door, turned off the light. The girls whispered in the dark to each other, until one by one they fell asleep. A couple of the girls tiptoed down to Heathers bed to say hello and to introduce themselves.

Heather could not sleep, she was terrified, she tried to sleep all she could muster from her body were tears, she lay awake all night.

Morning came early, another woman came in “wake up, wake up, let’s go, and get dressed go pee, wash your hands and face, and go to breakfast.” She turned and left the room. The girls scurried around. Kate grabbed Heather and handed her a small handkerchief, “Take this, and do what I do.” They slowly walked to the dining hall. They waited in line, took a bowl of mush, picked up a spoon, cup, and found a seat at the table.

Heather thought there must be 100 girls here, from her age to girls almost grown. Kate took the sugar dish poured some into her handkerchief then Heather did the same they would save it for later. The girls finished breakfast, went to their room, and hid the sugar. “Its Saturday let’s go out,” Kate said. Heather followed her into the play yard, “Come on,” Kate said. Kate pulled the fence open and squeezed through, “come on Heather.” They ran down the alley into the city market. Kate snuck up to a vendor’s stall and picked up two oranges, the girls ran giggling all the way back to the alley to safety. Kate leaned up against the iron railed fence that surrounded the cemetery, she handed an orange to Heather. “You had better eat that it’s the best thing you’ll have to eat all day.”

The girls filled up on fruit and the other things they could steal or beg. One old man threw them a couple of candy bars. They grabbed them and ran. “Hey, we got to go.” They ran back to the alley, back into the yard, and walked into the building. “Where have you been?”

“Outside playing,” Heather said

“What were you playing?”

“Hide and seek, I am a really good hider.” Heather skipped off to the room followed by Kate.

“Wow, That was neat you, fooled the head crone.” Kate giggled.

Heather smiled.

Heather and Kate became thick as thieves, every day after school they would sneak off to the market or go down to the levee. They would sit, talk, and watch the river and the ships go by. Heather and Kate dreamed of leaving that horrid place. They dreamed of going home. Heather dreamed of going home to her mommy and daddy.

The girls even thought that running away to any place, any place was better than here. Early one morning when it was still dark, the old crone woke Heather. “Come with me child, get your dolls.” Another woman cleaned out her cabinet packing her belongings in a bag. Heather looked for Kate. She was down in her bed. Heather went from the room to the front hall; the old crow introduced the sleepy eyed girl to Mister and Mrs. Jordene. “This is Heather Richards. Heather, you are going to go live with the Jordene’s.” The old crow opened the door, the cool morning air rushed in. Thomas Jordene picked up Heather and they walked out into the still dark morning. Heather looked back; she looked at the windows, where was Kate? Thomas put Heather in the back seat. Heather pressed her face to the door glass, where was Kate? Heather began to cry as the car pulled into the darkness.

Chapter Two Heather’s new home The Jordene’s


Heather lay down in the back seat of the big car. Julian turned around in her seat looked at her. “Heather, it will be alright baby, we are taking you home with us, you’ll be happy there.” Heather drifted off to sleep, to the gentle sway of the car, and the hum of the big powerful engine. The tires made a peaceful swooshing sound as they rolled over the pavement.

“Ok, Miss Heather.” Thomas said in his deep low voice. “Come on girl.” Thomas picked her up, took her inside the house to her room, and laid the little darling on her bed. Julian brought in all her things and put her two old dollies beside her head on the pillow. Heather slept till the sun was high in the sky.

Heather woke to a very strange sound, the sound of waves slapping o the beach. The air smelled of salt and fish, like the river only different. Heather got out of bed, looked around the room, she was sitting on a bed with a top on it. There was a dresser and a second one with a mirror on it. There were shelves and books real curtains hung on the window. A beautiful rug was on the floor. Heather told herself she was dreaming. She closed her eyes, opened them again, it was all still there. She slipped off the bed; she still wore the nightgown from that horrid place. She walked out of the room into another big room. She stopped dead in her tracks.

“Wow.” she said. There was window as big as the wall. The room was full of furniture, sofas, chairs, tables. However, the window, well what was outside the window had her attention, the sand the blue green water; it went on forever until it met the sky.

She walked to the window pressed her face into the glass. She looked out the window, the floor of the porch and the roof perfectly framed the beach, the ocean, and the sky into a picture. Heather had never seen anything as beautiful as the ocean and the beach.

“Well, good morning. How are you this morning Heather?” The soft sweet voice of a woman said. Heather turned standing in the doorway wearing a bikini bathing suit was the woman who picked her up last night. The woman was very pretty. Standing behind her was the man. He too was wearing a bathing suit. Her bikini suit was very small and tight. His suit was tight with a big bulge in the front. “Are you hungry?” the woman asked. “Well come on into the kitchen.” Heather walked to the kitchen all the while stopping to look back at the ocean. “Come, let’s eat, after we eat, we will go to the beach, come on.” Thomas said. Heather walked quickly to the kitchen. “Sit over there, that’s your seat.” Thomas pointed to a chair with a real cushion to sit on. The woman said, “Julian is my name and this is Mister Thomas.” Heather smiled. Julian poured orange juice in a real glass. “What would you like to eat heather?” Heather was dumbfounded no one ever asked her what she wanted to eat this was a cruel joke. People had never been this nice to her. Heather looked at Julian then at Mister Thomas. She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. Julian said, “how about pancakes with syrup and some sausage?” Heather’s eyes widened. She nodded her head. “Julian, I would like two eggs over light to go with my pancakes.” Thomas said,

“Yes Sir.” Julian said.

“Me too,” Heather squeaked.

Thomas laughed. “Julian, her too.” and smiled.

“Yes Sir.” Julian said.

Heather giggled, Julian served the breakfast to Thomas first, then to Heather, and then she served herself. Heather started to eat and Julian said, “Wait Heather, Thomas always eats before we do.”

Thomas took a bite, he said, “Eat up Heather.”

Heather smiled and dug in. When they finished, Julian got up and began clearing dishes. Thomas looked at Heather and smiled, “Psst. Help Julian ok.” Heather jumped up took her dishes to the sink then came back and cleared the table. Thomas said, “Good girl.” for every trip she made. Heather was smiling, she helped Julian with the dishes, and she helped her put them away. Julian took off her apron and said, “Okay. Let’s go to the beach.”

Heather stopped dead in her tracks; she dropped her head and looked at the floor. “What is wrong Heather,” Julian asked.

“I don’t have a bathing suit,” Heather mumbled.

“Oh yes you do. It is in your room, come on.” Heather smiled and went with Julian she began to open drawers. “In here are jeans, socks, shirts, in here are panties and T-shirts; and in this drawer sweaters and a shawl. Oh, yes. Here we go a bathing suit; there is one like mine and this on.” Heather pointed at the bikini. Julian smiled, “good choice, you want me to help?” Heather nodded. Julian pulled off her nightshirt. “We’ll throw this away,” she noticed bruises on her legs, thighs and back and what looked like fingerprints on her arm. “Oh baby, who did this to you,” she asked.

“The old crow at the orphanage did it.”

“Thomas, come here please.” Thomas looked in the room. “Look; at these.”

“Oh my, who did that to you?”

“She said the old crow did it.”

“I will fix her for doing that to you,” Thomas said.”

Julian helped Heather into her suit, “Now, let’s go to the beach.”

The three of them walked out the door to the beach. Heather dug her toes in the warm sand. The sun was bright and hot, a breeze blew in from the water. Heather looked around; she saw the sea birds and heard them screech. Julian and Thomas sat in some lounge chairs, Heather ran to the water. Her feet sunk into the sand as the waves washed around them. She laughed, ran, and giggled. Thomas kept his eye on her. When she got too far, he would call out “come back here don’t go so far.”

Heather ran up to them and said she was thirsty. She looked at Julian; Julian had taken her bikini top off. Heather giggled. Thomas gave heather a drink from the cooler. He said, “Julian likes to have the sun shine all over her, sometime she might lie in the sun without her bikini on.”

Julian opened her eyes. “Hey there girl, you need some sun tan lotion on you, so you don’t cook up like a lobster.” Julian sat up, Heather was looking at her breast, and Julian picked up the lotion, squirted some into her hands. “Ok girly, turn around.” Julian rubbed lotion on her back and legs. “Ok, here you go, you rub it on your front.” Julian squirted some in Heather’s hand. Julian put some more in her hand and rubbed her front, Heather watched with interest as she rubbed the lotion in her breast and her belly. “Julian put some on my shoulders.” Thomas said. “Yes Sir.” Julian said.

Heather looked at Julian. “Can I do it, rub his shoulders?”

“Ask him.”

Heather dropped her head. Julian looked at Thomas then pointed to Heather and rubbed her hands together.

Thomas said, “Heather. Come rub my shoulder with that lotion,”

Heather’s head shot up and she smiled. “Ok.” Julian handed her the bottle. Heather went behind Thomas, squirted the lotion, and rubbed it on. When she was finished, it looked like she had painted his back and shoulders with white paint.

Julian laughed, got up, and helped heather. Julian rubbed the lotion all over Thomas and then on herself and Heather again. Julian said in a whisper, “it only takes a little bit, baby, not so much next time.”

Heather smile rubbing herself. She said, “I’m all slicker and so are you.” She ran her hand over Julian’s chest, across her breast and giggled.

Julian grabbed Heather pulling her close, hugging her tight. “We are slicker together Heather baby. I love you.” Heather kissed Julian’s cheek. “Ok, go play.” Heather played on the beach, played in the sand. Heather came up covered with sand. She whispered to Julian that she was itching. The sand was in her suit in her butt. Julian said come on they walked up to an outdoor shower. Julian turned it on. “Ok, off with the suit.” Heather said “out here?” Julian said there is no one watching. “Look at me.” Heather took off her suit and washed off. Julian washed out her suit handing her the bottoms.

She hung the top on the line. Heather looked at her. Julian smiled. “You can be like me.” Heather smiled. Julian then washed off. “Ok, let’s go back to the beach.”

Julian and Heather put on the lotion. Thomas opened his eyes. Welcome back ladies, he said to them.

Julian said, “Thank you Sir.” She poked Heather.

Heather said, “Thank you Sir.”

Julian smiled and hugged her. “Good Girl.”

Heather ran down to the ocean laughing.

Thomas called Heather, “Come on, time to go to the house.” Heather walked slowly up the beach to them. He said to Heather, “Come on now, we are going to be here all summer. You can come down tomorrow.” Heather ran to them. “Ok, help Julian with this stuff.” Thomas said. Julian was picking up towels. She handed a bag of trash to Heather. “You carry this and I will get these.” “Thomas,” Julian said, “would you please bring the cooler?” “I can do that Julian.” Thomas said.

Thomas turned on the shower stepped under it and rinsed off. Heather and Julian took the things they were carrying and put them on the porch, Heather put the trash in the can beside the house. Julian went to the shower. Heather followed. Thomas went in the house drying him-self off as he went. Julian took off the bottoms of her suit and rinsed off. Heather looked at Julian and thought she looks just like I do only bigger. Heather stripped off her suit and showered. Julian wrapped a towel around her. Heather did too. Heather thought about Kate, she would have loved it here. Heather thought about what Kate had told her, “be my shadow. Do as I do and you won’t get in trouble.” Heather decided to be Julian’s shadow. What she does, I will do. I want to be just like her.

Julian and Heather went in the house wearing their towels. Heather followed Julian into her room. Julian put on a pair of panties and a T-shirt and combed her hair, Heather scampered out to her room, and she put on her panties and a T-shirt and combed her hair as well.

Heather found Julian in the kitchen. Heather turned around, went back into her room, found a pair of slippers, and put them on. Heather went into the kitchen. She asked Julian for an apron. Julian looked at Heather, she was dressed the same as her. Julian pulled an apron out of the drawer and tied it around Heather’s waist. “Ok, baby, let’s make Thomas’ dinner.” “Ok.” Heather said.

Julian and Heather fixed dinner for Thomas. After dinner, they cleaned up. Julian told Heather all about the special way you serve dinner to your Mister. Heather listened and soaked up every word she said.

“Ok, let’s go find Thomas.” Julian walked into the front room, she went to Thomas, “May I sit?” She asked. “Yes, right here Julian.” Julian pulled u a pillow and knelt on it beside Thomas. Heather said, “Can I sit too, Thomas?” “Of course little one, sit beside Julian.” Heather jumped on the pillow between Julian and Thomas. “Heather that is Julian’s place. Kneel on the other side of her.” Heather looked at Thomas; she pushed out her lips and said okay. She crawled around to Julian’s other side. Julian hugged Heather, “good girl.” Heather grinned. Julian and Thomas talked. Heather listened to them, not missing a thing they said.

“Julian, get me a drink please.” “Yes Sir.” Julian got up Heather followed her. Julian fixed Thomas a scotch on the rocks in a short glass. Julian put it on a little tray, took it to Thomas. She knelt before him, “Your drink, Master,” she said. Thomas took his drink, “you’re a good girl Julian, and you please me very much.”

Heather said, “Don’t I please you too Mister Thomas?” Thomas looked at her, “come here girl.” Thomas hugged her, kissed her cheek, “yes you do, and you please me too.”

“Am I a good girl?” Heather hugged his neck.

“Yes, you are a good girl too, go sit beside Julian.” He kissed her forehead.

The days at the beach went on. Heather learned to serve Thomas good; his drinks, and light his cigars on occasion. They spent the days on the beach. Julian stopped wearing her bathing suit all together. Heather followed suit a few days later.

The rest of the summer, Heather was very happy. Julian told her daily it was a woman’s job to please her man in all ways. Julian said, “She would be nothing if she did not have a Master.” Heather said, “She had a Master and that was Master Thomas.” Julian smiled and told Heather that was her Master, but she would share him with her everywhere but one place.

Heather asked, “Where’s that place?”

Julian whispered in Heather’s ear giggling when she said, “the bedroom.”

Heather looked at her, “what do you do in there Julian?” “I will tell you when you are older.” Julian tickled Heather, they both laughed. “Ok, girls, Time to pack it up, the summer is over. We are going back to New Orleans.” Thomas said.

Heather looked at Julian, “am I going back to that place?”

“No, sweetie, you’re going to stay with us.” Heather smile and hugged her neck tightly.

Chapter Three: The Beach and Masturbation

“Missy Treasure, Missy Treasure.” Margarete called. Treasure looked at her. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Yes, Margarete, bring me some coffee.”

“Yes Missy.” Margaret appeared with a try. She set it on the table and poured Treasure a cup of coffee. “Is there anything else I can get you Missy?”

“No thank you Margarete. If you need me you call me ok.”

“Ok Margarete, I will.” Margaret left the room. Treasure sat covered with the shawl, the same shawl she had at the beach. She held the coffee I her hands, feeling warmth through the cup. Treasure began to daydream about those times, those special summers at the beach.

Treasure drifted off into a trance. She remembered several very special summers. Her thoughts drifted to one summer, the year she turned thirteen. The same summer she discovered masturbation. One lazy night in the last days of July, even the nights were hot and humid; the windows were open, the fan blowing a breeze across her naked body. Heather lay there in her mind, she saw the couple on the beach. She had watched them go behind a dune. When they didn’t come out, Heather climbed the dune and peeked over the edge. There below her on the blanket a boy and girl, his girlfriend she thought, they were kissing he was rubbing her breast and kissing her nipples. He put his hand inside her bikini bottoms; he was rubbing her between her legs. The girl spread her legs more; he was kissing her nipples and rubbing her. Her hips rose up and she moaned her legs clamped tight together. Heather slipped back down the dune; she had a feeling between her legs she had never felt. Her nipples were hard and erect. Heather put her hand between her legs. She subbed herself, she felt her clit, and it was hard. The more she rubbed the better it felt. She sat down on a dune; she leaned back, she rubbed her nipples and kneaded her breasts. Heather put her head back. She dug her heels in the sand, her back arched, oh, oh, wow, she moaned. Her whole body shook. Her legs quivered, her hand was wet. Heather lay there for a while, with the hot sun on her body, the blowing breeze. She did not know what had happened but it felt so good she would do this more.

Heather lay in her bed, her knees up, her legs spread wide; her hand was slowly rubbing and stroking her labia. Heather felt the sensation begin to grow, her cleft became wet her nipples grew and became hard. “Oh.” she moaned loudly, her legs clamped around her hand. She lay on her side, her knees pulled up tight against her. “Mmmm Oh yes,” she said, “that one was better than the one on the beach.”

Julian appeared at her door and opened it, sticking her head in the door. She saw her laying there, her hand still between her legs, she was still breathing hard. Julian slipped back out the door. My little darling has discovered her sex. Julian smiled. She went back to bed and told Thomas what she saw.

Heather came out for breakfast; she helped Julian serve Mister Thomas. After they completed the morning ritual, Julian told Heather to walk with her down to the beach. While walking down the beach, Julian told Heather what she heard her last night. “Oh. I am sorry I woke you Julian. Did I wake Master Thomas too?”

“No honey, don’t be sorry. You didn’t wake him at all,” Julian said, “Were you rubbing yourself between your legs?”

“Yes, Ma’am I was.” Heather blushed.

“What you did is called masturbation and you had an orgasm. When your body tensed all up and shuttered and shook, you climaxed or orgasmed. It does feel very good. When we get back I will give you some things that will help you masturbate and have better orgasms.”

Heather smiled, she told Julian about the boy and the girl down the beach. Heather described what she saw.

“Honey, what you have, your sex, your body, is only to be given to your Master, your body is for his pleasure, and his alone. If you do as they did and let just anyone touch you, you won’t deserve a Master. Your body is for him to use, don’t ever forget that.”

“Yes ma’am.” Heather said. “Do you give your body to Master Thomas like the girl did?”

“Yes Heather, I do. I give my body to Thomas for his pleasure.”

“Should I give my body to Master Thomas?”

“I am sure Master Thomas would love for you to pleasure him, but you have to remember he is my Master, and I only share him with you.” Julian hugged Heather and kissed her. “I don’t share him in the bedroom.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Oh look at the time; we need to go fix lunch for Thomas.”

”Come on I will race you.” Heather said.

Julian and Heather raced back to the house. Heather made sure they tied, they fixed lunch for Master Thomas, and Heather served him a big Po-boy sandwich, two dill pickles, and a beer in a frosted mug. Heather set the tray down then kneeled. “Your lunch Master Thomas, may I pour your beer?”

“Yes, Heather.” Heather picked up the glass, tilted it, and poured the beer down the side and the last bit of beer to make sure it had the proper head. “Will there be anything else Master Thomas?”

“You are a very good girl Heather.” Go eat your lunch with Julian.

“Yes Sir.” Heather got up went back into the house. Julian and Heather had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk. It was their favorite food.

After lunch, while Master Thomas took his usual nap, Julian brought a box from her room and called Heather. They went in Heather’s room. Julian sat the box down. Heather bounced on the bed and looked in the box. “Take those out and experiment with them. Put them in your drawer over there when you aren’t playing with them.” Julian left the room and closed her door. There were four different vibrators in there. In the bottom of the box was an illustrated booklet. Heather flipped the pages, slowly studying each page. She turned each one on. She felt each one vibrate, the shape, size, feel, the vibrations made each one very different.

Heather selected one of the vibrators, turned it on, and then waved it around in the air like a wand. She brushed it across her breast, “oh wow. That is nice.” She put the vibrator between her legs. Even through her shorts, it felt good. Heather got up and opened the door. Master Thomas was still on the porch napping. She heard Julian in the kitchen. Heather closed her door, tiptoed back to her bed; she took off her shorts and panties. Heather tried them out all afternoon long.

Julian could hear the buzzing sound of the vibrator through the wall she smiled. “That’s my girl,” she thought. Julian’s thoughts turned to the first time she used a vibrator, oh such sweet memories.



Chapter Four The pain and the pommel


The horse snorted, he raised his head. “Oh come on. Whoa horse.” Heather slipped the bit in the horse’s mouth. She fastened the bridle around his neck. “Come on Lady P.” Heather pulled on the reins, led the bay from the stall, and tied her to a post in the stable. Heather curried her, and checked her hooves. Heather threw the saddle blanket and then the saddle. The old bay mare snorted. “Ok, ok Lady P.” Heather said. Heather tightened the girth strap and adjusted the stirrups. Heather led Lady P out of the stable.

Heather mounted Lady P. “Giddy up Lady.” Heather gave a slight snap on the reins, she dug in her heels into Lady “’s flanks. Lady P bolted into a trot. Heather tightened her knees and posted in sync with the trotting horse. “Good girl Lady P.” Heather trotted past the fence. “Come on girl, let’s go, you giddy up.” Lady P broke into a full run. Heather leaned forward shortening the reins and coaxing Lady P on. Down the bridal path they flew. The wind, Lady P’s mane, and Heather’s hair were blowing from her run. Across the pasture to the woods she rode, spurring Lady P on. Lady P cleared the first fence. Heather leaned into the next jump, straightening her legs. Lady P cleared the hedge. Heather sat back.

Heather felt free, she felt alive, and she felt as if she and the horse were one soul. She pulled Lady P up. “Whoa girl. Whoa lady P.” Lady P stopped Heather patted her neck. “Good girl, good girl.” Heather started the old mare in a walk in and out, around the trees. They wove a path along the bayou canal. Heather loved it when she rode. This was the best birthday present she ever got. It was her 15th birthday.

Heather had been riding now for six months or so. She had learned quickly the different giants, she learned to take care of them, but most of all it was the feeling she got between her legs that thrilled her. Heather found the perfect gait, the perfect saddle, and the perfect way to sit on the saddle. When all was right, Heather could orgasm as many times as she wanted.

Heather tried to go riding at least three times a week. She liked to dress in her riding togs, the tight pants, her knee high leather boots, the white blouse she rarely buttoned above the top button on her tight form fitting jacket. Her togs showed off her sumptuous hourglass figure.

Heather pulled up Lady P. “Whoa girl.” Heather leaned back in the saddle and stretched her legs out. Heather felt that familiar feeling between her legs; she leaned forward and began rubbing her crotch on the pommel. She was rolling her hips, pressing her crotch tighter and tighter against the saddle. Lady P snorted and stomped her hoof then threw her head back. “Whoa girl, quiet girl.” heather patted her withers. “Good girl.”

Heather spurred the old bay to a walk. Heather walked Lady P to the trail. Once clear of the woods, Heather yelled giddy up she spurred Lady P to a trot, then to a run. Heather reined her to the left trail. Lady P cleared the first jump, then the second. At the third jump, Lady P pulled up short and shied away from the jump. Heather was tossed upward. Lady P stopped. Heather was coming down. Lady P reared up, and impaled Heather on the saddle’s pommel. The pommel hit Heather right at her clit. The pommel smashed her clit and labia against her pelvic bone. Heather grabbed the pommel. She doubled over from the shock of hitting the pommel. She drew in a deep breath, leaned back in the saddle; she held her mound in her hand. “Oh God Damn that hurts.” Heather rubbed her mound and her lips, she felt herself spasm. “Oh fuck.” she said.

Her clit, her mound, her lips, were beginning to swell, they were very sensitive. She had to lean forward to grab the reins. “Oh that hurts, so good.” Heather got off Lady P and walked her to a while. She couldn’t believe that hitting the pommel would make her orgasm. Heather remounted Lady P she walked her back to the stable.

Heather leaned forward on her mound, pressing her crotch harder into the saddle. She enjoyed the feeling; the pain was glorious to Heather. She pressed herself harder onto the saddle. She began to roll her hips; she masturbated herself against the saddle. Heather grabbed the pommel, pulling herself tightly against it. She shuttered. Her body shook. “Oh fuck that’s good.” heather sat back in the saddle, her crotch wet from her juices. “Good girl lady P.” Heather walked Lady P back to the stables.

Heather cooled off the old mare, unsaddled her, brushed her down, watered her, put the feedbag on her, and then turned her out into the paddock. Heather climbed up to sit on the top fence rail. She swung one leg over. She was straddling the fence. She sat down on the rail. “Oh my,” Heather leaned forward, the rail pressed against her labia and her clit. “OOOH shit, that feels so good.” Heather looked around, several other girls were watching, one was even smiling at her. Heather swung her other leg over the fence, and sat there enjoying the view of the horses and the feeling between her legs.

Heather climbed off the fence; she called Julian to come get her. Heather found an out of the way spot to wait. Heather straddled a fence rail, she leaned forward finding the spot, “Oh yes. There you are.” Heather slowly rocked until Julian arrived. When Heather saw Julian, she got off the rail; she walked with her legs spread just a little. Julian asked, “Are you alright?” “Yes, oh yes, I am just fine.” Heather said, sliding into the car. “Oh yes, I’m just fine.” she said again. “I do love riding, especially that wooden horse.” She said to herself.


Chapter Five   Thomas spanking Julian

The good memories were coming back to her. I miss him so much. A tear fell from her cheek into her coffee. A tiny ripple formed, sweeping from one side of the cup to the other side. Like Treasure’s life, maybe a tiny ripple to others, but to her it was a hurricane. “Damn.” she thought. She got up, went to the bathroom, and then walked outside. Peaches appeared and began to rub himself on Treasure’s leg. He yowled at her as if to say, “Hey, look at me, pet me.” It worked. Treasure bent down and picked him up. She held him under one arm and petted his gnarled and scarred head, scratching his torn ear. She raised him up to her face. He rubbed his face on hers. “What are we going to do Peaches? I am lost without him.” Peaches purred loudly as if to say, “It will be okay.” Treasure sat on a chaise lounge chair. Peaches adjusted himself around Treasure’s body. He settled down, his body on her belly, his head draped lazily over her breast, His big yellow eyes looking at her. Peaches yawned and purred. “Ok, I am going to sleep now Treasure. Don’t move because I am comfortable right here.” He implied from the look on his face. He closed his eyes and slept. Treasure looked at Peaches, “Oh Peaches, if it were so easy but it is not.” Peaches cocked one eye open, then stretched, turned on his side, and rolled his head between her breasts, and he slept, Treasure laid there, in the bright sun petting and stroking Peaches.

Heather got up from the beach chair, her long red hair blowing in the summer wind. She wiggled her toes in the hot sand, she smelled of perfume and suntan lotion. The little beads of sweat she covering her made her glisten in the sun, she opened the cooler, and it was empty. She took a piece of ice and rubbed it on her chin down her neck between her breasts, down to her mound. Oh, the sensations so hot, so cold, it was good. Heather got up and walked up to the house. She was nude, her deeply tanned skin, here statuesque body, the gentle sway of her hips, the delicate curves of her waist, to the sensual curves of her full breast, Heather was a woman. She stripped on the porch. She heard it first like the sound of someone slowly clapping.

Heather looked in the window; the clapping sound she heard wasn’t clapping at all. Thomas was spanking Julian. Julian, who minutes before, had been lying beside her on the beach, was now lying across Master Thomas’ lap, He was spanking her. Heather stopped, took a step back, peeked around the corner, and watched. Master Thomas would spank her then rub her butt, then spank her again, and rub between her legs. Julian’s butt was red as sun burned skin.

“Oh please Master, more.” Is what Julian just said. Heather watched and listened. “Please Master. Let me come.” Julian begged, Heather listened, could this be real.

Master Thomas spanked Julian harder. “Oh God yes Master, harder. May this girl come?” Master Thomas said, “Yes.” he slapped her hard between her legs. She heard Julian moaning as she came. “Oh thank you Master, I love You Master.” Julian slipped off his lap pulled his cock from his trunks and began sucking it. Heather’s eyes were wide open, her nipples hard, Heather turned, leaned back against the wall, why, why, damn-it can’t I be in there pleasing him. They were not in the bedroom Heather thought.

Treasure woke. Peaches was licking her chin. “Hey baby what you doing?” She said. Peaches purred looking hungry. “Ok Peaches, let’s go.” Peaches jumped down. Treasure got up together they went to the kitchen to eat something. Heather turned and walked down the path to the beach. She stopped at the shower and rinsed off on her way to the beach.

She lay down on the lounge chair. “Wow. Julian getting spanked and she liked it too.” Heather played the scene, repeatedly in her head. She was deep in thought when a shadow caught her eye she looked up from underneath her straw sun hat; it was Julian. Julian was wearing shorts now and her T-shirt. “Are you ready for lunch?” Julian said. “Uh, I can we talk.” Heather said. “Sure we can we always have.” “I was up at the house, I saw Master Thomas spanking you. Why did he punish you, what did you do? Then you sucked his cock. I heard you say more please. I don’t understand.”

Julian looked at her. “Oh honey, Thomas wasn’t punishing me, I love to be spanked, it excites me; it is the pain that feels so good to me.”

“But, he hurt you.” Heather said.

“He spanked me, the pain gave me pleasure, the way he spanked me and played with me made me climax.”

“Then why did you put on shorts to hide the spanking.”

Julian was at a loss for words. “He has never hurt me.”

“But, but, I don’t understand Julian, I don’t, then you sucked him why?” Heather began to tear up she had just turned 18 years old. “Julian I love you so much, I have always wanted to be like you, to have a Master to serve him, but now, I don’t know, Oh Julian.” Heather burst out in tears.

“Come here baby.” Julian said, opening her arms to hug her. Heather cried and Julian cried. “I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to explain, to you, you have to experience it to understand it.” Heather pulled back from Julian. Heather said, “I want to know, I want to experience it, I have to know if he hurt you, I am so confused.”

“I will talk to Master Thomas.” Julian said.

Heather and Julian walked to the house Julian arm around Heather’s waist. “Dry your eyes girl.” Julian said. Heather dried her eyes on Julian’s T-shirt. “We will talk to Master Thomas over lunch.”

Julian and Heather prepared lunch for them. Heather set the table in the kitchen, but today was going to be different lunch was plated.” I will go get Thomas.” Julian said,

Julian walked out to the porch, and sat down beside Thomas. “Thomas, Heather saw us.” Thomas raised his eyebrows.


“Yes, Heather saw you spanking me, and me giving you head.” Thomas looked at her.

“It was bound to happen one day. She has been with us for ten years since she was eight. Julian said

“Eleven years she was seven.” Thomas smiled.

“What do we do? She thinks you were punishing me, and you hurt me. I can’t explain it to her. She wants to know if I was hurt. She asked me to spank her; you know I can’t do that to my baby. Let’s go into lunch, she is waiting.”

“Ok, Julian we will do something. I don’t know what, but we will do something.”

Master Thomas and Julian came into the kitchen. “This smells good, I’m hungry.” Thomas said. Heather laughed.

“A sandwich, Oh come on.”

Thomas sat down then Julian Heather sat. Thomas took a big bite out of his sandwich. “MMMM.” he said while chewing. “Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are good.”

They all laughed.

“Ok my little chickadee. You saw us huh?” Thomas said with a grin.

“Yes Sir, why were you punishing her?”

“I wasn’t punishing her, I do other things to punish her, Julian likes to be spanked, she likes the pain, it makes her more excited, and she has better orgasms.”

Heather said, “I don’t understand how it could?”

Thomas began talking about chemicals in the brain and pain receptors and endorphins. Heather had been home schooled she spoke three languages fluently; she knew everything a college freshman would know she had tutors in math, history and English. She was a very smart woman yet she sat there looking dazed and confused. “Oh, just please Master Thomas show me let me understand.”

Master Thomas looked at her then Julian. Julian nodded her head. “Ok.” Thomas said.

Anticipation filled the air as they finished lunch, Julian and Heather did the dishes Thomas was in the front room. When Heather and Julian came out of the kitchen, Thomas said, “we will not only demonstrate, but we will show Heather, Julian, disrobe, and come here.”

Julian slipped off her T-Shirt and shorts she pulled off her thong. She approached Thomas he took her wrist and pulled her across his lap. “Heather, come here and kneel,” Heather kneeled where she had a very good view of Julian’s rear. Thomas began rubbing her butt, his hand dipped into her slit, he raised his hand and spanked her gently at first, then as he rubbed her butt, he would spank harder then reach under her chest, Julian rose up and Master Thomas took hold of her breast, he massaged it. He spanked her and then rubbed her butt, Julian said, “Please, Master may I orgasm.”

“Yes Julian, you may orgasm.” Julian’s body shivered.

Thomas said, “Give me your hand.” Heather extended her hand, Thomas took it placed it on Julian’s butt.

“Wow. It is hot.” Heather exclaimed.

Julian raised and kneeled before him, Heather saw Master Thomas’ pants bulging, Heather said, “does Julian suck you now.” Julian looked at Heather, then at Thomas. Thomas nodded. Julian freed Master Thomas’ cock from his trunks. Heather looked at it, she thought “Wow that is big.” Julian began to suck him. Thomas looked at Heather. “Ok Julian, it is Heather’s turn.” Julian looked at him and straightened up. “Yes Sir.” Thomas reached out took Heather’s wrists and pulled her across his lap, his legs were warm from Julian, his cock pushed against her belly it was very hard and hot. Heather felt his hand begin to rub her butt his fingers dipping into her slit, Heather shivered and cringed when his hand left her butt, he began spanking her gently, he rubbed her butt and slit, he spanked harder rubbing more stimulating her clitoris. Heather was becoming wet, her lips glistened Master Thomas reached under her took her firm round breast in his hand, and her nipple was hard. He squeezed her breast gently, Heather moaned loudly. He spanked harder, “Oh God, yes please let me orgasm.” Heather almost screamed.

Master Thomas said, “NO.”

Julian whispered in her ear hold on baby you can do it.”

“Not yet,” Thomas spanked harder, Heather moaned. Thomas squeezed her breast harder.

“Oh God yes.”

“Hold on baby,” Julian whispered.

Heather said, “Fuck, I have to orgasm.”

Master Thomas spanked her slit, as he did he said, “Heather orgasm now.”

Heather shook she clamped her legs together, she moaned “Oh. God.” She was breathing like she had run a race. “Oh my God.” Heather shook again.

Master Thomas rubbed her slit, flicked her clit, Heather collapsed.

“Oh. God. Yes.” Heather screamed, then she slid off his lap onto the floor. “Now do I suck him Julian?” Her voice trembling, like her body.

Master Thomas lifted her head, “No baby, not yet. Let Julian teach you first.” Heather sat back down, her belly was wet from his cock, she wiped it with her finger and tasted it, and it had a salty taste to it. Master Thomas pulled Julian to him by her hair she began to suck him within minutes Master Thomas came. He pulled her head down he held her head still. “Oh yes bitch, now suck me whore.” Heather came again hearing the words bitch and whore. Heather said, “I’m sorry I came again.” Thomas laughed. Julian sucked Thomas until he was soft.

Julian helped Heather up. “Let’s go clean up.” Heather felt her butt it was hot, God it felt good. Julian turned on the shower then pulled Heather in. Julian began washing Heather from her heads to her toes, and Heather washed Julian. They stood under the hot water relaxing until the water ran cold.

Treasure woke, Peaches was licking her chin. ‘Hey baby, what ya doing huh?” Peaches purred. “Ok, let’s go.” Peaches jumped down and stretched. Treasure got up. Together they went into the kitchen to eat.


Chapter Six   Mardi Gras


Heather looked down, she was standing on the balcony of an old building, in the middle of the French quarter. Heather watched the tens of thousands of people milling around below her all celebrating Madras gras. This was the first Mardi gras she had been to with her friends and without Thomas and Julian.

Up and down Bourbon Street, the reveler’s partied throwing caution to the four winds. A group of teenage boys had gathered below their balcony yelling up to them. The girls’ laughed, and teased them. The boys yelled out, “show us your tits.” Heather didn’t think too much about it, she had been a nudist since she was very young. Heather leaned against the balcony railing the boys started yelling and pointing. Heather looked down they were pointing at her.; the boys were looking up her mini skirt. She just turned around and leaned with her back against the railing the boys really began to yell, “Look at that ass. God she is so pretty. Hey red, show us your tits.” They all yelled in unison. Heather’s friends were laughing, oh go ahead one of her friends said, Heather said let’s all show them our tits, the girls giggled, and pulled up their shirts and bent over the rail. The boys down below said they were all in love with the girls. “Oh I love you red show us your ass again.” Heather turned around flipped her skirt up in the back and went back inside the other girls followed her in, the boys hooped it up big time them, “come back, come back,” they said.

The girls had caused quite a crowd to form. One of her six friends stuck her head out the window; there were four police on horses moving the crowd along. One of the policeman pointed again and shook his head no. She turned to the rest and told them what the police had done. The girls rushed to the balcony and the window. The police were still moving the crowd along, the one police pointed again to them and shook his finger at them the girls laughed and giggled.

“Come on let’s go down and walk around.” One of them said. Heather said she would and one other girl said she would go. The three of them Heather in the lead headed out into the crowds. The crowds were shoulder to shoulder. Heather and her friends felt like they were being crushed by the people around them. They elbowed and pushed their way into an area that wasn’t so crowded Heather said, “My ass has been pinched ten times and I thought they were going to tear my shirt off.” Oh, me too the blond hair girl said. I think it made me horny. “You think.” her friend said. “Hell girl, I am surprised you haven’t picked a boy up by now.” “I have not had time, I have been here only four hours ok, give me time.” The blond said.

The girls drifted down one side of the street, stopping to get a drink. Here and there, they crossed the street at O’Brian’s and headed back. The blond said, “I have to pee.” They went in several bars and restaurants, the rest rooms had lines in front of them. It’s no use. L” she said. Heather now had to pee. “Come on.” Heather said.

The girls walked down the street Heather saw a recessed doorway they moved through the crowd until they stood in the doorway now, “you and I” Heather said will stand guard and block anyone from looking you just squat and pee. The blond squatted and peed the pee ran off the step and puddled on the sidewalk. Heather said my turn, the blond stood in the doorway. She talked to the other girl. Heather was squatting her back to the door. She looked between the blond and her friend to see a young man watching her. Heather couldn’t just stand up. She really had to pee now. Heather spread her legs a little wider. Looked at the young man and smiled, he smiled back. Heather began to pee, he smiled at her he would disappear and reappear and reappear as the crowd walked by. Heather peed for the longest time or so it seemed. She wasn’t embarrassed by the young man watching. In fact, Heather felt very aroused. When she finished she stood he was gone she couldn’t see him her nipples were hard, she was very excited; ok let’s go she said, the girls went back to the apartment they had.

Heather took off her panties and stood on the balcony. She stood with her legs spread just enough to allow a peek but not so much as to be obvious about. Several times that night Heather went to the bathroom to masturbate. Heather wished more than just that one young man had seen her.

Heather and the girls spent a week at the apartment the seven days the girls spent were filled with adventure. The blond girl Lisa did pick up several boys Heather watched Lisa screw them.

When they went out to prowl, the streets Heather would stop in the doorway have the girls stand guard and Heather would pee. She would hope that the young man would be there to see her. The thought of him watching her thrilled and excited her so much, she couldn’t stand it.

Heather awoke late one morning. She would normally get up early go to the bathroom, shower, relieve herself but this morning she walked into a bathroom filled with girls she went to the toilet sat and peed Lisa looked at her and smiled, Heather flushed stood up took off her shirt dropped her panties to the floor. The thought of the girls looking at her excited her she stepped into the shower stood under the hot water and masturbated then bathed. The thought of people watching her, “Oh God that excited her so much.”

Heather was looking through the stack for a book her eyes followed the labels from one end of the row to the other searching, “Oh where is it?” she thought. It has to be here somewhere. She looked on the bottom row of books those too big to fit anywhere else. She kneeled on the floor, bent over, looked there was the book. “Why would a book on French literature be so odd?” It was twice as full as any other book and half the width, she opened the book it was written in French. She thought it must be one of those odd coffee table books or something. She would read it but she would never buy one like it.

She went to the counter and checked the book out. She looked at the time she had a while before the next street car ran. She sat at a table tucked her skirt under her legs and crossed her ankles. She read the first passage. She would read a little then look at the clock. She closed her eyes and something someone knocked her down.

“Oh miss, I am so sorry.” The boy said. “Please let me help you up.” She felt two hands on her arms. She was lifted to her feet. She looked around, kneeling in front of her, picking up her books and purse. She saw his back, his broad shoulders, his thick tanned neck, his long sandy brown hair. He wore a dark blue sweater and jeans. “Oh miss, I am so sorry.” He said. As she stood up, he was two steps down from where she stood she looked him in the eyes. They were beautiful a steel hazel color, he was awesome. Their eyes met, neither spoke. Heather’s heart was pounding, her knees gave way. He caught her in his arms, she laid against his chest she smelled the cologne. He lowered her to the steps he knelt in front of her. He looked around like he didn’t know what to do. Heather did not know what to do either. She mumbled and shook her head.

They both began to babble at once then they stopped looked at each other their again they spoke “Oh me. What am I doing” Heather said, “are you hurt?

Miss are you hurt?” He said again.

Heather said, “Oh no, I don’t think so.”

“I am so sorry miss uh?”

“Heather” Heather said.

“I’m so sorry, Heather. Won’t you forgive me?”

Oh, he was so awesome Heather did not want to see him go. “Uh, yes, I suppose so.” She looked at him. He said his name was Brian. ”Yes Brian, I will forgive you.”

He said, “I must be going I have to get a book for an exam you know.” He offered her his hand. “Oh, I can’t let him go.” She thought.

Heather stood, she limped, “oh my ankle,” and grabbed hold of his arm.

“Let me take you inside and then I will get some help for you.”

“Oh.” What am I going to do she thought? “Uh.” she said.

“Well how about I wait for you and you buy me a coke. I’m sure my foot or ankle will be better by then.”

He said “ok, that’s a deal.”

He helped her into the library she sat at a table next to the front door she watched him walk away she watched his butt. He was so muscular and strong his wide shoulders his narrow waist he was tall maybe taller than Thomas.

He came back a little while later he had his books he picked up Heather’s books, “Shall we?” He said. He helped her to her feet she held onto him faking a limp Together, they walked to the Bistro on the corner. Brian pulled the chair out for Heather she hesitated and said, “Oh for me, thank you Sir.” Brian smiled. Brian ordered Heather a coke, he ordered coffee for himself. They sat there talking Heather stared at him he told her all about himself he was in college at Tulane, he played football, he was going to be a lawyer. Heather told him she was homeschooled she knew three languages, French, Spanish, and Italian. She had been schooled in business. Heather looked at her watch, “Oh. My God,” she said,

“I’m so late.” Brian said “I will drive you home.” He led to his car, he had an old corvette convertible he opened the door for her and he jumped over his door and slid into the seat, and he started the car put it in first gear and took off the tires squealing she told him to go out Canal Street. He powered through the gears downshifting and upshifting through the gears.

Heather watched him his hands on the shifter jamming the stick into different gears she felt the power that pushed her into her seat the vibrations from the car on the road she watched him handle the car his feet working the pedals, “Oh God.” she thought. She pointed to the left turn off Canal. He downshifted to second put it in a power slide, Heather slid up tight against her door her skirt had ridden up to her thighs. She pointed to the next street on the left he down shifted to second turned the corner, she pointed to the fourth house he slowed to a stop. Heather’s hair was blown about her face, her smile could’ve lit up a pitch black night, her eyes wide with excitement.

Brian looked at her, Heather’s legs were askew her panties were exposed Brian didn’t have to guess their color anymore because her skirt was up around her waist. “Here you are, Heather.” He said smiling.

Heather got out of the car. She smoothed her skirt. She looked at him. He said, “I will call you,” she turned and ran to the house. He put the car in gear and peeled out. She stopped and watched him go, Heather walked into the house.

“Hello Julian,” she said and went to her room, she threw herself across her bed and propped her head on her hands.

Heather rolled over, she put her hands on her breasts, and she moaned, she looked up, Julian was standing there beside the door, “So who was that hunk?” Julian said.

“Oh Julian, that was Brian, he is awesome isn’t he?”

“I don’t know I only saw his car.”

Heather sat up, she looked for her book and her purse, and it wasn’t there. She left if in his car. She didn’t know his name except for Brian. She laid on her bed. “Oh well. He was so beautiful.” she said.

Julian came into Heather’s room, she sat on the bed. “Hey sleepy head, wake up.” Heather opened her eyes, “Hey that hunk that brought you home yesterday.”

“Uh-huh.” Heather said sitting up.

“He’s sitting in the driveway, he has been there for over an hour.”

“Oh my.” Heather jumped out of the bed, she looked out the window.  He was sitting on the back deck of his car with his feet in the seat. Heather said, “I will go talk to him.”

“Psst.” Julian said. “You better get dressed first.”

“Oh yeah, that would be a good idea.” Heather threw on some jeans and shirt pulled on her sneakers headed for the door Julian stopped her.

“What, what” Heather said, Julian pointed to the bathroom,

“Oh yeah, what am I thinking?” Heather said.

Julian said, “that, is the problem, you aren’t thinking. Invite him in for breakfast or coffee.”

Heather brushed her teeth combed her hair put some cologne on, she walked down the steps, she went out the front door waved to Brian, Brian slid off the car carried her book and her purse, they talked. Heather looked at the house several times. Brian finally nodded his head, they walked side by side to the door.

Julian stood beside Thomas, they had watched the whole thing unfold. “Well” she said. She is in love her first love, let’s hope he doesn’t hurt her.

Thomas grinned. “He hurts her, he dies. It is as simple as that.”

Julian slapped his arm, “be nice now.” She said.

He looked at her then his arm, she looked back turned wiggled her butt looking over her shoulder, “come on and be nice.”

“Ok, ok.” Thomas said.

“Hi.” Heather said, Julian – Thomas this is Brian. Brian smiled he put out his hand to Thomas, “I’m Brian Anderson.”

“Thomas, Thomas Jordene. This is Julian,”

Brian took Julian’s hand gave it a gentle squeeze he said, “I am very happy to meet you, from the way Heather talked about, I thought you Sir were ten feet tall, and Julian was a Goddess. I thought she might be exaggerating a bit but she wasn’t.” He smiled.

Thomas feigned a smile, Julian blushed. Heather kind of smiled. Please come in Julian said. ”We were about to have breakfast. Join us will you?”

“Yes, Ma’am I would like that very much.” “If will be ready in a few minutes.” Julian said. Thomas said, “Join me on the patio, we’ll have coffee there, you drink coffee don’t you?” “Yes Sir, I do.” Julian two coffees on the patio please.” “Yes Sir.” Julian said.

Julian said, “Heather, help me in the kitchen.” Heather frowned. Julian threw her a look, Heather said, “Yes Ma’am.” Julian fixed a tray with coffee for Thomas and Brian. Heather would go to the door look, then she would sigh and come back to do something before going back to the door. Julian handed Heather the tray, she said, “Serve them then come back and remember Brian is a guest in this house. We know nothing about him.” “Yes Ma’am.” Heather served Thomas and Brian coffee. When Heather stepped on the patio, Thomas stopped talking, both he and Brian looked at Heather, she set the tray on the table between them poured the coffee. Thomas said, “Thank you.” Heather gave him a little nod. “You are welcome Sir.” She retreated to the kitchen.

Heather and Julian set the table for breakfast, “Ok, go get them, Heather.” Julian said. Heather announced breakfast; she picked up the coffee service and carried it back to the kitchen. Heather took her place at the table.

Thomas was smiling but more quiet than usual. Julian talked to Brian. Heather ate her breakfast in little bites. She talked some and smiled at Brian. Heather would look at Brian then at Thomas and Julian. Heather was confused. What type of man was he? What type of dominant man was he? These and other questions, raced through Heather’s mind, oh so many questions, she needed answered.

Heather cleaned the table of breakfast dishes. Thomas, Julian, and Brian went out to the patio. Heather finished cleaning the table then came out to join them. Brian said he had to go but he would call. Heather wrote down her number. Brian shook her hand, turned and walked out the door.

Heather watched as Brian,he started his car and drove off. Heather closed the door, turned her back on the door. She thought of Brian, and about this and about that. “Oh, I love him,” she said. Heather skipped out to the patio. “Oh Julian, Thomas, what do you think of him? Isn’t he dreamy? I just love him so much.”

“Heather, sit down please.” Thomas said. Heather looked at Thomas and then Julian. Julian looked so sad. She patted the seat beside her. “What is it?” Heather asked. “Is it about Brian?” Thomas leaned forward on the table. “Heather baby, Brian said you were a very beautiful girl, he said he wished that it would be different with you but it can’t. Brian couldn’t tell you he asked that I tell you.” “Tell me what?” What did you do Thomas? Did you threaten him?” “No baby. He couldn’t tell you he is a homosexual. He didn’t want to see your heart broken.” “Oh Thomas, that’s a lie. You threatened him.” Thomas handed a note to Heather.

Heather opened the envelope, took out the folded paper. She read the note her eyes flooded with tears. Julian hugged her. Heather folded the note her hands dropped to her lap. Heather looked at Julian she was crying. Thomas even looked sad.

Heather broke from Julian’s embrace. She took the two steps to Thomas kneeled before him. “Master Thomas, please forgive me for saying those terrible things about you. Punish me if you will, I’m so sorry.” Thomas was totally surprised as was Julian. Thomas took her by her arms lifted her to his lap, he hugged her and cried with her. “Oh baby girl. It’s okay. I forgive you.” Julia walked over to stand beside Thomas and Heather. Thomas put his arm around Julian and pulled her close. Julian heard Thomas say it will be okay baby, Julian kissed Thomas, and wiped the tears from his cheeks. Thomas looked at Julian. He said, “So you know what can I say? I love you.” Thomas kissed Heather’s cheek. Heather squalled, jumped, and ran into the house. Thomas said, “What did I do?”

“Nothing, you did nothing wrong Thomas.” Julian sat on his lap, she said to him, “this is the first time I think I have seen you cry.”

Thomas said, “I have cried before Julian, cried for us and you, and always in silence and always alone. This my love is different. To see your girl hurt like that, what can we do?” Julian kissed him, “When the heart is hurt, only time will heal that hurt, only time will heal that hurt.”


Chapter Seven 19th  birthday party

It was a cool November day, yet a very special day, November 10th to be exact. Heather turned 19 years of age. Thomas and Julian gave Heather a surprise birthday party. Master Thomas had taken Heather to the mall. He produced a credit card and gave Heather a big hug and kiss. ”Now my girl, go shop till you drop, I will be here bring your packages to me. I will take them to the car, now go.” He said. He patted Heather on the butt, “go – shoo.”

Heather looked around, where do I begin she thought. She walked to the clothing store, then another, and another one. There was so much she could buy, she already had the nicest shoes, she had jewelry, and she had clothes, two closets full. Her dresser was packed, she had clothes in boxes under the bed, and she had lingerie. Some of it, she had never been worn. “What do I need?” She said to herself. “I’ll just go look.”

Heather bought a bottle of perfume, two pairs of long fuzzy orange socks. There it was, tucked away at the end of a side hall, the piercing parlor. She had her ears pierced when she was thirteen. Oh she thought, “I’ve heard Julian talk of getting her nipple or her clitoris pierced.” Heather went in and asked the clerk if they had a gift certificate for a nipple or clit piercing. The clerk said they had both. The nipple pierce with a bar bell, and the Clitoral piercing with a ring were the same price, she bought two gift certificates one of each. She stopped at the ice cream parlor for a double scoop of black cherry ice cream. She had walked the whole mall. She saw nothing more she need. Heather walked up to Thomas.

“I’m back.”

Thomas looked at his watch; she had been gone about 2-1/2 hours. “Where are your packages?”

Heather held up two small bags.

“What did you get?”

“I got some perfume and some socks and two gift certificates.” Heather smiled, a big smile.

Thomas thought at her age if he had the use of a platinum credit card, it would be over its limit by now, “Oh well, come on baby, let’s go home, Happy Birthday.” “Thank you Mister Thomas.” “You’re welcome baby.”

Instead of letting Heather out at the door, Thomas parked the car, then they both walked to the house. Thomas opened the door, they stepped in, “Surprise. Happy Birthday Heather.”

Heather turned and hugged Thomas. “Oh thank you.”

Julian walked up, Heather let go of Thomas, and she hugged, and kissed her. “Oh Julian. I’m so happy, I love you.”

There were thirty people. Heather knew them all except one; all of them were friends of Thomas and Julian, She had known them for years grew up around them. Many of them had come to the beach house during the summers, she always saw them at Christmas, and other holidays, they were like family. They brought presents. Heather opened the presents and squealed in delight. They were without question very expensive gifts. Then they had cake and ice cream. Heather was so thrilled it had been a great day.

Soon the guest began to depart by eleven o’clock, everyone was gone except one woman. Julian introduced her to Heather. “Heather, this is Lynn Chinn, Lynn this is Heather.” “Heather, I am very pleased to meet you. Thomas and Julian have told me all about you. They are very proud of you.” Lynn spoke with perfect English and not a hint of an accent of any kind. Julian hugged and kissed Lynn. Heather watched them. Lynn began to fondle Julian.

“Come here Heather.” Thomas said. “Let Lynn and Julian entertain us.” Heather stood beside Thomas and watched, Lynn began by undressing Julian, and then Julian undressed Lynn, Thomas pulled the table out of the way. Lynn laid Julian on the ottoman. She began to kiss and fondle her; she kissed her mouth, then her neck, moving slowly down her body, nipping her skin, kissing her, fondling her way to her mound. Lynn was nipping and kissing her clitoris, she had her fingers between Julian’s legs. She spread Julian’s legs wide. She kissed her inner thighs nipped and bit her lips, rimmed her, her tongue was flicking her clitoris.

Julian looked at Thomas. “May I orgasm Sir?”

Thomas smiled a wicked smile. “Yes Julian, you may orgasm.”

Julian growled, then her body spasmed and shook. Lynn slapped Julian’s mound, Julian screamed and she collapsed, Lynn kissed Julian and sat there between legs.

Lynn was a beautiful woman. She was small boned, and thin, her five-foot five frame looked tiny next to Julian’s body, her skin was a rich creamy yellow with a beautiful all-over tan. Her butt was small and rounded and did not protrude. Her breasts were small and pointy. She had big nipples surrounded by very small dark areola, her hair was black like coal and soft as corn silk, and it hung down her back to her butt. Her hands were small and delicate with long slender fingers. Her face was round her eyes her black eyes were beautiful. She had a small mouth with full red lips and shining straight white teeth. She was beautiful and exotic. Her mound and lips were bald. Heather looked at her she had no hair she could see except for hair on her head. Heather felt a sensation growing in her belly.

Lynn sat down beside Heather and smiled. “Mister Thomas, is this the beautiful woman whose birthday it is.” Thomas nodded. Lynn stood walked to Heather, took her hand, and pulled her up from the sofa. “Come with me.” Lynn said. Heather looked at Thomas; he winked and said to go with her. Heather followed Lynn to Master Thomas’ bedroom. Thomas and Julian appeared at the door, Lynn began kissing Heather, undressing her, and Heather began to fondle Lynn. Heather tried to rub Lynn’s mound. Lynn moved away. “No baby. Lynn does you, you enjoy. This is your birthday.” “Mister Thomas will take care of me.” Lynn said. She finished undressing Heather. She laid Heather on the bed. Heather looked at Thomas and Julian. They nodded. Julian came over and whispered in her ear, “Baby, enjoy it. It is wonderful.”

Lynn sat down beside Heather then laid down snuggling up to her resting her head on Heather’s shoulder. She whispered in Heather’s ear, and then she kissed Heather’s eyes and kissed her mouth. Heather tasted her mouth her lips. Heather felt Lynn’s hand, her finger, gently slowly caressing her skin, her mouth, her teeth gently nipping at her skin the warmth of her mouth. The little sting of bites, Heather shivered. Heather’s skin felt alive, a strange tingling began deep in her. The sensation continued to grow as Lynn caressed and worked her way down Heather’s neck to her breasts. Lynn took special care to nibble and nip every square inch of Heather’s breasts, Saving the areola and nipples for last. Lynn continued to nibble and kiss her belly, her mound, her legs, Heather’s breathing became labored. Heather’s tan skin began to turn a soft pink a glow began to appear. Lynn worked down her legs, to her feet, then her toes, sucking each one Lynn turned Heather over on the bed where she lay was a wet spot the size of a saucer. Heather moaned and her body shook. Lynn nibbled and nipped her skin, to her thighs, working slowly on her butt. Lynn spread Heather’s cleft nipped her cleft then rimmed her. Heather was grabbing the sheets, her body shaking her legs quivering. Lynn slowed down, she began to nip harder, Heather moaned louder. Julian whispered in her ear, “Hold on baby. Just hold on.”

Heather was babbling, and moaning, Lynn turned her over on her back. Heather’s slit glistened with her juices Lynn spread her legs. Raised her knees and kissed her mound. Lynn’s fingers spread Heather’s slit open, exposing her clit, Lynn slowly began to nibble and lick Heather’s clit, then her pussy. Heather rolled her hips up high, spreading her legs wider. Lynn ran her tongue deeper in her pussy. Heather cried out, “Oh God. I can’t take it anymore, Oh God. Let me orgasm, Please Mister Thomas, let me orgasm.” Thomas nodded, Julian whispered in her ear, “He said yes.” Heather said, “Thomas, tell me to orgasm, please tell me.” she screamed. Thomas looked at Lynn and nodded. Lynn bit Heather’s clit. Thomas said, “Just one single word, orgasm.”

Heather screamed, “Yes Master Thomas.” Heather came and ejaculated her cum, spraying Lynn’s face and soaking the bed. Heather collapsed. Lynn sat up her face and chest wet with Heather’s juice. Lynn said, “I have been making women cum for many years, I have never had one who held out till I finished and then covered me with her cum. I think I am in love with her. Now Mister Thomas you promised me a very good time with you and Julian and I am so ready I am soaking.”

“We will go to the guest room. The only way Heather is going to move is if she is carried.”

“Ok.” Julian said. “Please Sir, carry her, this bed is so much bigger and I think we will need the room.”

Heather opened her eyes, “I want to stay here and watch, please Sir, please.” Thomas picked her up, and set her in the chair. Where Heather lay, the bed was soaked. “Did I wet the bed?” heather said.

Heather watched Julia and Lynn undress Thomas, she watched Thomas and Julian with Lynn. Thomas was licking Lynn, Julian was biting and sucking on her tits. Heather moved to the bed, she sat beside Thomas and reached between his legs. She began to fondle his heavy nut sack, the wrapped her hand around his shaft moving her hand up and down his cock. She caressed the crown of his shaft. Heather sat stroking him. Julian looked at Heather. She got up and whispered in Heather’s ear, “That’s my cock baby. Change places with me.”

Heather crawled up and took Julian’s place. Heather did what Lynn had done to her. Heather nipped and nibbled on her lips, her ears, her neck, her breast. Thomas threw Lynn’s legs up, Julian guided his cock into Lynn’s pussy, and she bit her nipples and sucked them. Lynn was squirming under him and she watched Thomas drive his cock into her pussy. She had held his cock; in her hand it was bigger than the dildos she had used on herself. Julian was playing with his nuts. Heather squeezed Lynn’s nipples hard and pulled on them. Thomas said, “Julian, get ready.” Julian got up, picked up a jar of lube, and began to lube and finger Lynn’s butt. Julian said, “It’s ready.” Thomas pulled out, Julian took his cock placed it on Lynn’s ass. Thomas drove his cock deep in her ass. Lynn screamed and came. Lynn thrashed around. Thomas pumped his cock in her ass harder than ever.

Thomas stiffened and rammed it one more time. Julian pushed her finger into Thomas’ ass. She stroked his prostate while he was coming deep into Lynn’s ass. Thomas pulled out of her, he let her go, then he settled onto the bed, Julian went to the bathroom brought back a hot washcloth and towel. She cleaned Thomas then dried him. Thomas lay spent; his once hard proud cock was becoming more and more flaccid. Heather had her dildo and vibrators in her pussy, now she wondered how his cock would feel in her.

Julian was cleaning the house when Heather woke up. She shuffled into the kitchen, poured herself some coffee. Oh God, the coffee tasted terrible. Heather shook; she poured it out and made another pot. Julian came into the kitchen and smiled. “Hand me the carafe, I will fill it for you.” “Oh, Julian, I have never felt anything like that before, it was so unbelievable when I came it felt like my bottom was pushed out of me.” “Honey,” Julian hugged her, “you held on till you were told to orgasm and you ejaculated all over Lynn.” “I have heard of women doing that, but I didn’t know if I could or couldn’t, I now know for sure I can.” “I have a book that will explain that to you and some other things you now need to know. I will get it for you,” Julian said.

“Oh. I almost forget, yesterday, I got two gift certificates at the piercing parlor. They are for nipple and clit piercings.” “I have always wanted my nipple pierced. I don’t know if Thomas will allow me to pierce my nipple.” Heather said, “I will ask him tonight if I can. Julian looked at her, Heather if Thomas says you can, you can.

“Heather come here please.” Julian said. Heather walked in the room. Julian and Thomas were sitting on the sofa. Julian was perched on the edge of the sofa her hands on her knees in front of them was a kneeling pillow. Master Thomas said, “Heather kneel.” Thomas began, “you have been raised and taught the ways of a submissive, you have expressed your desire to have a Master. I feel that your training here with us has been completed.” Heather looked at them, “What?” “Heather you know the life style, you are ready. You were raised for one purpose, to serve a Master to please him. Is this not true? “Yes Sir, Heather said. “We have a possible Master for you and in three days, you will meet him. I have instructed Julian to prepare you for your appointment. Now Heather, answer me, but before you do, I want you to think hard and answer truthfully. Do you want to live this lifestyle with a Master? I can guarantee your safety, you can trust this person you’re going to meet. I have known him for a very long time.” “Have I ever met him?” Heather asked. “No, Heather, you haven’t.” Heather looked at Julian, Julian smiled. “Honey, he is a good man, I would trust him with my life.” Heather said, “If he is half as good as you are Master Thomas, yes, I would like to meet him.” “Excellent. I will tell him you have agreed to meet him.” “What is his name?” “Heather, he will introduce himself when he arrives. If he should find you unsuitable to serve him, you won’t need to know his name.” “Yes, Sir.” she said. “Now we will go back to the city tomorrow. Julian have everything ready to go by eleven o’clock in the morning.” “Yes, Master,” Julian said. “Come on honey, let’s get things ready to go.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Heather you and Julian may go now.”

“Thank you Sir.” Heather said.

“Thank you Master.” Julian said.

Julian and Heather began cleaning and packing. They were all packed and had dinner made before six in the evening. I don’t think you girls have ever packed that fast before this must be a record.”

“Yes Master.” Julian said.

“Well, let’s eat I am starved.”

“We are having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.” Heather said.

“My favorite,” Thomas howled. “Where’s my beer slave? You know I always have beer with my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”

“Yes Master, yes

“Master, your beer Sir,” Julian said. She dropped to her knees to serve him. All three of them laughed until their sides hurt.



Chapter Eight Back to New Orleans

The trip back to New Orleans was uneventful. Thomas stopped for fuel once. Heather and Julian went to the restroom. When they came back to the car, Thomas told them both to sit in the back seat. “You two have talked non-stop since last night, I could tell you both to shut up; however, I hate warm beer and burned dinners, and my Julian loves pain. This would be a no win situation.”

Julian leaned over the seat and kissed him. “Yes Sir, you are the best master in the world we won’t talk so loud.”

Thomas kissed her. “Good girl.” he said

Julian and Heather spent the afternoon unpacking the car and straightening the house. It was early fall, they usually didn’t leave the beach house for another month. This time it was special. The time was at hand that Heather would fulfill her destiny; she would finally use what she had learned over the years. In two days, she would meet him. She was confident and at the same time a little nervous. She had experienced pain, and passion, and endured punishments, some punishments like spankings she really enjoyed. The only regret she had and that was she had not experience sexual intercourse. She had never had a man between her legs or in her mouth. She had held Thomas’ cock in her hand, felt its heat and the velvet texture of its crown. The toys she had, the vibrators the dildos, they were long and thin, not fat and long like Thomas’ cock. Julian had made sure that not one of the toys she had was bigger than her index finger. She had had a woman’s mouth between her legs; she made her cum so hard she felt like she had squeezed her insides out her bottom.

Julian took Heather to the beauty parlor she was; waxed, trimmed, manicured, pedicured, hair trimmed, eyebrows plucked and shaped. Julian and Heather spent the better part of a day having this done, and they treated themselves by going to the mall.

Heather asked her what time of the day or night her appointment was, Julian said it was in the afternoon. Heather went to the casual department she picked out a lightweight floral print linen dress. Julian said, “What are you doing?” Heather smiled. “Since my appointment is in the afternoon, it isn’t formal. I would be out of place in a strapless gown. I will go casual. It will suit the occasion.” Heather picked out a pair of open toed pink pumps, a sheer pink thong, a sheer demi-cup pink lace bra, and a small pink clutch purse. Heather went to the perfume counter. A new perfume, it had a wonderful light floral almost gardenia like aroma with a hint of rose. “Mmmm that smells so.” Heather said.

“What about hose and garters,” Julian asked.

“I have a perfect tan, no tan lines; I want him to see me, not the lingerie I’m wearing.” Heather kissed Julian’s cheek. “I love you.” She said.

“I love you too. Let’s go pay for this and go home, I am hungry and I bet Thomas has destroyed the kitchen.”

“Oh, my God. Thomas, I forgot about him, he will punish me for sure.”

“ Oh Julian, give him one of your famous I am sorry blow jobs, after one of those he would forgive you for murder.” Julian laughed. “Come on miss magic mouth.” Heather said.

Heather and Julian arrived at home. Heather carried her packages to her room. She stopped at the door to the den. She turned and motioned for Julian to come. There in all his glory was Thomas, sitting in the middle of his campsite in his recliner. On his left was a cooler with beer, on the right was a trashcan full of beer cans and two empty pizza boxes. The TV was on its regular sports channel, and Thomas lay there snoring. Heather and Julian laughed, Julian said, “My King.” She went in, slid into his lap, and kissed him. Thomas hugged her, and then squeezed her breast.

“I will be upstairs for a little while.” Heather said.

Thomas put his hand between Julian’s legs, “Make it an hour Heather.”

“Yes Mister Thomas and hour I will take a bath, goodbye all.”

Julian’s was slipping to her knees in front of Thomas. Heather thought, “One please forgive me blow job coming up,” and up the stairs, she bounded. She heard Thomas moaning as the bathtub filled. Heather slipped into the tub of hot water. She lay back, closed her eyes, and let the warmth and sensual feeling of the waster wash over her.

“Tomorrow,” she thought, “I will be a woman, I will have a Master.” Heather slipped down in the tub submerging her head. Then she stood and showered to rinse off. Heather toweled off and walked to her room. Slipping on a T-shirt, she went down stairs. Julian was naked wearing only her apron.

“Julian I see you got a nice spanking.” Heather said.

“Oh it was delicious.” Julian was making dinner for them.

“Master was full, I replenished his beer supply and you, and I my sweet will have our favorites, “PB&J with milk, One or two my dear?”

“Two please, I’m famished. I am so excited about tomorrow.”

Julian looked at her. “Heather listen very closely to what I have to say, I know this Master, he is a wonderful man, remember do exactly as he says. Do not hesitate to do it; do not question what he asks, He will not hurt you.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Heather said.

“Burp. More beer wench.”

“Yes your highness.” Julian laughed and carried a cold six-pack to him. Heather and Julian finished their dinner. Heather made a cup of espresso.

“I smell that.” Thomas said as he sauntered into the kitchen. “May I?” Heather handed him a cup and he sat at the table. She handed Julian the other cup. She made another for herself. Heather joined them at the table. Thomas’ eyes were red, he looked at Julian and Heather he drank his espresso, and then said, Julian, we are losing our girl.”

Heather got up and went to Thomas she sat in his lap her bare bottom on his leg. She hugged him and said, “I may be leaving tomorrow, but you will never lose me, I will always be yours first, I love you both so much.”

Thomas shed a tear; he hugged Heather tight, “I love you too.” Julian got up sat on Thomas’ other leg and hugged and kissed him.

“Thomas, I’ve never seen you shed a tear before now, and I could not love you anymore than I do right now.” Julian kissed him again; she held his face in her hands.” My big strong sadistic man does have a heart.”

“Shhh,” Thomas said. “Not so loud, if anyone were to find out, it would ruin my image.” Heather and Julian hugged him again.” Ok, ok, enough of this mushy stuff, clean the kitchen before I spank you both.” Julian and Heather both rose and bent over the table. Thomas popped them once each on the ass.” Go on now. I am going back to the den, bring me another Espresso.” He pinched Julian’s tit and left the kitchen.

“Oh you teaser, go on” Julian said.

Heather and Julian talked until ten. Thomas said, “It is bed time. Good night Heather.” Julian got up and went to the bedroom she turned down the bed, selected a nice thin cane, and waited for Thomas. Thomas appeared looked at Julian, “a good choice Julian.” Julian got on the bed on her hands and knees. Thomas laid the cane across Julian’s ass. He said, “A dozen seems right tonight.”

“Yes Master.”

The cane made a swishing whistling sound as it cut the air. Then the unmistakable sound, the cane made when it contacted her ass, THWACK. A thin red line began to form on her ass. “Oh God. Thank you Master, may I have another?” Julian wiggled her ass again, the whistling swish of the cane. THWACK.

Heather sat on the stairs listening as Thomas counted off each lash, twelve in all, of the cane. Heather felt a warming sensation deep in her. She desperately wanted to find her favorite toy, her little monkey. She would not, tomorrow was her day she climbed the stairs to her room

Heather laid there for the longest time trying to sleep finally she drifted off to sleep. Heather was so excited she woke up five or six times during the night.

Julian woke Heather up at eight thirty a.m. Heather jumped up off the bed,

“Oh God, I have slept too long, I am late.” She crashed into Julian.

“Whoa, Heather, it is only 8:30 a.m.” Julian said. “You have time, slow down.”

“But, but –

“I said you have time.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Heather sat back on the bed, “come to breakfast it is ready.”

Thomas was up late last night he slept late today.” Heather giggled,

“I wonder why?”

Julian shook her ass; it was still striped from the cane. “I wonder.” She said coyly.

Heather ate her breakfast. She thought about all she had to do. Heather helped Julian with the dishes. She went to her room to prepare herself, she showered, washed, and dried her hair, brushed her teeth, she put powder on, she put perfume on her neck and behind her ears, between her breasts, and on her mound, she put her make up on, a little powder, rouge, eyeliner, she darkened her eyebrows. She even repaired the nail that she had chipped. Heather pulled on her pink thong, adjusting it to just cover her labia, she put on her bra, adjusted her breast to center them, making sure her nipples were just visible above the demi cups. Heather slipped on her dress; she zipped it up and then slipped on her pumps. Heather looked in the mirror; she combed her hair again, pulling a lock of hair in front of each shoulder. Heather picked up her purse put her wallet and a few odds and ends in it. Heather came down stairs.

Julian and Thomas watched her entrance. “Wow.” Thomas said. Julian poked him in the ribs with her elbow, “watch it big boy, I remember when you would say that about me.” I still do my sweet Julian.”

“How do I look?” Heather asked.

“Uh, would I be enough to die for, be okay?” Thomas said.

Julian threw him a look. “Yes baby, you are just beautiful.” Julian said.

“We have a little while before we go.” Thomas said.

“Where are we going, what is the address,” Heather inquired.

“810 Rivers Edge,” Thomas replied.

“Doesn’t that cross Canal Street?”

“Yes it does, it crosses around the 600 block,” Thomas said.

“Ok, I have time; I will ride the street car and walk. It is only two blocks.”

“Are you sure?” Thomas said.

Heather looked at Thomas and Julian, “I have been trained for this my whole life. I want this more than anything; but I also want to be able to turn around and come home at any time before I get there and commit myself. This is something I have to do by myself.”

Thomas smiled and nodded his head. “Heather, you’re right, this is something you must do on your own. I am very proud of you.”

“Thank you Thomas, that means everything to me.”

“Julian if you get dressed you can walk me to the street car.”

“Hurry up Julian. Don’t make her late…” Julian ran to her room to get dressed.

Thomas handed his cell phone to Heather, “Call me if you want me to come get you.”

“No thank you, but I will take it to call you to come get Julian at the street car stop.”

Thomas laughed. “Ok, but it is only two blocks to the stop.”

“Well you know how emotional Julian gets; she might try and wait for me to come home. I will call you and give her the phone.” Heather kissed Thomas lightly on the lips.

“Hey, he is mine you know,” Julian, said,

“Just borrowing him for a minute,” Heather said.

They all laughed.

“Ok, Get,” Thomas, said.

Julian or Heather spoke not one word from the house to the corner where they turned toward Canal Street. They simultaneously began to babble. They looked at each other and laughed. Julian said, “I don’t know which of us is more nervous, you or me.”

“You are,” Heather said.

“Well, let us get it over with, come on.” They picked up their pace.

“We could go to Mexico.” Julian said. Heather stopped then Julian stopped. Heather said, “Julian, us go to Mexico?”


“Julian, without Thomas telling you to go pee, you would hold it till you burst. No, my sweet Julian, I love you, but we have our own destinies. You have Thomas and I have what will or will not be at 810 Rivers Edge.”

Julian began to cry.

“I will call Thomas to come get you if you cry anymore.”

Julian sniffled, “okay baby, let’s go.” They walked arm in arm the last two blocks. The streetcar approached the stop. Heather dialed Thomas, “come get her,” she gave the phone to Julian. She stepped aboard the streetcar, paid her fare, sat down, and waved to Julian. The car started moving. Heather watched as Julian became more and more distant. She saw Thomas stop to get her. When she could no longer see them, she watched the World go by.

Closer and closer she came to Rivers Edge, the conductor said, “This is your stop Miss.” Heather smiled and winked at the conductor, he smiled back. She stepped down off the car. When the car had passed and the traffic cleared, Heather crossed the street. She walked up Rivers Edge. This was the old historic part of town, just over there a few blocks was the Quarter and Jackson Square. She thought it was strange to have a house in the middle of the city. She had been on Rivers Edge before she had never seen a house here.

The 600 and 700 blocks were short, very short, she saw 810 Rivers Edge. There it was 810 Rivers Edge a massive three story brick building set back off the street an iron fence enclosed a small garden A large three-story building set back off the street. It looked like it may have been at one time and old library or maybe a bank. She opened the Iron Gate, walked up the walk; the garden ran from the sidewalk to the building. An oasis of beauty in the middle of brick and concrete of the city, there were marble benches and little sitting areas. It was beautiful. She checked herself straightened her dress flipped her hair off her shoulder. She was ready, well as ready as she ever would be. She walked up the short path; in front of her were two massive bronze doors their once shiny bronze, now dull with green patina everywhere but on the handles. A brass lion’s head knocker hung from the door as if it was guarding this entry. A small sign with an arrow painted to the right it said, “Ring bell.” She pushed the button a voice said, “May I help you?”

“My name is Heather. I have an appointment at 1:00 p.m.”

“Yes, come in please.” The door began to open. Heather walked into a huge entry hall. She looked around. “Wow.” this place is like a palace. “Hello,” she called out. The door began to close. Heather stepped further into the room.

“Hello.” a voice replied. “I’m in the first room on the right. Please come in.”

Heather walked into the room. She looked about it was a library with books from the floor to the ceiling. The room had a balcony around it, and two floor to ceiling windows and the sun shining through lighted circular stairs in the corner. The light streaked across the rich dark wood floor. Heather stepped into the light. “Stop there.” The voice said. Heather remembered what Julian had told her. “She trusted that man with my life, so do as he says baby, you will be ok.” She stopped, the voice said turn to your right, turn right again, again, one more time. Heather soon faced the same direction as when she entered.


Chapter Nine Interview with a Master

“I am Phillip Dubois.” The voice said.” Now please take off your dress.” Heather took off her dress and let if fall to the floor.” Now take off your bra and thong.” Heather took off the bra and thong. She stepped out of her panties. A voice behind her said turn around. She turned to face him.

“Oh my God.” she said to herself, “he is beautiful.”

Phillip walked around her, He inspected her, “yes, yes, you are my Treasure. You will do very nicely, come Treasure,” he said.

“I’m Heather.” She said softly.

“Yes, I know.” He said, “You are now my Treasure and I will call you Treasure.”

“Yes Sir.” She replied.

“Come girl get that pillow and kneel there.” Phillip sat in a red leather armchair. Heather stared at him. She had fallen in love with him the moment she saw him.

“You saw me a long time ago,” Heather asked, “yes we have had our eyes on you since we saw you at the markets on Roberts Street. You were stealing fruit and things from the vendors. You were how old then what, eight maybe ten”

”No Sir, I was seven years old,” Heather said.

“We found out you were in the orphanage, you had no family, no parents, and no kin. We had you placed with the Jordene’s, you told Thomas you wanted to be just; like Julian when you were ten I think.

“Yes Sir, I did and I still want to be like her, sir you said we, we saw you.” Heather said. She sat there listening to him.

“We, oh the word we, that would be me and my father, actually it was his idea, He said you deserved a better life than living in that place. He did the same thing for a lot of other children finding them homes and in one way or another supporting them.”

Treasure nodded, “I would like to thank him for what he did.”

“Treasure, my father died several years ago.”

“I’m so sorry he must have been a good man, my condolences mister Dubois.”

Phillip explained to Treasure what her duties and responsibilities would be. He told her she would have limited house old domestic duties. Heather said,

“Limited, a house this size would be more than limited Sir.”

Phillip explained that a crew came in once a week and Margarete did the rest and was the chef.

Mesmerized by his looks she just sat there and stared at him, he was over six feet tall and solidly built, his black hair combed back on his head with touches of grey at the temples, his eyes were almost black, and his dark skin tanned even darker. She wanted him in her. Phillip stopped talking; he looked at Heather, “Are you listening to me?”

“Yes Sir.” The truth was she was fantasizing about him taking her.

“Treasure do you have any questions to ask me before you decide?”

“Yes Sir.” She said.” I do have one.” She could not remember anything he had told her. She could not remember what her duties were. She could not think of any questions save one.

“I will give you some time to think and then I will give you one week to decide whether or not you want to be my slave.”

“Uh Sir, I do have a request.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“May I see your cock Sir?”

“That is highly unusual,” Phillip stood. Heather unbuttoned his trousers then unzipped him. She reached inside and pulled his cock free of his shorts. His cock was semi hard from her touch and him seeing her naked body, She held it in her hand it was bigger than Thomas’ was. She kissed the head of his cock, sucked it deep into her mouth. She felt him harden. She began to suck him. Phillip sat down. Heather was sucking him the way Julian had taught her. All the hours she had practice on carrots, cucumbers, popsicles was paying off. She had watched Julian suck Thomas’ cock. Julian told her where to touch with her tongue and how to touch it she taught her how to fondle his sack and suck on his nuts. Heather tasted his pre-cum she loved the way the clear thin thread would stretch between her lips and his cock. She looked at his face, his eyes were closed, and his smile was wide. She felt his body stiffen his cock erupted, a flood of his seed squirted down her throat she hungrily swallowed every drop. Heather continued to suck him teasing his sensitive head sucking every drop from him. Phillip stopper her, Heather looked at him.

“Master Phillip,” she said, “my answer is yes. I want to be your slave.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Master Phillip, I have never been more sure of anything in my life.”

Phillip looked down at her. “My Treasure, yes you are my Treasure.” Phillip pulled her up off her knees, and pulled her tight against him. He asked again, “Are you sure?”

“Yes Master I am sure.”

“Master, may I get dressed? I want to go home and pack some things and tell Master Thomas and Julian the good news.”

Phillip laughed.” Treasure, you are home. I will call Thomas and give him the good news. I will have your belongings brought over tomorrow, and tomorrow you will meet Margarete. Then Julian and Margarete will spend a week with you and help you with the protocols and rituals that I will require of you.”

“Yes Sir, Master Phillip, Thank you Master.”

Phillip continued, “Now, as I understand, you are still a virgin.”

“Uh, well, Sir, I have been penetrated by a dildo, and butt plugs Sir.”

“But, you are a virgin to a man.”

“Yes, Sir, I held a cock in my hand, yours was the first cock I have had in my mouth.”

“Ah, what a Treasure you are.”

Phillip saw Treasure squirming slightly. “What is wrong girl, are you alright?”

In a very low voice almost a whisper Treasure said, “I have to pee Sir.”

“You see the rubber plant in that big pot?”

“Yes Sir, you want me to pee in the pot Sir?”

“No, behind it is a bathroom.” Phillip laughed. I will watch you pee girl.”

“Yes Sir, Sir, do you wish to hear me and see me pee now?”

“Yes I do.” Treasure got up and went to the bathroom. She stood on the toilet seat maneuvered herself and squatted over the toilet. She spread her labial lips with her hands. “May I pee Sir?”

“Yes, Treasure, go ahead and pee.”

“Thank you Sir.” Treasure began to pee. She had been so excited to day she hadn’t gone since she awoke. Her stream made a wonderful sound when it mixed with the water in the bowl. Phillip watched. “Good girl.”

“Do you want me to clean myself Sir?”

“Yes Treasure, wash.” Treasure went to the sink wet a cloth turned to Phillip raised her leg so he could see her plainly, she washed her herself.

”Thank you Sir,” she said.

“Come on,” he said. Treasure walked by the toilet and flushed it. She followed Phillip then kneeled before him. “I also understand that’s you have been with a woman.”

“Yes Sir, but she was with me, I haven’t been down on a woman yet.”


Treasure knelt in front of Phillip all afternoon when he was finished he said again,” I want your answer I will be back in thirty minutes I will expect your answer when I return,” Phillip began to get up.

“Sir she said.” Uh, my answer is yes Master, may I hug you Sir?”

“Yes Treasure.” Treasure hugged him and kissed him. She whispered in his ear, “Please Master, Sir, take me please take me.”

Phillip’s hand slid up her back to her head this fingers entwined her hair he pulled it steadily till he could see her face.” Treasure, I will take you when I want to take you is that clear?”

“Yes Master, Please forgive me.”

Phillip kissed her, “it is alright little one; I will give you a few days to settle in. I have a book of protocols for you to study and learn.”

“Oh thank you Sir, thank you.”

Phillip said, “Get dressed,”

“Dressed in what Sir?”

“What you wore over here today.”

“Yes Sir.” Treasure scurried back to the den to gather her clothes; she grabbed her clothes, returned to Phillip, and stood there. ”Please Sir; tell me what you want me to wear.”

“Bra, dress, shoes will be fine,” he said.

“Yes Master,” She put on her bra, then her dress, and her shoes.

”Come on I am hungry.”

“Yes Sir.”

They walked two blocks then turned and walked two more blocks. Phillip knocked on the door, an old black woman answered. ”Come in Mister DuBois, come in, come in Missy don’t dawdle.” Phillip led the way, he said, “this is a private club, I often eat here when Margarete is off or I want something different.” Phillip took his seat then Treasure sat, Phillip looked over at her reached down and slid her dress to her belly he put his hand between her legs and spread them open, his little finger dipped into her slit touching her clit. It was all Treasure could do to keep from having an orgasm. Phillip said, “Aroused are we?”

“Oh God yes Master.”

“Good, stay that way.” Phillip ordered red beans and rice for himself and lemon rosemary trout with endive salad for Treasure. Treasure ate her dinner in silence. Phillip did not say a word during dinner.

The waiter came more times than he needed too. Each time he would stare at Treasure’s lap, her dress barely covering her mound, her legs spread, and her pouting lips clearly visible and each time he came, she would open them slightly as if to say here look that is all you will ever do is look. Phillip would smile; he would pat the inside of her thigh each time the waiter came. Treasure was becoming more aroused; she had never been this wanton it was as if she was starving and could only look at the food but not eat it.

Phillip signed the check.” Come on.” The old woman let them out and closed the door. It was dark, Phillip offered his arm, and they began their moonlight walk home. Phillip stopped, “this look like a good place, Treasure, squat and pee.” Treasure held onto the wall pulled her dress to her waist, squatted and settled down. Phillip watched Treasure began to pee, the water ran across the sidewalk to the curb the sound was clear. Treasure moaned, contracted her bladder to make herself pee harder. ”Mmmm,” she said. Treasure finished, the aroma of urine permeated the air. She stood holding her dress around her waist.

”Spread your legs.” He said, she did, Phillip reached between her legs, grabbed her mound and lips he squeezed hard and lifted her to her toes.

Treasure cried out, “please let me orgasm,” he let her go.

“Drop your dress,” he offered his arm they walked home Phillip pressed the remote in his pocket and the door opened they walked in. Phillip walked down the hall into his office he checked his messages and E-mail then to the kitchen. ”Ok” he said, “make me some espresso everything is over there I think.”

He was amazed, she hunted till she found everything, and she made the espresso as she had at home. She asked, cream or sugar? He said, “Sugar.” She sat the cup on the tray, a demitasse spoon and served him. She approached him, set the tray on the table out of his reach. ”One or two cubes Sir?”

“Two.” Treasure slipped off her dress and bra. She put two cubes in his cup stirred it then she knelt at his side and offered him his espresso. Phillip said, “You were taught exceptionally well, you honor your Sir and mistress.” Treasure smiled and nodded, Treasure stayed there until he told her to rise and join him.

Phillip looked at the clock it was 11:30. He said, “It is bedtime.” Treasure got up put the dishes in the sink grabbed her clothes raced up the stairs to his bedroom. She turned down the bed, fluffed the pillow, looked around there was no cane or paddle or strap to be found anywhere, but there was a hairbrush. She picked it up, it would have to do, Phillip arrived, and he looked puzzled. “I am sorry Master; I could find nothing but this for you to spank me with.” He took it. Treasure got on the bed on her hands and knees. She had seen Julian do this a hundred, no, a thousand times. Master Phillip spanked Treasure with the brush, Treasure counted. ”Master thank you, may I have another?” He turned her tanned butt red and hot. He rubbed her ass. She wanted him to fuck her where she was.

“Undress me.” She got up; her ass was still sore and hurt so good. She undressed him. His shirt then shoes, then socks then pants and boxers he was beautiful, he got in bed. Treasure kneeled beside him, “may I get in bed Master?” He patted the bed on the other side of him. He was expecting her to crawl over him, she kissed his hand and walked around the bed and got in. She slid over to him, she laid on her back her legs spread her arms by her sides. ”Master, I am yours to command.”

“Come here to me make love to me my luscious slut.” Treasure rolled over onto him she kissed him on his lips; he hugged her, and kissed her back. They explored each other’s body. He fondled her, caressed her, he went down on her teasing her, tasting her, he was driving her wild, he moved up her belly put his arms under legs and lifted her knees until they were against her chest. She felt his cock sliding back and forth between her lips, rubbing her clit, Treasure was about to scream when he lifted himself up, she felt him at the entrance to her pussy. Phillip kissed her and let himself slide deep into her wetness.” Oh God,” she screamed, “May I cum, please.” Phillip pulled his cock out of her pussy until the head was just barely in her pussy then he plunged down hard. Treasure’s hips rolled and bucked. Phillip plunged into her again. Treasure thought she was being torn apart, his cock was battering against her cervix.” Oh please, Oh please,” Treasure grabbed his face, “please, I, I, I, can’t take it any longer.” Treasure orgasmed, her; pussy contracted she squirted her cum from her pussy; she bathed his cock, his nuts in her juices, her body spasmed repeatedly. Treasure was crying. ”I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I have failed you, I can’t be yours, and I failed you on my first day, please let me go, please.” She covered her eyes with her hands.

Phillip continued to pump his cock into her. ”Oh yes my slut, you failed me so beautifully, you please me. Oh God.” Phillip pulled out and squirted his cum onto her belly all the way up to her neck. He squirted three more times.

Treasure was still crying, “I have failed you. I must go please, let me go.”

Phillip let go of her legs, took her hands away from her face. ”Look, look at me.” He said.” You have not, you have not failed me, do you hear me? I told you to make love to me and you did. You don’t need my permission to orgasm when we make love. When we screw, when we fuck, when you masturbate, or fuck someone else, you will be told when to orgasm do you hear me?”

“Yes Master.” Treasure said as she opened her eyes.

”From now on though, you ask permission to get upset or cry.” Phillip rolled off her.

Treasures got up and ran to the bathroom, she found the towels and wash cloths, she ran the water, and brought back a hot cloth to clean him. She licked, cum off him, then washed him and dried him. She washed herself then came back to bed. Phillip was asleep it was 5:00 a.m. in the morning. Treasure laid beside him and snuggled up to him. She felt so good.


Chapter Ten First Morning meets Margarete


Treasure awoke at 8:00 a.m. She looked over at Phillip, he was still asleep, she tiptoed to the bathroom brushed her teeth with her finger, peed, and cleaned herself. She slipped out of the room. She went down to the kitchen. She saw a tray. The coffee was perking. A voice said, “Hello missy.” Treasure jumped and turned around.” I am Margarete, are you his new girl?”

“Yes I am.” Treasure answered.” I’m Treasure.”

Margarete smiled. Margarete was fifteen years older than ‘Treasure. Margarete hugged her. ”Here take this shawl, the tray will be ready in a minute, either I can do my job or you can explain to him why you do my job. If I were you Missy Treasure, I would run back up stairs and gets in bed. I give you five minutes to wake him before I come up.”

Treasure smiled.” Ok, thanks.” Treasure ran back up stairs. Margarete brought the tray up. Treasure was under the sheet giving Phillip head when Margarete came in with the tray.

“Margarete, this is our Treasure.” Treasure came out from under the covers. Master Phillip had just come in her mouth. Margarete smiled and handed Treasure a napkin to wipe her mouth. She set the tray across his lap. Treasure started to fix his coffee. Margarete shot her a look. Treasure sat back down.” Missy, how do you like your coffee?”

“Two sugars and a little cream”

Margarete said, “Yes missy.”

Treasure said, “I’m Treasure.”

Margarete replied, “Yes Missy.” Margarete left the room.

”Oh she doesn’t like me,” Treasure said.

“Give her time besides you tried to do her job, how would you like it if she woke me and you served coffee?”

“No Sir, I wouldn’t like that at all I will apologize to her.”

“We will all have a talk this morning and straighten it all out.” The phone rang.” Yes good.” We will be down in a little bit. Make breakfast for everyone. Treasure let us go shower.” Treasure removed the tray; the bed, stained from one side to the other with semen. ”I have to pee, Treasure, hold my cock while I pee. Treasure did.” Now start the shower.” She did. He stepped in, she stepped in, he said a little hotter, and she adjusted the temperature and began to wash him. His cock became erect while she was soaping him up.” Turn around.” He said. He pushed his cock into Treasure’s ass. He fucked her until he came.” Ok, finish washing me, now wash yourself.”

She did. ”May I pee Sir?”

“Yes you may.”

She started to squat but Phillip told her to just stand and pee down her legs. Treasure did. She rinsed off, they got out, and she dried him off, then herself. He dressed.” Put on a robe.” Treasure followed him out. He said, “The robe is over there.”

“Yes Sir.” She slipped on the robe followed him down the hall.

He opened a closed door stepped into the elevator they rode down and walked out into the hall then to the kitchen. Treasure saw Julian and Thomas, she ran to them and hugged them, “Oh Julian, it is so –. “They stood there watching her. Treasure looked around.

”Treasure come here,” Phillip said. She returned to his side. “Margarete, Julian, and Thomas I’d like to present me slave Treasure.” He whispered, “Now you can go.”

She kissed him, “Thank you Master.” Treasure hugged Julian then Thomas. She looked at Margarete and hugged her, “I am sorry I offended you. I didn’t mean to.”

Margarete stroked her hair.” It is okay Missy ‘Treasure. I real quick shows you what’s mines and what’s not mines.” Treasure kissed her.

Phillip, Thomas, Julian, and Treasure sat down at the table. Phillip said, “Julian and Margarete you have a week to get Treasure prepped on her protocols and rituals. Thomas I must praise you and Julian for the wonderful job you have done teaching Treasure. She has exceeded all expectations. Now, as I said you and Margarete have a week, no you have two weeks. Thomas and I are going to go to the west coast on business.” Julian and Treasure looked at each other then at Margarete. Julian and Margarete then smiled. Treasure looked like her gold fish was swimming upside down. Julian patted her arm. Julian leaned over whispered to her, “smile, it is better that you make mistakes with us than him isn’t it?” Treasure nodded her head and forced a smile.

“Margarete prepare the guest room for Thomas and Julian and you will stay here at the house until we return.” “Yes Sir.” “Oh, you and Treasure pack a bag for me.” Yes Sir.” They responded in unison.

“I’m going to go to the Playroom now.” Phillip said. Julian and Treasure followed the two men towards the playroom. The playroom had a pool table, several antique gaming tables.” Thomas, shall we play a game of eight ball?”

“Sure why not.”

“Treasure, stand right here.”

Phillip motioned, “Julian take your place.”

“Oh wait, this won’t work. Treasure only has a robe on and Julian is fully dressed.”

“Then we will play one game the winner takes all.”

“Not by the ball.”


“Ok” Thomas and Phillip lagged for the break. Thomas won. Thomas broke and ran four balls, and then Phillip ran five. Thomas ran three and scratched. Phillip ran the table sinking the eight ball.” Julian strip” Thomas commanded.

Julian bent over the pool table Phillip selected a nice broad leather paddle. I think fifteen is good for starters. Thomas nodded Julian giggled Phillip took the paddle and spanked her after each stroke she said, “Thank you Master, May I have another please.” She counted to fifteen. Thomas said, “Double or nothing?”

“Sure.” Phillip said. Phillip racked the balls. Thomas broke the rack. They played slowly, the girls watched. “Hey Thomas, shall we say double or nothing.”


“Phillip, which would be sixty right?”

“Yeah,” Thomas ran the table and sunk the eight ball. Treasure dropped the robe to the floor and walked to the table, spread her legs and bent over the table. Treasure never said a word, sixty with a paddle. Treasure had never had anywhere near that many but she would die before she dishonored her Master, Thomas started one, thank you Master may I have another Thomas stopped at fifteen. Treasure looked over her shoulder at Thomas, “what did I tell you about her, she is loyal, she will never fail you, or disappoint you.” Thomas said, “Treasure like Julian is a very unique soul.” Treasure stood there waiting Thomas said, “That is all Treasure.”

Treasure said, “I want the rest, I will not fail him, even for a wager, or a foolish prank to prove a point, my Master made a bet, I’m to pay it off.” Julian looked at Treasure her expression was, “Treasure pleased be quiet.”

“Very well Treasure, I will finish them.” Phillip said,

Thomas handed the paddle to Phillip. Phillip laid it on the table. I’ll use my hand; we will start at sixteen he said. Phillip spanked her forty-five more times, Treasure’s butt was on fire she would not cry, and she would not let him down in any way. Phillip said, “I have learned something today, my Treasure is truly a Treasure to me. “Stand up Treasure.” Treasure stood, thank God, her hair was in her face it hid the pain that showed when she stood up. “Treasure, go with Julian, go ice her down.” Phillip did not play when he spanked her, Phillip said to Thomas after they left, “I will never make an idle jest like that again, that woman would die before she let me down.

Thomas said, “I told you she wouldn’t and you my friend, you will make it up to her somehow.” Phillip looked at Thomas.

Thomas after a brief hesitation told Phillip, “You harm her or break her heart, and I find out, I will come and get her.” Thomas had said something that one Master would never say to another Master. Phillip looked at Thomas and said, “I love her Thomas, for the first time in my life I am in love. I would never hurt or break her heart.”

Margarete met Julian and Treasure at the door, “come here child.” Treasure started to cry. Julian said, “Treasure why did you do that?” Treasure said, “I won’t let him down even for a joke, I wanted him to know that I love him.” Julian hugged her. Treasure bent over the table her tanned butt was cherry red and beginning to bruise. Margarete pulled a cold pack from the freezer. She pressed it on Treasure’s butt. “Oh God! That hurts; I am so horny.” Margarete put her hand between Treasure’s legs put one finger in her and fingered her clit. She did something remarkable Treasure came. ”Oh God what did you do to me?”

“I will teach you one day Missy Treasure.” Thomas and Phillip started to enter the kitchen. Margarete saw them and made a face at Phillip. ”U turn,” Phillip said.” That is no man’s land right now. “Our little joke, let’s say something has hit the fan, Margarete,” Phillip said.

“Margarete, come here please.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Mister Phillip I know you long time, I know you like to joke, but that girl, that girl is special, you ain’t never had one like her or ever seen one like her. I seen dem so-called submissive cats come waltzing in here and waltz out of here and not one of dem was worth spit, compared to dat girl there! Mister Phillip, if I don’t love you likes I does, I beat you up and quit for what you did to dat girl just now. You be ashamed just pure ashamed of yourself, and you too Mister Thomas. Now I think you boys go out for lunch and maybe play dem golfs, you come home for dinner. Now scat! You hear me scat!”

Phillip looked at Thomas, “you know there are times when a man knows when he can’t win and when he has screwed the pooch. Let’ play golf.” “I’m with you Phillip.”

Margarete came back to the kitchen, “I done run those boys out of here. They had no right to do dat to you girl.”

Julian said, “I wanted to talk to Thomas.”

“Missy Julian, I took care of dat Thomas too, this baby need our help now.”

Treasure cried more. ”I know he will not want me now, I just want to die.”

“Hush child, we go to shower, dat cold water take care of her.” Treasure limped to the shower. Margarete stepped in with her.

Julian said, “Margarete, please let me do that.”

Margarete shook her head and held onto Treasure. The cold water washed over her cooling her burning butt.

Treasure cried, “What am I going to do, he will throw me out, he will hate me Julian, what will I do.”

”Look at me, what is done, is done girl. We go on from here; we go on, do you hear, now stop the crying.” Julian said,

“Yes, Ma’am,” Treasure wrenched in pain and she stood straight up, turned the knob to warm the water “since I’m wet I will go ahead and shower.” Treasure said. Treasure washed as if she was washing all the hurt, all the pain away, that one shower on this first day was a cleansing for Treasure. “I am ready now.” She hugged Julian who stood there not believing what had just taken place. Treasure kissed Julian as lovers would kiss each other. Treasure stepped from the shower into a warm towel held by Margarete. Margarete wrapped it around her then held out a towel for Julian.

There was something different about Treasure, she was different it was as if a metamorphosis a transformation had taken place a scared child entered the shower and a brave woman had emerged. Treasure stood straight. An air about her was undeniable. Margarete said, “My mistress she is my Missy Treasure.” Treasure looked in the mirror at her butt it was red and bruised. It was more than that it was Treasure’s soul and her pride that were bruised not her butt.



Chapter Eleven Nekked Buffet


“Shall we go prepare a special dinner for your poor mistreated Masters, maybe a Julian-Treasure buffet?” Margarete said.

“Tell me more about this special buffet, we will get dressed and meet you in the kitchen.” Treasure said.

“Yes Missy.”

Julian came in wearing shorts and T-shirt, “Oh that coffee smells so good.” She said. Margarete handed her a big mug full.

“Mmmm, Oh this is good, Thanks Margarete.”

Treasure came into the kitchen she wore a knee length skirt and a silk blouse. She was combing her hair. Treasure looked beautiful she sat down, “Oh yeow, my butt is still sore.” She said.

“Well yeah.” Julian said. They laughed. “Now Margarete, tell me about this special Treasure-Julian buffet.”

“I decorate you with food, I lays ya’ll on the table nekked and decorate you with finger foods and desserts. Den masser Thomas and Mister Phillip eats off you. Dey have a good time to do both ya’ll, I do one of you for dinner, the udder for dessert. Dats way one help me wid the udder.”

“So whose dessert,” Julian asked.

“We gets cooking then have time to go figure who the sweets is on.” Margarete made a shopping list, “Missy Julian Missy Treasure you can do dees thangs. I get us groceries.” Margarete picked up the phone, “I needs these right away, it is an emergence, Ok, you sure, kiss you Mister Pierre when you get here, Bye Mister Pierre. Now we gets busy.”

“Wait a minute,” Julian said. “We don’t want them home early do we? I will call Thomas. Julian picked up the phone and called Thomas. “Thomas, we are planning a special dinner for you and Phillip, please be here by 7:00 p.m. but no earlier please, Sir I can’t tell you, it is a surprise but don’t eat much come home hungry ok. Thank you Sir, I love you Sir Bye Sir Ok, Thomas will keep them out until 7:00 we are good to go here.”

Margarete began preparing the pastry cups for the hors d’oeuvre and deserts. Julian and Treasure were peeling fruit, slicing berries, and vegetables. The bell rang Margarete pushed the button to open the door, Pierre and two young men carried in eight big boxes and five bags. Pierre carried the flowers. “Oh Derrs my Margarete.” Pierre rattled off words in French so fast no one but Margarete could understand them. “I bought this week’s groceries as well, when will you marry me Margarete?”

“Oh, you men,” She took the flowers and hugged him, gave him a kiss. He grabbed her butt and squeezed it she pushed him away. “Now shoo you dirty old man.”

“But Margarete, I love you, from the day you first entered my store.”

“Yes Pierre, I know and I love you too now scat shoo before I put you to work.” Pierre blew her a kiss. The two young men were staring at Julian and Treasure. He raised his hand to them. ”Get, you looked hard long enough.” He said. He turned to Julian and Treasure, “Madam’s Bon jour,” he tipped his hat to them he turned back to Margarete he put his hand on his chest over his heart and patted it. Margarete threw a rose at him. “You see, you see,” he said, picking up the rose. “Dat dere woman do love moi.” Pierre and the young men disappeared out the door.

Margarete turned to Julian and Treasure. “Ya know, he do love me,” She giggled, “it the only way he bring me groceries and the best he got, he squeeze my butt, kiss me, and he feel a little titty and we get fresh not old rotten things.”

Julian and Treasure jut howled with laughter. Treasure started to unpack the groceries. “No Missy, I do dat. Pierre pack my box just the way I want it.”

“Margarete, why don’t you let Pierre pack your box,” Julian said.

“Missy Julian, you know once he has candy, he doesn’t need second taste, but he always wants first taste of my candy,” Margarete shook her tits, and wiggled her butt.

Treasure laughed so hard, she wet herself. “Oops, I peed,” she said.

Margarete and Julian laughed harder. They worked all afternoon on the buffet. The hors d’oeuvres the caviar chilled just right, the salmon sliced thin, the berries were sliced, the kiwi and passion fruit, the whip cream, the crackers, and the pastry shells, everything was ready except the girls

“Julian will be first and Treasure will be the dessert,” Margarete said. “What time is it?” Julian looked at the clock, “it is 5:30.”

“We have time; you two go take a bath, no powder, no perfume, no deodorant. Now go.” Julian and Treasure left to shower.

Margarete poured some fresh coffee, added some sugar and a large dollop of whipped cream, she sat in the quiet sipping her coffee. She thought, “I love those girls, if dat man hurt my girls, I cut him from top to bottom, he wish he be not never born.”

Julian and Treasure came into the kitchen wearing robes, “Ok Missy Julian, it is 6:30, we got to start, now did you go pee, well go pee again. Once I start I ain’t gonna let you get up, you have to hold it or pee on the food.” Julian went to pee again, “come on Missy on the table,” Margarete helped her get on the table. She straightened the cloth under her, and she pulled the table close to the counter. “Missy Treasure, hand me the olive oil.” Margaret covered Julian’s body with oil. ‘Spread your legs a little more, dats good.”

Margaret began to decorate Julian with food, the hors d’oeurves, then the canapés, she put a fluted glass between Julian’s legs and filled it with a dressing, a round slice of hollowed out bread was placed around her navel then filled it with caviar. A little sliver-spoon lay beside it, the salmon slices were arranged up her chest, a star fruit was cored and placed on her areola, and a strawberry was placed on each of her nipples. The crackers and vegetables were arranged, the champagne was chilled an iced, two flutes were placed on the table the rest of the fruit was placed and arranged. “Missy Treasure go put on that long black silk gown, it is in the closet in the plastic bag, now go hurry.”

Margarete piped the crème-de-crème around the fruit. You look good enough to eat. Julian smiled, “are you ready Julian?”

“Yes and I am cold.” “Mmmm, yes dem geese bumps dey does look good.” Margarete kissed her, “I will eat you anytime you want.”

“Yes, very, very soon I hope,” Julian, said,

Phillip and Thomas rang the bell; Margarete had locked it so they would have to ring the bell. Treasure came in, the gown fit her beautifully, Margarete answered the bell, “Yes, may I help you?”


“Yes Sir.”

“Open the door.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Missy Treasure, I will take dem to the dining room, when you hear me brought her in.” Treasure looked at Julian she was beautiful. Margarete answered the door. “May I have your jackets?” Phillip was going to say something but then he thought otherwise.

“This way Gentlemen,” Margarete led them to the dining room.

“Gentlemen,” Treasure rolled the table into the dining room.

“Your dinner Sirs,” Margarete motioned Treasure to come with her.

Phillip and Thomas looked at her, then at Julian. The looks on their faces were of sheer joy.

“Enjoy her Sirs,” Treasure said, she turned and left.

Thomas popped the champagne and poured. Thomas and Phillip toasted.

Thomas leaned down, took a strawberry with his mouth, and ate it, “I love you girl.”

Thomas and Phillip ate everything they cleaned Julian off leaving only the crumbs.

Margarete kept watch when they had finished and taken their seats she sent Treasure in to roll Julian into the kitchen. She closed the kitchen door, Julian sat up “help me I have to go pee.” Margarete and Treasure helped her off the table. Julian ran to the bathroom. “Oh god, I was about to burst.”

Margarete went into the dining room. “Gentlemen, this way please.” She took them into the study. Treasure stood with a humidor and two brandies on a tray. Treasure gave the tray to Margarete and left Margarete said, “Dessert will be served in a while, until den enjoy you cigar and brandy.” Margarete left. “Missy Julian, go shower quick, you can wear dat black gown, now hurry Missy use the elevator.”

Margarete pulled the plastic and the tablecloths off she put a new sheet of plastic on the table, and then a white cloth and a red lace cloth. Margarete helped Treasure get on the table ready to arrange her for the dessert menu.

Margarete decorated Treasure from her head to her toes in kiwi, passion, and star fruit, strawberries, black berries, and raspberries marinated in rum. There were small tarts filled with fruit, Margaret plopped a dollop of crème-de-mint flavored whipped cream over her body and a carafe of coffee sat on the table with sugar and fresh cream. Julian came back into the kitchen she slipped on the black gown. Margarete lit the candles arranged Treasure’s red locks in a fan shape.

Margarete went to the study, “Gentlemen dessert is served, this way please Gentlemen.” Margarete led the way back to the dining room. Julian rolled the dessert table in; Margarete poured the coffee and set the carafe on another table. “Gentlemen enjoy,” Margarete said, then turned and left with Julian. Julian and Margaret watched as Phillip and Thomas devoured the sweets licking the crème off of Treasure. Margarete whispered, “Dey keep dat up dey lick the skin off Missy Treasure.”

Julian giggled, “I know Thomas does love sweets.”

“So do Mister Phillip.” Margarete said. They watched as Phillip and Thomas finished off the dessert. Thomas sat drinking his coffee Phillip was licking his Treasure she spread her legs wider he pulled her around then sat and licked her till she came, Treasure could see Thomas watching them. Treasure came, her body shook, she grabbed the cloth, her back arched, “Oh God Master yes.”

“Wow, look at Missy Treasure. Dat make me hot.” Margarete said.

Julian turned her head and kissed her, “I will ask Master Thomas to invite you to me tonight.”

Margarete smiled, “Missy Julian I make you love me tonight,”

Julian said, “I love you now. Let us go get Treasure.”

Margarete and Julian entered the dining room. “Gentlemen, allow us to clear the dessert table,” Margarete began to roll the table away.

Phillip looked bewildered. “What!” he said.

“Mister Phillip, Missy Treasure will return.”

Julian went to Thomas and knelt before him,” I hope Master enjoyed his dinner and dessert.”

“Come here girl!” Thomas pulled her to him he kissed her hard, “You know I did.”

“Oh Master what is that I feel it is so – hard.”

He squeezed her hard. “Pleasure me girl.”

Julian unzipped him, took his cock out, and began to pleasure him.

Margarete went upstairs with Treasure. Margarete washed her, Treasure put on powder, perfume and a touch of makeup. Margarete helped her put on a light blue bustier and sheer blue silk crotch-less pantaloons drawn tight at the ankles. Treasure twirled around Margarete lifted her breasts. Her areola and nipples were exposed then she said, “Perfume them Missy the nipple, the mound, the cleft at the small of your back.” Margarete gave her a pair of blue silk slippers with tiny silver bells on them.

Together, they rode the elevator down. She kissed Treasure patted her butt, “go get him missy.” Margarete went back to the Master bedroom, cleaned, and changed the linens, and then she went back to the kitchen and began cleaning. She stopped, “I not to clean tonight, I call the cleaner. Dey comes two days this week.” She said to herself.

Treasure entered the study her arrival announced by her tinkling bells. Treasure walked directly Master Phillip. She knelt in front of him and bowed to the floor, she kissed his boot. “Master, I am a here for your pleasure.”

“Rise Treasure.”

Treasure returned, to her kneeling position, Treasure’s legs were spread wide, her lips barely covered by the pantaloons. Her nipples were hard and erect. Phillip looked at her, “OH” he thought. “Free my cock girl.” Treasure took him in her mouth, down to the base, and then slowly rose; her tongue caressed his velvety crown. She licked him, gently nibbled the skin down to his sack. She nibbled his sack, sucked his balls one at a time into her mouth, massaging them with her tongue. She nibbled up his shaft, tiny, tiny bites and nips she sucked him once again into her mouth swallowing him. Phillip moaned slid forward on the seat. Treasure took his sack in her hand and pulled on it stretching the skintight. She nipped at the underside of the crown and licked the head of his cock with her flicking tongue. Phillip’s cock oozed pre-cum, Treasure loved the taste, the spindly clear thread of cum that stretched from his cock to her mouth. As she drew, her head back away from him.

Treasure was becoming more and more aroused her pussy glistening with her juices. She sucked him deep into her mouth and massaged his balls. Phillip who could normally control himself was finding it very hard to do. This girl was making it very difficult for him; “Oh” I am going to cum.” Treasure stopped and turned around to face the other way on all fours.”

Phillip rubbed her butt. He sat forward on the seat, “Ok, back up.” As Treasure backed up he let his cock enter her wet pussy, she came to a stop at the base of him. “Now girl, out and back. “ She rocked forward, he said, “Stop now back, Now my sweet, slowly,” Treasure rocked Phillip spread the pantaloons rubbed her butt and gave her an occasional spank.

“Slower, now faster,” Phillip would say. Treasure looked over. She saw Julian doing the same thing. Treasure would rock hard back against him and grind on him then slowly rock forward. Phillip put his hands on her hips, her skin so smooth so sensuous, he steadied her to rest, he didn’t want to cum. Treasure used her vaginal muscles squeezing him trying to milk his seed from him.

He couldn’t tell her to stop nor could he pull out, Treasure his slave his masochist, he didn’t want her to know he was hers. She was a succulent succubus, her wanton lust sucking his dominance away from him, one muscle contraction at a time. He tried everything to take his mind off this woman’s lust. Phillip grabbed her hips and pulled her to him hard. His cock pressed against her cervix her muscles working him, milking him. His cock erupted spewing a searing hot stream of cum against her. He felt his cum swirling around his cock flooding back over him. His cock exploded in a second steam. He felt his prostate spasm sending all his seed into her.

Treasure felt the hot flood of his cum. She pushed back arched her back tightened her muscles squeezing his cock. His cum was oozing from her pussy Phillip was paralyzed, his body would not move. His body was sending every drop of him into her. Treasure rocked forward and then back hard Treasure growled like a cat and orgasmed she squirted her cum mixed with his seed; it ran from her like water from a hose. She rammed herself against him one more time so hard she slid his chair back. Phillip sat there holding her hips. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. He sucked in a long breath exhaled slowly then another breath he slumped back in his seat. “Oh my God,” he said, and exhaled.

Treasure stayed tight against him, she felt him become soft, and she squeezed her vaginal muscle one more time. His once hard cock, now soft shot out of her propelled by her contracting vaginal muscles his cock now hung limp between his legs. A flood of cum oozed from her running down her legs. Treasure turned around took his cock in her mouth and sucked hard. He moaned, “Oh my good girl. Oh my good Treasure.”

Treasure was still sucking him. His cock was getting softer and more sensitive. He lifted her up. “Come to me, Oh my God.” Treasure, “Mmmm clean me my Treasure.” Treasure looked at him looked at his cock she licked her lips. “Yes Sir.” She returned with a bowl of hot water and a cloth she cleaned him, kissed his cock, and put it back in his trousers.

“Master, may I clean up?” “Yes Treasure.” He whispered. She squatted over the bowl and made sure he could see her pussy as she washed herself. She wiped their cum off the floor and scrubbed the rug. She rose, “Master may I pee?” Phillip nodded and waved her away with his hand. Treasure looked at Julian and Thomas, Julian was sitting beside Thomas, they just sat there open mouthed watching her. Treasure, took the bowl to the kitchen. Margarete was standing at the door watching her too.

“In all my days, Missy no one had done that to him.”

“What do you mean Margarete?”

“Look,” she said, pointing at Phillip he was asleep.

“Missy Treasure I ain’t never seen dat happen before.”

Treasure smiled, “you will see it a lot more my Margarete.”

Margarete went to see if Thomas or Julian needed anything. Treasure went upstairs and took off her silk pantaloons her legs were wet to her knees with their juices. She showered and put on a robe she went back down stairs, Margarete had served drinks. Treasure asked for coffee. Treasure sat on a pillow between Phillip’s legs rested her chin on his leg. She looked at Thomas and Julia, “Master Phillip had a hard day I guess. He is tired.” Thomas and Julian stifled a laugh, but Margarete in the kitchen laughed loud and hard. Phillip snored, Treasure giggled. Thomas and Julian sat and relaxed, and occasionally spoke. Treasure sat with Phillip rubbing his leg and humming a tune.

Thomas thought, “I wonder if Phillip knows that girl owns him, poor man, I wish I was him.” He stroked Julian’s head, she looked at him, and he pulled her to him kissed her hard. “I love you,” he whispered in her ear. “You don’t know how much I do.” Julian took his face into her hands. “Thomas you old fool. Yes, I know how much you love me; would I be here naked, kneeling before you, waiting on you, hand and foot, watching you with other women; me being with other men and women, you won’t ever understand the love I have for you. I prove my love to you every day just as you prove your love to me. My silly Master, yes I know that is why I love you as I do. Now hush take me to bed and fuck me. Watching them made me so horny I can’t stand it anymore, come on Master.” “Yes Ma’am.” Thomas said pulling her up, anything special you want?” “Let us go to bed.” “Mmmm, yes my sweet lets.”

Treasure helped him up they took the elevator to their room, Phillip sat down on the edge of the bed, Treasure undressed him, Margarete came in and helped her, they laid him down and covered him. “Thank you Margarete.” Mister Phillip has that trip tomorrow his flight leaves at one p.m. he needs to be at the airport at 11:00, I will get you up at 8:30. “Ok, Margarete thank you.”

“Good night Missy Treasure.”

“Good night Margarete, Wake Mister Thomas too.”

“Yes Missy


Chapter Twelve  Two weeks

“Margarete had prepared the guest room for Thomas and Julian

“Good morning Mister Thomas, Missy Julian.”

“Good morning Margarete.” Margarete sat the tray across his lap.”

“Thank you,” Julian said. “You’re welcome Missy Julian.”

Margarete rolled the breakfast cart into the Master’s bedroom and to the bed. “Good morning Missy Treasure,” she whispered gently touching her shoulder.

“Morning Margarete, I will wake him.”

“Yes. Missy,” Margarete poured the coffee as Treasure disappeared under the covers. Margarete heard Phillip moan she said to herself. “Dat Missy she know how to wake that man good.” Margarete disappeared into the closet. She began packing Mister Phillip’s bags for his trip to the coast; he would go for two whole weeks. She packed one large piece of luggage and one suit bag. She carried his suit bag down to the front hall.

Margarete finished preparing breakfast she called Mister Thomas’ room on the interphone and then she called Mister Phillip, breakfast was ready Margarete had placed all the food on the side board in the dining room. There were scrambled eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, fresh chilled melon, strawberries, and some dry cereals. The table was set, orange juice, coffee, jams, and marmalades, fresh butter formed in patties the shapes of stars and flowers fresh flowers adorned the table Margarete rolled the napkins slipped them in the silver holders. The table was perfect. Thomas and Julian arrived; Thomas sat down at one end of the table. “Julian baby, fix me a plate.” Thomas said smiling. Julian dished him up a little of everything she set his plate in front of him and poured his coffee. Thomas reached up her skirt and pinched her,

“Oh you beast you,” Julian said.

“Come here baby, I’ll show you my beast.” Julian started to duck and crawl under the table.

“Go fix your breakfast baby.”

“First a beast, then a tease – oh, men.”

“And you never tease,” Thomas said.

“No I never tease.” Julian said as she licked her lips, shook her tits, and wiggled her ass, “Well maybe a little he, he.”

Thomas roared, “Come here.” He said, he kissed Julian, “Now let us eat.”

Thomas and Julian had just started to eat when Phillip and Treasure came in to breakfast Phillip sat at the other end of the table.

“Missy Treasure,” Margarete said, she motioned for her to sit, Margarete fixed Phillip his plate, then she fixed one for Treasure. Treasure looked at the pitiful small amount on her plate she looked at Margarete, Margarete leaned over whispered in her ear, “at dis table Missy eat like a bird, when dat man go away, Missy can eat like a pig.” Treasure smiled at her and nodded. “Alright what is going on you girls plotting something with all that whispering?” Phillip said.

“Oh no Sir, Margarete was telling me about a bird she saw this morning.”

“Oh, uh huh, right.” Phillip said.

“Yes Sir, Mister Phillip was a little red bird I saw.” Margarete said, as she left the room.

Thomas laughed, “What?

What? Phillip said. Julian and Treasure snickered. Thomas pushed his plate away from him; Julian took it to the kitchen along with hers. Margarete brought out coffee and poured everyone another cup. She picked up Treasure’s plate on her way back to the kitchen. “Will dare be anything else?”

“No Margarete, I believe we are just fine.”

“Yes Sir,”

Phillip pushed his plate away. Treasure almost pounced on it, “here Sir, I will take that for you.” She jumped up and took it to the kitchen, Margarete looked at her.

“Missy, dat my job his and yours plates.”

“Oh Margarete, I have gas. I had to get out of there anyway I could.” Treasure almost made it to the bathroom, “OH! Margarete I am so sorry.”

Margarete began to laugh. “Missy, Mister Phillip do love his morning shower don’t he. He must have pumped you good.” She had tears in her eyes. She was laughing so hard. Treasure looked at her,

“You know, he does.” Treasure began to laugh.

Phillip rang the bell again, “where is that girl?” Margarete come in wiping her eyes,

“You rang Sir?”

“Margarete where is my paper?”

“I will get it for you Sir.”

Julian asked if she could be excused, “I need to pack your bags Master.” Thomas nodded, “Yes thank you Julian.” Julian excused herself. Treasure returned to the dining room. Thomas and Phillip were reading their papers. “Treasure go help Julian will you.” Phillip said.

“Yes Sir.” Treasure kissed Phillip on the cheek thank you Master she said as she left the room. “Now we will have a little peace and quiet to enjoy our papers,” Phillip looked over his paper at Thomas. Phillip rand the bell, Margarete appeared, “Margarete will you go help Treasure and Julian?”

“Yes Sir.”

Phillip said after Margarete left the room, “now we will have some peace.” Thomas chuckled.

The girls finished packing. The luggage sat in the hall. “With your permission Master Thomas.” Phillip said. “Yes, yes of course Phillip.” Thomas responded.

“Girls come here.” Treasure and Julian came to the study, Phillip pointed to the cushions on the floor, Julian looked at Thomas, Thomas nodded, Julian knelt beside Treasure. “Margarete, come in here.”

“Yes Sir.” Margarete said. Margarete came into the room, Phillip pointed to the girls, Margarete stood behind them, her hands on their shoulders. Phillip began his instructions to the girls. Margarete is going to be in charge while Thomas and I are away. Phillip picked up a leather book. “This will be Treasure’s in it are the protocols and rituals I want Treasure to learn while I am away. I want you Julian and you Margarete to help her; if you have to demonstrate something do so. I don’t expect you to have all the rituals, protocols memorized; however, with what you have taught Treasure already, and as smart as I know she is, it wouldn’t surprise me if Treasure knew them already. Now Margarete, I want you to be Mistress in training.  I know you can handle that position without any trouble at all.”

Margarete was surprised and she bowed.  “Thank you Master Phillip.”

“Margaret you know what I will expect.”

“Yes Sir I do.” Julian looked up over her shoulder at Margarete and smiled, Margarete patted her shoulder.

“Are there any questions, he asked.

Julian shook her head, “No Sir.”

Treasure looked at Phillip she looked so sad, “No Master.”

“With your permission Mister Phillip,” Margarete said.

“Yes you have it Margarete.”

“Girls let us go, put the luggage in Master Phillip’s car.” Treasure and Julian got up went to the hall grabbed the luggage and rolled out to the garage. They put the luggage in the Bentley. “Ok, now let us get dem dam mens out of here.” Margarete said. Treasure looked at Margarete, Julian laughed.

“Come on let us give them a good send off.”

“Ok, when you done wid dem mens, I be in dee kitchen.”

Julian and Treasure were off to find “dem men.” Thomas looked around for Phillip; Julian had pleasured Thomas very well.

“Maybe I should go find him.” Thomas said.

Julian said, “Master, I am quite sure that Master Phillip can find his way here.”

“If Treasure will let him go,” Thomas said.

“I didn’t think of that, I will go hunt for them,” Julian said,

“Oh God that woman,” Phillip was adjusting himself. “I love that woman.”

Treasure swept in behind him in a long silk robe. “Master, have a very good trip and I promise I will be good.” Treasure hugged him gave him a big kiss. “Mmmm”

“It is that time,” Thomas said. “Let’s go, love you Julian.”

“Ok, let us go.” Phillip said. Phillip and Thomas walked to the car the door closed.

“Oh thank God,” Margarete said.

“Let’s go girls.” Treasure said, “I’m hungry, now I be dee piggy,” and giggled.

Treasure and Julian sat at the table eating Margarete was cleaning the kitchen.

“I want to see that book, I’ll be right back.” Treasure said. Treasure came back in flipping the pages she looked confused, Julian this is just like the book you have. I know about all of this, what?” “Julian!” Treasure stood akimbo almost glaring at Julian, “Missy Treasure sit.” Margarete said, Treasure sat down, “Now we will talk about this and give you some history, you listen good Missy girl.” Margarete said.

“Treasure there are five of these, one the original is in the library it was written by hand, the book belonged to Master Phillip’s daddy. Master Phillip’s momma died giving birth to him; Phillip’s daddy brought in a wet nurse for Phillip, that nurse became his slave. Master Phillip was raised by Cicely she raised him as his daddy was raised. Cicely died twenty years ago.

“That still does not explain the books.” Treasure said,

“Treasure, Cicely was my mother,” Julian said. “I was raised here, we lived in the apartment over the garage, I was raised like my mother, I was raised like my momma, trained, like she was trained. We raised you and trained you as I was raised, you see Treasure, I was a slave trained to serve and then I met Thomas, fell in love with  him, he was not a Master then, he loved me, oh how he loved me, I told momma about him, she told Phillip’s daddy he told Phillip. Phillip talked to Thomas and explained that I was a submissive, Thomas accepted Phillip’s offer; Phillip not only trained him, but sent him to college and hired him. Now for the book, my momma gave me a copy I gave it to Phillip, he used it to train Thomas; now Phillip made a copy for himself, momma’s book is in the library. I have the copy momma gave me, you have Phillip’s copy.” “Now the other two books Mister Lloyd, Phillip’s attorney has one and Dr. Paul Gaskins has the other.”

“Phillip’s daddy sent Lloyd and Dr. Paul to college because Phillip asked his daddy to do that for his 18th birthday.  His daddy did, Mister Phillip Lloyd and Paul have been friends since they were old enough to walk.  Now that is the history of the book.”  Julian finished.

“You have known Phillip, all your life,” Treasure asked Julian. “Yes, I have, he is a few years older than I am.”

“Well how did you get me?” Treasure asked.

“Thomas and I found out I couldn’t get pregnant. Thomas told Phillip how depressed I was. He told Thomas one day he had seen two little girls in the market stealing fruit, he had his people check them out, they found out you were and orphan. Phillip made arrangements so we could get you. Honey, Phillip had us appointed as your guardian’s,  when you told us you wanted to be just like me, we thought it was a phase and you would grow out of it but you didn’t. Phillip saw you once when you were sixteen or so, he said you were beautiful and he said he would love to have you as a slave. Thomas talked to me, and we thought why not? He had done so much for us it was only then that we allowed you to see more and more of the life style. The more you saw Heather, the more you wanted, we allowed you to see more.”

Treasure looked at Julian, “I should be mad as hell with you and Thomas, but I can’t be mad, I love him so much and I do love you both.” Treasure looked at Margarete. “I suppose you have something to tell me to don’t you?”

“About what Missy?”

“Try about how you wound up here.”

“Oh dat” ain’t much to say. I came here as a young girl to clean and cook after Julian’s momma died. I took care of old Mister DuBois while Phillip was off in college. Phillip came home after college and when his daddy died he went to the bank I worked for him then, like I do now.”

“How long have you been here Margarete?” “I been here thirty-two years, I came here when I was thirteen maybe fourteen. My momma was kilt by my daddy dem dey hung him, my daddy.”

Treasure flipped the pages checking off the rituals and protocols she knew by heart it wasn’t until she got almost to the end that there were protocols and rituals she didn’t know. Treasure looked at Julian, “It won’t take me two days much less two weeks to learn these why did he leave for two weeks?” Margarete looked at Julian then at Treasure.

”Treasure,” Julian said,”  Phillip did not really give you two weeks, he gave Margarete two weeks to see if she could get along with you, she was going to retire and leave if she couldn’t.

Treasure stood up, “No way, no way in hell; you leave over my dead body you hear me Margarete?”  

Missy Treasure, I stay only if you stay out of my job what I done for Thirty-two I do for another thirty-two, I don’t do yourn job, you stay out of my job.”

“Ok,” Treasure, said. “But you have to tell me what you do.”

“No Missy Treasure.”


“I will tell you what ain’t my job, dat be easier.”

Treasure smiled. “Ok, you have a deal.”

“Well not yet we do,” Margarete said. “Dare are some things, Mister Phillip do to me and I do to him, dats my job too.”

“Like what,” Treasure said.

Margarete looked at Julian.

“Tell her,” Julian said.

“I helps Mister Phillip when he want two girls or when he wants to poke my butt.”

“Oh is that all,” Treasure said.

“What if I wanted a girl would you be that girl, Margarete?”

“Yes Missy.” Treasure,

“Mister Phillip said I was to be with you any time, he wanted me too or you wanted me too,”

“Oh did he huh.”

“Yes Missy,”

“He did, well he is the boss isn’t he.”

“Yes Missy.”

“Ok then, now do we have a deal.”

“Yes Missy Treasure, we do.”

Treasure went to Margarete, hugged her and kissed her.

“Now that we have that all straightened out. What should we do? Julian said,

“Hot tub?” treasure said.

“Oh yes, let’s go.” Julian said,

Margarete, Julian and Treasure went to the hot tub, stripped and got in.

“What are we going to do for two weeks?” Treasure said.

“We vacation wid out dem dam mens!” Margarete said.

“Oh you are such a slut Margarete.” Julian said.”

“Only to you and Missy Treasure I be you slut.” She laughed.

They sat in the tub and talked. Treasure learned what her jobs were, she learned the secrets of the house and the little things that Phillip liked, and things he didn’t like. Julian told her a little about the Society de Sade.

Treasure now knew the how and why of that little scar on Julian’s mound, it was Thomas’ brand.


Chapter Thirteen  First Christmas

Treasure woke, rolled onto her side; she looked at a sleeping Phillip. Treasure leaned over to him and gently kissed him, “Merry Christmas,” Master, Treasure said softly. Phillip stirred, Treasure slipped under the covers. Phillip was startled, his eyes popped wide open, and he sat up, “Damn!” Phillip threw back the covers Treasure lay there giggling. She fluttered her eyelashes at him, and spit an ice cube from her mouth,

“Merry Christmas,” she said.

“Oh you little slut, come here.” Treasure jumped into his arms, and then kissed him

Phillip dragged her across his knee. He spanked her spelling Merry Christmas one spank for each letter, he said. ”Want to try for a Happy New Year?”

Treasure moaned. “Oh yes, you mean, mean, man.” Margarete pushed the door open, “good morning, Merry Christmas, oh my we having fun early. I thought the spankings would be after dinner, tonight at the party.”

Phillip said, “This is a pre-Christmas gift.” Y,” spank, “E,” spank, “A,” spank, “R,” Spank, spank, spank,

Treasure moaned, and said, “Many more Master.” Treasure lay across Phillip’s lap, he used her butt as his tray, and the saucer for his coffee cup rested nicely on her right cheek, Treasure was propped on her elbows drinking her coffee.

“Sir, may I get up, I have to pee.” Phillip spanked her butt one more time. Treasure accentuating her walk she stopped struck the pose of a movie star looking back over her shoulder she batted her eyes. “Ooooooh, Master would you like to shower with me, I washee – washee real good Master.” She turned and went into the bathroom; she peed and then she stepped in the shower.

Treasure had almost completed her shower when Phillip stepped in, “now my girl, you said something about a washee, washee.”

“Yes Master, me washee, washee you real good,” Treasure put her arms around Phillip’s neck, “I love you.”

“And I love you too,” Phillip said.

Phillip and Treasure rode the elevator down to the first floor, when the door opened they stepped into a beehive of activity. Margarete was the queen bee directing the decorating crew and the catering help. She looked at Phillip, she pointed to the small table in the corner, Phillip, and Treasure sat. Margarete brought them two plates with silver warmers covering them; she set them on the table and removed the covers. Phillip looked at the plate, and Treasure laughed loud,

“What’s this Margarete,” Phillip said.

“Sir, wid all I has to do, you lucky you gots dat PB&J,” she set two glasses of milk and a cup of coffee on the table. Margarete rushed out of the kitchen, “No! That does not go there.”

Phillip took a bite, “Mmmm, not bad, not bad at all,” he said. Treasure was eating hers with one hand and drinking milk with the other, Phillip smiled pointed to his lip, “my dear you have the cutest milk mustache I have ever seen on a woman.”

Treasure licked her lip, “these are my favorite sammich,” she said.

Phillip took a bite then a sip of his milk, “hey that is better,” he said

Treasure smiled and patted his leg.

“I’m going to my office; at least there I will have a little peace and quiet. I am sure Margarete can find you something to do,” he smiled.

“Ok Sir, if you need anything,” she said and licked her lips, “call me ok.” Treasure searched for any package with her name on it, she found none, she had searched where she could search, and still she found nothing. She knew Phillip had not forgotten he had bought over 100 presents, plus the ones for Margarete. Treasure had gotten more for Margarete and Phillip; she had sent some to Thomas and Julian. Phillip had hidden her present that was it; he had hidden hers very well.

Margarete sat down, she looked around, everything was ready, the valets, the doormen, the waiters, the bus boys, the food, and the chef was still fussing with some of the food, the champagne chilled. Phillip and Treasure had gone up to dress, Margarete grabbed the waiter who had been flirting with her, “honey go get me a cold beer,” Margarete said while she was patting the waiter’s butt,

“Yes ma’am he said.”

Margarete drank her beer. “Now I go get dressed for dis party,”

“Yes ma’am I could help you get dressed, you know,”

“Honey after this party over, you be too tired and I am too tires now.”

The magic hour approached, Phillip walked around with Margarete the decorator, and the chef. Phillip pointed out several mistakes, the decorator had her people fix it right then. “Qui Bon, Tre Bon.” Phillip said.

Margarete called a meeting of all the people, she talked to the staff as if she was there best friend and she told them if they screwed up she would take them to the Bayou and feed what was left of them to the gators. The staff all nodded they knew she wasn’t kidding.

The valet called in, the first guests had arrived. The chef called places, Margarete said, “Let’s get to it. Remember nobody moves, until they are in the door and their coats are checked and they are greeted, keep a close watch your stations.”

Phillip and Treasure took their places the doorman let them in the coat check took their coats. She gave Lloyd a number.

“Hello Lloyd, Merry Christmas, May I present my Treasure, Treasure this is Lloyd Davis and Karen Lloyd, Karen this is my Treasure,”

“My pleasure Treasure I am so very happy to finally meet you, Karen nodded to Treasure and leaned forward for a kiss on the cheek, my pleasure as well Treasure. Lloyd arrived at 7:20, twenty minutes late; the last guest arrived at 9:10. Treasure was tired, she was kissed, she shook hands with more than 120 couples, and one of the last to arrive was Dr. Paul Gaskins and Dorothy. Dr. Paul wasn’t in a tux or even a suit, he had left the hospital operating room only 30 minutes ago, he picked up Dorothy who was dressed to the nines, and she was beautiful. Treasure looked at all the women within her view, they were twenty something to forty something all were very pretty or just beautiful. Treasure noticed that a lot of the women wore a gold or silver choker necklace with a hollow diamond shape in the center of the chocker. Treasure looked at Dorothy’s choker, the round bars that made up the diamond shape, also made a cross in the center of the diamond the letters inside the cross on the upper left side was a “P” and the lower right letter was a “G.” Treasure knew for sure the collared slaves wore the chokers; they were like her owned. Treasure felt her neck, she had no choker, no collar, but she was owned, she had signed the contract, she had devoted herself to Phillip.

Treasure saw Margarete come into the hall, “Oh my God,” Treasure said. Margarete was beautiful, a long azure blue silk dress, her hair, her makeup was flawless, she wore a choker necklace on her neck. When Margarete got close enough to Treasure, she read the initials they were J.D. She also had a large glittering solitaire diamond in the center. Treasure hugged her, you are beautiful, she wore no bra, no panties, Margarete, was a, sensuously succulent walking, talking, and embodiment of sex appeal.

Phillip kissed Margarete, “the house is beautiful, and everything is beautiful, you have outdone yourself.” He said.

“Mister Phillip, I can remember your daddy, and his Christmas parties, I only try to keep up the tradition.” She said.

“My daddy wold proud, he was always proud of you.” Phillip kissed her again.

“Shall we, Phillip offered, his arms to Margarete and Treasure, Together they walked into the midst of the guests. Food and champagne abounded. People stood in clusters, then went from cluster-to-cluster and talked. Treasure noticed several guests had gone off in the direction of the playroom. The hallway to the playroom was barricaded; it was off limits to the staff.

“Master,” she said, “may I be excused please, I need to pee.”

“Yes Treasure,” he said and patted her arm.

“Margarete, I guess it is you and me, shall we,

“Yes Sir, we shall.”

Treasure went to the powder room, then the playroom. She entered and stood beside the door. There were a dozen or so people in the playroom. She saw several different couples playing, one was dropping hot candle wax all over his girls wiggling body, and another was just beginning to pierce his girl’s breasts with needles of all different gauges and lengths. Treasure shivered, she loved the needle play, the last couple playing he was treating her to fire play.

Treasure liked everything, she saw except fire play, even though she knew it was safe, it was not her favorite play. Treasure, shivered to see the flame dancing to life, and then just as quickly snuffed out by her Master’s hand. Treasure could not get used to seeing Master Phillip rub brandy and alcohol on her beautiful breast then light it. Treasure would watch the clear blue flame leap to life, feel her breast turn ice cold before it began to warm, Master Phillip would rub his hand over her breast smothering the crystal blue flame, the aroma of burned brandy with the slightness aroma of singed hair, “Oh the thought,” Treasure was becoming aroused. She left the room to find Phillip.

Phillip was chatting with Paul and Lloyd, Margarete was off directing the troops after making her presence felt,

“Master, I am back.” Hello Treasure, Paul, and Lloyd said, hello

It is about mid-night, I have to take my place, “come Treasure,” yes Master.

Phillip took his place on the bandstand. He raised his hand. The chamber musicians stopped playing. “May I have your attention please?” The guest began to crowd the stage. Margarete walked forward with Dorothy, Dorothy placed a kneeling pillow on the floor. Margarete held a golden tray. “I would like to introduce you to my slave Treasure.” Treasure looked at him, then at the crowd.” Treasure kneel, “yes Master.” I formally collar you as Treasure slave to the house of DuBois. “Phillip placed the collar on her neck and locked it. The crowd clapped and whistled, the other women wearing collars picked her up and scurried her away, they all kissed her, hugged her, welcomed her into the Society. Treasure looked in the mirror, her collar gold and silver chocker necklace, the diamond was cross shape, his initials P and D there was no stone, or even a place for a stone.

Margarete came in the room. The other women moved out of her way and bowed slightly, she hugged Treasure and kissed her. Margarete turned, stood beside Treasure. “Ladies, I want to introduce my Mistress.” Treasure looked around; she couldn’t believe, who was Margarete’s mistress. “Ladies I present to you, Mistress Treasure.” Margarete said.

Treasure was dumbfounded, all the ladies hugged her again, they congratulated her again; a few older ladies hugged Margarete and said, this was a very special and rare event. When the excitement had calmed, Treasure took Margarete by the arm; “what is going on? I am no mistress Margarete, Tell me.”

“It is a long story Missy Treasure, a very long story. I will tell you later when the guest thin out some,”

“Ok,” Treasure said, “and Margarete, your collar the gem-stone?”

“I will tell you about that too, now go mingle, show off.”

Treasure smiled, she joined the other ladies. The other ladies now seemed to treat Treasure with more respect and formality. The respect she liked the formality she didn’t like. Treasure made her way back to Phillip, “Master I have a problem,” she said.

“What is it Treasure, What problem could you have?”

She whispered, “Margarete, said I was her mistress to those other women.”

“She did.” Phillip said.

“Yes Sir,” “well, she can do it. I think it’s great, she has a lot of faith and trust in you only knowing you these last six months.”

“But Master, I don’t’ know what to do.”

“Trust me Treasure, you’re doing fine. We will talk when the crowd thins some.

“Oooh,” Treasure said, as she tapped her foot.

“Come now Treasure, don’t dally, we have guest to entertain.”

“Yes Sir.”

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, Santa said, Wow! Santa Claus is here. Santa all dressed in his red suit trimmed with white fur. His wide leather belt girded his rotund waist and knee high black leather boots. On his head, he wore his cap. Behind him was his elf in her green jacket and short pants her long green socks in her red shoes with the toes rolled up into a point, a little bell hung off each toe. Her little three cornered elf hat sat on her golden curls.

“Come on slave, we have presents for these folks.” “Yes Master Sadist T Claus,” his elf said. Sadist Clause went to the bench and sat. His slave elf dragged his bag full of gifts across the floor to him. When she was close enough, Sadist T Claus grabbed her, pulled her over his knee, and spanked her. “Oh!” He said, “first things first.” He let his elf slip from his knee to the floor she got off the floor rubbing her butt. “I liked him better when he was just a jolly old fat man,” his elf said. The elf pulled a gift from his bag and handed it to Sadist Clause, “oh this is for Dorothy,” Sadist Clause said. “Come her little girl; see what Sadist Clause has for you, everyone laughed. Sadist Clause pulled Dorothy onto his lap, he promptly fondled her, then handed her the gift. “Ho, Ho, Ho,” he said. “Now go ho” he spanked her butt when she left.

“Now” he said, “who’s next.” “Slave elf, which one of our ladies is next,” she reached in the bag pulled out a package and handed it to Sadist Clause. “Where is that girl Treasure,”

Treasure said, “Oh no. I can’t,”

“Oh you will my dear,” Phillip said, he gave Treasure a push; the elf came to get Treasure. Treasure saw the elf close up, “Julian,” she said. “Is that Thomas,” Julian nodded. Treasure pulled up her dress to her knees and ran to Sadist Clause, she jumped into his lap and hugged him, she whispered, “I have missed you and Julian so much,”

Sadist Clause began to fondle and caress her, he handed her the gift and when she rose, she presented her butt for a few extra spanks. She hugged Julian and kissed her, then ran to Master Phillip, “Oh Master I love you so.”

Treasure unwrapped her gift, it was an empty box, disappointedly she looked at Phillip, and he said “the box isn’t empty Treasure, look again,” in the bottom lay a piece of paper, on the paper a note. “Merry Christmas, love Thomas and Julian,” the other side, read look outside, sitting outside the window was a silver car, with a big red ribbon and bow on it .

“What is it?” she said.

“Honey it looks like a BMW M6,” Phillip said.

“OH! Goody, goody.” Treasure and Phillip walked outside to look at it, it was a convertible, “wow” Treasure said. “It’s just like the one Dr. Paul has.

“Almost,” Phillip said, “His is a hard top. Treasure turned to Phillip hugged him. She said, “I don’t need a car Master, I’m either with you or Margarete, besides, I don’t have a license to drive, I never learned to drive.

“Well don’t tell Thomas or Julian that you can’t drive.”

“I will figure it out, Ok, Master,” Treasure said.

The majority of the guests were gone by two in the morning; the caterer had packed up about all his wares and would be back to finish the rest in the morning. He had cleaned up as much as they could while the guests were still moving around. The chamber musicians had left around one, the people who remained about twenty of them were in the den. Phillip and Treasure went in. Phillip made the rounds shaking hands with all the men, the women who were kneeling bowed and the ones seated also bowed. Margarete seated in an out of the way corner bowed when Phillip and Treasure stood before her, and then she kissed Treasure’s hand. Margarete said one and only one word to Treasure, and said that one word loud enough for all to hear. The word was Mistress! Treasure was about to say something when Phillip squeezed her arm. “Shhh,” he said. “Either say nothing, or command her, or thank her, nothing else.” Treasure said loudly for all to hear, “Thank you Margarete!” Treasure finished making the rounds with Phillip.

He sat in an armchair. Treasure walked behind him to his right side, and then kneeled. Margarete got up, walked behind Treasure, and kneeled on her left side. Phillip asked Treasure to find him a drink. “Yes Master,” she said, she began to rise when she felt a hand on her shoulder, I will get it Missy. Treasure knew from her tone of voice to agree with her. Margarete rose, she took three steps backwards, went to the bar, poured his scotch. She set it on a tray then returned. She knelt beside Treasure, handed her the tray then rose and moved back to her position, Treasure served Master Phillip, “Thank you Treasure, he said.”

“Thank you Margarete,” Treasure said,

”You welcome Missy Treasure.”

It was then that all the collared women rose to fix drinks for their Masters. Treasure, you, and yours pass around the cigars, “yes Master.”

Margarete rose, then Treasure rose, they went to the side board, Margarete put the humidor on the tray, she whispered, you hold the cutter and the matches and the striker,  you open the box, I will present it, after he chooses, hand him the cutter.” Treasure interrupted. “I used to light Thomas’ cigars. “ Ok” Missy, we offer the cigars to Master first, he will wave us off, but take his favorite cigar out, now put it behind the humidor, when we go to him last put it back in the box.

Margarete and Treasure went to each Master; a few let their slaves have a cigar. Finally coming back around to Phillip, Treasure put the cigar she saved in the box, they were about to Phillip when Thomas and Julian walked up to them, Margarete opened the box, Thomas took Phillip’s favorite cigar, she handed him the clipper, then the matches, he lit the cigar, Oh this is a fabulous cigar. Treasure looked into the box there were four cigars left. They finally got back to Phillip. Treasure opened the box, Phillip took a cigar holder from his pocket and pulled his favorite cigar out, he looked at Treasure, “he said, I learned the first  time to put a few away cause this happens every Christmas, New Years and at Mardi Gras, I saw you try and hide one for me, it almost worked, you’re Good girls.” Treasure lit his cigar, “Thank you.” Treasure, put the cutter on the tray. Margarete set the tray on the sideboard. Treasure took her place beside Master and Margarete took her place.

Phillip stood, “gentlemen a toast to a good year, and a better one next year and as tradition, a toast to our ladies, if it were not for them, we would all be miserable bastards. To our ladies,” “Here, here,” the group said. Then each took his ladies hand, she stood beside him each one said, “Thank you lady, thank you.” The Master’s all of them, without exception, kneeled on one knee and kissed their ladies hand. Then they rose. Phillip kissed Treasure’s and Treasure then kissed Margaret’s hand. Margarete said, ladies let us adjourn to the den, the ladies all stood, Margarete said go, they won’t go before you Missy Treasure, Treasure led the procession to the den. Once there, Margarete said, “with your permission Missy Treasure,

”yes, yes of course Margarete.

“The bar is open; there are robes if any of you are tired of being trussed up. Several, immediately began to peel their clothes off their bodies. Treasure saw a varied assortment of body slimming body suits. Margarete nudged Treasure, whispered strip girl, put on a robe. Treasure felt Margarete pulling down her zipper, she slipped the dress off, threw it on the sofa, walked nude to the rack, picked out a robe. Margarete was right behind her. Soon all the body suits hose garters, bra’s, panties, thongs were piled on a chair. The ladies drank some, smoked cigars. Treasure said in a whisper, Margarete can we all fit in the hot tub. Margarete nodded, it will be tight, but yes, we will all fit. Treasure said as she stood, ladies follow me. The hot tub waits. Margarete, make sure there are no stragglers,” “yes missy,” she said, then walked out the door into the hall past the study, the Master took notice and followed, the ladies paraded single file through the kitchen out the door across the porch, one by one they dropped their robes on the bench and stepped into the tub. The Masters watched; one said, “We ought to…” Phillip cut him off and said, “Yes we ought to go back to the study, to do anything else would break the tradition and I will not break it or want to be the one that does. Paul how long did Dorothy burn your dinner after you did something stupid. I am going to the study”; the rest followed,

Thomas said, “I hate warm beer, burned dinners, and dirty pussy,”

“Here! Here!” they said.

The ladies all got in the tub; they sat hip to hip arm to arm. It was Dorothy, who started it, when she kissed Pat and told her to pass it on. What is that old adage? One thing leads to another, well it did. There was an orgy in the tub, Treasure felt more than one pair of hands on her, she sat back, spread her legs a little more and enjoyed, she said, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Chapter Fourteen  The Warehouse

“Treasure, come go with me, I have to check on some cargo at the warehouse. “Yes Sir,” “Dress Vanilla.” We will go to dinner afterwards. Treasure went to get dressed; she came down wearing a skirt, a white silk long sleeve blouse. “I’m ready,” she said. “You are my pretty girl, “come on lets go.” He opened the car door for her. When she got in the car, he saw the pink thong she was wearing he smiled.

Phillip drove the slick BMW convertible to the warehouse on the pier. He pulled up to a huge building. Phillip left the car running, he got out to unlock, a big door, slid it open, he came back, pulled the car in; he got out and closed the door. The warehouse was huge, it was pitch black, the only lights were from the cars head lights. Phillip drove to the other end and parked close to an office door. The warehouse was spooky and creepy, Treasure shivered. Phillip got out of the car, went to Treasure’s side of the car, he opened her door. He offered his hand to her. She reached out to take his hand.

Phillip grabbed her hand; he pulled her out of the car, and twisted her arm behind her back. He threw his other arm around her neck. Phillip walked backward dragging her to the office. “Bitch, keep your mouth shut, you hear me,” Phillip dragged her like he would a sack of potatoes.

He kicked open the door, the light came on, a pair of hand cuffs were tied to the rope that hung from a rafter in the  center of the room, Treasure screamed, she had never seen him this way, he was very frightening, she was scared, “shut up bitch,” Phillip said. He slapped her face; he put one wrist in the cuffs, then the other wrist. Phillip pulled the rope tight lifting her arms until she was standing on her toes.

“Oh! Please Phillip, what have I done, I don’t understand, please Phillip, let me down, it hurts please.” Treasure was crying, she was shaking, Phillip grabbed her blouse, pulled her to him, took his thumb smeared her lip stick, pressing hard with his thumb he smeared it to the right, then to the left, her lipstick was smeared from ear to ear. “You, fucking painted whore,” Phillip yelled. He pulled her hair, “look at yourself, your dressed like a fucking slut, a fucking piss whore!” Treasure screamed. “Shut up, you fucking piss whore!” Treasure screamed again. “Shut up bitch!” Phillip said and slapped her face. Treasure looked like she was going into shock.

“I know how to fix a slut like you.” He sneered, he reached behind his back under his coat, he pulled a knife out of his waistband. He pulled the sheath off the knife. The shiny blade caught the light and flashed in Treasure’s eyes. Phillip grabbed her hair with his left hand; with his right hand, he laid the knife on her cheek under her eye. “You painted slut, I will fix you,” he said. He slid the knife down her cheek. He shook her head and showed her the knife, there on the blade was her lipstick he had scraped it off her cheek. Treasure eyes dilated open in spite of the room’s bright lights. Now slut, let’s see what you have under those rags? Let’s see what you’re trying to hide from me.”

Phillip began to cut her clothes off he started with her jacket. He put the knife under her jacket lapel, and cut it to her shoulder then he cut it to her shoulder then he cut her jacket sleeve down her arm to the wrist. Treasure was squirming, struggling, she tried to kick Phillip. He laughed, “Yes struggle you slut, struggle.” Treasure screamed at him, “I hate you! Let me go you bastard!”

“Let you go, nonsense you fucking slut, you must atone for you sins oh, yes, yes, yes,” Phillip sliced the lapel on the left and sliced her sleeve down her arm. Treasure’s jacket fell to the floor.

Phillip ran the knife under blouse and cut the first button off. Treasure heard it pop off and then she heard it hit the floor with a click. Phillip, cut the next button. Treasure was screaming, yelling, pleading, with Phillip. Treasure peed on herself, her pee ran down her leg, and puddled on the floor at her feet. “Oh you nasty piss whore!” Treasure twisted, and turned she kicked at him. Phillip cut the next button off, he pulled her blouse from her skirt, and he flipped her blouse open with the knife and stroked and squeezed her breasts hard. “Oh God! Please Phillip,” she pleaded. Her words fell on deaf ears, he wasn’t listening, Phillip cut the last button off, he cut one sleeve, then the other sleeve, cutting so slowly taking his time, listening to the knife cut the thin silk. He looked at the knife as if it were talking to him, and in a sense it was talking to him. The music it made as it cut the clothe revealing her body. He cut up the other sleeve, smiling, “Oh slut, tis a shame I am going to skin such a lovely body.” Her blouse fell to the floor.

Phillip took the knife, laid it on her breast, the cold steel made Treasure shiver. Phillip began to trace the outline of her bra, onto her skin. He took the point of the knife dragging it down her skin leaving a red scratch. He started on her left shoulder, on her back he traced the inside of her shoulder strap, to the top of the elastic strap, then across her back to the other shoulder strap and up to her shoulder he traced the other side of her shoulder strap down to the back strap to her side. Little trickles of blood began to form on the scratches. He traced a line along the bottom edge of her bra strap all the way around her body. He finished in the back where he started. He traced the front of her bra down the shoulder strap along the top edge of the cup, over her breast to the front; Then up the other cup along the top edge of that cup over her breast. The red scratch shone plainly against her skin. He finished at her other shoulder.

He slipped the knife under the strap, pulled on the knife. The strap parted the elastic pulling the strap, she felt slap her back. Treasure was petrified. She knew if she moved he would cut her. He slid the knife across her chest and cut the other strap. He slid the knife down between her tits and cut the fabric between them. Her bra fell to the floor exposing her breasts. Phillip grabbed her nipple, pulled if and stretched it then slid the knife across it like he was going to cut it off. He stood back, the red scratches outlined where her bra used to be. Phillip took the point and flipped the barbell in her nipple. “I will delight in taking that barbell out of course you know, I will take the nipple too.” He laughed.  Treasure had not stopped screaming and cursing him.

Phillip traced a line down her belly to the skirt she was wearing. He traced it down till he felt her mound then her crotch; he pushed the knife through her dress at her crotch and cut her skirt to the hem. Phillip traced a line up the inside of her leg to her crotch, then to her mound. He slipped the knife under what was left of her skirt to the waistband and in one quick pull cut through it. Her skirt fell to the floor, “Oh how sweet” he said. “Little pink panties they will soon be red with your blood when I skin you alive. Treasure screamed, she had screamed so much she was becoming hoarse. Phillip put the blade of the knife between her legs pulled the point up in her slit, Treasure moaned. “O God Phillip please don’t.” Phillip cut her panties off; he pulled them from between her legs with a jerk. Her panties were wet with her pee, Phillip smelled them, yes, yes, he said. He put his knife on her clit. “Piss you fucking slut.” He commanded. Treasure was so scared she strained to piss; she pissed on herself and farted.

Phillip laughed. Now slut! Phillip broke up laughing he reached up cut the rope. Treasure started to giggle,” I am so sorry Master it slipped.” “I guess I scared it out of you huh. Phillip laughed,” Come here you bitch.” Treasure went to Phillip, he unlocked one cuff, Treasure slipped the other off her wrist. Phillip hugged her; kissed her. “I am so horny she said. Treasure reached down, and touched Phillip, he was erect “Come on” he said.

She started to pick up, “no leave them, get in the car,” Phillip drove to the other side of the warehouse and out the door. he drove to the end of the pier, “get out,” he said, Phillip walked to the back of the car, Treasure took his cock from his pants, he bent her over the trunk and pounded her, “Oh God yes,” Treasure said. “Harder, Master, please Master.” Treasure screamed when she orgasmed, he pounded her harder, Treasure felt Phillip cum. “Oh God!” he said.

“Ok, shall we go he said? Treasure got in the car, leaned over to his seat and gave him head on the way home. Phillip would begin laughing he made a little fart sound with his mouth. Treasure would nibble a little harder on him. “Ok, ok,” he said. Treasure rose up and laughed, she farted again. Phillip laughed so hard he had to pull off the road. Treasure was red from embarrassment, she was hiding her face and giggling, “Oh baby,” he said. “I am sorry,” “Excuse me Treasure said.” Phillip farted and laughed, Treasure slapped him on the shoulder, “ooooooh men,” she said. Phillip laughed.

He pulled back on the road and drove home slowly, they both would chuckle, and giggle, Treasure said, “I don’t see anything funny about a fart.” Phillip laughed said, “it was a man thing,” “it must be she said, “I don’t get it.”

Margarete was up drinking a beer in the kitchen. When Phillip and Treasure came in your home early, she said, “yeah” Phillip said.” “I’d like one too.” Treasure said, “Getting beer is a man thing ain’t it,” Margarete said. “What” Treasure said.

Phillip laughed and said, “I will tell you later.” Phillip walked to the fridge, got two beers, he put them on Treasure’s back she turned, and he kissed her. “I do love you,” he said you know that don’t you. Whispering, she said, “Yes, I do.” Now get those fucking cold beers off my back and I love you too.” Treasure and Phillip finished their beers and went up to sleep.



Chapter Fifteen London, Night before the Rubberball

Margarete picked up the phone receiver, “yes Sir, I be right dare.” Margarete hung up the phone.

Margarete went to Phillip’s office. “Yes Sir, you wished to see me.”

“Close the door Margarete,” he motioned her over. Phillip whispered to Margarete,” do not let on to Treasure, I want you to pack my bags and Treasure’s. I am going to surprise her with a trip to London; we are going to the Rubber Ball.”

“Oh Mister Phillip she will love it, when will you be going.”

“We will leave next Wednesday morning, we have a direct flight to London, and Margarete pack my toy bag, you know the travel one.”

“Yes Sir.” “Oh, Missy will have such fun, her first Masquerade Ball.” Margarete thought.

Margarete would pack a little every day, when she cleaned the bedroom by Tuesday night she had packed everything except a few toiletries, which she could pack in two minutes. The bags were ready to go they sat waiting in the closet, all Margarete needed to do was carry them down the stairs, and Treasure was totally unaware of anything out of the ordinary.

Tuesday night at dinner Phillip told Treasure they were going to London in the morning, Phillip liked to watch Treasure, she would become just frightful, “Oh what will I do? What will I pack? I have so much to do, I can’t be ready by tomorrow.” Phillip would let her fret. Then he would tell her Margarete had packed for her. Anything else she needed she would get in London. They were staying ten days,

Treasure glared at Margarete, “why didn’t you tell me.”

“I told her not too Treasure,” Phillip said.

“Yes Sir,” Treasure said.

Margarete had the luggage downstairs; she finished packing for Phillip and Treasure. Phillip had taken the passports out of the safe, he had his travel cards, and he had Treasure’s ID and passport. They were ready except Treasure, where was that woman. Treasure had tried on, nine dresses, seven skirts, six blouses, twenty-three different pair of shoes, several jackets. Phillip walked into the room; he was dressed in casual pants and a loose cotton shirt. “Girl Stop! Stand still!” Treasure froze; Phillip went to the dresser pulled out her favorite jeans, the faded ones with a little hole in the knee. A neat looking sweat shirt he had brought her from Rio, he pulled out her sports bra and went to her, he popped her bra off handed her the sports bra, he stood there, “put it on! We are flying; we are not going to the white house.”

“Yes Sir, she said. He went back to the dresser rummaged thought the drawer, “Oh here they are come here.” He pulled a pair of white cotton panties from the drawer. “These too.”

“Oh Sir,” Phillip reached down took hold of her thong, snatched it off with a jerk. “Oh Sir.” He squeezed her labia,”

“Mmmm” she cooed.

“I don’t’ want it chafed, and I don’t’ want you squirming around all the way to London.”

“Yes Sir.” Treasure pulled on her granny panties as she called them, then her jeans, and sweatshirt. “Sir, may I wear my boots.”

“Yes baby, you may, now let’s go,” he said, handing her, her collar.

“Sir, the limo is here, I had him put the luggage in, he is waiting.”

“Thank you Margarete,” Margarete kissed Treasure good-bye, and handed her, her purse. Phillip and Treasure walked out the door arm in arm.

Phillip and Treasure arrived at the airport. They made their way to ticketing through security and down to the gate, they stopped at the food court for coffee and a brioche.

Phillip and Treasure headed to the departure gate. The Virgin 767 boarded on time, Phillip and Treasure sat in the first class section, Treasure sat by the window, and Phillip was on the aisle. The plane taxied to the run up area, then to the runway. The 767 roared to life. The take off role began slowly, and then accelerated. Treasure felt the acceleration push her into her seat, the plane began to vibrate, the noise grew louder, and louder, the nose of the plane lifted slowly, the vibrations tapered off, there was a clunk as the gear rose. The whine of the retracting flaps subsided. The plane was quiet, the only sound was the hum of the engines; the pilot spoke to the crew and passengers. They would be in London in eight hours with the time change it would be 1:15 GMT.

Phillip; laid back in his seat, Treasure looked out the window and watched the ground disappear. Treasure could see the greenish blue hue of the water in the gulf. She sat back in her seat, she looked at Phillip, he closed his eyes, but she could tell he wasn’t asleep.

The stewardess came took drink orders, Treasure had a glass of white wine. Phillip had a scotch neat. Treasure drank hers rather quickly; the stewardess brought her another and began a conversation with Treasure, the stewardess name was Sally, she was from Leeds. Phillip leaned forward and told Treasure to trade seats with him, he was going to rest. Phillip knew Treasure, he knew she would fidget and squirm, the whole flight. They traded places, he went to sleep by, the time the flight was over Treasure, Sally would be the best of friends, and they would know about everything about each other. Phillip woke, three times during the flight, once for dinner, twice for snacks.

The flight was smooth, the weather was clear a tail wind pushed them along they made good time. They landed twenty minutes early. By the time, they cleared customs it was three a.m.

A limo took them to the Hotel Continental. They checked in to the Prince Albert Suite, a suite of four rooms and the top floor. Treasure was thrilled, she rambled around every room, looked out every window, stepped; out on the balcony in the misty chilly English air. She watched London sleep. Phillip said bedtime, Treasure; “yes Sir,” Treasure went into the bedroom, the bed had been turned down earlier in the evening.

Phillip said, “We will play tomorrow night.”

“Yes Sir.”

Early the next morning Phillip and Treasure went to breakfast. Treasure looked around, she was fascinated with everything, the dining at the Hotel Continental was a five star establishment. Treasure could not believe the items on the menu, they were so… Treasure could not think of how you would describe them.

After breakfast, Treasure and Phillip went shopping, they went to the shops at Piccadilly, and Soho, they went to his Kings Road tailor who fitted Phillip he would have several suits made; when they were finished Phillip would fly back for the final fitting.

Treasure went to “Dior and then to Channel, she picked out several dresses and Tailored suits. Phillip also picked out several dresses and tailored suits for her. They had lunch at an out of the way place, Treasure and Phillip had classic English fish and chips.

That night at the hotel, Phillip and Treasure dined in the main salon. They ordered a chateaubriand, pommes point neuf, Caesar salad, and Cherries Jubilee for desert. Phillip had a double scotch neat; Treasure had a light wine spritzer at dinner Phillip told Treasure about the rubber ball at the Palladium Ballroom. He told her about the ball, the premier BDSM event in the World. He told her he was going as the grand inquisitor Torquemada, and Treasure would be an angel.

Phillip said he wold make her costume at the ball he had rented a space for them to change. Phillip did not go into very much detail about her costume. The ball started at noon on Friday, but the main event was on Saturday about midnight. They would go Fridays and check things out, she would wear a very reveling gown, and she would wear her dress collar with her silver and gold lead.



Chapter Sixteen London prelude to Rubberball

Phillip pushed the button for the elevator, once inside Phillip pushed Treasure against the wall, he reached between her legs grasped her lips, Phillip lifted her and rolled her lips between his thumb and fingers, he squeezed harder as the elevator neared the top floor. The elevator, door opened, Phillip let go of Treasures skirt, dropped slightly, it still rose in the front revealing her glistening lips.

Phillip gave her the key to the room, Treasure opened the door Phillip went in first, Treasure walked in behind him, she closed the door, the door man had brought all their packages to the suite, she moved several then took off her clothes.

Phillip was seated in the main room of the suite, Treasure approached him, knelt then crawled on all fours the last three feet, she leaned down kissed his foot. Master I am here to serve you.” Rise girl prepare a cigar for me and a scotch.

Treasure found the package with the cigars, Phillip bought an Kings Road, Treasure opened the box pulled the ribbon and freed the 1st cigar, she then went to the door opened the bottle of Glean Kerry 50 year old scotch, poured three fingers in a glass,

Treasure carried the scotch to Phillip, “’Thank you,” he said. Treasure prepared Phillip’s Cuban cigar. Treasure turned her back to Phillip, she bent at the waist, Phillip took the cigar from her he inserted it three inches into her pussy, Phillip patted her on her ass, Treasure stood holding the cigar in her she crossed the room picked up his lighter and cutters. Treasure returned to Phillips’ side, she finished her count to 100, then she pulled the cigar out of her pussy, she clipped the end then lit the lighter holding the lighter under the unclipped end; she rolled the cigar in her fingers allowing the flame to char it. Then Treasure put the cigar to her lips, drew in the cigar smoke, and began smoking it. The end glowed red, Treasure handed the cigar to Phillip; “hmmm, I don’t know what taste better to me the cigar or you. There is no better taste than a good girl and a good cigar. Thank you, Treasure.”

“You’re welcome Master,” Treasure said

“Kneel girl and pleasure me.”

Treasure knelt before Phillip, it only took a few moments for Treasure’s dexterous and skilled fingers loosened his belt unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers and then free his cock from his boxers. Treasure slowly licked his crown, his shaft, her lips closed around his shaft taking all of his cock deep into her mouth and throat. Phillip drank his scotch, Treasure drank of him, Phillip slowly smoked his cigar, and Treasure slowly sucked him. Phillip moaned Treasure massaged his balls with her mouth. Treasure took him into her mouth, she felt his body spasm, Treasure swallowed his seed, and she continued to milk him of every drop. Phillip had finished his scotch, and his cigar. Moreover, Treasure had finished him for a while. Treasure went to the bathroom, and ran a bath for him. When she had filled the tub, Treasure woke Phillip; she undressed him, and bathed him. Phillip had not adjusted to the time change, so Treasure put him in bed sucked him hard, mounted him and rode him till they both orgasmed.

Treasure rolled off Phillip, she cleaned him then she lay next to him on her back, her legs spread, she snuggled close, he rolled over. She cupped his cock and balls in her hand, his hand lay across her chest cupping her breast.

Treasure, called down to room service, they had what was called the American breakfast, two eggs, potatoes, sausage, toast, orange juice and coffee. She ordered for three just in case Phillip was hungry, but Treasure was very hungry when the food arrived Treasure woke Phillip, she served him his coffee and his wake up head.

Today was Friday, tonight was the opening of the Rubberball. Treasure wondered all day what she was going to wear. Phillip would not even give her a hint of what she was going to wear except what little he had told her last night a very sexy dress and a collar and lead. Treasure asked Phillip if she could go down to the beauty parlor Phillip told her to go. He has nothing planned for them to do; however, he had some business calls to make. Treasure called the parlor, she hung up, she looked at Phillip, and they say they are booked.

Phillip motioned for the phone, Treasure handed it to him, he called the operator, and he placed a local call. “Hello Phillip DuBois from New Orleans calling for Sir Peter Harcourt, yes I will wait, Peter, Phillip here, how are you, that is a great I am doing well, Oh yes, we are here for the ball, that is why I am calling, yes at the Continental,  Oh yes! Will be here for a week or ten days. I had planned on calling you today, Small problem have cropped up; my Treasure can’t get an appointment at the salon downstairs, Yes, Please call me back, yes, yes we will talk later, oh yes! Tomorrow night for sure, yes Peter. Thank you. About a half hour later the phone rang. “Mister DuBois, this is George from Sassoon’s, Sir Peter said I should call you, I understand you need an appointment,”

“Yes she does,” Phillip said, “A car will be at the Continental in thirty minutes, our driver will call for her there, Oh yes.  Mister DuBois a pleasure, yes anytime. Cheerio Mister DuBois,”

“Good bye George.”

Treasure get dressed, Sassoon’s will be here to get you in thirty minutes, go casual you might be all day,”

“Yes Master, will you be ok?”

“Oh, yes! Treasure I will get some work done, While you’re playing.”

Treasure hurried off she returned shortly in slacks, shirt and jacket, and her sneakers. The doorbell rang, Treasure opened it, Ms. DuBois, the chauffer said, I am from Sassoon’s are you ready, ma’am, “yes one minute please.” As you wish ma’am, “Good bye Phillip see you soon,” Treasure gave him a huge kiss.

“Bye Baby,” he said.

Treasure went to Sassoon’s you would have thought she was a queen in a way, though she didn’t know it. She was royalty; Sir Peter was the Queens third cousin a very rich and powerful member of the House of Lords. Treasure had her hair, washed, trimmed toned, she had a manicure, a pedicure and a Brazilian wax, they waxed Treasure from her neck to her toes, both on the front side and back, everywhere in between she had her eyebrows plucked and shaped. It was close to teatime when the chauffer drove her back to the Continental, she felt invigorated after she was waxed she was massaged and creamed. Sassoon’s had Treasure signed the slip, they would bill the Continental.

Treasure opened the door to the suite, Phillip sat in the chair at the desk working.  Phillip looked up, “Wow! You are beautiful,” he said.”

“Thank you master,” she said.

“Your dress for this evening is hanging over there.”

Treasure ran to it she picked it up opened the protective sleeve it was in the dress was sheer silver silk, she put her hand inside, she could see her hand through the dress, it was somewhere between transparent and translucent, almost opalescent. It was simple, and classic, and it was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen.

“It is so beautiful,” the dress would reveal, Treasure’s beautiful body, it would leave little to the imagination, it was revealing enough, to drive any man or woman, into a fit of lust of jealousy. The tag said, Dior – London. “Oh master it is so beautiful,”

“The cloak is there,”

“Oh my god,” She cried. She held the floor length Silver Fox coat, it was beyond words to describe it, and she hung it back on a rack beside Phillip’s tux.

Phillip told Treasure they would leave about 10:30 to 11 that evening. Treasure smiled, “Master may I take a short nap please.”

Phillip said, “that is not a bad idea. I could use a little relaxation.”  Treasure was pulling off her clothes on the way to the bedroom; she waited for Phillip then undressed him. “We will have a late dinner then off to the ball.”

“Yes Sir.”

Treasure gave Phillip a massage before they took their nap, Treasure curled up close to Phillip. Phillip sniffed Treasure’s hair, she smelled so good, he stroked her skin, and it was soft to the touch and so smooth. Phillip snuggled closer to her; he pulled her tight his face was in her hair. Phillip slept.

Treasure woke Phillip, room service had delivered dinner. Treasure and Phillip had a leisurely dinner. After dinner, we will dress for the ball. Treasure finished her dinner first, she went to the bathroom where she put on her makeup, her perfume, and she combed, and brushed her hair. Treasure slipped her dress on, she pulled it over her head it slid down her body. The dress covered her body like a mist; the dress showed everything on her body and yet, showed nothing. Treasure walked over to Phillip, the dress followed and accentuated every curve of her body.

Treasure’s red hair was cascading off her shoulders, spilling over her breast. The dark color of her areola was barely noticeable, softened by the color of her dress and her nipples now drew the focus to her breast. The dress was tight against her belly, her navel only visible as a shadow. The dress cinched at the waist, flowing out at her hips, her pudendum was clearly defined the dress slowly tapered down her legs, the light shown through the sensuous space between her legs, showing just a hint of her cleft. Treasure completed a sweeping turn; the back of her dress a deep sweeping vee to her waist, a think strap crossed the vee around the center. The vee terminated at her waist, her firm round buttocks; and her shadowy cleft was a delight to the eye.

Treasure asked Phillip to fasten her collar, then the gold and silver leash that hung down to her mound. Phillip was dressed in his black tie and tails. He helped, Treasure with her coat. Phillip pulled his black cashmere top coat on, picked up his walking stick, and offered Treasure his arm. Together they strolled to the elevator, when they emerged and strolled through the lobby. All traffic stopped everyone turned to watch Phillip and Treasure descend the grand staircase to the lobby. The doorman called up their names and opened the door; he bowed slightly and tipped his hat. Good evening Mister DuBois, Ms. Richard. Phillip touched his stick to his hat and nodded. The doorman opened the limo door. Treasure got in the Limo followed by Phillip the doorman closed the door and tapped the hood twice, the limo pulled away from the hotel. The Chauffer said ten minutes, to the Palladium. Phillip said, “VIP entrance,” “Yes, governor.”

At the Palladium, the people were ten deep out front waiting to enter, the limo pulled to the side door where four bouncers and two doormen stood. The doorman opened the limo door. Phillip handed the doorman his pass, the bodyguard checked the list and nodded. The doorman offered his hand; Phillip emerged from the limo followed by Treasure. Treasure’s leg came out first, her dress riding up past her knee, her arm covered in silver for then her red hair. She stood, you would have thought, these men had never seen a woman; they had never seen a woman as beautiful as vibrant, as sexy as Treasure.


Chapter Seventeen London the Rubberball

            They were in costumes from leather to rubber to PVC to paint on latex costumes.  The costumes they were wearing were very original and some were quite beautiful.  Phillip told Treasure that tomorrow night would be the contest for best and most original costumes he said. There are about a dozen or so Categories.  I will put you in costume, tomorrow night he said. that i have designed that will dazzle even the angels in heaven and make the devil himself lust after you.

As Treasure walked across the floor, she looked at some of the costumes they wore.  Treasure spotted a slave he was about six foot, his head covered a black hood, his brown eyes the only visible part of his head, around his neck was a wide black collar locked in the front with a lead hanging from the collar; his muscular torso had what looked like suspenders, crossed the front and back and locked to his black leather chaps; that were locked around his waist and legs; there was a small chain that was hooked between his nipples and from the center of the chair, another chair dropped to and disappeared into his leather jock strap, on the other end of the lead was his Mistress; a tiny little woman barely 5 foot tall. She wore a skintight leather bodysuit with thigh high black patent leather boots with four-inch heels.  The woman smiled at Treasure, then jerked the lead, “Come on, what are you looking at boy!  She snarled.

Treasure saw leather men and boys, slaves, dominant Masters, submissives all in full costumes, some slaves and submissives were naked, their bodies painted with latex paints, others were decorated with body piercings, every conceivable part of the body from their head to their toes; one slave had her labia pierced with rings, she was laced up like a shoe with a pretty red bow in the front on her mound. Treasure could feel the ring; she had in the hood over her vulva. She remembered when Phillip had pierced her.

Phillip and Treasure climbed the six steps to the VIP platform, they were passed by security, Phillip introduced Treasure; to thirty or forty people he knew, he introduced her to Sir Peter and his slaves; Treasure looked up at Sir Peter, he was well over 6-1/2 feet tall; a giant of a man, he had bushy flame red hair, beard and moustache, his hands were huge, he wore his traditional kilt in its clan tartan colors, his two slaves wore a kilt, slippers and a sash across their chest over the shoulder and down the back, their kilts barely covered their crotch. Both slaves had hair as red as Treasures and they were at least 6’3” in heels; they were beautiful. Sir Peter looked at Treasure then to Phillip. “10,000 pounds for the lass, Phillip, “Sir Peter said.”

“No!” Sir Peter, she is my Treasure and mine alone.”

“Then make it 100,000 pounds sterling.”

Phillip laughed, “Not for 100 thousand, nor one million, nor 100 million, this one’s value is, priceless.”

The giant Scot roared in laughter then leaned over and whispered in Phillip’s ear, “those two reds over there would probably skin me alive; they say there isn’t enough of me now, to go around.”

Phillip said, “I wouldn’t worry too much if they ever let the gas out of you my old friend, there wouldn’t be enough to bury.” Phillip said,

Sir Peter roared with laughter, “Jolly good one, Phillip jolly good.”

“Treasure this is Beth short for Elizabeth and this creature here is Mary. Phillip says you are his Treasure, these Lasses are my Queens and I their King.” Peter grabbed his girls, squeezed them with a hug, he patted their asses, go lass take this Treasure find us some drink and a good cigar. Phillip nodded; the three walked away from them from the back all three looked like triplets with Treasure’s hair being deeper richer red.

“You my old friend area a very lucky man, a slave like my Treasure is a once in a lifetime find, and you with twins how did you come by them?”

“A very long story, Phillip, a very long story.”

Treasure and the Lasses returned with drinks and cigars, Treasure lit Phillip’s cigar for him. Sir Peter lit his own the twins and ‘Treasure talked while Sir Peter and Phillip reminisced about old times.  Phillip said, Sir Peter talked drank and smoked watched the crowd until well past midnight. Phillip said let’s go back to the hotel, the poor lasses look like they could relax some.”  Sir Peter said.”  Yes orgasms will relax anyone.”  “  Exactly my thoughts,” Phillip said.  I will call the Limo Phillip said.  “No, mine is around the corner, it will e here by the time we get to the door. Sir Peter pushed the button on his phone.  “Shall we,” he said.  Ok, me Lasses, Sir Peter boomed, “come.”  Sir Peter and Phillip cleared the path.  Treasure, Beth and Mary followed.  Phillip and Treasure got their coats.  Sir Peter and the girls were at the door.  Waiting outside was a shiny black Rolls the chauffer was standing beside the open door.  Phillip and Sir Peter got in, followed by the trio of red heads.  “The Continental,” Sir Peter said; “yes Sir,” his chauffer said.  Mary and Beth slipped on their coats.

Phillip and Sir Peter sat in the back seat, the trio of red heads sat facing them. Beth and Mary opened their coats and spread their legs.  Treasure pulled her dress up past her knees and opened her legs to Phillip and Sir Peter.

The Rolls pulled up in front of the Continental, the doorman stepped down to open the door.  Sir Peter said to his chauffeur, “Clarice, I won’t need you any more tonight.”  “Yes Sir, thank you Sir, good night Sir.”  Thank you Clarice,” Peter said.

Phillip and Sir Peter stepped out of the Rolls followed by Beth, Treasure, and Mary.  Even at 2:30 in the morning, the hotel lobby became silent and heads turned to watch then pass.

Phillip opened the door to the suite.  Beth and Mary dripped their coats on a chair.  “Lasses,” Sir Peter said.  He waved his hand, Mary and Beth took off the sash and the kilts.  Treasure hung her coat, looked toward  Phillip, he nodded, Treasure pulled the straps off her shoulders and slid her dress down her body; when it cleared her hips, she let it fall and stepped out of it.  Treasure went to the bard fixed Phillip and Peter a scotch. Treasure put the clipped end of the Havana Churchill in her wet pussy, she turned the cigar around and made sure it was wet; Treasure put the cigar in her mouth and lit it.  Treasure took the scotches and the cigar to Phillip and Peter. Peter took the scotch and the  cigar, “but Sir,” Phillip cut Treasure off, thank you Treasure, light me a cigar, “yes Sir.” Treasure said.  Treasure returned to the bar, she fixed another cigar for Phillip.

“Damned fine cigar Phillip.”  I have never tasted a Havana like this before it has a delicate sweet taste.”  Treasure turn around,” Phillip said, Treasure turned around, she was rolling the cigar in her pussy, “a Treasure flavored Havana Peter, “Phillip said.”  Yes I see that now, very, very well too, very well, Lasses, go watch learn from her, his girls went to Treasure.  Treasure showed them there wasn’t much to it; the girls all giggled, Treasure lit the cigar and took it to Phillip.

The Lasses went to Peter, Treasure kneeled beside Phillip.  Peter said, Beth, Mary entertain us.  Phillip looked at Treasure, he said, “go.” Mary let out a primal scream, her body convulsed, her legs clamped together she rolled on her side, her body shook and shivered. Treasure pushed her hand into Mary’s pussy once more.  Mary again screamed, her body shook.  Mary moaned, “Oh god please stop,” Treasure smiled, pulled her fist out and then drove it in, her hand balled up coming out and going back in, the sound was like a wet plopping sound.  Mary’s pussy contracted pushing Treasure’s fist out of her, a flood of her juices washed from her.  Mary grabbed the rug pushed her body away.

Treasure sat on her knees, looked at the girls, than at Phillip.  Phillip nodded and looked at Peter.  Phillip pointed to his crotch.  Treasure crawled to Peter, kneeled between his legs.  She pushed up his kilt, unleashed his cock from his jock for a giant of a man he was not as big as Phillip, she lowered her head.  Peter moaned in no time.  Treasure had made him cum. Treasure rose, Peter’s cum in her mouth she crawled to Beth kissed her, Peter’s cum was now in Beth. Treasure pushed her toward Mary, Beth kissed Mary, and they all shared Peters cum. Treasure was even more aroused, she went to Phillip and pleasured him with her mouth.

Treasure felt hands on her; she felt a head trying to force it between her legs.  She raised her butt up, spread her legs, Mary was licking her, and Beth was fondling and caressing her breast.  Treasure began to roll her hips.  Phillip’s cock exploded in Treasure’s mouth.  Phillip said, “Cum, Treasure, now!”  Treasure came, her body rocked, convulsed, spasmed, she squirted on Mary. She finished sucking Phillip; she sat up, got off Mary’s face.  She kissed Beth, Beth kissed Mary.  Treasure said, “We are sisters now, we share the seed of our masters.”  Sir Peter was asleep Phillip was close to it.

Treasure told Mary and Beth to help her get Sir Peter to the bedroom and then help her with Phillip. Treasure put her hand between her legs; she was still aroused and horny.

Treasure was up, she had ordered from room service, coffee, some Danish’s and fruit, it was close to 9:00 a.m. Sir Peter and Beth and Mary were sprawled out on one bed.  She woke Beth.  She was the closest to the edge of the bed.  She whispered to Beth, come with me, Treasure took Beth out.  She explained how she woke Phillip, she asked Beth to bring him the coffee while she woke him. Beth said, “Sure.”  Treasure went back to the room, crawled under the covers, Phillip moaned, his eye slowly opened, he looked at Beth, then lifted the covers, he sighed, shook his head, good girl he said, he took the coffee from Beth. Phillip thanked her, when Beth turned around Phillip slapped her butt.  Treasure fondled him a little hard, “ugh,” Phillip moaned.  Treasure giggled, Phillip drank his coffee and woke up slowly,

Treasure got up, held the robe for Phillip, she slipped it on him. Treasure followed Phillip to the main parlor.  Mary and Beth were eating fruit.  Treasure put on her robe, she went into the antechamber and opened the door, she rolled in the two breakfast carts; room service had delivered minutes before, she pushed one into the salon, then the other they were both American breakfast and English, all set up as a buffet.  “Well done Lass, here, here,” Peter said, “girls feed me.”  “Yes me Lord,” Mary said.  Treasure fixed Phillip’s plate, over easy eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice.  Peter and the girls had scrambled eggs, bangers, muffins, kipper, and marmalade.

Phillip, Sir Peter left around noon, they said they would be back around eight, Peter told his girls to take Treasure go shopping, whatever they wanted they had a free day. Peter handed Beth a credit card. “Thank you me Lord.”  Beth said.  “Sir, we only have our costumes what will we wear?”  Mary asked.  Clarice is coming to get us; she is bringing some jeans and stuff.

The bellboy brought up a valise, “Gentlemen your car is down stairs. “  Thank you boy.”  Sir Peter said; Phillip handed him a 10-pound note, “Oh!  thank you governor, thank you very much.”  Sir Peter and Phillip walked out followed by the bellboy.

“Oh!  let’s get ready and go,” Mary said. Treasure looked at them both, “I am going to take a nap then we go, I want to be wide awake tonight at the ball and feel good. We can go shopping anytime can’t we.”

Beth and Mary looked at each other then at Treasure, “as long as we all nap together.

“Come with me,” Treasure said.

To the apartment Clarice, I am so tired I am about to pass out.  Those two will be the death of me, but what a grand death it will be.”  Peter said.

“We could have stayed at the hotel, told the girls to go shopping,” Phillip said.

“What!  And let them know they wore us out never; my God Phillip, never!”  “You might be right.”  Phillip said.

“Oh! Clarice, I want you to stay too, you look like you could use some sleep too, Yes Sir.” she said.

Phillip was shown the guest room; Sir Peter went to his room Clarice laid down in the servant’s room.  “Phillip, nary a word, my friend nary a word.”  Phillip nodded, “Clarice wake up about seven this evening.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

Treasure and the girls woke around 6:00, they dressed in jeans and went to dinner, the matrices told Beth and Mary and Treasure  they were not dressed appropriately, Treasure called him aside, whispered in his ear.  Pardon me ladies of course your table is waiting, this way please., The girls in jeans and sneakers walked pass gentlemen in tuxedos and women in gowns to their table.

“Treasure what did you tell him.”  Treasure whispered, “I told him we were the daughters of Sir Peter Harcourt.”  The girls laughed, “Well it worked didn’t it.”

After dinner, the girls went up stairs, Phillip and Peter had come in, “how did you girls enjoy your shopping and what not.”  Treasure said, “Oh!  We had the best relaxing time you could imagine,” “Well good for you.”  Peter said, Beth said, “Master, how was your day.”  Phillip said we got caught up on a lot of work.”  There, there Peter said.”  The girls giggled.  “Would you are for a drink Master.”  “Yes Treasure, “I would.”

“What time does the judging for costumes begin?”  Phillip said, “eleven or eleven thirty, I believe,” said Peter.

“I will need around an hour to put Treasure in costume.  We will leave within the hour.”  Phillip said.

“Master, what shall I wear to the Palladium?”

“What you have on will be fine.  Phillip said.

“Yes Sir.”

“I will dress my Lasses there as well their costumes are in the boot.”  Peter use the room we have to dress your girls.”

“Right-O Phillip.”

Treasure get my travel toy bad and we will get started. “Yes Sir.”  Treasure came back to the roll around suitcase, his and her coats.  “I am ready Sir.”

“Let’s go, shall we.”

The Rolls stopped behind three other Limousines, slowly they crept forward until they were at the VIP door, Clarice opened the door for Sir Peter.  She also opened the boot; took out Phillip’s toy bag and the Lasses costumes. Sir Peter said to Clarice,” I won’t need you any more tonight.”

Security unlocked his lock to Phillips room, and then Phillip opened the door, Phillip; pulled out the stool put the toy bag on the counter.  Treasure fix our face, and then take off everything.  Treasure fixed her face a little; powder, a little mascara, and lipstick, she was ready.  Treasure took off her clothes, Phillip handed her a pair of white lace silk thongs, a pair of white silk hose with a white lace garter, white 4” spiked heels.  Treasure adjusted everything, Phillip patted the stool, Treasure looked in the toy bad, and there were feathers, white feathers, a whole bundle of them. Phillip took out a box of 20 gauge 2” hypodermic needles and a tube of superglue, Phillip said, “now I will transform you into my angel.”

Phillip took out and put on his latex gloves, he swabbed Treasure’s back with alcohol, he laid out the feathers. Phillip unwrapped a needle glued a feather into the end, then pierced Treasure’s skin. Treasure felt the chill of the alcohol, the sting of the needle; she felt the needle as it was pushed just under the dermis about 1-1/4” then back out through the skin with another stinging sensation. Treasure would feel the sting twice for each of the 64 needles Phillip pierced her with.

The first needle was positioned vertically high on her shoulder with a 6th feather.  Phillip would make a fan arraignment of 32 feathers each side of her back in a sweeping arc. The feathers were arranged from the top of her shoulder down to the waist it made Treasure look like she had wings. With the insertion of each needle the twin sting, Treasure became more and more aroused, when Phillip had finished, Treasure begged him to allow her to come. Phillip said, “Cum Treasure.” “Oh God! Thank you master, I love you.” Treasure stood. Phillip took the scissors and trimmed a few feathers, he pulled a halo from his bag, placed it on her head, adjusted her hair; she was ready. Sir Peter’s Lasses were ready; they were dressed in sheer red body stockings and red heels. Phillip dressed in his black tie and tails. They were ready; they left the dressing room, headed to the stage.

Phillip and Treasure took their places. Beth and Mary stood slightly behind her and on either side, the stage lighting Backlit them with white light. Treasure stood akimbo  her legs shoulder width apart, the curtain opened; the crowd of 2500 went silent, on stage were three silhouettes, the feathers shown like wings, her stance was that of an angel with an attitude. Slowly the front lights were raised slowly the colors of Treasure became apparent, her dark red hair flooding over both shoulders cascading around her breast, her tanned skin against the white of her thong, her hose, the two red silhouettes of Beth and Mary appeared behind her. Beth and Mary had their mask on, they were red mask with horns, they were little devils.

Phillip walked over took Treasure arm, Peter walked up behind Treasure, took the arms of his girls, Sir Peter was dressed as the devil himself. The spot light lit them up, they walked to the edge of the stage, and the Palladium erupted in thunderous applause. The crowd parted to allow them passage, as Treasure passed the people in the crowd, they turned to look at her, the crowd in front of her was still clapping, the crowd behind her were eerily quiet. People craned their neck and head to see her pass. When Treasure was on the VIP platform, she turned to the crowd, she smile and curtsied to them, the crowd knew about pain, they knew about piercing, they knew the delicious pain she was feeling, the crowd spontaneously erupted again in applause. Treasure curtsied. She turned went to Phillip and assumed her place.

Treasure and the Lasses won second place, and around four a.m. Phillip took the needles out of her back. Phillip cut the needles off and dropped them into the Sharps’ Box, he gave the feathers to Treasure, people formed a line asking if they could have a feather. Treasure kept one feather for herself, she gave the others to people who lavished compliment and feeling of affection and lust on her, she thanked each one. Treasure was truly the belle of the ball. As Phillip and Treasure were leaving the ball, they were given a standing ovation. Treasure had captured the hearts of all as the Rubber Ball.

For the next week, Treasure and the Lasses shopped during the day while Phillip and Sir Peter worked on business, at night they would go out on London town to the Casino’s and the clubs and restaurants. When Phillip and Treasure called it a night and slipped between the sheets, Treasure and Phillip would make love as thought it was the last time they would.


Chapter Eighteen The Garden Party

“Good Morning Missy Treasure, Mister Phillip.”

“Good morning Margarete,” Treasure said.

“Mister Phillip, how long will you and Missy Treasure be away for the Garden Party?”

“Four days Margarete, have you forgotten your going with us?”

“Oh no Sir, I wanted to make sure dat dam peachy Cat had enough food.” We are leaving Thursday morning.”

“That’s right Margarete, bright and early.” Phillip said.

Margarete set Mister Phillip and Treasure’s coffee on the table, “breakfast will be ready in a jiffy.” She said. Margarete finished making breakfast and served them.

“That was good Margarete, now it is off to work for me. “Treasure, Margarete have a good day, “he said,”

“Thank you master,” Treasure said.

“You have a good day too, Mister Phillip.”

Phillip kissed Treasure patted her butt and headed to work.

“Tell me more about this Garden Party Margarete.”

“Let me see Missy Treasure,” Margarete; poured Treasure another cup of coffee, then sat down, Margarete sipped her coffee. Margarete pulled a cheroot, out of her apron pocket. She offered Treasure one. Treasure waved her hand and said, “no thanks,” Margarete lit up, then pursed her lips and blew a cloud of grey blue smoke up in the air.

“From what I remember, the garden parties have gone on for close to 140 years in one form or another. You see, Mister Phillip’s great – great – great granddaddy; Henri DuBois who started the bank was good friends’ with Mister Fitz, Fitzgerald. Mister Fitz had the plantation and was a very rich and powerful man, he brought some of his business to the bank.”

“Mister Henri was very worried about the war coming. You know that Civil War thing; well anyway, Mister Henri got almost all his money and converted it to gold. He convinced about a dozen other men to hide a quarter to a third of their money in gold out of the country. Mister Henri took damned near all of his money and sent it with his son Charlie to France, now Charlie was a very smart man Mister Phillip said he was a financial genius. He invested the money in England and France and stayed in Europe till the war was over. When Charlie went to France, he had about a half million in gold. Well Missy you know how the war ended. Mister Henri and Mister Fitz didn’t touch their money at all. The rest borrowed or cashed in theirs. When the war was over, Mister Charlie came back home with seven million dollars in gold, Mister Henri had four million and Mister Fitz had 2.5 million. Mister Henri’s bank was the only bank that was operating during the war and after the war.”

“When those carpet baggers came down, buying up everything, they could in the south. Mister Henri and Mister Fitz stopped ‘em cold here in Louisiana, there wasn’t anything from Baton Rouge to New Orleans that Mister Henri and Mister Fitz didn’t own or held mortgages on; Mister Henri and Mister Fitz saved a lot of people from losing it all.”

“The DuBois and Fitzgerald’s have been close ever since. Now when Mister Charlie, got back from France, he spent a lot of time here in New Orleans and with Mister Fitz’s boy, Ian in Baton Rouge.”

“The summer after Mister Fitz died, Ian had the first garden party, for is special friends. There weren’t many years that it hasn’t been held.”

Treasure and Margarete put together all they were going to take with them. Margarete had packed Phillip’s clothes. By Wednesday night everything was packed in the Suburban. Margarete had even pre-adjusted the seat, she knew from experience she would drive them to Baton Rouge.

Margarete finished up all the loose ends, put food, and water down for Peachy Cat to last him the weekend. They were all set to go, Margarete would drive, and Phillip would sit in the back seat with Treasure. Margarete turned out the last of the light. Margarete took off her dress, crawled into her bed. “come on,” she said. Peachy Cat jumped up on her bed and sat down at her side. If anyone knew you were here with me you old Peachy Cat, I would never hear the end of it.” She scratched Peachy, between the ears, he yawned, and laid down, he purred, Margarete turned the light off they both settled down to a good night’s sleep.

Margarete woke at 6:00 a.m.; she and Peachy Cat were in the kitchen making breakfast. At 6:30 she served Phillip and Treasure their breakfast and by 9:00 the Suburban was headed north to Baton Rouge. Margarete heard a moan from the back seat, she glanced to the mirror, and she saw Treasure’s head bobbing up and down in Phillip’s lap. Margarete shifted her eyes back to the road and wiggled in her seat; she pushed the accelerator down a little more. It was about noon when Margarete pulled off the paved road onto a two-lane gravel road, the sides of the road was lined with huge trees, their canopies covering the road, and it was as if the trees made the road into a tunnel. There were lush green fields as far as the eye could see on either side of the road. It took ten minutes for Margarete to drive up to the house.

Treasure saw the plantation house; she marveled at the sheer size and beauty, the house sat on a knoll elevating it slightly above the surrounding land.  The mansion filled the windshield of the suburban.  There were 12 massive stone columns, six on either side of the two dark green doors with the palladium window above it. The house was the largest privately owned antebellum plantation house in the country.

Margarete pulled the Suburban up to the walk in front of the hose. Two figures approached the car dressed in suits of black knickers, a white shirt; black knee high boots, and black waistcoat. The two men opened the door and helped Treasure and Phillip out; the other scurried around to the driver’s side. Margarete said, “Phillip DuBois, and party,”

“yes ma’am your luggage will be taken to your rooms.”

Margarete got out; the coachman drove the car off to the back of the house. Margarete, Treasure and Phillip walked up the walk with the valet; who announced their arrival.

“Mister Phillip Dubois, and companions.”

“Phillip, how are you?” David Fitzgerald said.

“I am good David, very good; you know Margarete of course.”

“Margarete how are you,“ David said, and kissed her cheek, and this must be Treasure, the angel I have heard so much about.”

“Very pleased to meet you, Mister David,” “Treasure said.”

“Yes, this is my Treasure, Phillip said.”

“We will talk more at dinner Phillip, Michelle, show Master Phillip to his room,” David said.

“Please follow me Master Phillip,” Michelle said.

Michelle started up the stairs, Phillip looked up at Michelle. She was wearing a very short French maid’s outfit with black fish net stocking and garters, and a thong. He watched her climb the stairs. She took them to a large bedroom on the second floor, “if you need anything just ring.”

Their luggage was sitting beside the closet. Margarete and Treasure began to unpack; Margarete hung the dresses and Mister Phillip’s riverboat gambler suits. Phillip told Margarete to wear her maids outfit. Treasure was to wear a dinner gown. Phillip said, “I will have a scotch and a nap while you too fuss about with all of your stuff.”

Margarete took off her clothes, put on a loose fitting white camisole, and then the white pantaloons which she tied around her waist, next was a long grey dress that buttoned up the front.

“Oh” Margarete, you look so drab in that costume,” Treasure said. “Now, help me dress please.”

Treasure took off her jeans and shirt while Margarete rolled Treasure’s hair up and put it in a black mesh knit bag and tied it.  Treasure slipped the camisole on and finished buttoning it up the front, she pulled it down just enough to reveal her breasts; then she pulled on the white pantaloons with yellow trimmed ruffles, she tied them at the waist. Margarete handed her a pale yellow whalebone corset. Treasure stepped into it and shimmied it up her legs over her butt to her waist; She centered it and raised it to the mid-line of her breast, the upper half of her areola plainly exposed. Margarete started lacing the corset beginning in the middle pulling the laces tight then working up and from the middle down, Margarete laced Treasure into the corset. Treasure breasts pushed up and together, Treasure bounced on the balls of her feet, her breast jiggled like Jello. “This is going to be fun,” she said.”

Treasure sat down pulled on the knee high white silk hose and then pulled the pantaloons down over them before tying the red garters around her calves. Treasure sat down,  “I’m tired,” she said. We have only been at this for an hour and a half; you can rest while you put your make up on. Treasure put her make up on; she powdered from her breast to her neck and adjusted her breasts in bodice of her corset. Treasure finished her makeup.

Margarete held up the petticoats Treasure put on the first of four petticoats, tying each of them to the corset around her waist.  Treasure was pulling her dress on over her head when Phillip entered the room. Treasure slipped her arms into the sleeves and pulled the dress down over her breast. Margarete used a button hook to pull the white lace covered buttons through the buttonholes in the back, and then she tied the drawstrings of the sleeves under Treasure’s arms and puffed the sleeves up. She slipped the yellow silk slippers on her feet.

Treasure stood in front of the mirror admiring her, for a moment she felt as though she was living in the 1800’s. She glanced at Phillip, he was nodding and smiling, “Come here beautiful, Treasure and Margarete started to him, they looked at each other, Margarete shooed her on Treasure ran to Phillip. She hugged him. Phillip was dressed in black trousers a pair of calf high polished black leather boots, his black jacket hung open revealing a white ruffled shirt covered by a red silk vest with a gold chain draped across the front, the fob was a carved lion’s head of solid gold. The vest buttoned from top to bottom, with only the last button undone. Around his neck, he wore black bow tie. Treasure reached up and straightened it, “there now, your perfect she said. Phillip smiled and kissed him, he pulled down the front of her bodice to reveal a little more of her breast. “There now you are perfect Phillip said.

“Shall we,” Phillip with Treasure on his arm walked to the Grand staircase, Treasure lifted the front of her dress and Margarete picked up the back of her dress. The trio descended the stairs to the other guest waiting in the entrance hall.  Phillip and Treasure milled around talking and meeting people.

David appeared on the staircase with his slave Michelle. “Good evening, to you all, welcome to my house, I know we are going to enjoy the weekend, he chuckled, I know the gentleman will anyway. Now it is time for dinner.” He said crossing the foyer, He pushed open the door, in the formal dining room, the table was set for 32 there were placards on very plate inscribed with the name of the guest. Phillip and Treasure found their seats, Treasure pulled out Phillip’s chair seat after all the Masters took their seats, and the women took theirs.

Master David rang a little crystal bell, eight women filed out the door of the butlers pantries wearing their French maid outfits each had a bottle of wine, the maids poured wine for each of the Masters then the ladies.  They served them, their dinners and cleared away the dishes, They were served a seven course dinner which included desert. Treasure ate like a bird, remembering what Margarete had once told her.

The conversations were light and gay the tone of the dinner was one of festivity and merriment. However, there was an undertone that one could feel, of sensuous sexual tension was just under the surface, the maids made things even more interesting with their low cut bodice providing an ample view of their breasts, and their short skirts barely covering their bare bottoms. When they served their breasts always pressed against a shoulder or an arm of the diners. Treasure watched across the table as a maid served him more wine, the master had put his hand between her legs, she was holding onto the table as he masturbated her, his submissive had pulled the servers breasts free of her bodice she was groping her.

Phillip leaned over and whispered to Treasure “ahem, new comers, it happens every year.”

After dinner everyone moved to the parlor, David Fitzgerald made a little speech declaring the start of their garden party weekend. David’s slave followed him to where he decided to sit, once seated she kneeled beside him after brandy and cigars or coffee. David got up, “gentlemen, shall we proceed to the study, and the ladies will remain here.  We have a lot to do this weekend.” The gentlemen adjourned to the study, Margarete was in the study she had the beverage cart loaded with coffee and brandy and cigars. Margarete served each master addressing him as Master she served Phillip, “where is Mister Lloyd and Mister Paul,” she asked.

“Lloyd was in court today, he is bringing Paul with him.”

“Is Mister Paul bringing Dorothy?”

“Yes, he is,” Phillip, said. Margarete finished serving them and left the room.

“Gentlemen, I believe it was George who last year suggested that we portray ourselves as Yankee scum, raiding the plantation and finding those poor ladies all by themselves and helpless and then we rape and pillage those same poor helpless Southern belles; and their servants of course. Is there anyone who can’t ride a horse? Ok everyone can ride.  Tomorrow after breakfast, we will drive over to the lodge. I have the horses there and the uniforms, once we get back here all we need to do is turn the horses loose they will all go back to the barn. We will make plans there on what we will do next. There are too many ears here. The staff that is here is not new to all this they have agreed and they are ready. Each of you will instruct your belle that they will be in formal protocol this weekend and in costume.

“If you are in doubt about what the belle or servant will or won’t do ask her or her owner. Their limits are listed on their cards. Oh, and gentlemen no broken furniture or doors and don’t break any of your toys, now I believe Phillip has something to say.”

Phillip stood, “gentlemen, I know Treasure is new she is fair game to all however, be fair you have other belles here plus servants. I am sure all of you will have a chance at her this weekend. As far as Margarete goes, she is fair game too; she will be the mistress to the belles this weekend.” Phillip rang the glass bell.  Margarete came in. “Margarete,”

“Yes Sir.”

“Formal protocol,” Phillip said.

“Yes master,” Margarete responded.

“You will be mistress, to the girls this weekend.”

“Yes Master Phillip,”

“You will be included in this week’s activities, tomorrow, you will give the belles and the servants their dance cards, we have prepared card for each belle, and servants have them tie them to their wrists. Tomorrow, we will leave early, make sure everyone is up and in costume before 9:00.  We will arrive here sometime after 12:00. At noon, you will tell the belles this weekend will be force play

“Yes Master Phillip.”

“Do you have any questions Margarete?”

“No master Phillip.”

“Does anyone have any instructions for Margarete to pass on?”

“Margarete, you may go.”

“Yes, master Phillip.”

“Gentlemen, I think that is all, let us return to the parlor, I suggest we turn in early, we are going to have a busy weekend,” David said as he opened the door to the hallway.

Phillip was dancing with Treasure when someone tapped him on the shoulder he turned to see, Paul and Dorothy, she said, “Hi I am Dorothy, you must be Treasure.”

“Yes I am Treasure Phillip will get around to introducing you, in a while.”

“Until then let’s go get a drink, Dorothy drug Treasure to the bar, they chatted like old friends, Dorothy finished her third drink when Paul and Phillip came up to them.

Margaret came up, “Dorothy how are you?”

Paul shook his head, “Oh great!”

“Now we are in trouble,” Phillip said.

Dorothy stuck her tongue out at Phillip and laughed; Dorothy hugged Phillip and kissed him. “Where have you been you old bear,” she cooed, in his eat.

Phillip, patted her butt, “around,” he said.

“We we have missed you,” she said.

“Thank you Dorothy,” Phillip said. “Margarete, Treasure, keep Dorothy company while I go talk to Paul.”

“Hey Paul, Phillip,” Lloyd said,

Phillip turned, “hello stranger.”

Phillip this is Brenda.” “Brenda this is Phillip,”

“Hello Mister Phillip, very nice to meet you,” Brenda said.

“Brenda this is Treasure, Margarete, and Dorothy.

“Hey how are you,” Dorothy asked. “Come on lets have another drink.”

“Let’s go talk about the weekend,” Phillip said, and have a drink and a good cigar.

“Sure let’s go,” Lloyd said.

Phillip explained the weekend plans  “Let’s Go join the women.”

“There you are,” Phillip said. Brenda and Treasure were talking.

“Where are Dorothy and Margarete,” Paul asked.

“Margarete is helping Dorothy get dressed.” Treasure said.

“Margarete said she would find something for Brenda to wear even a maid’s outfit.”

Margarete and Dorothy returned, Dorothy was dressed in a green spring dress she was beautiful,

Margarete said, she cheated, she didn’t put on her corset.

Treasure laughed, I wish I hadn’t either; I haven’t taken a full breath since this afternoon. “You will be fine Missy Treasure,”

Margarete said, “I have found her some clothes to wear. I will dress her out tomorrow morning. But now I have to go and talk to the staff.”

The staff was up at 5 a.m. cleaning and preparing breakfast, the table was set, the buffet was dressed there were eggs, sausage, bacon, country ham, hash browns and grits, biscuits and jelly; at 7 the guests were awake and beginning to eat, by 8 everybody had been fed. All the Masters along with the coachman and valets headed off to the lodge. Margarete made sure all the ladies were dressed and in costume.

At the lodge, Master David said there were no officers in this group; the highest rank was Sergeant, the rest corporals and privates. They drew lots to see who the leader would be, Lloyd won the draw, he would be the sergeant, they all dressed, they put on their leather belts and hooked their sabers and knives to the belts. The valet and coachmen saddled the horses. The horses were all well ridden and very gentle, Lloyd and Phillip devised the plan of attack, they would attack the house from all four sides, four men to a side, then they would capture everyone inside. After that, they would play it by ear. Lloyd said, “This is force play gentlemen. Phillip you take three men and take the front of the house, Paul you take three men and take the east side, David you take, the west side. I will take the back, remember search every room up and down and in the cellar.” David said, “Look behind the curtains.”

“Let’s go,” Lloyd said. The men left the lodge mounted their steeds; they formed up and moved out towards the house. The trail cut through a section of woods then a large field after twenty minutes, they could see the house about a mile away.

“We’re going to split into two groups. Phillip you and Paul go around the other side, behind the smoke house. I will take David, we will move in behind the carriage house, when I give the signal we go, “I will whistle, when we are in place and ready,”

Phillip, Paul and six others moved out at a walk they were in no hurry. They stayed close to hide behind the tree line or the fence line. When Phillip’s group got behind the smoke house and hidden from the main house they rode toward the house and within twenty minutes, they were behind the smoke house. Hold onto the horse until we are ready to go, we will ride up to the house and storm the house. Phillip whistled; that they were ready. Lloyd whistled back. Phillip heard the pistol shot “ok let’s go,” they rode around the smoke house, riding the horses at a gallop to the front and side, they dismounted ran up to the door and burst in. Phillip entered the front door, Paul entered the sunroom, Lloyd entered the back door, and David entered the doors at the ballroom.

Phillip said, “Bill stays here cover the front, the rest of fan out Come on Mike, you and Jerry take the rooms over there, search them good. Paul’s group split up and began their search. Lloyd and his men entered the kitchen, the women in the kitchen began to scream and run towards the front of the house, they grabbed the women and pushed or drug them to the parlor, the Yankee’s with their sabers drawn herded the women like sheep to the slaughter, the women screamed and pleaded and cried. David and his group went up the servants stairs, they rousted the belles out of their beds, they pulled them screaming into the hall and marched them to the stairs, Paul had gone up the servants stairs on his side; they moved toward the center.

Paul sent one man up to the third floor the maid’s quarters to search; he found four servants and three belles hiding. He prodded them forward and down the stairs with his saber. They searched the entire house; they found 17 belles and 8 servants.

Lloyd said, move this Southern trash into that ballroom over on the other side. The Yankee’s with sabers drawn herded and prodded the belles into the ballroom. “Line them up against the wall corporal,” Lloyd roared. “Come on you Southern trash you whores move now! Come on whores, single file,” against the wall, “the Yankee soldiers, pushed them against the wall, the women were screaming, yelling and cursing the damned Yankee’s “you murdering Yankee trash get out!” “Get out of here; wait till your general hears what you have done here.” “We don’t have a general, David roared,” we are deserters. “You scum,” Dorothy shouted, a soldier slapped her face, “shut up rebel trash,” he yelled. Lloyd pulled a chair up and sat.

You he said pointing his saber at one woman, “come out here.” She hesitated. Briggs gets her out here.” Briggs grabbed her and hauled her out in front of Lloyd, Now you Southern trash, take off your clothes, all of them. She yelled – no! I won’t you bastard. Rip her fucking clothes off. Johnson you and Briggs rip her clothes off. Briggs began ripping her clothes, he ripped her bodice open, then her skirt, her petty coats, Briggs, cut the laces on her corset. She only had on her camisole and pantaloons, Miller come and help Johnson hold her, Briggs ripped open her camisole, then cut the straps on her pantaloons, they fell to her knees.

She was screaming and trying to cover herself, Johnson Miller and Briggs groped her and finished ripping off her clothes, they pushed her back to the wall, “who’s next?” Lloyd said. It didn’t matter one by one the women were pulled from the wall they passed through a gauntlet where all their clothes were ripped off then they were groped and beaten, the women who were still dressed formed a line in front of the naked women trying to protect the others. From the time, it began until the last piece of cloth fell to the floor from the women’s bodies took over three hours.

Lloyd got up called four of the men to gather, the men left only to return carrying several table. The other men returned holding a coil of rope. Four pieces of rope for each of the tables, Lloyd pointed to one of them, bring her and two more out, They tied the women to the tables. Their hands bound to the tabletop and ankles bound to the table’s legs. Lloyd took his saber like a paddle and spanked the first one.

He stood behind her, unbuttoned his pants, pulled his cock out, he began fucking her, the other soldiers lined up behind the three others. Lloyd stopped humping the first one. “Hey there are a lot of them; we will gang fuck the rest tomorrow.” He went back to raping the screaming Southern trash bitch. The soldiers pulled out the women and threw them on the floor, bent them over the tables, 12 were being fucked while four soldiers guarded the rest, the belle screamed, cursing, the men.

Treasure had been thrown on the floor, she had been raped twice, and the third had just crawled between her legs, Treasure screamed and struggled, the soldier hadn’t pumped his cock in her 10 times before he came, he crawled off, Treasure without speaking a word.

Treasure looked up, a man with grey hair in his 60’s was holding and stroking a mammoth cock, its head was purple and looked like a fireman’s hat, he was big, he dropped to his knees put his cock against Treasure’s pussy. She rolled her hips up, he pushed in and filled her, he stretched her, his strokes pushed against her cervix, he wasn’t all the way in, he was twice the size of Phillip and longer. He rammed his cock into her hard, Oh god, she said, “I ain’t god,” he said, but you will think I am by the time I am done.” He stroked harder, faster, Treasure rolled her hips up taking him in, her body shook with each stroke. Treasure came hard, her body shook, she pulled his head close to her mouth, she said, “harder you bastard, fuck me like you have fucked no one else.”

Clyde grabbed her legs with his arms. Treasure’s legs were against her chest. Clyde was driving his cock into her. The others began to watch, Clyde was about to meet his match. Clyde rammed his cock into Treasure, rocking her body with each massive stroke. Treasure came again spraying his nuts with her cum. She was wet, Clyde couldn’t believe that she took all of him and wanted more; the old man began to slow. Treasure rolled him over and mounted him, she took all of him into her, she ground her hips, rolled her hips, and fucked him until he went soft. Clyde laid on the floor his once mammoth cock lay flaccid between his legs. Treasure lay on her back, with her knees up, her legs spread waiting for the next cock. The rapes continued until late at night.

They raped all the women at least once, they left them on the floor where they lay; they laid on rugs and clothes, most lay cuddled together. The soldiers lay about the room except, three that watched the women. Paul was getting head from Dorothy. Treasure lay between Margarete and Brenda.

Lloyd looked around spotted Brenda, he went to her, rolled her on her belly, he mounted her, Lloyd kicked her legs apart. Brenda was looking at Treasure, Treasure could see and hear Lloyd’s body slamming against her, then she felt a hand fumbling between her legs, she opened them, and looked to see who was masturbating her, Brenda’s thumb was stroking her clit. Brenda smiled and winked at Treasure. Lloyd was pounding Brenda, every stroke. Lloyd would say, take that you Southern trash, slut, or he’d call Brenda a whore. Treasure moved a little closer to Brenda and Brenda found her spot. Treasure felt her body come alive.

Phillip found Treasure and Margarete. Treasure had her legs spread; Brenda was fiercely rubbing her slit as Lloyd pounded her. Lloyd thrust one last time, driving himself deep into Brenda. Brenda groaned and came and Treasure felt Brenda’s hand squeeze her hard, another hand joined Brenda’s hand. Treasure looked it was Phillip. Treasure rolled on her back, lifted her legs; Phillip pulled her to him pushing himself into her, Margarete was awake and sitting, she had her hand between his legs playing with his nuts while he pumped his cock deep and hard into Treasure’s wet wanting pussy. Lloyd lay on Brenda watching. He said, “Fuck that slut corporal, fuck that Southern slut.

Treasure heard the words and felt Phillip’s cock crash into her cervix. Treasure’s pussy exploded with a gushing orgasm, her body shook, Treasure squealed, loud enough to wake everyone who wasn’t already awake. It startled Margarete and she pulled hard on Phillip’s sack. Phillip came with a howl. “Yes! Fuck that bitch corporal, fuck her!” Lloyd said. Treasure orgasm again, Phillip’s cock hitting her bladder and her orgasm. Treasure peed all over Phillip and herself, “yes, you fucking bitch pee.” Phillip said in her ear, “piss you bitch.” Treasure orgasmed again. By now everyone in the room was watching Margarete, Phillip and Treasure. Phillip was now on his knees, holding Treasure’s legs to his chest, he was pounding her body. Brenda crawled over nuzzling Treasure’s breast then she began to suckle her.

Margarete was on all fours when she felt a hand on her hips. She looked over her shoulder, “Oh Mister Clyde.” Clyde slid the top of his cock up and down Margarete’s slit; he found her pussy and pushed. He pulled Margarete back, in all his years Margarete was the only one who took all of is cock, until now. Treasure was the other. Margarete’s body was rocking back and forth, her pendulous breast swinging to and fro. Clyde was slowly pushing her away then pulling her back watching his mammoth cock disappear and reappear. Margarete dropped to her elbows, her tits settled onto the floor. Margarete let it flow adjusting her rhythm, her body to his strokes.

Lloyd had rolled off Brenda. Phillip lay exhausted. Treasure lay on her back while Brenda sucked her tit and had her hand between Treasure’s legs. Clyde was slowly stroking Margarete. Phillip, Lloyd and the rest watched amazed at what they saw. Brenda had moved down, she was cleaning Treasure, Brenda’s butt was high in the air. Lloyd patted it, said, “That is good ass,” David came over and knelt down, he said, “We will see, won’t we.” David pulled his cock out. He pushed his cock against Brenda’s butt. Brenda relaxed and David slid in, then Brenda tightened her muscles, squeezing David’s cock. “Oh fuck,” David said. He pumped his cock harder into Brenda, each time David would slam into Brenda, Brenda would butt her head against Treasure’s pussy and each time Brenda would nip Treasure’s lips, clit and mound.

Phillip and Lloyd shrugged, I guess out little force play scenario is kind of kaput don’t you think? Well we can still have fun when Clyde and David are through, assemble the men in the library, “Yes Sergeant.” “Come on you rabble, up and at ‘em, come on you bastards, get up.” Slowly the men began to stir into life. “You there, yes you, to the kitchen.” Miller go with them, if they try anything, take care of them; now go! Hurry up! You, Red, get off your ass, go help them. Treasure got up, followed the others to the kitchen.

Miller told them to cook breakfast, coffee, eggs, bacon, ham, taters, be quick about it. Treasure asked Miller, “May we put something on so we won’t get burned.” “Yea, Red go get something for you all to wear, if you’re not back in five minutes. I will beat every one of you fucking whores.” Treasure scurried off, she found sheets in the butler’s closet, and she wrapped a sheet around herself and carried the rest to the women in the kitchen.

After breakfast was served, the table piled high with dirty dishes, Margarete, Treasure, Brenda and Dorothy and Michelle cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen. “You know, I have a sink full of dishes at home Brenda said, other than having my clothes ripped off, groped, raped, spanked, I could have stayed home, and had this done to me. I came over a hundred miles to have this done and still have to do the dishes. Brenda giggled, she looked at Treasure, but at home, I would have never been able to make love to the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. For that Treasure I would do the dishes of a hundred people. Treasure smiled and hugged Brenda. Thank you Brenda, you are most kind Treasure said.

Miller, who was sitting at the table drinking coffee, sat up and said, “ok, ok enough of this emotional crap, come on let’s get busy,” All five women dropped what they were doing and turned at the same time and glared at Miller, Miller got up turned and said, “time for me to go,” he scooted out the door. The girls laughed. Dorothy said, “Wow a smart Master,” and they laughed even harder. The women were done in the kitchen about time to start Supper. Margarete straightened up, stretched her back.

“It is time for us to play. I will go find the staff, they can finish this.”

Treasure raised her hand, “nope you don’t, ladies sit, take a break – relax. They are all off playing let them play.” Treasure said.

“but what about our needs,” Dorothy said.

“Ladies, unlike our Masters we can have more fun together than they can. We won’t be left out, now who wants something to drink.” Treasure said.

“I’ll fix them,” Margarete said.

“Is it too early for a beer,” Michelle said. “Nope, not today it isn’t.”

Margarete handed her a cold beer.

Several of the masters came into the kitchen to see the girls sitting around the table. The Masters left just as quickly, as if they read a sign that said, “Danger exotic animals, do not disturb or feed the Tigress.” It wasn’t until Phillip came to the kitchen that anything changed.

Phillip came to get Treasure, he needed a bath and a nap, Treasure got up, Margarete started to follow. Treasure told her to sit and enjoy the day. By 2:00 in the afternoon all was quiet, just a few people scattered here and there, were up, the rest were sleeping. Around four Margarete made her rounds gathering up the staff from room to room waking some, pulling others and from a pile of writhing, squirming, bodies, she found two of her staff, tied delicately together laying on Mister Clyde. Margarete untied them, “come on,” she said, we have work to do. Go up stairs, get your showers, clean up, you girls smell like a bunch of damned whores, one girl giggled, “aren’t we,” “you know what I mean now go get cleaned up, dress and come to the kitchen. “Yes ma’am they answered, they climbed the stairs to the third floor.

Margarete turned to leave, she looked where she heard a noise, standing in an open door way was Mister Clyde, he was stroking his mammoth erection, he curled his finger and said, “Come here my pretty.” Margarete shook her head, walked over to him. She reached down, grabbed his cock in her hand, “come on Mister Clyde, let me fix that for you,” she said. Margarete stroked him till he head of his cock glistened with his precum. She licked the head of his cock; she pulled up her skirt, bent her over the table. Mister Clyde was standing there holding his cock saying, “oh” goody, goody, goody.” Margarete looked over her shoulder, “come on old man, and show Margarete what you got.” Mister Clyde stepped up to Margarete; he pushed his mammoth cock into Margarete, “Oh Margarete,” Clyde exclaimed,” I love you so, I always have, you know.” Margarete thought, “how come he only says that when his cock is buried in me?” “Now, don’t take all day Mister Clyde, I have work to do you know,” she said. When Mister Clyde had finished, Margarete stood and kissed him. Clyde, why didn’t you tell me twenty years ago you loved me; I would have married you then.” “Well we still can” he said. Nope, you’re too old, and I am smarter than I was twenty years ago. I still love you though, you fill me you know.” Margarete turned walked out the door, “bye my love he said.” Margarete smiled and left the room.

By six in the evening all but a few were dressed and in the parlor. Margarete sent one of the staff to find out who wasn’t there and go find them if she could. Drinks were served. Margarete said dinner would be ready at 7:30. She stood at the door and listened, she heard the low pitched voices of the men and their raucous laughs, the higher pitched voices of the women and their giggles and laughs, and the occasional squeal of delight. Margarete smiled.

Margarete stepped into the parlor and motioned to Mister David that dinner was ready. “Ladies and Gentlemen, May I have your attention please. Dinner is served,” announced David. The party moved to the dining room. The staff seated everyone; they served dinner, beverages, and a cold salad, soup, followed by a slice of Crown Rib Roast and oven-browned vegetables, and for dessert a Crème Brûlée.

As the last of the dishes were cleared from the table, David stood; may I have your attention, this is quite an auspicious occasion, not only have we had a very good garden party but one of us had been presented a title by the Society. Grand master Phillip Dubois will do the honors. Phillip stood and looked around, he rang the bell for service, “have the staff and Margarete come in her please,” he said.


Chapter Nineteen Margarete Grand Dame

The staff filed in followed by Margarete who looked a little put out, she had work, to do. “What is all this fuss,” she thought.

“As I was saying, the society in all its wisdom has granted one of us a title of great honor and distinction. I will also say that all of us sitting here have whole heartily approved. I received this communiqué from the society and Sir Peter. Oh maybe I should tell you who it is and what the title is. Everyone was looking around the title of Grand Dame Mistress of the Society de Sade is presented to Mistress Margarete Dela Croix. Everyone rose to their feet and applauded,

Margarete sat down unbelieving, what had just happened. Treasure and Dorothy ran to her, “congratulation ma’am, Dorothy said. Phillip said “bring her up here, Margarete was seated her at the head of the table in a chair they had pulled back from the table.

The Master lined up with their slaves, each Master and slave stood before Margarete, the Masters welcomed her, and then kissed her hand while the slave curtsied to her. Phillip and Treasure approached, Phillip knelt on one knee, he took her hand, and kissed it. He said, “Mistress Margarete, my father told me once, you would be a great lady one day, and he wasn’t wrong. This is from Sir Peter he send his congratulations.” “Thank you Master Phillip,” Margarete said. This time the tone in her voice was as an equal to Phillip, not the submissive.

Treasure knelt and hugged Margarete’s leg, “Oh mistress I am so happy for you.” Treasure kissed her hand, “then why you cry Missy Treasure,”

“Now that you’re a mistress you, will leave me. Margarete pulled Treasure up to her, hugged her, “Missy Treasure I will never leave you ever.”

“But you are a Mistress now, I am to them but to you, I will always be yours, you will always be my ma’am.” She whispered in Treasure’s ear,” now go and quit crying.”

“Yes ma’am,” Treasure said. Treasure got up and left with Phillip. Mister Clyde was next, he wished her well and congratulated her, and he couldn’t look at her. Margarete squeezed his hand, she said in a soft voice, don’t be sad Clyde you haven’t lost me, you’re the only man I know that can truly fill and satisfy me. Clyde looked at her, winked, and said, “Yes ma’am, I still love ya you know.” “Yes Clyde I know.”

Margarete stood, she looked at the staff, they were bursting at the seams to congratulate her, she called them over, they hugged her kissed her and congratulated her “Ok” she said; “let’s go we have work to do.” “Yes ma’am.” They said. They followed her into the kitchen, “Ok let’s get it cleaned up.”

“Master, may I go talk to Mistress Margarete,” Treasure said.

“Yes go ahead, she was joined by Michelle and Dorothy and Brenda in the kitchen. Margarete stood there at the sink, up to her elbows in soapy water, scrubbing pots and pans. “What are you doing, Margarete.” Treasure asked.

“Missy Treasure, that title didn’t broke these arms, I gots work to do and now you can’t argue with me. Now you girls, sit, I will be with you in a minute.” Margarete finished the pot she cleaning. She sat down. “

Now my girls listen to me and listen well, nothing I mean nothing has changed between us, Missy Treasure what I told you before, I am still you submissive by my own choice. Dorothy you and I are still sisters by my choice; do you hear what am telling you.” And Brenda you and Michelle will be one of my girls just like all the girls here, all the girls in the kitchen crowded around them. Treasure and Dorothy were crying the girls and Brenda hugged each other and patted Margarete. Margarete smiled and said, “Well now there is one thing I can do.” She pulled a cheroot out of her pocket. Brenda was the first with a light, “without permission.” She said. Margarete puffed her cigar, thank you Brenda. Now all of you back to work and you girls go back in there make me proud of you. Within a few minutes, everything had returned to normal. Margarete sat at the table by herself smoking her little cigar watching her girls work.

Margarete felt two hands on her shoulders; she turned to see Lloyd standing behind her. “Mistress Margarete, he said, will you join us in the study.

“Yes Lloyd I will, give me a moment will you,” Margarete said. Margarete entered the study, Phillip, Lloyd, Paul and David welcomed her. They offered her a drink, Margarete said, she would like a beer. Margarete knew there was no beer in the study. David stepped to the door and called Michelle, “bring Mistress Margarete a beer please Michelle,” “yes Sir.” Michelle brought Margarete a cold beer and a glass.

Phillip started, “now that you are a mistress, a Grand Dame, you will be assign a scribe, and it is the scribe’s position to communicate with the society and others in the society on a formal level. All communication with the scribe will be hand written and mailed; the scribe will post and record all contracts. In an emergency, you can contract the scribe by phone; however, a letter, hand written must follow within seven days. Margarete listened to them for about an hour. She didn’t tell them she knew all of this, Phillip’s father had told her this same thing 20 years ago. Margarete thanked them.

Margarete went out among the Master and the girls. She looked at Bonnie a tall well- built solid looking girl with dark hair and liquid blue eyes. She walked over to her, “Bonnie come with me,”

“yes Ma’am,” the girl said.

“Bonnie you are going to satisfy me,

“Oh yes ma’am with pleasure, Oh yes ma’am.”

“We will go to your room,

Yes ma’am,” Bonnie led the way to the third floor, Margarete entered the room, she closed the door, leaned back against it and sighed, Bonnie was busy stripping off her clothes, “may I undress you ma’am, are you alright,” Bonnie asked.

“Yes baby I am fine, just a little tired.”

Bonnie undressed Margarete, she folded her clothes, ma’am would you like a shower, or a bath – again Margarete just nodded,

“Yes a bath would be wonderful. Bonnie ran a tub full of hot water. Bonnie sat with her back against the tub. Margarete sat between her legs, leaning against her. Bonnie held Margarete and washed her back and chest, Bonnie’s fingers played with her clit and slit.

“Oh yes,” baby that is good,”

Bonnie kissed her neck, her ears, she fondled Margarete’s ample breast. Playing with her large nipples, Margarete moaned, she lay back in her arms and relaxed. The water began to cool, they got out; Bonnie dried her off, turned down the bed, Margarete laid down. Bonnie lay down beside her. “Hold me baby, just hold me,” Margarete said, Bonnie snuggled up to Margarete and wrapped her arm around her; Bonnie kissed Margarete on her lips tasted her. Bonnie stroked her hair. Bonnie felt Margarete’s knee, bump her knees. Bonnie opened her legs, she felt Margarete’s leg slide up between hers, to her crotch. Bonnie tightened her legs and rolled her hips against her leg.

They lay there slowly making love. Bonnie was totally in tune with Margarete’s body, she knew in advance what Margarete wanted and how fast or slow how hard and soft it was as if Margarete was telling her what to do by mental telepathy. Margarete said not one single word. She moaned, she groaned, her body shivered and shook, it tremble and spasmed, Bonnie brought Margarete to the pinnacle of ecstasy then slowed down to bring her the pinnacle again. Margarete could stand no more her body writhing on the bed, her back arched, Margarete cried out, “Oh god child” Bonnie brought her to orgasm, Margarete muffled a squeal her body shuddered and twisted and she collapsed onto the bed. Bonnie crawled up beside her, took her in her arms, held her head to her breast, and cuddled with her. Bonnie put her hand between her legs and within minutes, she orgasmed. She held onto Margarete tightly. Bonnie whispered to Margarete, “I love you woman,”

“hush child, I know you do, good night Baby.”

“Good night, Ma’am.

Margarete was awakened by Bonnie with a kiss and a caress, “good morning ma’am, they will be serving breakfast soon. I went to your room and picked this out for you to wear.”

Margarete sat up, “child, I am late, I have to get the breakfast ready,”

“Oh no ma’am, Master Phillip told me to let you sleep, you will join them this morning and take your place with them. I will run your shower. Margarete pulled the comforter around her shoulders, “I will never get used to this, it is going to be different, but I will always have my girls.”

“Mistress Margarete did you say something, Bonnie called out.

“No child,” Margarete mumbled.

“Ma’am your shower is ready Margarete got in the shower. Bonnie washed her from head to toe. She shampooed her hair and shaved her. Then she dried her off, combed and blew her hair dry and helped her dress.

Margarete hugged her, kissed her, “Thank you child.” She sat and waited for Bonnie to dress, “I’m ready ma’am,” Margarete and Bonnie went to breakfast.

Bonnie escorted Margarete into the dining room, she pulled her seat out for her, and Margarete looked around she felt a little odd. Lloyd took hold of Margarete’s hand. Bonnie went to the side board to fix Margarete’s coffee, “Margarete,” Lloyd said, “please sit,”

“Mister Lloyd this is very different, me being on the other side now.”

Lloyd looked at her, “Margarete all of us have felt that way, at one time or another you are no different than any one of us. Frankly, you might be more dominant than anyone here might be.”

“Oh Mister Lloyd,”

“Margarete you forget, I have seen the pit bull in you remember.” Margarete nodded, Lloyd kissed her cheek. Margarete sat, Lloyd pushed her seat in, Bonnie served her coffee, Lloyd sat on one side, he patted her arm. Bonnie turned to leave. “Bonnie” Lloyd said, where, are you going, take your place beside your mistress,”

“Oh yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

Margarete looked at Lloyd a little rear caught her eye. “Thank you Mister Lloyd thanks.” Margarete said. “Bonnie, go get your coffee and fix us a plate.” Bonnie went to the side bar and fixed their plates.

Phillip and Treasure came in Phillip greeted everyone, he leaned over Margarete’s chair kissed on the cheek, morning mistress, he said. Treasure kissed her cheek, morning mistress Treasure said, Margarete winked at her, morning baby, she said.

Margarete sat back after she finished breakfast. She was glad the weekend was over. They would leave for home in a few hours and things would be back to normal, or at least she hoped they would be back to normal.

“Bonnie after breakfast, help me pack, I want to get Phillip, and Treasure packed. Did you come up with the staff? Bonnie nodded you will go back with us.” Margarete said,

“Yes ma’am.” Bonnie said.

Margarete and Bonnie left the dining room. Phillip and Treasure were in their room. Treasure was packing when Margarete and Bonnie arrived. Margarete and Bonnie began to help Treasure pack, Phillip stood watching, he said, “Mistress Margarete,”

Margarete turned and looked at Phillip, “let the girls do that Margarete,” Phillip said. Margarete smiled and said, “I’m supervising them.” Bonnie giggled, keep packing Margarete said, “Yes ma’am,” Bonnie and Treasure responded together. “Bonnie go fetch William to carry this to the car and then pack my belongings and yours have William put them in the car, you will drive us back to New Orleans, “yes ma’am,” I want to be ready to go by eleven she said, “yes ma’am,” Bonnie said.

Phillip stood there just watching I see you have it under control Margarete, I will go down, and have some coffee. “Yes Phillip, it is all under control.” Phillip left the room, Margarete said, “wait till I get dat man home, I will show him control.” Treasure began to laugh and fell on the floor, Bonnie burst out laughing too. Margarete looked at Treasure and Bonnie, come here to me. Margarete hugged and kissed them both, now go pack, I want to get home and back to normal.

Treasure wiped the tears from her eyes and said, “Yes ma’am, Mistress Margarete ma’am and began laughing again.”

“Go! Child, I will swat your butt,”

“Oh promises, promises,” Treasure said,

“Get you two, yes ma’am, both Bonnie and Treasure ran out of the room.

“Those girls are going to be my death of me, lord hep me.”

Everything was ready by 11:00 o’clock. Phillip and Treasure said goodbye to David and Michelle and the other who were standing around. Out in the car Bonnie was in the driver’s seat. Margarete was checking to make sure everything was there and packed in the Suburban. Phillip and Treasure came out. Margarete got in the front passenger seat, Treasure and Phillip got in the back. “Home Bonnie,” Margarete said. Bonnie rose up pulled her skirt up to her crotch, looked at Margarete, “had to get comfy, she said. She started the car and pulled out headed back to New Orleans. Margarete looked at Bonnie, the gentle curves of her breasts, the tanned skin on her thighs. Bonnie sensed Margarete was watching and spread her legs a little wider. Margarete leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes for a minute.

Treasure broke the silence, I had a wonderful time, and everything was beyond what I expected. Phillip sat back in his Captain’s chair and reclined it, “I am going to rest,” he said. Treasure, Margarete and Bonnie talked all the way home.

“Mister Phillip,” Margarete said. “When we get to the house, I want to talk to you, about this mistress thing.”

“Ok, Margarete, when we arrive home, we will talk about this Mistress thing.” Phillip said.

Bonnie stopped once for gas and a pit stop for Treasure and the girls to used the restroom. The girls were having a great time. Bonnie told them she was a widow, her husband was an engineer on an oilrig in the gulf, and he died when it exploded. She was working odd jobs and doing whatever to make ends meet. Her husband was a friend of Clyde’s that is how she came to work this weekend at the party. Margarete listened closely to what Bonnie told them. Margarete turned around to look at Mister Phillip. She looked him in the eye, he winked at her, and nodded Margarete winked back. “Bonnie, I am sure a job will come along, that will suit you to a “T,” Margarete said.

“Oh I hope so; I don’t want to touch his insurance money. Now that he is gone, I will need that for my retirement.

Treasure said, “Bonnie why not let Master Phillip, invest your money he is a genius.”

“I will be happy to give Bonnie some names of some very smart and capable people who have their fingers on the pulse of the market they will give you better service than I could.” Phillip said.

“Bonnie, do you want us to drop you off or take you home after dinner?”

After dinner would be fine, I don’t have anything to go home too,” Bonnie said.

“Then it is done after dinner it is then. Bonnie pulled into the garage at 5:00 o’clock in the evening. Let’s get it unpacked Mister Phillip would you unlock the house please. Bonnie bring your belongings in, I don’t know what car I will use to take you home. Ok, Bonnie said. Phillip unlocked the house leaving the doors open behind him; he checked the down stairs rooms. Then he went to his office, he checked his messages and then his E-Mail.

Phillip heard the clatter of the little plastic wheels on the luggage as it traveled across the portico. Phillip looked out the window. Bonnie bent over at the waist trying to stuff everything back into a suitcase, her skirt pulled up over her butt. Phillip had a beautiful view of her assets; he smiled and tapped his knuckle against the glass, poor Bonnie about jumped out of her skin and over the suitcase. She stood, looked around all she could see was her reflection in the window. She composed herself and carried the half- closed suit case into the kitchen, Phillip turned to see Margarete smiling at him, “you are so bad Mister, Phillip” Margarete laughed.

“Mister Phillip about this grand dame thing, I don’t want to change anything here. I don’t want to leave here. “Oh,” Mister Phillip why did they do this to me?”

Whoa, wait a minute, who says you have to leave? Who says anything has to change?” Phillip said.

“But I am a mistress now, you’re a master, I cannot, I am so confused.”

“Margarete the title is yours for better or worse, what you do with it is up to you, you, don’t have to be a mistress here, nothing will change between us. I would expect you to do your duties here, that I have contracted you to do as my housekeeper. The contract you had with my father I will honor you are a free woman, you have given yourself freely to Treasure you will continue her training and be her submissive. You have given yourself freely to be my sensual service submissive when I call upon you? Is this not correct.

“Yes it is,” Margarete said.

“Do you want anything to change?”

“No I don’t,” she said.

“Then nothing will change here except when we entertain in a formal setting you will be the Grand Dame, is that clear.”

“Yes, very clear. Thank you, Phillip.” Margarete said.


Chapter Twenty Waxed

Treasure, dressed in a painted floral Kimono, and Phillip went up the narrow staircase, to the third floor clock tower. Phillip stopped on the landing, he took and old key from his pocket and unlocked the door; he turned the handle and kicked the lower portion of the door with his foot, the door sprung open, Phillip pushed it open, the hinges squealing in protest; Phillip Stepped inside taking Treasure with him, Phillip

Closed the door, the room was dark; the only light was from the cracks in the boards over a window high up on one wall. The room was cool, it seemed to Treasure the walls were covered with shadows from the rays of light that streaked in through the cracks in the boards. The shadow? Dark objects and shapes stood silently in the dark as if they were the skyline of a dead and deserted city.

Treasure inhaled a breath, the air smelled faintly of spices, flowers, elixirs; some vaguely familiar other strange, some were even piquant to her senses. Treasure’s eyes adjusting to the darkness, she began to see more of the shapes.

Treasure heard a rasping scraping sound; she looked to see the match exploding into a flame of light, the yellow glow of the flame, the acrid smell of sulfur, as Treasure’s eyes adjusted to the dim light of the match.

Phillip Began to light the candles first, one candle, then another, the soft yellow glow of the room becoming brighter with each candle he lit, the shadows began to take shape. They were candles, tall ones, short ones, thin and fat, square and round and tapered and straight, the flame on the wick the light diffused through the opaque wax illuminating the top of each candle, candles were lit on each of the four walls.

The room faint with the smells the airy gossamer aromas began to come alive, they were reborn, rekindled into life the deep rich fragrance of Jade and vanilla and of nutmeg and rose, a thousand different fragrances blending, merging, melding into a delicious scintillating treat for her senses.

The room now finally lit the 100’s of candles; the aroma’s warming the senses, the soft warm glow of the light, and the yellow flames from the bee’s wax candles twinkling around the room. The drafts making the flames dance on a random rhythm.

In the center of the room, suspended from the tall dark ceiling hung a rack, a wire rack which held hundreds of candles all white, the same diameter and height.

A soft delicate music began to fill the room. The sound surrounded her; the music seemed to penetrate the pores of her skin. Treasure shivered, she flipped her hair back with her hand, and she stood in the middle of the room, the wall a glow in the light of the candle casting a golden hue on whatever surface it touched.

Treasure’s eyes returned to the rack, the candles were sitting on a metal base like a small saucer with clips on the side to hold the candles up right; the wire frame was covered in wax, the wax hung like stalactites from the bottom of the rack. Some looked like daggers. Treasure jumped at his touch, he stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders, and he gently pulled the floral painted kimono from her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

Phillip wrapped her hair up, tucked it in a black mesh bag, and pinned it to her head. Treasure stood her arms at her side, her feet shoulder width apart.

Phillip picked up a vial pulled the glass stopper out, poured a small amount into his hand, he set the bottle down and rubbed his hands together and began to coat Treasure’s back, his hands moved like a painters, short and long strokes, wide flaring strokes, circular strokes covering her back, her butt and her legs, adding a drop of the spicy scented oil as needed. Phillip turned Treasure to face him, he dripped a few drops on her shoulders and her breasts before he began to paint her again, his hands moving slowly deliberately covering her body, her arms, her neck, the tops of her feet with the spicy scent of Frankincense. Treasure’s body glowed in the light of the candles, the flames reflection danced on her body, she was basking in the glow of the light, the tingle of the oil, and the sounds of gossamer music, her senses were almost complete. Phillip took a small tablet from his pocket; he slipped it between Treasure’s lips. Treasure took the tablet into her mouth sucking it. The flavor of the universe burst forth in her mouth.

Phillip led Treasure to the bench, he seated her adjusted her body on the bench and rolled her under the rack of candles.

Phillip struck a match, he lit a piece of string, it sparked and glowed, she watched it travel from candle to candle lighting them, the rack began to glow, Phillip would occasionally light or relight a candle missed by the fuse. The scented candles began to burn and melt, the center of the room was lit. Treasure could see through the rack to the ceiling a mural, a mural of her was painted on the ceiling, Treasure smiled.

The first drop of wax fell landing right above Treasure’s belly bottom, the sharp; sting then the warmth of the drop began to settle over he, another drop this time on her right knee, the wax running down the inside of her knee, more drops followed, it started like a gentle sprinkle of rain, a drop here, a drop there, she felt the sting and then warmth of each drop. A drop landed on her vulva at the pinnacle of the labial cleft. Treasure took a deep breath, the; pain, the pleasure, the sting the warmth all mixed with the senses of smell and taste and hearing.

She felt the wax hit her throat, her breast, her belly ad arms, the sprinkle of wax became a shower, the shower became a storm, and the wax completely covering Treasure’s exposed body. The wax had cocooned her and then it stopped the last few drops fell as the candles died out, the smell of the wicks and the smoke pitch up towards the ceiling. Treasure was hot, the wax covered her. Phillip took his wax dipper and completed the waxing of Treasure. She was covered with a layer of wax, varying from ⅛ inch to ½ inch. Treasure was awash in senses her mind humming from the pain centers and yet she was aroused, every sense she had was heightened, Treasure saw a flash.

Treasure diverted her eyes to Phillip he was standing there holding a razor between his thumb and index fingers. The razor an antique, the ivory handle was a delicious shade of creamy yellow, the blade shined in the light, the blade engraved with gold filigree. Phillip began to strop it on a leather strap, he would check the blade after a few strokes on the strop, and finally he turned to her, “now my pet, time to remove that wax. Phillip threw a towel over his shoulder. Phillip began to shave the wax off Treasure. Phillip slid the razor beneath the wax and the skin slowly peeling the wax from her in tight little curls, the wax falling to the floor. Treasure could feel the pull of the razor as it cut the hairs and lifted the wax off her. It was like a fluid somewhat, vibrating motion. Treasure lay back, she wouldn’t move no matter how skillful Phillip was, if she moved or shivered he could cut her to the bone before even he could react.

Phillip began at her right shoulder, shaving the wax from the face of her arm. Then the outside and the inside of the arm, too the elbow, to her hand, Phillip shaved the wax off her leg, the face of her leg, then the outer thigh, to the knee leaving the wax on her inner thigh. Phillip shave her other leg I the same manner; and her other arm was lay in heaps around Treasure. Phillip skillfully working the blade and out of all the little crevices, working slowly around her knees and ankles. Phillip stood and stretched, the music filled the air, and its ether sounds. Phillip cleaned the razor on the towel, “now my beauty,” he thought. Phillip laid the razor against her neck pulling down towards her breasts in small strokes cleaning the wax from her chest. He worked down between her breast to her belly, he worked the razor against her skin from the? And belly to each side, slowly traveling down towards her mound. He stopped at her belly button. Phillip closed the razor turned it around, he used the finger rest on the end of the blade to remove the wax from her belly button, Treasure snickered, and Phillip traced a few more circles around her belly button and belly.

Phillip gave her a few minutes to calm down, and then he shaved the wax from her breasts, working up towards her nipples then stopped at the areola of each one.

Phillip moved to her belly then to her mound with one steady sweep of the razor, the tight curly patch of strawberry blond pubic hair on her mound came off with the wax. Phillip took extra to remove all the wax from her vulva and inner thighs before returning to her breasts. Phillip slowly shaved up to the nipples then with his teeth pulled the last remaining wax off of Treasure. Phillip kissed her breasts, Treasure’s skin, which had a wonderful dark tan now, had a pinkish glow to it, her skin sensitive and alive each nerve ending charged, and ready for the next sensation. Phillip pulled Treasure off the bench, backed her slowly to the wall. Phillip raised her leg, held it at waist height, he reached down pulling his hard cock up toward Treasure, and he thrust his hips, his cock slid into Treasure. Treasure rolled her hips to accept all of Phillip.

Treasure’s back against the cool brick wall, the heat from her waxed front and then Phillip his manhood madly pounding into her, the staccato thrusts the glow from the candles the scents, Treasure’s mind over loaded with pleasure grabbed Phillip, she clung to him, pulling him tight holding him, her body began to shake and tremble. Treasure’s knee buckled, she was now pinned to the wall by Phillip. Treasure groaned, rolled her hips towards him, her head fell backwards resting on the wall, her mouth opened, a low guttural sound resonating from the depths of her soul rose an filled the room. Treasure ‘s body shook violently, Phillip felt her spasm, he felt her orgasm, after orgasm; Phillip thrust one more time up into Treasure’s wanton spasming body; Phillip’s cock erupted, spewing his seed deep into her. Phillip thrust again pushing into her, his cock erupted again bathing her voracious wanton pussy with his seed. Treasure’s head fell forward collapsing on his shoulder, she shivered, and she kissed his neck. Treasure wrapped her arms around Phillip’s neck.

Phillip rested against Treasure; he pulled her to him and stood dropping her leg. Treasure was like a rag doll. Picked her up in his arms, laid her down on the bench, and covered her with the kimono. Tucked him in, straightened up, and began to extinguish the candles with a snuffer and a long pole The room slowly darkened as the candles were snuffed out. Phillip left two candles at the door burning. Phillip picked Treasure up and carried her to the door, snuffed the last two candles as he left the room, he carried her to their bedroom laying her on the bed. Phillip kneeled beside her; he kissed her sensuous full lips. I love you he whispered; then kissed her again. No mortal man could or ever will love a woman anymore or any less than I love you. Phillip said as he kissed her once more. Phillip stroked her hair. Treasure’s spent body lay there before him; Phillip laid beside her holding her, he thought of them, he said to himself when I return from Phoenix I will ask her to be my wife and to bear me a child, no children as many as she can bear me. Phillip fell asleep, “he dreamed of his new wife, his many children, their long life together.”


Chapter Twenty-one Phoenix         


Treasure slipped beneath the covers, “good morning my precious one eyed snake,” Treasure said, as she sucked him into her mouth,

“Mmmm,” Phillip stirred and rolled over to lie on his back. Phillip’s manhood hardened in her warm mouth, her tongue teased him, “oh yes, my girl,” Phillip exclaimed. Phillip threw back the covers, he saw his Treasure, and she was a nice creamy pink color, a sun burned pink to be exact. Phillip caressed her head, “come here to me, “he said. Treasure crawled up and lay in his arms. Phillip hugged her and kissed her. He started to say something but he stopped there were things he wanted in place before he asked her to marry him besides, he didn’t have the ring, he wanted this to be special, “good morning,” Phillip said. “Let’s shower, then I will fix you breakfast, and since we are alone,” he patted her on her butt. Treasure kissed him and got out of bed.

Treasure moved slowly, it was as if she was painted pink on her front. Phillip put his arm around her and walked with her to the bathroom. Today he would spoil her, he washed her, and he washed her hair. Treasure turned away from him and bent over at the waist placing her hands on her knees. He looked at his Treasure, “Oh my girl, I so love you,” he slowly slipped his cock into her. Phillip took his time toying with her, pleasing her. Her body shook, and spasmed, they orgasmed together, Phillip finished washing her; he dried her off and held her robe for her. Phillip had not done this for in a very long time.

“What is he up too? Something is up with him,” she thought.

Phillip pulled a seat out for Treasure and then he began to make a mess in the kitchen calling it breakfast for his girl. Treasure loved the thought, the effort; she shuddered at the mess he would leave for Margarete to clean up after breakfast was over. Phillip served her coffee, then her breakfast. He ate slowly, watching her he looked at her as if he had never seen her before.

“Phillip, are you alright? You’re acting a little strange,” Treasure said.

“Oh yes! Baby, I am just fine, I have never felt better in all my life.” Phillip responded.

“Ok,” she said.

Phillip cleared the table scraped the dishes in the trash, washed the dishes and wiped down the counters. Treasure was surprised.

Phillip took Treasure’s hand “come with me,” he said. Treasure followed Phillip out to the portico; he hit the switch, the top of the hot tub began to rise. Phillip turned to her, he took her into his arms, he held her tight against him; he kissed her neck, her ears, he nibbled on her shoulders; he slid off her robe, together they stepped into the tub, he pulled her close to him. “I love you,” he said to Treasure.

“And I love you too,” she said and kissed him.

Treasure thought, “What is the old scoundrel planning, he is acting so romantic, he is never like this. “ I will have to be ready for anything,” she told herself.

Phillip pampered Treasure all day, “come on, let’s go out to dinner. Get dressed, he patted her butt, “casual” he said, as she walked toward her closet. “We will walk in the moonlight,” he said.

Treasure thought “La Belle Noire.” Treasure dug through her closet and found the dress she wore the first time he took her there. It was a little tight, yet if fit her better now. Treasure slipped on her shoes. I am ready Master she said emerging from the closet. Phillip looked at her as Treasure whirled around. Phillip was dressed in one of his casual black outfits. Treasure slipped on her cardigan. They walked arm in arm, two blocks down and two blocks over, The La Belle Noire, Phillips one and only place of escape, no one disturbed him, when he was there. Phillip tapped on the door. Come in Mister DuBois and Miss Treasure, we are so glad to have you back with us tonight. “Thank you Jean Paul.” Phillip and Treasure stepped in the dark hallway and Jean Paul closed the door behind them. This way Mister DuBois, they were seated at Phillip’s table.

“Jean Paul the Scampi ET TU FE, how is it tonight,” Phillip asked.

Aww, monsieur DuBois, l’est par excellence. »

« Dieu, si vous plait, Jean Paul,

Qui monsieur DuBois.

Jean Paul, Viné rouge, tre Bon,

“Yes Sir.”

Treasure pulled her skirt up to her crotch. Phillip smiled, rubbed her thigh, and put his hand between her legs. “Oh yes Master,” Treasure said. Phillip and Treasure ate their dinner and about drank the whole bottle of red. Phillip ate and talked to Treasure, Phillip rarely talked during dimmer, he rubbed her thigh all through dinner, when they were through eating Phillip ordered two slices of key lime pie and coffee, “this was totally out of character for Phillip, some was definitely wrong here, “Treasure thought.” Phillip signed the check, it was a little brisk, Treasure pulled her cardigan around her, and Phillip wrapped his arm around her.

Treasure saw the place she had peed, the first time they went to the La Belle Noire. Treasure slipped away from Phillip and backed into the alley, she leaned back against the wall lifted her leg and put it on the trash can, she pulled Phillip to her, she kissed him, “Phillip,” she whispered in his ear, “take me, and take me now.” Phillip pulled his zipper down. Treasure reached down, pulled his cock free of his pants, he hardened in her hand, she held it, squeezed it. Phillip pushed forward; Treasure guided his cock into her, waiting wanton lusting pussy.

“Oh, yes! Phillip, fuck me,” Treasure cooed in his ear, “Oh yes Master,” Phillip held her close, he took her leg in his arm and lifted it, and pushed deeper into Treasure’s body. Phillip held her tight and kissed her, it seemed an eternity had passed locked in an embrace in each other’s arms. Phillip orgasmed, Treasure held him tight against her, Treasure worked her muscles, and she orgasmed. Phillip dropped her leg, Treasure straightened her dress and straightened up Phillip she put his cock in his pants and zipped his fly.

Treasure squatted and peed, the sound of her urine as it collided with the cobblestone pavers and the distinct smell aroused him. Phillip looked at her, Treasure stood, Phillip took her mound in his hand and squeezed it, “Mmmm slut, let’s go home.” Phillip and Treasure walked arm an arm back to the house. Phillip told Treasure that he had to go to Phoenix in the morning. “I will be gone only a few says, a week at the most.”

Treasure kissed him, “I will pack for you in the morning,” she said.

Phillip unlocked the door, “let’s go to bed.”

“Oh yes Sir,” Treasure said.

Treasure awoke early; Phillip was dead to the world. Treasure went down, made coffee, and fixed the morning tray. “I’m glad Margarete will be back on Monday,” Treasure thought as she carried the tray to the bedroom and woke Phillip, the way a proper slave should. “Oh yes my girl,” Phillip moaned. Phillip sat up, picked up his coffee. Phillip rested his hand on Treasure’s head until he had taken a sip or two of his coffee, and then he removed his hand. Treasure continued to; please him, “Oh yes Mmmm.” Phillip reached under the covers; he pulled Treasure around and slid his hand up her between her thighs. Treasure moved and opened her legs to him. Phillip stroked her; he brought her to orgasm Phillip orgasmed a few minutes later. Phillip finished his coffee. Treasure threw the cover back; she came up and straddled him. She rolled her hips; Phillip slid his cock into Treasure. Treasure rode Phillip until they exhausted themselves. Treasure collapsed onto Phillip’s chest then rolled off him. She lay stretched out on her side facing him. Phillip thought that she was as beautiful today as she was seven years ago when she came to be his slave.

Phillip thoughts returned to that day when she walked into his home and into his life; had he not been so stubborn then he would have married her then; he had waited seven years, he could wait another week. Phillip finished his coffee, “come on,” he said, shifted to the side of the bed, threw his legs off. Treasure climbed on his back wrapped her arms around his neck. Phillip reached back grabbed her legs and stood up, he gave Treasure a piggyback ride to the bathroom “Whoopee.” Ride’ em cowgirl,” she said. Treasure slipped off his back. Treasure shaved Phillip, washed him, she shampooed his hair, and then she dried him off. Treasure took a quick shower as Phillip dressed. Treasure put on a robe and packed Phillip’s bag. She put enough in to last a solid week. She packed a few little Treasures for him as well. She rolled the case to the elevator and took it to the first floor.

Phillip was in his office, he had just hung up the phone, he typed out and sent a few E-Mails; he hit the sleep button, the computer went to sleep, it would wake up for E-Mails then go back to sleep until he woke it.

Phillip wondered what his great-grandfather would have thought about, the computer; hello, his great grand daddy would have put a musket ball in it.

Phillip got up hugged Treasure gave her a kiss, swatted her butt a couple of times. Treasure watched him walk down the portico to the garage and drive off to the office. Treasure sat down at the table. Treasure poured herself a cup of coffee. She went into the den, sat on the sofa; she picked up the novel she had been reading for a month now. “I will get to finish it this weekend,” she said. Treasure picked up the remote, pushed power, then play, she listened to her classical music and read her book. Treasure couldn’t have been any happier than she was at this moment


Chapter Twenty-two Painted whore medical table

Phillip found Treasure in the study. Phillip walked up to Treasure and spun her around to face him. “You painted whore,” pushing her back against the wall. Phillip wiped her red lipstick off her lips with his thumb pushing hard on her lips smearing her lipstick to her cheeks and chin. You are even dressed like a whore.” Phillip roared. He ripped open Treasure’s blouse, the buttons flew bouncing off the wall and floor. Treasure was struggling, “please what are you doing? Please stop!” she cried. Phillip ripped the blouse down over her shoulders and down her arms, her blouse hung off her wrists. Phillip became enraged when he saw her sheer white lace bra; he grabbed the front of her bra and ripped it off her.

Treasure screamed as the back and shoulder straps cut into her skin, her tanned flesh turning red from the abrasion and the cuts the bra ripped at the back and one strap. Phillip jerked the bra again; the other strap tore loose tearing the skin on her shoulder. Phillip slapped her face, you worthless painted whore; with all the struggling, Treasure’s skirt had ridden up her thighs, you fucking whore look at yourself, the tops of her stockings and garters were showing.

Phillip grabbed her skirt and began pulling it, tearing at it he was pulling Treasure around, then she fell. Phillip was holding her skirt, standing over her, jerking her skirt till it tore free. Treasure was sobbing, the tears running down her face. Treasure was on her back, with her skirt torn loose. She began to crab her way backwards away from him Phillip grabbed her foot. Treasure turned over and tried to crawl on all fours; Phillip reached up and grabbed her panties, “these too whore! I will teach you, I will teach you, I will beat the whore out of you.” Phillip jerked the panties they tore loose from her. Treasure fell on her butt. Phillip held her leg tightly. “Let me go, let me go, you bastard,” she screamed. Treasure cried, and tried to fight him off.

“How many? How many? How many cocks, have you had between your legs today whore? One, two, three. How many whore? Answer me! Phillip screamed at her. Phillip grabbed her other foot. Treasure was struggling; she was propelling herself along slowly using her hands. “I will show you whore! I will beat the whore out of you! Phillip fell on her sitting on her waist, he pinned her arms down.

“Please no!” Treasure screamed and cried “no!” Phillip slapped her face, then he slapped her again; “I’ll show you whore.” He said. Treasure’s hips were writhing under him, “Now I will show you,” he said. Phillip unzipped his pants and unbuttoned them he pulled his rock hard cock out of his pants. Phillip put his feet inside her legs and pried them open, then reached down and grabbed them with his hands; he rolled Treasure’s legs up to her chest. Now  whore I will show you.

Phillip drove his cock deep into Treasure. Treasure screamed. Phillip muttered each time he drove his cock into Treasure,” I will show you whore, I will fuck the whore out of you, you hear me.” Phillip’s body stiffened, “Oh you whore he said,” Phillip pushed his cock deep into Treasure, Phillip orgasmed, shooting his seed deep into Treasure’s belly.

Treasure screamed again, “No, No, No, Oh God please get off of me please don’t Treasure was beating on his arms and waist with her fist.

Phillip grabbed her arms and pinned them down. “Scream, all you want whore, no one can hear you, no one cares, and no one cares about a nasty painted whore.” Phillip said, driving his cock harder into her; Treasure screamed again.

Phillip crawled off Treasure, she rolled over to her hand and knees, she tried to crawl, run away; Phillip grabbed her by her hair, “you bitch you can’t run away from me, where will you go? Where can you run to, you painted whore.” Treasure struggled to free herself. Phillip grabbed her around the waist, he carried her to the table, threw her on it. Treasure was screaming and kicking.

Phillip held her down, he pulled the waist restraint across her and tightened it, he pulled out the stirrups from under the table catching her foot, he strapped it in the stirrup, and she kicked at him with her other foot. She tried to unlock the belt. Phillip caught her foot; he strapped it in the other stirrup. Treasure was wiggling trying to get free. Phillip took one hand and cuffed it to the waist restraint, then grabbed the other arm. Phillip slapped Treasure’s face, “shut up you whore.” He cuffed her other wrist to the waist restraint. Treasure was rocking up trying to free herself. Phillip pushed her down, he pulled the shoulder restraint across her neck and fastened it over her shoulder, and the two shoulder straps converged at her sternum just above her breasts. The center strap ran down her sternum to the waist restraint he locked it just below her breast was the chest restraint. Phillip hooked it to both sides of the table over her arms and pulled it tight. The last, and final strap was around Treasure’s forehead, Phillip pulled the strap tight. The only thing Treasure could move were her knees, Phillip put a spreader bar holding her knees wide apart, “mm” Phillip let out a sigh, sat down and rested.

The only movement Treasure had were, her eyes, she could wiggle her fingers, and toes, shake her body a little. Treasure was bound tight, her legs open, feet apart in the stirrup her breast exposed; Treasure was at Phillip’s mercy.

Phillip got up picked up a tray, be began to walk around the room setting the tray down opening drawers, closing drawers, cabinets being opened and closed. Treasure could hear all of this; she could hear papers and plastic being rustled, objects clinking on the metal tray. Treasure rolled her eyes to the side hoping to see what Phillip was doing. Phillip pulled a stand up to the table, and then set the tray on it. Treasure heard the water running in a sink; she heard the bristle of the brush scrubbing his hands. The water stopped, Phillip walked into view drying his hands and humming a tune. Phillip picked up a package pulled it open took out the gloves, pulled them on his hands, he snapped the fingers on one by one while watching Treasure.

Treasure was pleading, why? Why are you doing this? Why do you want to hurt me? Please, please, let me go! I won’t tell anyone. I won’t say a word. Please Mister. “Oh please Mister let me go.” Phillip put a ball gag in her mouth. Treasure mumbled; Phillip began to whistle. Phillip sat down on his stool, he reached up turning on operating room light and adjusting it to shine on Treasure’s crotch. Phillip pulled the cloth off the tray. The stainless steel instruments gleamed in the light. Phillip pulled up a stand with a box on it, wires of all kinds hung from the box. There were dials, knobs, and lights across the front of it, above the wires, Phillip flipped a switch, the box lit up, it came alive, and the dials lit up the meters lit showing the numbers and needles pointing to the numbers. Treasure squealed and tried to squirm out of her bindings. Phillip opened a plastic package, he pulled out a sheet, he began pulling these little tabs off, he stuck the tabs on her labia, level with her clitoris, he put otters on her pudendum at the top of her labial cleft, he put two more two inches down on her labia. He picked up the leads, and laid them across the waist restraint, he smiled, he picked up another package off the tray and grabbed at the two tabs and ripped the package open; he unrolled the catheter and put a clamp on one end, he spread Treasure’s labia pushed the inner labia back, he pushed the catheter into her urethra pushing it up until it entered the bladder, he loosed the clamp, the clear tube turned yellow with urine. Phillip put the clamped end into a collection jar and opened the clamp, her urine began to fill the jar, and the smell of urine filled the air.

Phillip began to attach the leads from the box to the little tabs he had stuck on her pudendum and her labia. Phillip exposed the little gold ring that was in her inner labia. Phillip began separating the leads and connecting them to the tabs, he had stuck on earlier.

Phillip took a speculum off the tray and inserted it in her vagina. He then pulled an anal plug off the tray, he lubed the tip and with a quick pop inserted it into her and seated it. Phillip finished connecting the leads.

Treasure felt a little tingle then the amplitude began to build, the tingle became pulses, her muscles began to contract and relax, and her vagina began to spasm. Phillip adjusted the dials and switches her clit was vibrating with each pulse, her vagina the muscles contracting releasing in a pulsating series of spasms, then a pulse from her mound to anus caused her bladder to spasm. The pattern began to vary as Phillip adjusted and programmed the box. Treasure butt began to twitch. Treasure moaned her body shook. The pulses went from slow to fast, from mild to painful and everywhere in between it was all very chaotic, the erotic stimulation plus the added sensation of pain. Treasure was becoming aroused even though she fought against those deep-rooted feelings.

Phillip stood, he pulled the tray and stand close to the table, he groped her breasts squeezing them hard, and pulling her nipples till they slipped from his fingers. Phillip tore open an alcohol swab and swabbed down her breast.

Then he took a needle from the tray and unwrapped it, he pulled the protective cap off, he pinched up the skin of her areola above her nipple he laid the two inch long needle on her skin, he watched the point of the needle disappear in her flesh, he pushed the needle slowly stopping to wiggle it, up or down or side to side, he wanted to stay in that layer of flesh where most of the nerves were to be found, he pushed the needle in more the point cutting through the nerves ripping them, the nerves sending pain signals to the brain.

Phillip watched the needle burrow into her flesh, the outline of the needle clearly visible under the skin, when the point exited the skin a small drop of bright red blood appeared and began to die, the blood turning darkened then finally turning black. The life force of Treasure was being attacked. Phillip inserted the needle in her areola parallel to her shoulder above her nipple, the one below her nipple, he then inserted one on either side of her nipple in the areola, he inserted two more though her nipple in the shape of an X there were six needles in her areola and nipple, Phillip put six more in different locations around her breast, he did the same to the other breast.

Treasure was moaning her hips rolling in rhythm to the electrical pulses. Phillip wiped the breast with another alcohol swab. Treasure shivered her body shuttered her back arched, her hands balled into fists, her body spasmed not once but five times in succession, hard spasms, her breathing was labored, her chest rose and fell in exaggeration motion with each breath she took. Her body trembled and shivered. Treasure’s eyes rolled around in the sockets, “Oh God” she muttered her body spasmed again. Treasure flopped around in her restraints, her body glistened with sweat.

Phillip turned off the box, he unclipped the leads, pulled out the anal plug and speculum, and then slowly he removed the needles one by one wiping around each one with an alcohol swab. Phillip unbuckled and took off all the straps. Treasure lay there in her state of sub-space, her body limp, languid. Phillip picked her up off the table carried her to the bed, covered her up laid beside her; Mmmm I love you girl he whispered. Phillip lay there holding Treasure until they both slept.


Chapter Twenty-three Phillips death      

It had been seven years four months since Treasure became the property of Phillip DuBois a grand Master in the Society De Sade. Phillip was killed in an airline disaster one year ago, Treasure hoped that a year would lapse and then she would be free from all bondage; but he had, had his eye on her since he saw her a long time ago. He had approached Phillip then about buying her; Phillip said then he would never part with his Treasure for any price, now he had her.

Treasure sat in shock, her World as she knew it had ended, her Master Phillip DuBois had died; the airplane he was on the flight from Phoenix to New Orleans had crashed two days before. She had just been notified by the airline of his death.

The telephone she held against her ear, buzzed the busy signal. Her body trembled uncontrollably, the tears dropped from her cheeks to her white silk blouse. The silk blouse now transparent where the tears had fallen. Her grip on the phone loosened, the phone fell to the floor with a crash. Treasure jumped “oh my God! What! Will I do?” She thought. Her mind racing, she was without Master Phillip. It was the first time in seven years she had been alone he had been there for her, he made the decisions on what she did, where she went, what she wore, she was lost. Her tears poured from her eyes, her beautiful emerald green eyes now swollen and red. Her makeup, what little she wore ran in streaks down her face, staining her blouse.

Treasure had lost all sense of time; she did not hear Margarete enter by the back door. Margarete hung her jacked, putting on her fresh white starched apron over her black uniform. She made coffee, Margarete thought she heard a buzzing sound and paid it no mind, when the coffee had finished she poured it in the service, added fresh cream and a bowl of sugar, she placed two china cups with their matching saucers on the tray, she placed the morning newspaper to the side. She would take the tray to Mister Phillip and Treasure in their bedroom. Margarete headed into the hall, she heard a muffled cry and the buzzing of the busy signal from the phone. Margarete rushed to the sound, she rounded the corner to the den, she saw Treasure seated crying and shaking Margarete dropped the tray spilling everything on the floor and the rug. She ran to Treasure grabbing her, “what is wrong Missy, Oh my God! What is wrong?” Treasure sobbed and stuttered, he, he, he’s d-dd-dead. Phillip’s dead. Then Treasure collapsed into her arms. “Come Missy, I am taking you to bed.” No, no, no, not there, I can’t not without him.” Come on to the guest room down here Margarete had to carry Treasure; she laid her down on the bed and pulled the covers out from under her. Margarete undressed Treasure, her blouse wet from tears, her pants wet from her urine. Margarete covered Treasure. Treasure had passed out once her head touched the pillow.

Margarete ran to the phone and called Paul on his cell. She told him Treasure was in bad shape and she thought Mister Phillip was dead. Paul said he would be over; he had just left his house on the way to the hospital.

Margarete called Lloyd, Phillips lawyer, she told him what she knew, Mister Lloyd told her he would call the airline and find out what was what, and he would call back as soon as he knew anything.

Margarete heard the car screech to a stop at the curb and a door slammed shut. She hurried to the front door, opened it as Paul rushed by her, “where is she, woman, where is she,”

“In dare Doctor Paul in dare,”

She led Doctor Paul to where Treasure lay. Doctor Paul began to examine her, he took her blood pressure and pulse then pulled the covers back listening to her heart, he shined his light in her eyes. Doctor Paul pushed on the skin of her hand, then her arm. She has to go to the hospital now, she is seriously dehydrated it can’t wait.

“No Sir, no, you know how Missy hates the hospital, she would die there for sure,”

“Ok.” Doctor Paul took out his cell phone and called his office, he told his nurse what to bring, he read it off a list he made and bring them STAT he said and hung up. His office was twenty minutes away. He opened his bag, took out a two vials and a small black case. He opened the case picked up a syringes and needle. He gave her Valium to calm her down. “Margarete, go make me some coffee and bring me the phone”

“Yes Doctor Paul, right away.”

Margarete brought him the phone, then made coffee while the coffee was brewing, she cleaned up what she had spilled in the den. Margarete brought Doctor Paul his coffee and then answered the door. “The doctor is in there Missy Dotty.” Margarete said, pointing the way to his nurse, “there is other stuff in the trunk of the car would you get it please.” “Yes ma’am I will.” Margarete went to the car and brought in the rest of the supplies, “Dorothy start an intravenous line. Margarete hand me that stand and that box.” Doctor Paul hung two units of saline on the stand. Dorothy put the intravenous needle in Treasure’s hand and connected the tubing to the saline bag. “Start her on seven liters of oxygen. Dorothy,” Dorothy put the regulator on the tank and adjusted the flow, she draped the hose around Treasure’s ears and into her nose. “Full drip Dorothy, we need to hydrate her as quickly as we can.” “Yes Sir.”“And check her pulse and BP every 15 minutes.” I will call the office and tell them to reschedule my morning appointments. “Margarete, Dorothy, keep a close watch on her; let me know of any changes in her condition STAT.” he said

After three units of saline Treasure’s blood pressure, was 122 over 71 her pulse was 70, “The sedative I gave her will keep her calm and asleep for a few more hours.” Dorothy stay here and monitor her vitals,” Paul gave the syringe and the vials to Dorothy. “Any problems call me on the cell phone. I will be back this evening to check on her and Dorothy I want you to stay with her overnight unless that would create a problem for you,”

“No Doctor Paul, it will be no problem at all.” Doctor Paul gave Dorothy a kiss on her cheek. “I will be back” and he left for his office.

Missy Dorothy, “I will clean her up, she was a frightful mess when I got here,”

“I will help you; we need a bowl of warm water, soap, and some towels. Also, go to her makeup table and get her cleansing cream. I want to remove her makeup.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Late in the afternoon Lloyd called Margarete, Margarete told him, Missy Treasure was still sleeping, Missy Dotty was with her and Doctor Paul would be here soon could he call back later.

“I will come over when Paul is there, have him call my cell when he gets there,

“Yes Sir, I will, does he have dat number,”

“I will give it to you just in case he doesn’t. Margarete wrote the number down and repeated it back to Lloyd.

Margarete and Dorothy washed Treasure from head to toe taking care not to disturb her too much, Margarete cleansed her face, and they put a gown on her.

“let her sleep,” Dorothy whispered.

At 7:30 that evening, Paul arrived; Margarete gave him Lloyd’s message. “Thank you Margarete,” Paul called Lloyd, “ok, see you shortly then, bye, bye.” “Margarete have ya’ll eaten.”

“No not yet,” Dorothy said,”

“Oh Doctor Paul, I will go fix something, ”Margarete disappeared into the kitchen, soon the smell of garlic and rosemary permeated the air.

Doctor Paul examined Treasure and spoke with Dorothy. Treasure was in a state of shock, complicated by dehydration, she was now rehydrated and no longer shaky. Doctor Paul palpitated, Treasure’s belly. “Mmmm Dorothy, catheterize her, relieve the pressure on her bladder.” Yes Doctor” Dorothy gathered the equipment pulled the covers back gently spread Treasure’s legs, attached the Foley to the collection bag, lubed it and slowly pushed it into Treasure’s urethra. Treasure moaned, “I am sorry baby it will be over in a minute,” Dorothy said. The catheter entered her bladder, her urine began to fill the collection bag, “You will feel better now baby,” she hooked the bag to the side of the bed.

The doorbell rang, Margarete stepped in to say dinner was ready, Doctor Paul and Dorothy went to the dining room, and Margarete answered the door. “Good evening Mister Lloyd, follow me please, Doctor Paul is in the dining room, would you care for dinner,”

“Yes Margarete, that would be wonderful,” Doctor Paul rose and shook, Lloyd’s hand, “How are you Lloyd?”

“The question is, how is Treasure?”

“She will be ok, she needs rest, by tomorrow she will be awake. I cannot tell her mental state yet, but she should be ok physically,”

“I talked to the airline, flight 265 from Phoenix did crash, no survivors. I am afraid Phillip was on the plane. “Oh my God,” Dorothy said. Margarete stood in the doorway, she began to shake one bowl of salad crashed to the floor. Dorothy got up, took the tray from Margarete, “Margarete sit here girl,” Margarete began to cry, she turned went back in the kitchen, she mumbled,” I done buried two no good husbands now dat one good man is dead, life is no good to me, it never was, never will be.” Dorothy served the Caesar salad, Margarete returned with the garlic, rosemary, scampi, and rice pilaf. “I will be with Missy Treasure if you need me, leave the dishes, I will gets em later.”

“I will finish up here Margarete,” Dorothy said,” Oh Missy Dorothy, I forgot the bread and wine.”

“Margarete go to Treasure, I will handle things here.” Margarete went to Treasure’s room, sat on her bed, she held her hand and She cried.

Doctor Paul gave Margarete a sedative when he checked on Treasure before he had coffee. Lloyd told; Paul over coffee that Phillip’s new will left all to Treasure, the bank would be in trust until the will, was probated. The airline insurance would add another million or so. Margarete would receive her retirement and a few other things. Treasure would be a very wealthy girl. Doctor Paul checked on Treasure and Margarete, Margarete was asleep holding Treasure in her arms. They will be ok. I will check on them before I go into work.

“Get some rest.” Dorothy hugged Paul and fondled his crotch; it has been a long time since we have been by ourselves, Doctor. Paul hugged Dorothy; he put both his hands-on her butt pulled her close, “yes it has my little slut.” Dorothy led Paul into the study.

Paul fondled Dorothy and kissed her; Dorothy pushed Paul against the desk and kneeled before him. Dorothy unzipped and then unbuttoned his pants; she took his semi hard cock from his boxers. Dorothy slowly put his cock in her mouth, sucking him till he was hard as steel. Dorothy fondled his sack teasing each of his balls with her hand. “Oh yes you lil slut, yes that is right, you remember how I like it mmmm.” Paul reached down, grabbed her by her hair, “come here girl and pulled her up, bent her over the desk, he pulled up her dress ripped the thong off. Paul pushed his hard throbbing cock into Dorothy’s wet hole, “oh yes slut,” he mumbled as he began to pump his cock into her. Dorothy had unbuttoned her blouse. He reached around grabbed her breasts, and began kneading them as he fucked her. Dorothy put her hand between her legs playing with her clit, she as he orgasmed at the same time. Dorothy shuddered and pushed back hard against his cock feeling his hot cum spray her cervix.

“Oh God yes, Paul fuck me harder.” Paul slammed himself against Dorothy jarring the desk, knocking over the lamp. Dorothy stood up. Paul hugged her; their mingled juices began to ooze from her, she felt the hot sticky fluid running down her legs. Paul squeezed her breasts hard, Dorothy orgasmed again, her knees giving way. Paul held her up kissing her neck, “Mmmm damned woman, you know how to fire me up don’t you.” Dorothy purred, “Again please Master this time harder.”

Paul pushed her down on the desk, grabbed her hair, pulled out of her wet pussy, he pressed his cock against her anus. He rammed his cock against her ass until he entered her. Dorothy moaned, “yes you bastard fuck me.” He withdrew until only the head of his cock was in her, then with all the strength he could muster, he slammed himself into her, “take that bitch,” he said in a low guttural voice and slammed his cock in her again and again. With each pounding stroke he slammed her as hard as he could, all the while pulling her hair, pulling her to him.

Their bodies collided, the desk humped a little farther across the floor each time Paul slammed his 230 lbs. into her.

“Oh God, yes, you bastard yes.” Dorothy pushed herself up with her hand and pushed back into each of his pounding strokes. Dorothy’s body tensed, her back bowed a low growl escaped her lips. Dorothy’s body shook, spasm after spasm rocked her.  Paul grabbed her breasts, squeezed her nipples hard rolling them between his fingers. He slammed into her one more time and climaxed. Dorothy stifled a scream her legs gave way, she collapsed on her belly on the desk. Dorothy moaned staggered to her feet, “come with me, I will clean you up.” Dorothy took him to the bathroom, cleaned him with a hot cloth. Paul kissed her

He went to check on Treasure. She was sleeping; her pulse was strong, “stay with her Dorothy I will drop by before I go to the office, in the morning.” Dorothy check, Treasure’s pulse and her blood pressure every hour.” Then she lay down, and covered herself with a blanket Margarete had laid out for her. Dorothy awoke to a strange sound, she sat up abruptly, and she looked around the soft glow of the morning sun lit the room. She saw Treasure sitting on the side of the bed pulling on the tubes, “stop” Dorothy said, and then rushed to her side, “how do you feel,” Treasure shook her head. “What time is it? How long have I? Treasure’s voice trembled.

“Shhh, shhh,” Dorothy said, and hugged her.

“What is all this stuff?” Dorothy told her to lie down; she deflated the Foley and pulled it out. She disconnected the IV tube and pulled the needles from her hand. Margarete had awakened from her slumber; she rose from the bed and stretched. She looked over at Dorothy and Treasure. “Oh Missy Treasure I so happy you alright, I bout worry myself to death about you.”

“Margarete please go make some coffee,” Dorothy said.

“Is it true?” Treasure said, “is Phillip?”

Dorothy cut her off, ”yes baby it is true.

Treasure collapsed back on the bed. “What am I going to do without him?” The tears welled up in her eyes, and ran down her cheeks.

“You be ok Missy, I’m here for you, we be ok, I will take care of you, you see.” Margarete said, she headed to the kitchen to make coffee.

“Come on your getting up you’re going to bathe and that is an order.”

“Yes ma’am,” Treasure answered, she got up with Dorothy’s help, and she walked her to the elevator and up to her bathroom. Dorothy started the shower while Treasure took off her robe, “in you go baby,”

Treasure stepped in the shower. Dorothy turned to leave, “no don’t go, stay with me.” ”Ok baby, I will get you some clothes to wear,” Dorothy replied.

Treasure finished washing. Margarete and Dorothy waited for her to step out of the shower. Margarete picked up the towel and began to dry Treasure. Treasure took the other towel wrapped it around her hair and twisted it about her head. Dorothy handed Treasure a pair of pink lace thongs. Treasure put them on, then walked to the counter and applied her deodorant and some; perfumes, she put the perfume between her breasts, her mound, and behind her ears and neck. Treasure cried, “why did I do that? He is gone; he will never smell my perfume again.” Treasure sat on the stool,

“All right Missy enough, stand up, I buried two no good men, I didn’t love, and one good man I loved more than life itself, now you and me, we got to go on, who is going to bury Mister Phillip, we are and we going to go on, now get up!

Margarete pulled her to her feet, “put on your shirt, hurry up Missy, come on, now them jeans, we ain’t got all day Missy, I ain’t letting you set here and wad all up, and be an old woman like me! Missy you heard me!”

“ Yes ma’am,” Treasure mumbled. Treasure slipped on her jeans then her shoes,

“Come on now, Missy we going downstairs, you need to eat,” Treasure followed Margarete and Dorothy like an automaton slowly descending the wide circular stairs. Treasure’s only now thought how quiet the house was. Peaches appeared from nowhere running up to her rubbing his face on Treasure’s leg, “hey cat where you have been,”

Margarete said. “Dat dam cat been hiding all the time, you were sick. Now he is hungry like me.” Margarete led the procession into the kitchen followed up by Peaches the fuzzy cat.


Chapter Twenty-four Funeral Arrangements        


It was 8 p.m. when Lloyd arrived. Dorothy sat with Treasure. Margarete was busy in the kitchen. Lloyd rang the bell. “I will get it Margarete,” Dorothy said. Dorothy answered the door, “come in Lloyd, we’re in the den.” Dorothy led the way; she offered Lloyd a seat beside Treasure,

“How are you Treasure,” Lloyd asked.

“I am ok I guess,” Treasure responded.

“Treasure I know this is going to be difficult for you but it has to be done. I have arranged for Phillip’s remains be returned to New Orleans, and then to Richars Funeral Home down on Canal. Phillip made the arrangements with them years ago, there is money in a trust just for his funeral. I am sorry Treasure. It will have to be a closed casket funeral, he was badly burned.”

With tears in her eyes Treasure said, “How did it? Why did it happen?”

From what I learned from the airline and from talking to the people, I know at the FAA, it seems the plane encountered a microburst on takeoff. They crashed ½ mile from the airport, there was not enough time for the pilot to react to correct what was happening. The microburst warning system sounded the alarm, at the same time the plane was in trouble. He was a very experienced pilot I am sure he did the best he could.”

Treasure sniffled, “I don’t blame him, and I just want Master back.” “I know you do Treasure, I know you do.” Dorothy sat down beside Treasure and put her arm around her, Treasure leaned into her resting her head on Dorothy’s shoulder.

“Phillip’s body will arrive tomorrow; he will be taken straight to Richards.” “I want to see him,” Treasure cried. “Treasure honey, you would not recognize him.” I will not let you see him, he is burnt beyond Recognition.”

Treasure squalled, Dorothy held her tightly.

Margarete heard Treasure crying, she came into the den to see if she could help. “Margarete get Treasure a short drink.” Dorothy nodded in approval; Margarete poured a Napoleon brandy for Treasure, “Would you care for one Mister Lloyd,”

“Yes I would, thanks Margarete.” Margarete returned with a Napoleon for Mister Lloyd and Dorothy, “Now you know Missy Dotty, I wouldn’t forget you.”

Dorothy smiled, “thanks Margarete.”

“There will be a reception at the funeral home tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Then one at Thursday the service will be [at 12:00] at the old stone church in Jackson square from there Phillip will be taken by horse drawn Hearst preceded by the parade de la mordent the Baton de blanc, we will follow on foot to Central Cemetery, Phillip will be interred in the family crypt,” he said.

Treasure cried harder, Lloyd patted Treasure’s leg,

“I will be by to get you tomorrow at 5:30, and there are some papers you will sign at the funeral parlor, before the reception.” Treasure nodded. “Margarete I want you to come with Treasure tomorrow.”

“Mister Lloyd I will be wid her everywhere, till Missy Treasure needs me no more.” Margarete replied.

“I will be with her as well Lloyd. Paul can do without me for awhile, I have vacation time coming, and I am going to use it.” Dorothy said.

Treasure was dressed in a black tailored suit, Margarete and Dorothy stood by her in the funeral parlor. Treasure signed the papers. In addition, Lloyd handed them a check.

Treasure, Margarete, Dorothy and Lloyd entered the reception hall at the other end was a mahogany coffin covered and surrounded by flowers, from one wall to the other wall were hundreds of beautiful flower arrangements. “Who are all those flowers from?” Mister Richer handed Treasure a list of those who had sent flowers. Treasure barely recognized a third of the names. By 9:30 the parade of visitors had dwindled to a very few. Treasure had shaken hands, been kissed one man even tried to cop a feel, of the more than 450 people including; governors from three states, twelve congressman, two U.S. Senators, bankers, stock brokers, lawyers and business men. Treasure could not believe how many people attended the reception; one senator gave Treasure an envelope marked White House Washington, D.C. The senator said, “He was to tell, Treasure the President sends his condolences and he was sorry he could not attend the funeral.” Doctor Paul, Lloyd, Dorothy, and Margarete stood beside Treasure through the whole ordeal. When the last mourner left, Treasure said, “Thank God this is over where is the bathroom? I have to pee. Margarete led Treasure to the nearest restroom.

Lloyd drove Treasure home. On the way home Treasure asked him, “who were all those people?” How did Phillip know so many people and the President?” Treasure knew Phillip went to the office, and sometimes did work at home. Treasure knew Phillip worked for Delta National Bank as President, but did not really know what he did at the bank.”

“Uh Treasure, Phillip was the bank, he owned the majority of the stock in the bank, his great grand daddy JP started it in 1842, it was the only bank in New Orleans that did not fail in the Civil War, or back in the 30’s when all the other banks in New Orleans did. Paul and I have been friends of Phillip’s since we were in grade school. Phillip asked his dad to send Paul and me to college. Phillip said, “Our families were too poor to send us.” His daddy sent me to Tulane and Paul to LSU then Emory Medical School. I became a Lawyer and have worked for his daddy and Phillip since I passed the Bar exam.

“Oh my, I never knew he never told me.”

“Paul and I owe what we are today to Phillip, and to his father, and those people tonight at the reception owe the DuBois for where they are today as well. I once asked Mister DuBois, what I owed him for college; he told me there was a big difference between a loan and a gift. He said, you have a legal obligation to repay a loan, and with a gift, you have to have the moral responsibility and courage to use that gift to its fullest and not to squander it. Son I gave you a gift, if you want a loan come down to the bank. Mister DuBois said no more about it. I thanked him, he said his thanks would be seeing me make something of myself, and then he told me he was busy and get the hell out of his office.” Treasure noticed Lloyd’s eyes were moist, a tear formed in the corner of his eye. Lloyd looked out the widow then wiped his eyes.

Treasure folded her hands in her lap and looked down. The rest of the ride to Treasure’s house was in silence.

The following day was a blur from beginning to end. Treasure knew she was at the church, she knew she walked to the cemetery; she even watched them slide Phillip’s casket into the tomb. Treasure could not recall what had really taken place the whole day was a dream, a very bad dream.

The days and nights came and went; Treasure walked around the house and sulked. If it had not been for Margarete and Dorothy Treasure would have wasted away to nothing. Margarete became her drill instructor. Dorothy was her shoulder to cry on and a voice of reason to her. Treasure would sleep and dream. Her thoughts returning to distant memories, her parents her training, she dreamed about the first time, she met Master Phillip.


A Tomcat with a scarred face, and claw torn ears, a cat who appeared in the yard one day out of the blue as Treasure sat in her lounge chair tanning. Treasure remembered, he walked up to her like, he owned the place, jumped up on the lounge where I was sitting, he sat down looked at me those big golden eyes, and he meowed as if to say, “hey there woman feed me already, “I am hungry.” His coloring was the same color as the Peach she was eating. “OK – Peaches,” she said rubbing his head; “let’s find you something to eat.” Peaches followed Treasure in the house.

“Oh Missy, shoo cat shoo, you let that dam cat in.”

“Come here Peaches,” Treasure picked him up, isn’t he beautiful, Margarete shook her head, “Mister Phillip gone to blow his tops bout that dam cat Missy.”

Treasure laughed,”What can we feed him.”

“We feed him! Oh! No Missy, I don’t feed a dam cat.”

Treasure looked around the kitchen; she looked in the pantry for something to feed him. Peaches followed her every step winding in and out of her legs, “Oh here we go a can of salmon,” Treasure opened the can spooned it onto a saucer, Peaches smelled the salmon and jumped on the counter,”

“Missy I draws de lines that dam cat don’t do no pussy footing, on my counters.”

Peaches had stuck his head in the saucer gobbling the salmon. Treasure set them both on the floor. Peaches protested; the move with a growl. Treasure watched the cat eat. The salmon disappeared leaving only a trace of film on the saucer. Peaches sat licking his face then his paw to clean himself.

“Ok, let’s go outside,” Peaches followed her out the door.

“Missy do you want coffee,” Margarete said. Peaches meowed loudly, Treasure snapped back from her thoughts, “yes Margarete I do.” Treasure’s thoughts returned to the present.

“Dorothy what will I do now?” Treasure said between sips of her coffee.

“Doctor Paul will be here soon and Mister. Lloyd. I called dem when you were in da shower.” Margarete said.

“I’m sure they will know what to do baby,” Dorothy said. The three of them sat quietly around the table, Peaches perched himself on Treasure’s lap purring while Treasure stroked his head and rubbed his ears.

Doctor Paul was the first to arrive, entering by the back door. He saw Treasure and Dorothy sitting at the table. Margarete was pouring coffee. “Doctor Paul would you like coffee,

“Yes, I would, thank you Margarete.”

Dorothy and Treasure looked at Doctor Paul,

“Hey Paul” Treasure said softly.

“Good morning Treasure and good morning Dotty.”

“Hey Paul,” Dorothy said coyly. Dorothy looked tired, her hair was un-brushed, and her makeup smeared, her crisp white nurse’s uniform had more wrinkles than an old wadded up newspaper.

Treasure looked as if she had died, those once shining emerald green eyes were dull and lifeless, and the bloom of color once prominent in her cheeks was now the pale drawn color of chalk. Her once shining red hair hung about her as if it too had died.

Paul sat at the table, “Dorothy, I want you to go home get cleaned up and get some rest Doctor’s orders.”

Treasure looked at Dorothy with a pleading look of don’t go in her eyes. Dorothy saw the look, “No I won’t go, I will stay here with my baby, I am sure Margarete can find me something to wear.”

“Dorothy you—“

“No Paul I am staying here.

Dr, Paul knew he wouldn’t win this round.

Treasure sighed, a sigh of relief.

Margarete set a cup of coffee in front of Paul, she whispered, “you don’t win here mid us womens, we sticking together so don’t even try you here. Missy Dotty I will find you something to wear. Dey will be in the guest bath, ok.”

“Fine,” Dorothy exclaimed

Paul looked at Treasure, “Now what are we going to do with you,” Treasure shrugged, “I am going to prescribe something for your depression nothing harsh just something to take the edge off. I will call it in. Margarete can pick it up down the street at Pilchard’s Drugs.”

Mister Lloyd walked in the kitchen from the front hall. No one locked the door last night. You’re lucky you didn’t have visitors,

“Fat chance, I skin em alive dey fools come in here.” Margarete said.

Lloyd laughed he knew she would. Lloyd sat at the table Dorothy poured him some coffee, “thanks Dotty, Mmmm good brew.” Lloyd looked at Paul and Treasure, “well, where are we, how’s our Treasure this morning.”

“She is tired, depressed, and sad; but other than that, her health is good.”

Treasure began to cry, Dorothy looked at Lloyd with a scowl, “how insensitive you men are! This could have waited a little while you know.”

“Ok, Ok, I will be back tonight. It has to be done and we will do it tonight.”

Doctor Paul walked with Lloyd to the door. He told him all about Treasure’s condition. Lloyd said his goodbyes.

Doctor Paul wrote the prescription for Zoloft, Pilchards said, “They would deliver,” Mister Pilchard had known Mister Phillip for a long time, ever since Phillip’s daddy bought his cigars there many years ago. Doctor Paul expressed his thanks. “Margarete Mister Pilchard will bring the pills here to the house.”

Mister Pilchard delivered the pills, and expressed his sincere condolences to Treasure, and he asked if there was anything else, he could do for them. Margarete thanked him. Then told him to skedaddle, Dey had things to do. Mister Pilchard knew Margarete all too well, he chuckled, “Anything you need you call me you hear me Margarete.”

“Go on – shoo,” Margarete pushed him out the door.

Pilchard laughed all the way to his car.

Doctor Paul said, “Margarete that nice man brought those pills to you weren’t you a little rude to him.”

“Dat nice man as you say, always try to pinch me behind when I go in his store.”

“Well Margarete you do have a nice butt.”

“Don’t you start, I will put you out dat door too, ya hear me Mister Doctor Paul.”

Paul laughed, “Ok, ok” I am going to the office; call me if you need me. “We don’t need no man now, we women’s got to be grieving afore we gives dat send off for Mister Phillip. Now you shoo, we gots tings to do.” Margarete said with huff.

“Yes ma’am,” Doctor Paul nodded, “I will check on you tonight. Doctor Paul left the way he had come in. “Miss Dotty, you go take a shower, I will watch Missy,” Margarete said. She started cleaning the kitchen, “Missy Treasure you take dat pill now.” She handed her a glass of cold water. Treasure took her pill rank some of the water. “Missy Treasure, I gone to make you some ting to ate, you like it just fine.”

Treasure mumbled, “I’m not hungry Margarete,”

“Missy Treasure you have to eat, you waste away to nutting you know. I won’t allow you to waste yourself away.’

“I will try to eat a little.”

“Dats a good girl Missy Treasure.

Dorothy returned from her shower, she wore clothes that barely fit her tall frame, but they fit. Dorothy sat down to the aroma of breakfast cooking, “Mmmm that smells so good,” Dorothy said, “I am hungry.” Peaches yowled and jumped from Treasure’s lap walked boldly to Margarete and sat there waiting for handouts. Margarete said, “I don’t dat cat any handouts,” but Peaches knew better, Margarete accidently dropped a piece of sausage on the floor, Peaches pounced on it as it hit the floor. Dorothy laughed, Margarete said, “Sum accident does happen like dat ya know.”

Margarete served breakfast; fresh squeezed orange juice, her special homemade sausage, scrambled eggs, toasted muffins, butter, clover honey, and coffee. Margarete set the breakfast n front of Treasure and Dorothy then turned to go to the kitchen, “Margarete eat with us,” Treasure said. “I want you here.”

“But Missy Treasure, Mister Phillip don’t like me oh Missy Treasure I am so sorry forgive me.”

“Margarete sit” Dorothy went to the kitchen to get Margarete’s breakfast. Dorothy and Margarete ate while Treasure picked at her plate. Dorothy put her hand on Treasure’s hand, “baby you have to eat, Paul said, if you don’t I have to hook you up and feed you by the IV.” Treasure looked at Dorothy with tears in her eyes,

“Ok” she said, I will eat some.” Long after Margarete and Dorothy had finished their breakfast, Treasure finished hers. The truth was Peaches caught a lot of accidents that day, he lay on his side, his belly round and fat and he slept. Dorothy and Margarete both knew where Treasure’s breakfast was. Dorothy and Treasure went into the den. Dorothy sat on the sofa, Treasure curled up beside her. Dorothy stroked her hair with her hand. “It will be ok baby,” Dorothy said.


Chapter Twenty-five The Funeral

It had been three days since the funeral of Phillip DuBois. Margarete, Dorothy, and Treasure had worked long hours to get ready for the funeral party, that Phillip had wanted them to have when he died.

Lloyd had his secretary send out the invitations on the list Phillip had given him years ago, names had been added and scratched off, some had died or moved or had become undesirable, a couple had been deposed and were in exile. Phillip had a very wide range of friends from business, to personal, to political. Lloyd had personally got word to the society of the funeral party.

Lloyd, Paul, and a few other close friends that Lloyd had volunteered to be there to keep an eye on thing, were going to gather early in the day and figure out how to control it all. The property across the street had plenty of parking to handle those who were coming to the party.

Margarete had done a superb job with the caterer and other staff to handle the invited mourners. Margarete was ready. One of the staff was said to have called her the wicked witch of the west, but Margarete corrected him, she was the Cajun bitch of the bayou and for him to get his skinny ass to work.

Treasure and Dorothy were upstairs getting ready for the party. Phillip had said that he wanted Treasure to wear red at the party in honor of him.

“What will people think of me, wearing “Red?” Treasure said. “Honey, you are doing what Phillip wanted you to do, it is either wear red or disobey him,” Dorothy said.

“You know that I would never disappoint or disobey him even and I won’t now.” Treasure replied. She put on the red panties, bra, and garter. She pulled the black silk hose up her leg and hooked it to the garter. “I am drawing the line at red hose Dorothy.” Treasure quipped. Treasure slipped the red silk dress over her head and pulled it down her body. “Oh my,” Dorothy said, “that dress is stunning.” “Zip me please, darling,” Treasure said. Treasure looked at herself in the mirror, she frowned,” damn, damn, damn, “she mumbled, she slid her hands over her dress, around her breast then her belly and legs, you can clearly see the lines of my bra, my panties – garter everything. “I think that may have been the point, he wanted you to be noticed.” Dorothy said. “Well I certainly will be noticed, that is for sure.” Treasure said. Treasure shook her head and stepped into her red high heels.” Well, I am ready.” So am I Dorothy said. “You are such a sweetheart Clyde,” Dorothy said, and kissed him on his cheek. “Oh thank you Dorothy,” Clyde said, sliding his hand down her back to her butt.

Dorothy gracefully backed away from Clyde, she whispered to Treasure, “that old letch feeling my ass, let’s find Margarete. Treasure laughed, “come on, he’ll be pinching both of us all night unless, we get Margarete to talk to him, then he might stop.” Treasure and Dorothy walked around the house, the doors to the office and two other rooms were closed off and secure. “I guess we are ready,” Treasure said, “Let the madness begin.” Margarete found them, “ok, let’s go to the front, people are beginning to arrive.”

Treasure looked around; everyone was dressed in black, the men in Tuxedos, and the women in dark dresses. Treasure was sure she would be the only one dressed in a bright color, the brightest color of red at that.

Paul, Lloyd, Dorothy, Margarete stood beside, and a little behind Treasure as she greeted the guest. They signed the guest book, some dropped their cards into a crystal vase next to the book, Lloyd, and Paul would tell Treasure who the people were as they entered. Thomas and Julian appeared at the door when Treasure saw them she rushed to them and broke down crying. The tears were pouring down her cheeks; she clung to Julian and to Thomas. Margarete came forward. Thomas, Julian bring her this way, they carried Treasure to the study that had been closed off. Treasure sobbed and mumbled, both Thomas and Julian tried to comfort her. “Why! Julian?” Why? Why did this happen? Why did he have to die?” Treasure’s voice trembled as she spoke,

Thomas took Treasure in his arms, picked her up by her armpits, “look at me Heather,” he said, “look at me.” Treasure looked at him, “yes Sir.” Julian began to say something, Thomas glanced at her. “Heather it was fate that brought you to me and Julian, it was fate that took you to Phillip, and Heather it was fate that took Phillip from you. “Look at me,” it is fate, Heather, fate has no rhyme, no reason, it doesn’t conspire against you, it holds no grudge against you, Fate is life that must accept, you cannot change it.” Thomas set her down so her feet were on the floor, he was still holding her,” I know Phillip loved you more than life itself, Shhh, Shhh, Shhh, let me finish, I know you loved Phillip, and you would trade places with him right now,. But you can’t, like you he would not want to live without you, but he would, and you will. Julian and I love you, so do a lot of other people you are a very lucky woman to be loved by so many; you are not being loved for your beauty or your sensuality, you are loved for who you are, what you are. You are respected, hell girl, you have a mistress of the order as an openly declared submissive, look around you, look!” Treasure looked, she saw Paul, Lloyd, Dorothy, Julian, and Margarete, “they are not here cause you are good in the sack, they, we’re here because we love and respect you.” Treasure saw a tear roll down Thomas’ cheek. Now, buck up, get your ass back out there and do what your suppose to do.” Thomas kissed her then turned her around. “Go!”

Treasure took the handkerchief from Julian and squared her shoulders, she walked to the door, “well, come on, we have lives to live, let’s live ‘em.” She dried her eyes. Paul, Lloyd, Margarete, and Dorothy followed her out. Thomas sat down; he put his hands over his face, resting his elbows on his knees. Thomas cried. Julian tried to comfort him, Thomas shook his head, “go help Heather,” he said, “I will be ok, give me a few minutes.”

Tears welled up in Julian’s eyes, not for Heather’s loss of Phillip but for her love of Thomas, just when she thought she knew him, a new facet would emerge and surprise her as he did tonight. She never imagined that he had that kind of compassion in him.

Thomas got up went to the bar, poured a big glass of scotch, and then threw it down in one gulp. He poured another, this one he would sip he turned to see Julian standing beside the door. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she ran to him.

“Oh Thomas I love you so much, I don’t know what I would do without you. Thomas hugged her. He whispered, “Yes you do, you would be a rich old bitch, live a carefree life on the beach, now let’s go dry your eyes.” “Oh you bastard, just when I – “Thomas kissed her, “we can fight later, you know how I love to make up with you.” “Oh you! Men!” Julian said. Thomas picked up his drink, slapped Julian on her ass, “let’s go to Heather.”

Thomas and Julian left the study, their eyes were red from crying, they stepped into the hall, saw Treasure standing talking, and surrounded by people. “Come on I’m hungry, “Thomas said. Treasure saw them; she waved and blew them a kiss. Several people standing with Treasure looked to see whom she had waved. Treasure said, “Those are my best friends, and the people who raised me. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a lot of other folks, I must see and thanks.” Treasure headed off after them.

Paul stopped Thomas in the hall. “Thomas, that was a wonderful thing you did for Treasure is the study. The way you think and act, sometimes I thought you and Phillip were really brothers.” Thomas looked at Paul, “Paul, Phillip, and I were – brothers.”

Thomas turned and walked away without saying another word. Paul stood there taken aback, “could he really be, there were rumors going about when we were kids, no it can’t be,” he thought.

Thomas sauntered up to the buffet. Let me see how a little of this a few of these. Before long Thomas plate was piled full, he looked around and there was the bar. “Hey” yes Sir, the bartender said. “You have a beer,” no Sir. “Well damn Thomas said. A voice behind him said, “If you want a beer follow me.” Thomas turned to look Margarete directly in the eyes,” yes ma’am. Thomas said quietly, “Shall we,” pointing with his plate. Margarete turned and headed for the kitchen. Thomas sat at the table where Margarete pointed. Margarete brought two beers, she handed one to Thomas. Thomas twisted the top off and took a pull from the cold bottle of beer.

Margarete reached over to his plate and picked a shrimp off, Thomas caught her hand, he kissed it and looked at her, and there were tears in her eyes. ”Oh Thomas what are we going to do without him. Thomas let go of her hand – she took a swig of the beer. “Margarete, Thomas said looking at her, I kind of expected this from our girl; but you, you I always thought of as one of those tough old Cajun bitches from the Bayou.” Margarete dropped her eyes to the table. “To answer your question Margarete I don’t know, I simply don’t know. I’ve lost a friend, a companion, he was like a brother to me, without him and his daddy, me, you, Lloyd, Paul, and a host of other people would not be where they are today, without them.”

Margarete looked at Thomas, she cried, a tear fell from her cheek to the table. Thomas held out his arms, Margarete slipped off her seats to her knees, Thomas caught her in his arms, he pulled her close to him, he patter her back, “it will be alright, you will have your work cut out for you with Heather. To fail her, is to fail Phillip, now get us another beer, we are going to get drunk and give me one of those nasty little cheroots you smoke. “Yes Sir, Margarete said. Margarete, rifled through the drawer found her tin of cigars, she grabbed a few more, here, she pulled her chair closer to Thomas, “here we are,” she said. She handed Thomas the tin of cigars, he got out two cigars, Margarete opened two of the beers, Thomas handed Margarete a lit cigar, he hoisted his beer, “Bon chance,” he said. Margarete echoed, “Bon chance.”

“There you are,” Treasure said, “I have been looking for you, I should have known where there is smoke there is usually Margarete.”

The table had a dozen or so empty bottles of beer set neatly in a row of two between Thomas and Margarete, the ashtray was full of cigar butts and ashes. Margarete and Thomas bleary eyed looked at Treasure, “here we are,” Margarete said. “Yes here we are,” Thomas said, opening two more beers. “Your beer madam,” Thomas said in a slur of words.” “Bon chance,” “Thank you Sir, Bon chance,” Margarete replied and laughed. “I’ll tell you Julian, you will be staying here tonight,” Treasure said. “Ok toots,” Thomas said. Toots, oh my,” Margarete said, and began laughing, “toots that’s too funny.”

It was well past midnight when the last of the quests had left the Canteen had packed up but would be back in the morning to pick up and finish. Treasure had long since taken off her shoes, Treasure walked into the kitchen, she saw Julian standing there looking at something. Treasure went to her, she started to ask, “What are you,” when Julian stopped her and pointed. There in the corner on the couch was Thomas and Margarete, Thomas with his back in the corner, his head down sleeping. Margarete laid on the couch her head in Thomas’ lap, her feet propped up on the end of the couch. One of Thomas’ hands was inside Margarete’s dress resting on her breast while they both slept.

I wish I had a camera right now, “Julian whispered,” well let’s get them up and get them to bed. Treasure said. Julian put her hand out, “nope,” she said, “leave ‘em, I will get a good night’s rest, which I need.” Treasure smiled, “ok let’s go,” she turned to leave cutting the lights off as they left,” goodnight Julian.,” “Good night,” Treasure, Julian said. Treasure disappeared into her room. Julian walked a few more steps disappearing into the guest room.

Chapter Twenty-six Kate Returns


Treasure and Peaches sat at the table watching Margarete fix dinner. Margarete saw Peaches sitting on the table watching her fix dinner. “Missy Treasure dat dam Peachy cat he got to go off my table, his pussy footers don’t walk on my table.” Margarete looked at Peaches, “Oh, come on ya damned cat I will feed you.” Peaches walked across the table, jumped down; wound around Margarete legs, until she opened the can and spooned it onto the saucer. “Here Sir Peachy cat, your dinner is served, my Lord.” Peaches yowled when he smelled the food. He stretched out and up, Margarete’s leg. “Down damn cat,” she said. Peaches ate his dinner; Margarete poured him some cream. “Dare dats a special treat for you, you evil Peachy cat.

Margarete looked at Treasure, sitting at the table. “Do you want a drink Missy Treasure?

“The wine we had the other night, do we have any left?”

“Yes Missy we do.”

“I’ll have a glass please.”

Margarete opened the bottle and poured Treasure a glass. “Here you are Missy Treasure.”

“Thanks Margarete.” Treasure sipped her wine. The front doorbell chimed, “Missy Treasure would you get dat, I can’t leave the stove.”

“Ok,” she said. She put down her glass and went to see who had rung the bell.

“Hello Lloyd, how are you? What are you doing here tonight?”

“We had an appointment tonight, don’t tell me you forgot.”

“Come in we are about to eat, join us will you.”

“I would love too.”

“Margarete, Lloyd is here he will be joining us for dinner.”

”Hello Mister Lloyd, I will set the other table,” Margarete said.

“We can eat here, if it is all the same to you I feel comfortable here,” Lloyd said.

“Wine Mister Lloyd?”

“Yes Margarete that would nice.”

“Lloyd let’s eat first before we get into a lot that stuff.

”Margarete served dinner. Lloyd ate as if he was starving. “Mmmm, that was the best bouillabaisse I have had in a very long time.”

“Thank you Mister Lloyd.”

“Alright Miss Treasure shall we go some place to go over this paperwork, we have to do this. Phillip’s will, has to be probated.”

“Well let’s get it over with.”

“Margarete bring some coffee, we will be in the office.”

“Yes Missy Treasure.”

“It was past midnight when Treasure was through reading and signing papers.

“Miss Richards in a nutshell, Phillip had left you this house, the beach house and all furnishings, a trust fund, the cars, the insurance from the plane crash and his own life insurance. The bank stocks will stay in trust for five years, the dividends given to charity; however you will become a member of the board, and the accountants will explain the other businesses, and investments.”

“How much money did you say I had?”

“Honey in plain simple language, you’re rich, very rich.”

“Now we have this contract that you and Phillip had, I will tell you this from a legal point, it is not a valid contract. It will be up to you if you want to honor it.”

“A woman is nothing without a Master,” Flashed in Treasure’s mind. The gist of the contract between you and Phillip was to serve him in a manner prescribed in articles 1-17. Phillip failed to include in the contract what would happen in case of his death. The protocols of the Society dictate that one: you would be free upon his death, which he did not invoke. Two: that you can select a new Master within the Society, within a period of 12 months from his death. three: After 12 months you could be claimed by a Master of the society there would be a 90 day challenge period. If no one challenged it, then you would belong to him in the eyes of the Society de Sade. Lastly: you could revoke your status and standing in the society and would be castigated by the society.”

Treasure with your money, you can do whatever you want. I will wait a week for your answer, and then send it to Phillip’s scribe. The scribe will notify the society.

Treasure said, “Lloyd I may be rich, but I am a submissive when I no longer desire to serve a Master. I will invoke my right to be free or accept castigation. I will have my year of mourning, not from the date of Phillip’s death, but from today’s date. I will accept a contract with a new Master only if his contract is acceptable to me. “That’s highly irregular Treasure, but I don’t think the society will frown on it. I will notify the scribe of you decision.”

“Mister Lloyd, tell the scribe, Margarete and my cat Peaches comes with me. Phillip made me mistress to Margarete isn’t that correct,

“Yes Treasure it is.” Oh and Lloyd,

“Yes Treasure,”

“No one controls my money or businesses but me; not my Master, if I choose to have one, he will have to support me, I won’t support him.”

“Yes Treasure, I will make sure the scribe states that in the notice, “ok then, our business is complete is it not,”

“Yes Treasure,”

“Care for a drink,” Treasure said.

“Yes I would,” Lloyd said.

Treasure called out to Margarete,

“Yes Missy Treasure.”

“A drink for Mister Lloyd and a scotch for me please Margarete”

Margarete left and returned to serve them, Margarete leaned over, clasped Treasure’s arm, squeezed it, and whispered in her ear, “thank you, Missy Treasure, thank you.”

Treasure smiled, “Margarete what would I do without you, I would be lost without you.”

“Well, Treasure; I have a lot of work to do you need any money?”

“You won’t be able access any until I file these papers on Monday. Then my staff and I will have all the accounts signed over to you.”

“I have money in the household account,” Treasure said.

“I will have the accountant come over and go through all the bills and what not’s, if you wish me too.”

“How does that work Lloyd?”

“They accountants will continue to pay them. They bring you a statement of payables; you review it then sign a master check then they write checks to pay the bills. Phillip would have them come to the office. I will have them come here and have the records from his office brought here.” The accountant can file them here,” Heather said,

“Ok, I will call them and set it up, good night,” he said.

“Good night Lloyd.”

“I am so tired. Oh Margarete,

“Yes Missy Treasure.”

“I am going to bed now.”

“Missy, I have turned down your bed,

“Wake me at 8 Margarete.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Treasure took the elevator to her room, she slipped off her clothes; looked at herself in the mirror, she turned to her left, then her right, she turned to look over her shoulder. “I’ve got to tone up my tummy and my butt,” Treasure thought.

Treasure slipped into bed, the silk sheets were cold, and she pulled the sheets and covers tightly around her, and drifted off to sleep.

Treasure awoke to the smell of fresh brewed coffee with just a hint of chicory.

“Good morning, Missy Treasure.”

Treasure sat up, stretched, “morning Margarete.”

Margarete poured Treasure’s coffee. “Margarete I will take a bath this morning.”

“Yes Missy, I will fill the tub.” Treasure drank a cup, and then poured herself another. She carried that cup into the bathroom; she sat down on the toilet, relieved herself. Margarete checked the temperature of the water, “yes Missy that should feel real good on you.”

“Margarete pour some bath oils and some beads into the water.” Treasure stepped into the tub.

Margarete removed her clothes, sat on the edge of the tub; and washed Treasure as they do in Japan.

Phillip took her to a Japanese bathhouse where a Japanese girl washed both of them. Treasure enjoyed it so much she asked Phillip to have the bathroom remodeled so they could have a bathhouse like this. Treasure loved the Japanese style of bathing. She taught Margarete to wash them.

Margarete washed Treasure; “Missy Treasure needs to be waxed.” Margarete said. “Very well Margarete after I see the accountant today”

“Yes Missy.”

Treasure leaned back in the tub, sighed, “This feels so good.” Treasure finished her coffee and her bath. Margarete dried Treasure off and dressed her.

Treasure wandered down stairs into the study. Margarete appeared at the door, “Missy Treasure you like some coffee now.”

“Yes Margarete.”

Margarete brought the coffee service and served Treasure.

The phone rang, “I’ll get it Margarete,”

“Yes Missy Treasure.”

“Hello, why hello Lloyd.”

“Good morning to you. Yes, tell them one o’clock this afternoon will be fine, ok, yes – if I need you I will call, yes, goodbye Lloyd. Margarete the accountants will be here at 1:00, let’s have lunch a little early today.”

“Dat dam cat, Missy Treasure, he pussy footed my counter, him lick’s the cream for the coffee. Shoo, shoo, you Peachy fuzzy cat.”

“It is all right Margarete, if you would give him a little cream first, he wouldn’t pussy foot your counter,”

“Yes, Missy Treasure, Shoo, shoo, you dam cat you.”

Peaches jumped up on the desk walked to Treasure, he sniffed Treasure’s nose, and he stepped off the desk into her lap where he curled up. “Ok I am comfy don’t move Mama.” Treasure stroked Peaches, he purred and stretched, “oh yea scratch there, Oh that’s good.” Peaches purred even louder.

Treasure was reading through a stack of papers, Lloyd had left the previous evening. She made notes to remind her to ask Lloyd about some of the papers. Treasure stopped, rubbed her eyes. “Ok get down Peachy fuzzy,” she laughed, Peaches jumped down stretched and yawned and licked his paw; he then trotted out to the kitchen, Treasure followed. “I was just coming to get you; lunch is ready,” on the table on fresh French bread were two peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches and a glass of milk.

“Oh Margarete how did you know that’s, my favorite sammich.”

Margarete chuckled, “Missy you put the knife covered in peanut butter and jelly in the sink and leave bread crumbs all over my counter, I know dat dam cat don’t fix no sammich, so I just figured it was you.”

“Oh Margarete, now you know my deepest darkest secret.” They both laughed.

Margarete answer the front door please. “Yes Missy Treasure.”

“Missy Treasure, there are some men here with lots of boxes and stuff.”

“Have them, put them in the office please Margarete.”

“Yes Missy Treasure,”

“Now you mens follow me, wipes yourn’s feet come on.”

“Yes ma’am,” the first man answered.

“Missy Treasure they have a lot of boxes and some big metal cabinets.”

“Tell them to move the two red chairs and the table and lamps, put them on that wall.” Treasure said.

“Yes Missy.” It took an hour for the three men to bring in the boxes and filing cabinets.

Margarete found Treasure in the kitchen, “Missy Treasure there a woman here who says she the count ant.”

“Very good Margarete, show her to the office, “Yes Missy.”

Treasure finished her milk, she walked to the office, there were boxes all over the floor, and seven filing cabinets lined the wall. Standing in the middle of the mess was woman in a dark blue tailored suit, a white blouse; she held a briefcase in one hand and some papers in the other; the woman smiled; “hello Ms. Richard’s I am Katherine Macy.” Heather shook her hand, put you things here.

Heather swept her hand toward the desk, “please sit Ms. Macy.”

“Thank you, I was Phillip’s CPA; I used to do this at his office at the bank.

Heather smiled. “Ms. Macy.”

“Katherine, but most folks call me call me Kate,” Katherine said.

“I am Heather,” Heather looked at her. Kate stared hard at Heather,

“Oh were you…did you ever in?” Heather said, “The orphanage,”

Kate said, “Yes, Oh my God it is you!” Kate said.

“What happened to you? Where have you been?”

Kate rushed to Treasure and they hugged each other.

“What happened to you, I got up that morning you were gone, I thought the old crow had dumped you in the river or something. I have missed you so much, you were my only friend, I never forgot you; I would see a redhead and chase them down to see if it was you.” Kate began to cry.

“They came and got me. That old bitch would not let me say goodbye to you or anyone else. It was dark when she came in; I went with the Jordene’s until I came here to Phillip. What happened to you, did you stay there?”

“About a week after you left, that old bitch was fired. The next day the Mac’s came and got me, I have lived with them since and after college. I went to work for Mister DuBois as his personal accountant.

The girls talked all afternoon, Margarete made dinner they ate, and they talked until midnight, Kate left at 1:00.

“I will be back in the morning; I have the accounts to work on. you’re the boss now.”

“Oh Kate, we wear jeans here or shorts,” Treasure said

“Ok Heather, will do boss.”

Treasure thought, “Phillip and Mister Thomas, you got Kate out of there like you did me and you got that old bitch fired. You did all that for me, why didn’t you tell me.” Treasure knew in her heart he had. She loved Phillip and Thomas even more. “Thank you, Master, Thank you Thomas,” She said.



Chapter Twenty–seven The Hot Tub


Margarete let Kate in at 7:30, “am I too early,” Kate said.

“Oh no Missy, I’ve been up since ole man sun peeked up from the dark. Missy Treasure is still asleep, I was on my way to wake her, come on in the kitchen, and I’ll pour you some coffee.” Margarete served Treasure her morning coffee and told her of Kate’s arrival.

“Tell Kate I will right down.”

“No Missy you won’t.”

“What do you mean I won’t?”

“You have your routine; I’ve got everything ready for your shower, now Missy Kate can wait. She works for you remember.”

“Yes your right Margarete.” Treasure stuck out her tongue at Margarete. She completed her routine, finished her shower, dressed, and then came down stairs. Kate was hard at work in the office sorting files and papers, filling the cabinets, stacking the empty boxes,

Treasure walked in the office, “good morning Kate, how are you?”

“Good morning Heather,” Kate said.

“Kate, call me Treasure.”

“Ok Treasure, by the end of the week we should be in good shape with the files.”

“I was in the office five days this week and still it’s a mess,” Treasure said.

The bank is locked up in trust; I don’t think you will have that much to do.”

“Treasure, my responsibility was his personal finances and auditing the books for his other companies and investments which are yours now. Lloyd hasn’t told you all Phillip owned did he?”

“Uh – no he didn’t,” Treasure, said.”

“I see well when I get everything in order, we will go over everything.” Lloyd told me I had a trust fund and this house and a beach house.”

“Treasure, it would take Lloyd a good week to tell you and then he would only know the names and not the numbers. I know the numbers and the names.”

“Oh my,” Treasure said. “Kate, do you need any help.”

“I could use some temp help for a few days.” I will call Lloyd and have him send someone.”

“Don’t bother, Treasure, I have used several people before, I have their numbers, I will call them.” Kate said,

“I will leave you alone and let you work.”

“Miss Kate, lunch will be ready in ten minutes.”

“Ok, thank you Margarete,” Kate was sitting at the table when Treasure came in, followed by Peaches. “Oh! That hot tub is great. I could stay in it till I looked like a prune.” Treasure smiled. Treasure was wearing a skimpy thong bikini and a loose fitting cotton shirt. Kate stared at Treasures and thought, “God she is beautiful.”

“A hot tub,” Kate exclaimed,” I could live in one they are so relaxing. I don’t have room for one nor do I have the privacy at my townhouse.”

Margarete served lunch a wonderful chilled salmon salad with braised portabella mushrooms. Margarete surprised Treasure when she set a saucer on the floor for Peaches; the saucer was a miniature version of what they were eating. Treasure smiled.

“Well Missy Treasure I had a little left over. Dat dam Peachy fuzzy cat would have bugged you, and I, and you Missy would have had a few accidents, dis way I don’t clean the floor.”

Treasure laughed, “You’re getting soft Margarete.”

“Missy Treasure, I’m not getting soft, I’m getting smart.” They all laughed. Peaches jumped up on the counter and watched them. “Shoo, shoo, you dam cat.” Kate and Treasure laughed even harder. Peaches scrambled off the counter and ran, Margarete mumbled, “dat dam cat be my death afore my time come.”

Treasure noticed Kate staring at her, Treasure; pulled her jacket open, exposing her breasts. Treasure saw Kate’s nipples harden under her shirt. Treasure thought it had been a long time since she had been with a woman. Treasure saw Margarete eyeing Kate. Margarete cleaned the table, Treasure saw Margarete brush Kate’s breast as she took her dishes.

“I am going back to the hot tub, Kate join me if you want too.”

“I don’t have a suit or anything.” Treasure said,

“We normally don’t wear anything in the hot tub.”

Kate looked at Treasure, “you are the boss now, and I can’t do that.”

“Margarete bring some towels will you.”

“Yes Missy Treasure,”

“And Margarete would you like to join us?”

“Yes Missy Treasure, I would.”

Treasure got up, “well come on.” She stepped out to the porch, took off her Jacket dropped it on the chair; she untied her thong, pulled it from between her legs. Treasure stepped down into the water, she turned, and sat on a seat, the water was up to Treasure’s breast, her breast seemed to float half exposed half-submerged. Treasure watched Kate undress, she pulled her shirt off, and Margarete appeared behind her and watched her as well. Kate unzipped her jeans, kicked off her shoes, wiggled as she pulled her jeans down, and stepped out of them. Kate pulled off her panties; Treasure saw a light brown close cut patch of hair on her pudendum. Treasure watched as Kate took her bra off; Kate was a very pretty woman, full hips, thin waist, large breast that she hid and nice shapely legs. Kate’s breast was large, Treasure thought, “Double D cup for sure.” Her nipples were the size and color of a ripe cranberry. Kate was very sexy and sensual. Margarete waited until Kate had stepped in and sat down before she began to undress.

Margarete was forty-four, she had a dark complexion, her eyes were almost black as coal, and she wore clothes that hid her body from anyone’s view. It wasn’t that Margarete was shy or modest it was the way her Master, Phillips father had trained her to dress. Margarete unbuttoned her dress, slipped it off of her shoulders; Margarete watched Kate’s reaction as the dress slide down her body. She pulled the dress over her full round bosom, the sheer white bra revealed a black berry sized nipple, a dark brown areola, her slender waist taunt belly, her wide hips, the cleft between her legs. The dress fell to the floor. Margarete stepped out of it. She unhooked her bra, her bosom now free settled on her chest, two beautiful dark tan orbs swung gracefully, as she bent to roll down her hose, she rolled one sensuously down one leg then the other. She slipped her panties off revealing a dense patch of shiny black hair, her lips were full, and round, her clitoris peaked from her shaved lips. Margarete turned to put her hose and panties on the chair, when she turned she showed them her butt. Margarete was a very sexy woman. Treasure smiled at her, Treasure had felt Margarete’s hands and tongue on her body many times.

Margarete stepped into the water, she pushed the button, the water erupted in a rolling bubbling boiling torrent of air, and jets of massaging water, Margarete sat beside Kate and Treasure.

Kate and Treasure began to tell Margarete about their time at the orphanage, their daily forays into the market. Kate said, “Had they not gone to pilfer and forage for food they would have had rickets or some other deformity,”

Margarete smiled, “Missy Kate you must have ate the right foods, cause dare ain’t nothing deformed about you.”

“Would you like some wine?” Treasure asked. Margarete got out of the tub, the water running off her body, her skin shimmering in the bright afternoon sun. Treasure said, Margarete that Zinfandel we had was delicious, do we have any left?”

“Yes Missy Treasure”

“Please bring it out.”

“Yes Missy Treasure.” Margarete returned with two chilled bottles and three glasses. Margarete’s nipples were hard from the cold air in the house. Margarete poured each a glass, set the bottles near her, and sat back down closer to Kate, her hip touched Kate’s Kate did not move. “Cheers to friendship, love and lust, may it never fade.” Treasure said. The girls talked and drank and drank some more. Treasure said, “I have to pee, she got out of the tub, walked to the grass squatted and peed. Treasure returned to the tub, she giggled. “I love being naughty.” “Remember Kate, we used to pee in the alley. Kate smiled, “Yes I remember.” Treasure leaned over, hugged Kate, and kissed her. Margarete said, “Don’t I get a kiss,” Treasure leaned across Kate, her breast pressed against her and kissed Margarete.

Treasure reached out and fondled Margarete breasts, and then she fondled Kate’s breasts. Kate moaned, Margarete kissed Kate on the lips and Kate returned her kiss. Margarete pulled Kate to her kissing her, feeling her body, Treasure put her hand between Kate’s legs, and felt them open allowing her in. Kate moaned, “Oh god!” Kate put her hand between Margarete’s legs, Margarete said, to Kate; sit on the rim, Kate rose up out of the water. Treasure gots out, pulled out some towels and wrapped one around Kate’s shoulders. Margarete spread Kate’s legs wide and began to lick her slit.

Treasure fondled Kate’s breast, she kissed her lips, her neck, and she kissed down Kate’s chest to her breast. “Oh fuck yes,” Kate moaned. Treasure sucked her nipple into her mouth, her tongue flicks all around the nipple and areola. Treasure gently bit her nipple, slowly pulling on them with her teeth. Margarete was between Kate’s legs licking and sucking on her clit, three of Margarete’s fingers were in Kate’s pussy. Margarete slowly pushed them in and pulled them out, Margarete was finger-fucking Kate in a slow rhythm, each time she pushed her fingers in she bit Kate’s clitoris. Treasure rolls Kate’s nipples between her fingers, Treasure’s eyes were on Margarete watching her lick and bite Kate’s pudendum, labia, and clit. Kate threw her head back, her hips rolled up and bucked, Margarete slapped Kate’s pudendum with her open hand, Smack! Kate squealed, “oh god! Yes, yes.” And bucked her hips harder, smack! “Oh yes, fuck yes, harder you fucking bitch.”

Margarete bit her pudendum hard then slapped it again, “smack,” “Oh fuck!” Kate cried out, Kate’s pudendum and lips were flaming red, Margarete flicked Kat’s clit with her finger; Treasure rolled and pinched Kate’s nipples. Margarete smacked her pudendum harder than before; and shoved four of her fingers deep in Kate’s pussy. Kate arched her back, her hands clutching the towels, her legs stiffened, Kate’s head rolled back, her eyes closed, a low guttural howl from deep in Kate’s belly escaped, her body writhing spasms, after spasm of erotic pulsating passion, her pussy contracting, squeezing Margarete’s fingers, her pussy oozing the sweet nectar that Margarete was licking from her. Kate fell back, her spent body limp, from the extreme orgasmic pleasure.

Treasure leaned down kissed her lips, “Mmmm she said.” It is my turn now. Margarete pulled Kate’s limp body back into the hot tub and kissed her deep. Kate looked at Margarete, and then sunk into the hot water. Treasure moved forward to sit on the rim of the hot tub. She spread her legs wide; Margarete pulled her to the edge. She stroked her pussy, Treasure shook Margarete, put her face between Treasure’s legs, her lips were swollen, her clit peeking out of her slit was hard, erect; Treasure was wet with the sweet nectar of anticipation. Margarete thrust three of her fingers into Treasure’s pussy and bit down hard on her clit and pudendum, “Oh, fuck yes, you Cajun bitch harder! Treasure fell on her back, her legs clamping tight around Margarete’s head, “Oh gawd yes!” Treasure squirted her juices into Margarete’s mouth and spraying her neck, Treasure’s body shook and shivered, “ooooooh, fuck! She said. Margarete reached up took her hand pulled her to a sitting position, then pulled her into the tub. Kate and Treasure both sighed. Margarete sat between them and held them.

Margarete felt a hand grab and squeeze the lips between her legs; the hand squeezed harder lifting her to her toes. Margarete felt a hand on her breast, her nipple in a vise like grip. Margarete saw Kate in front of her, was this mouse this strong, this demanding; Kate looked at Margarete, in a low growl Kate said, “Sit on the rim of the tub and lay back; all the time she was saying this, she was pushing Margarete backwards, guiding her by the hand between her legs. Margarete her back against the tub wall lifted herself up and sat on the rim, Kate pushed her back, “now my Cajun bitch,” Kate said, “Treasure abuse this bitch’s tits suck them, pinch them give her no relief,” Kate pushed Margarete’s legs open wide. Kate slapped Margarete’s pussy, “thwack!” Margarete squirmed and tried to rise. Treasure held her down. Kate started with two fingers in Margarete’s pussy then three Treasure watched as Kate began to fist Margarete, Margarete was groaning, a low guttural growl. Kate finally slipped her fist in and out of Margarete’s pussy; Kate had that look on her face, that devilish look. Kate pumped her fist into Margarete harder and harder, her hand popping in and out, making a sucking popping sound as her hand came all the way out, then slipping back in past her wrist in past Margarete’s full fat labial lips now swollen and red.

Kate changed hands, the hand once slick with Margarete’s juices, the one that slid easily in and out, was replaced with one not as slick, the change caught Margarete off guard, Kate forcefully pushed her hand deeper into Margarete.

Margarete’s labia became caught, rolled to the inside stretching her wider, Margarete’s back arched, her eyes rolled backward and her lids closed, her hands grabbed anything they could hold. Margarete screamed in a language only Cajuns understood, Margarete’s pussy contracted, the force of the contractions shot Kate’s hands out of her. Kate hadn’t changed hands, she added her other hand to the fist fucking, and Margarete’s pussy contracted again and again, and she rolled back and forth, her pussy still pulsing in spasms.

Kate looked at Treasure and motioned her to come. Treasure looked at Margarete; Kate said she would stop in five to ten minutes, now come here. Treasure slipped back into the hot tub; Kate took her in her arms kissed her, “tonight.” She said. “I will have you to myself upstairs on your silk sheets. Kate reached between Treasure’s legs, grabbed her raised her to her toes, won’t I my dear.” Treasure hugged her tight, “oh God yes!”

Kate let her go, turned, and climbed the steps out of the hot tub. She picked up a towel and dried off. “I still have work to do you know.” Kate smiled, pulled on her panties, and went into the house,”oh by the way, when Margarete recovers, have her clean and fold my clothes, then have her bring them to me.” Treasure stood there, and then looked at Margarete who by now was half sitting up, resting on her elbows.

Margarete said, “Oh my God never I done climax like dat, god I love dat woman.”

“So do I,” Treasure said. Treasure helped Margarete to sit up, “come on lady,” Treasure said.

“I don’t think I can walk.”

Treasure giggled,

“Well you were kind of stretched out ya know.” Treasure hugged Margarete.

“Come on, what did she call you? A Cajun bitch”

“She ain’t never see a Cajun bitch she just thinks she had.” Margarete said.

They both laughed. Margarete dried Treasure off. “Ok Missy there ya go.”

Margarete dried off. She felt between her legs, it felt as though she was split apart, but god did it feel good. Margarete put on her dress. She picked up all the clothes. Margarete had a different walk when she left the hot tub. “Mmmm” that feeling would be with her all day.

Margarete would make peanut butter jelly tonight for dinner.

Margarete served Treasure her morning tray of coffee; well she served Kate and Treasure coffee. The comforter was wadded up on the floor, the sheets pulled off the bed, Margarete could see the beginning of bruises on her breasts, and her hair wrapped and tangled around her head, a thigh high hose tied around her ankle. Her face smeared with makeup. Margarete looked at Kate, she sat upright in the bed, her back to the pillow resting on the massive headboard, and she was smiling.

Margarete set the tray across her lap and poured the coffee.

“I saw that wonderful Japanese bathing tub in the bathroom. Do you bathe Treasure?”

“Yes ma’am I do.”

“Margarete, what happen to the name Missy Kate?”

“That is, was afore you got Holt of me ma’am.”

“I like it better when you called me Missy Kate.”

“Yes ma’am, Missy Kate.”

“Would you wash me in the tub Margarete?

“Missy Kate, help me with Missy Treasure and I will wash you both,”

“Ok it is a deal Margarete.” Margarete went in to fill the tub, the bathroom was a mess,      “Dat Missy Treasure and Kate,” Margarete smiled, what a mess dey make in here; she turned and adjusted the water.

The tub was filling; Missy Kate had finished her coffee. Margarete picked up Treasure, “Oh wait, Margarete” Kate said as she untied the stocking from Treasure’s  ankle, when Margarete picked up Treasure, she saw the toys Treasure was laying on, Treasure moaned, “Oh god,” I hurt so good.” It had been a while since Treasure had bruises on her like those on her breast, her butt, and legs, she had teeth marks on her pudendum, and her labia, swollen and distended hung from her once taunt firm pudendum. She sat Treasure in the hot tub and Kate stepped in. Margarete saw that Treasure had fisted Kate as well. Margarete removed her clothes, slid into the tub. She washed Treasure first. Margarete handed her a cup of coffee. Then she took her time washing Kate. She toyed with Kate’s breasts and pussy, washing them oh so – slow.

Kate reached out her hand found Margarete’s pussy; she did something with her fingers inside Margarete’s pussy. Margarete’s knees gave way, she fell to her knees in the tub, and her breath was gone. What had she done? She made me climax.

“You know the Japanese know how to do more things than build tubs,” she smiled.”

“Oh God,” she exclaimed, Margarete slowly rose and finished washing Kate. Kate rose from the tub Margarete poured water from the running fountains on Kate to rinse her. Then she rinsed Treasure. Kate dried herself. Margarete dried Treasure then herself. Both Treasure and Margarete walked a little odd that day. Kate would smile when she saw them.

Margarete said, “Missy Treasure I walkin like I gots a whole box them Kotex things Twix me legs”

Treasure patted her arm. “Margarete, I have two boxes between mine. I hurt so fucking good, I am going back to sleep.”

“Ok Missy Treasure, I will go help Missy Kate,”


“Oh, make my bed first ok.”

“Yes Missy Treasure.”

Treasure slept till lunch.

Kate was sitting in the office in a pair of Margarete’s shorts and top working with her was a very nice looking man and a woman. They were dressed in casual clothes.

“Margarete after lunch make up the guest bedroom on the second floor.”

“Yes Missy Treasure,”

“Ask Kate to join me in the study please Margarete.”

“Yes Missy Treasure.”

“Treasure, Margarete said you wished to see me.”

“Yes Kate, have a seat please. I have been thinking about what happened yesterday and last night. We can’t continue in this manner, Kate’s face fell.

“What do you mean, Well I never – you’re such a bitch.”

“Whoa! Wait a minute, Kate, listen, let me finish. I want you to move in here. I want you to be my personal assistant and a companion to me.”

“I would like to say yes, but I have my bills to pay.”

“Kate, you will be paid more than you are now, quite a bit more. You can keep your position as my accountant if you want; However, I think you would enjoy your new position a lot more than the old one.”

“Is there enough work to keep those two on in full time positions?”

“Once everything is straightened out, one could be full time and one part time although they both like the part time work.”

“They could split the day and I would have you finish and account for everything. Kate what do you say? Will you accept the; position.” Treasure handed a piece of paper to Kate, “I hope that helps make up your mind. Would you work for that Kate?”

“That is very generous,” Kate said.

“I will give you a car or pay off yours,” Treasure added.

“Yes Treasure I accept,” Kate said.

They heard Margarete, “you here dat, you Peachey cat, Missy Kate going to be here too. I am to be so happy, I gots both my girls here with me now.”

“Margarete will go with you to help you get whatever you want to bring with you. You hear that too Margarete.”

“Yes Missy I gonna go get Missy Kate’s room ready.”

“I will go talk to my assistants and get them squared away; they will start tomorrow as employees.” Kate said, as she left the room.

Treasure uncrossed her legs, she was sore, yet she relished the pain she was feeling. Treasure’s thoughts drifted to a time in the past when she first felt another woman’s mouth between her legs.


Chapter Twenty-eight The Dog

“Excuse me Treasure, am I disturbing you.” “Oh no, Kate come in.” I have the contract ready for you to review and sign.” “Oh thank you, Kate leave them on the desk please.” Treasure, I have an appointment this afternoon with Metz, is there anything you want me to tell them or any questions you need them to answer before we close on the property.” “Kate, double check the environmental reports, make absolutely sure they’re complete and approved, if they are not complete, we won’t do it.” I don’t know when I will be back don’t wait on me for dinner, “ok Kate, I will tell Margarete.”  “Kate,” “yes Treasure,” Lloyd will be there with you.” Yes he will.” “Ok Kate.” Treasure picked up the contract and began reading them. Treasure would underline and highlight parts she wanted clarified.

“Missy Treasure,”

“Yes Margarete.”

“Dinner will be served in ten minutes,”

“Where has the time gone.”

“Missy you have been in here all afternoon reading dem papers, it is almost 6:30.”

“Has Kate called?”

“Now Missy Treasure, if Missy Kate called I am sure I would have let you know.”

“Oh yes, Margarete where is my mind today.”

“Missy Treasure come on we eat now,” ok, ok, I’m coming.

Treasure was sitting in the den, there was an old movie playing on the television. “Missy Treasure Kate’s on the phone.” I’ll take it in here, Treasure turned off the TV. “Hello Kate, yes it has been a while, you’re going to bring him home, yes I think I would like that, yes, bye.” “Margarete,” Treasure called out,”

“Yes Missy.”

“Kate has picked up a young man; she thought we might like to have a little fun tonight with him.”

“Oh Missy, it has been a while since any of us have had a man.”

Kate said we would have to play it by ear.

“So we will see won’t we?”

Kate came in with Tom, a handsome 20 something man. Kate introduced him to Treasure and Margarete. She told Tom to sit. “I will be back,” she said. Treasure sat on the sofa looking at him, he was tall, sandy blond hair, he was thin and clean-shaven, and he sat with his head lowered and his hands in his lap. Kate came back wearing a kimono, “Margarete would you bring me a drink; Treasure would you care for one,”

“Yes Kate I would.”

Margarete came back with the drinks. Margarete served them then sat on the sofa beside Treasure.

“Tom stand,”

“Yes ma’am,” he said.

Kate stood there watching him; she held a riding crop in one hand her drink in the other. “Now boy strip.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Tom began to take his clothes off, “hurry up boy, I am losing patience,” yes ma’am.” Tom stood naked, he was muscular very little body hair, and he was very well endowed. Kate walked up to him, she took her crop and put it under his cock and flipped it up

“Mmmm, not bad,” Kate said. “Bend over grab your ankles.” Kate cropped his butt. “Thank you ma’am, he said.” Kate cropped him 12 times, every time Treasure heard the crop hit his butt she became more aroused. “Now stand boy,” when he stood he was erect, his cock was very thick and quite long. Kate cropped his cock, he winched, “Oh god, thank you ma’am.”

“I think you will start with Margarete boy.”

“Margarete, let’s go to the play room,”

“Follow me boy,” she cropped his cock again. The boy followed them to the playroom. Margarete went up to her room and put on her robe. When she returned Tom was on all fours, Kate was pushing a tail of a dog butt-plug into his ass.

“Bark boy.”

“Woof, woof, woof,”

“Here boy come boy.” Kate walked to where Margarete was sitting. Margarete spread her legs. “Lick her boy.” Tom began licking Margarete’s pussy, “wag your tail dog.” He wiggled his ass, “good boy.” Kate leaned over, bending at the waist and whispered in his ear. “You had better please her or else.” Tom pushed his face harder into Margarete’s pussy, “Oh that is better,” Margarete said.

Treasure came over and stood behind Margarete she began caressing her breasts, rolling her large nipples between her fingers. Meanwhile, Margarete lifted her spreading them wider and legs resting them on the arms of the chair.

“Rim her dog,” Kate said. Tom licked and probed Margarete’s ass as hard as he could,    “Oh yes that’s right “Mmmm” she said.

Kate cropped his ass again. “Wag your tail dog, you are a happy dog show it. That’s better dog. Rim her deeper dog.” Tom forced his tongue into Margarete,

“Oh yes,” you fucking dog, yes.” Margarete said, she put her hand on her clit, her fingers began  working it. Kate took the crop and moved Margarete’s hand, “he will pleasure you. Lick her clit dog.” Tom licked and sucked her clit until Margarete came.

“Roll over dog on your back.” Tom rolled onto his back, his cock glistening, dripping with precum. Kate cropped his cock again, “dog, if you cum before I tell you to, I will be very angry with you, you don’t want me angry.”

“No ma’am.”

“You bark dog, you don’t speak,


Kate went to the toy box took out a pair of nipple clamps and a clover clamp. “Stand dog,” “woof,” Kate fastened the nipple clamps on him and clamped the clover on his nut-sack, she tightened the clamps tightly, when he grimaced she tightened them a little more.

“Down dog,”


“Margarete would you like for the dog to mount you.”

Margarete got out of the chair and onto her hands and knees.

“Ok dog mount her.” Tom kneeled behind Margarete, and lay on her back.

“Hump dog.” He began to hump, his cock hitting her legs. Kate leaned down grabbed his cock and held it to Margarete’s pussy. “I said, Hump dog.” Tom started humping; his cock was in Margarete, now remember what I said, “don’t you cum.” Kate said, “Dog hump her harder.”         “Woof, woof,” Tom drove his cock into Margarete. Kate cropped his ass, “harder I said dog.” Tom rammed his cock into her now dripping pussy.

“Woof, woof, woof, a-woo,” Tom arched his back and rammed his cock into Margarete almost knocking her to the floor, his cock slipped out he drove his cock into Margarete’s ass,

“Oh yes dog, do dat ass harder.”

Kate cropped his ass harder, “she said harder dog,” “A-woo,” Margarete came,

“Oh dat dog, dam him, he make me cum.

Kate pulled him off of her, go wash that nasty cock, you nasty dog. Over there, go he started to get up. “On all fours you’re still a dog, Tom crawled on all fours to the bathroom, he washed himself.

Treasure had her hand between her legs. “Wait baby. Rover will take care of you.” Treasure pooched her lips out. “Rover, come here, lick my feet dog.” Tom bent down and licked Kate’s feet. “Good boy, come here Rover.”

“Woof, woof.”

Kate led him to Treasure, “Now miss what would you like Rover to do for you,”

“Mmmm – suck my toes and massage my feet to start,”

“You heard her Rover.”

Rover began sucking her toes and massaging her feet. Treasure opened her rob and spread her leg. Rover sucked her toes while watching Treasure playfully tease her clit, her long fingers slipping and dipping into her wet slit. She rubbed herself spreading her lips, dipping her fingers in her pussy, “Mmmm, you want this Rover? Huh! You want this little kitty here?”

“Woof, woof, woof,”

Treasure ran her hands up her flat belly to her tits caressing them rolling her nipples. “You want these to suck on Rover?”

“Woof, woof.”

Kate reached between his legs and grabbed his sack, pulled him back.

“Roll over dog.”

Treasure got up from the sofa; she walked over to him, straddled him, and sat down on his cock taking it slowly into her wet pussy. Treasure rocked her hips rolling her pelvis back and forth. Kate cropped his nut-sack, his hips bucked up into Treasure. She ground down on him he reached for her tits. She slapped his hands, “bad dog,” she said.

Rover could stand it no more he came in Treasures pussy. “Bad dog, Kate, your dog, shot his load into me.”

“He will clean up his mess up.”

Treasure slid up his chest and straddled his face, “lick me clean dog.” Tom licked his cum from Treasure’s pussy and made her cum again. Treasure ground her hips on his face, “Oh yes, dog, lick me.”

Treasure got off Rover and stood before Margarete who cleaned her with a warm wet washcloth.

Kate stood akimbo. “Get up dog, follow me.” Kate walked to the bathroom, and put Tom on all fours in the shower. Kate pulled him up to a kneeling position and pressed her crotch to his face, “open your dog, mouth put it on my clit.” Kate began to pee, “don’t you spill a drop dog.” Kate pushed his head back; her pee ran down his face to his chest his belly and off his nut-sack before running down the ceramic tiles to the drain.

“I am next; dog lay down on your back.” Margarete straddled him; she spread her lips and peed on his face and chest.

“Dog, don’t move,” Treasure said, she stood and ddling him, Treasure peed on his cock and belly. When she was finished, Kate turned on the cold water, now you worthless piss dog clean yourself up and come to me, “woof,” Tom barked.

When Kate came out of the bathroom, she had put on her double-ended dildo strap on. “Come here dog.” Kate kneeled behind Tom, she lubed the dildo, grabbed Tom’s hips, and thrust the dildo into him, “wooooof,” Tom howled Kate was ramming the 10” dildo into him as hard as she could now you fucking dog, it is my turn.


Chapter Twenty-nine The Embezzler


Treasure stormed into the house followed by Kate, “I am going to go get a shower, Kate call Lloyd, have him come over as soon as he can.”

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Kate said.

“No thank you Kate,” Treasure said. Treasure took the elevator to her bedroom. Margarete stuck her head around the corner, “what is wrong Kate.”

“Treasure had it out with Bill Rafferty over at Delta Chemical. Treasure’s going to fire him I believe.” Kate told Margarete,

“So, we shall see.”

“I had better go see if Treasure needs me for anything,” Margarete said. “Missy Treasure is you ok.” Margarete saw Treasure sitting on the ottoman she was crying, “are you ok?” She said again.”

“I am so mad, I don’t know what to do or say, the nerve of that pompous ass, telling me what I know or don’t know that will be the last time he will ever – he will rue the day – that pompous bombastic ass – we’ll see, I will show him.”

“Missy Treasure, I will start you bath,” Margarete said. Treasure rose took off her clothes leaving them in a trail to the bathroom. Treasure stepped into the tub, sat down in the hot water, “Oh does that feel food,” she said.

“I will leave you to soak for awhile, I will be back,” Margarete said.

“Oh Margarete, please bring me a drink. Some wine would be nice,” Treasure spoke, laying her head back she slipped under the water, and then rose; she sat in the water resting.

“Here is your drink Missy Treasure,” Margarete picked up the Loofa, she began to wash Treasure, she washed her back.

“I’ll finish up Margarete Treasure said.

“Yes ma’am, I will go, start dinner,” then Margarete thought, “it is rare when Treasure won’t allow me to wash her, she is upset.”

Treasure came down a while later, her hair was wet, but combed; she wore jeans, a shirt, and her tennis shoes.

“I called Lloyd, he said he would be here around eight,” Kate said.

“Good, I want to get this taken care of today. “Treasure said.” I’ll be in the office if you need me.”

“Yes ma’am Margarete said.

Treasure threw her a look, “what’s this yes, ma’am stuff Margarete.”

“I have to finish dinner,” Margarete said, she turned and left.

Treasure turned to look at Kate, “what,” she said.

“Nothing,” Kate said, “I don’t know.”

“You’re being a bitch right now because you’re mad at him, and at yourself, for letting him get away with it.”

Treasure shook her head and went into the office. Kate looked at Margarete and shrugged her shoulders. Margarete fixed Kate another drink. “I hope she calms down soon she’s being such a bitch. I’ve never seen her like this – never.”

“I know what you mean. I agree with her, she’s right in what she told him, if he had talked to me like that I would have broken his nose.”

“Lloyd will be here soon. Then maybe she will calm down,” Margarete said.

“I hope so, otherwise, we will have to get her drunk, so she will pass-out, and we will have some peace and quiet.”

Treasure was in the office going over the kooks for Delta Chemical, Lloyd came in, “Hey there, how are you Treasure,” Lloyd said,

“I’m pissed,” she said.

“What no hello or kiss my ass, just I am pissed.”

“Hello Lloyd, how are you.”

“I am good, Treasure how are you.”

Treasure smiled. “Ok, ok, I won’t shoot the messenger.”

“Now what is the problem that has pissed you off so much?”

“I was at Delta Chem.; we Kate and I are going over the books.” Treasure pushed the recap sheet to Lloyd, the sales are up, 30%. Costs of materials are up 10%, Manufacturing cost are the same; salaries are up 5%, maintenance and capital expense is up by 5%, from all of that profits should be up not down. And that bastard Rafferty, says I don’t know what I am talking about. It’s a cyclic thing and by the end of the month, everything will be great, good profit, etc. etc.”

“I told him there was no way to tell jack crap from these books and I wanted an audit. He said, everything is ok and he will have an audit and explain the economics of the business to me.”

Kate stuck her head in the door. Lloyd called her in, “what do you think Kate.”      “Somebody is cooking the books. I would imagine; I wouldn’t know till I do a complete audit. It should take me about a week to complete it.”

“How much do you think might be missing Kate?”

“Between 3 – 4 million I would imagine but I am not sure.”

“Treasure,” Kate, said, “I will have my accountants start the audit.”

”With that, much money it might not be safe for you to be by yourself.”

“If you remember, my accountant, George used to be a cop; he can still carry a gun if he needs to. I will go with George tomorrow to get the audit started, is there anything else I can do for you,” Lloyd said.

“Yeah, Fire that son-of-a-bitch Rafferty!”

“He has what’s left of a 5 year contract, let me check on it.”

“With numbers like those, if they are accurate, I will sell it or close it before it loses another dime.” Treasure said.

Margarete stuck her head in the door, “ma’am dinner is ready, will Mister Lloyd be staying for dinner? “


“I have never passed up one of Margarete’s meals; yes, I would love to stay for dinner.” Lloyd said.

“Margarete you have out done yourself again.” Lloyd said.

Margarete served medallions of veal and braised Porto-bella mushrooms in a rosemary and rum-butter sauce, a spinach soufflé, Caesar salad, and a surprisingly delightful Mouton Rouge Claret 1987.

Treasure seemed to be in a better mood once dinner was over. Treasure Kate and Lloyd took coffee in the office. Treasure discussed with Lloyd several other matters concerning the business.

“Goodnight Treasure” Lloyd said.

“Goodnight Lloyd,” Treasure kissed his check.

“I will call you as soon as I have anything.”

“Margarete let Lloyd out,”

“Goodnight Mister Lloyd.”

“Goodnight Margarete,” Lloyd said. Lloyd reached around and took Margarete’s firm butt in his hand and squeezed it Margarete pushed herself into Lloyd and cupped his crotch in her hand. “One day soon I am going to have you all for myself.”

Margarete smiled, “You scoundrel,” she kissed him on his cheek and squeezed his crotch gently.

“Come on Peachey let’s go to bed.” Peaches ran ahead of Margarete to her room and waited at the door. Margarete and Peachey after their bedtime routines climbed into bed. “Peachey I hope tomorrow is a better day, then today.” Peachey cat stretched out got comfortable and began to purr. Margarete lay on her side petting Peachey cat and thinking, “One day that Mister Lloyd gonna pat my butt, I’m gonna grab his cock, and I won’t turn him loose till he hollers.”

Peachey was licking Margarete’s nose waking her when the alarm sounded, “Hey Peachey cat,” Margarete got up showered, shaved, and dressed, “Ok let’s go,” she said to Peachey who was sitting on the cabinet watching her, they went to the kitchen, Margarete made coffee, cut up the left over veal medallion, poured some cream in a small saucer. “There you go Peachey,” Kate stepped in the kitchen. “Good morning Kate,” Margarete poured her a cup of coffee.

“Good morning Margarete, how are you this morning?”

“I am good and yourself.”

I’ll see how Missy Treasure is doing, in a minute.” Margarete said, as she poured coffee in the sterling silver coffee service. “I’ll be back shortly,”

Margarete set the tray on the table beside the bed. “Good morning Missy Treasure, rise, and shine.”

“Hmmm, oh, ah morning, Margarete,” Treasure squeaked out as she stretched Margarete poured her a cup of coffee.

“Will Missy Treasure want breakfast this morning?”

“Margarete, a light breakfast will do fine.”

“Yes Missy Treasure.” Margarete returned to the kitchen.

“Well let’s see what we shall have.” Margarete said as she began pulling ingredients from drawers, the refrigerator, some eggs and ham and grits, biscuits. Margarete began to mix the flower and lard.

Kate watched her, “well, what is her mood?”

“She is awake, drinking coffee, she’ll be ok.”

“Thank God, I thought she was going to blow a gasket or something yesterday. She was certainly mad enough; however, you noticed that she did not lose her temper and do something she might have later regretted.”

“He would have never done that to Mister Phillip, he was seeing how far he could push her.”

“Well I think he pushed to far this time.”

“Yes he did,” Treasure said, sitting her cup down.

“Kate let’s get moving on finding a new operation manager for Delta.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kate said, looking first at Treasure then at Margarete.

“Good morning Kate,” Treasure said.

“Your early Missy, I don’t even have the biscuits made yet.”

“I know,” Treasure said, pouring herself another cup of coffee, “I didn’t want to miss the, is Treasure alright chat.”

Margarete and Kate both laughed.

“And yes I am ok, and I am in a very good mood and I will never allow anyone to upset me like that bastard did, period.”

“Well good for you,” Margarete said, “I am proud of you.”

“What is on the agenda for today Kate?”

“Not too much for you, some papers you need to review and sign, other than that not much at all,” Kate said.

“Then if that is all I have to do. Make an appointment for me, I need to get waxed, and have my nails done, and then I will relax in the hot tub until I look like a prune.” Treasure laughed.

“Do you want to go to Maxim’s or Pierre’s, I can get you in Maxims quicker if not this morning.”

“Maxims will be ok,” Treasure said.

“Yes Missy,” Margarete said, she set Treasure’s plate in front of her and then Kate’s plate. Margarete set a plate down for Peachey cat a combination of chopped up over easy egg and some grits with butter and a piece of ham. “There you go you, damned Peachey cat,” she said.

Treasure looked at Margarete, “now you know you love that damned ole Peachey fuzzy cat,” Treasure said, “so stop acting as if you don’t.”

Margarete smiled, “Yeah I do, but I don’t want him to know,” she said, pointing over her shoulder to Peachey. Treasure and Kate both chuckled.

“Missy Treasure 10 O’clock at Maxim’s for Brazilian wax manicure, pedicure and trim.

“Thank you Margarete, I’ll be ready.”

Margarete dropped Treasure off at Maxim’s, and then did some shopping. She picked her up at three in the afternoon.

“I feel wonderful, and so smooth, I am all beautified now.”

Kate met Treasure and Margarete at the door. “You won’t have to worry about Bill Rafferty anymore.” Kate said.

“Why is that,” Treasure asked.

“Lloyd called, it seems our Mister Rafferty has disappeared, he is not at work or home, money is missing, Lloyd says the police have been notified and the accountant will have numbers by the end of the month. Lloyd wants to know if you want to temporarily replace him with George Wilson or Henry Plats, until a new operation manager is hired.”

“Kate, call Lloyd I want to talk to him.”

“Treasure, it’s Lloyd,” Kate said.

“Lloyd, how are you? Find him, and gut him Lloyd you know who to send. Both men are good men talk to Henry first, then George. See, which one wants it, if it survives the audit make it permanent, if not they go back to old positions. I think George would be the better choice because of his Chemical background, but Henry brought Bulwarks’ out of the red into the black in a less than year when steel prices were in the crapper.”

“Lloyd be a dear,” Treasure said. “Stop the ma’am, stuff you make me feel like an old lady,” Treasure chuckled. “Let me know tonight who will go to Delta, Good bye Lloyd.”

“Well that is done, now we will see if we can save it from the dumper.”

“Kate, call, the accountant, and see if he needs help, you go or send your people to help if he needs it.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kate, said, giggling.


Chapter Thirty The Warehouse

“Good afternoon Kate,” Treasure said.

Kate looked up over stacks of papers. The office was a beehive of activity. “Tax time, Ugh,” Kate exclaimed. Kate’s two assistants looked up and smiled, then returned to their work. It was tax time and the end of the fiscal year for several of the businesses.

Treasure sat at her desk, reading through a stack of papers. “Oh! Kate,” tomorrow we have the board meeting at the docks.

“That is such a creepy dirty place,”

“It might be a creepy place but,

“I know, I know, the rents and fees from the warehouses’ and the docks; they are the best investment you have. I will be finished with those books this afternoon. Oh, I also called Lloyd, he is picking us up tomorrow at one.”

“Ok,” Treasure said.

Kate and her minions worked on the accounts well into the evening.

“If you three don’t come now to eat, I’ll skin you all alive, especially you Miss Kate.”

“Ok come on ya’ll that Cajun women will do it too,” Kate said.  They all laughed.

“Margarete where is Treasure” Kate asked.

“She went off to bed long time ago.”

Kate looked at the clock on the wall. “wow it’s after midnight, let’s eat then finish, we don’t’ have much longer. If you want, take tomorrow off or come in after 1:00.”

“I’ll come in at one.”

“Yeah me too, it isn’t like we have lives or anything like that, we work for.”

“Hey! You two, no grief from either of you, or I will have Margarete skin you.”

“Promises, promises,” they said in unison.

“My loyal assistants, this is the thanks I get, I take them out of a nice office where these two worked nine to five and bring them here to work 2 hours a day, and where they are beaten and abused, and you two have the nerve to complain. I just don’t know what to do with you.”

“Oh! Kate you know we are kidding, who else would let you take advantage of us like we do you.”

Kate just laughed.

Margarete came and sat down, looked at them. “Ya’ll want anything else to eat, it not I am going to bed.”

“No we’re ok. Thank you Margarete.” Kate said.

“Goodnight Margarete.”

“Good night ya’ll, goodnight Missy Kate.”

“Missy Treasure, Mister Lloyd is here.”

“Thank you Margarete, would you tell Kate,”

“Yes Missy.”

“Hello, Lloyd. How are you?”

“I am doing well, thank you, Treasure.”

“Oh here is Kate. are you ready?”

“Yes I am.”

“Then let’s rock and roll,” Lloyd said.

“Lloyd, Kate is going to drive me.”

“That will work out just fine. I have another appointment on that side of town later tonight.

“Ok we will meet you there.”

“Treasure, when are you going to learn to drive.”

“Why should I learn to drive? I have you and Margarete to drive me wherever I need to go, and there are taxi cabs and…”

“Ok, Ok.”

“And you don’t want to me learn either do you,” Treasure said.

“No I don’t!” Kate said.

Kate screeched the car to a halt outside the warehouse door. Treasure pulled the scarf off her head, “it’s the 10th of January, it’s 30 degrees outside, the top is down, and we’re doing 100 miles an hour.” Treasure spluttered.

“We here in one piece and safe and sound.” Kate laughed.

Treasure got out of the car, straightened her dark blue tailored suit, Kate ran her hands through her hair, and straightened her clothes. They were walking in the door when Lloyd pulled up.

Lloyd got out of his 911 Porsche. “What the hell? I left 10 minutes before you did and you beat me here again,”

Treasure and Kate, both laughed.

“Well let’s get to it shall we,” Lloyd said.

The trio walked into the office. The receptionist greeted them, “good afternoon, Ms. Richards, Mister Lloyd, Kate, they’re in the meeting room. This way please.”

The meeting lasted over two hours. Treasure listened to every word; she questioned the manager about the condition of the warehouses and docks. Considering their age, they are in good shape.

“Are we getting the best usage out of the spaces they had.”

“The newer facilities were doing more because they were constructed differently.”

“What would be the ROI they could realize if the old spaces and docks were mechanized? Make me a five and ten year plan, and projected the costs.”

Treasure adjourned the meeting; Lloyd who usually conducted the meetings was very impressed with Treasure.

“I will have the minutes typed and a copy sent to you.”

“Thank you Lloyd,” Treasure said.

“Kate. Drive, me home, and try not to break the sound barrier.”

Kate laughed, “Aye, aye, Captain.” Kate backed out slowly, put the car in drive, and laughed as she stomped the accelerator pedal to the floor, the BMW launched forward, the rear tires spinning, and smoking.

“Oh! Shit,” Treasure yelled.

“Hold on honey, here we go,” Kate just laughed again.

“You bitch,” Treasure screamed.

“You love it, you slut,” Kate said, “and you know it.”

Treasure giggled, Kate whipped the BMW into the alley then the garage bringing it to a squealing stop. “There you are, home safe and sound.” Kate pushed the button, the top closed.       Treasure unbuckled her seat belt, “I think I peed on myself,”

“Oh honey your skirt isn’t wet, shall we try again,

“Wooooof,” Treasure cried out, and ran from the garage to the house.

Kate laughed so hard she peed on herself she walked into the kitchen. Treasure was drinking a scotch. She watched Kate walked by, her skirt had a wet pee spot the size of a saucer, right there for everyone to see as plain as the day.

Treasure laughed, “You peed on yourself, serves you right for scaring me. I am going to the hot tub. I need to warm up and relax. Margarete, in a little while, bring me a robe and another drink.”

“Yes Missy Treasure.” Treasure took off her clothes and dropped them on the ground as she walked across the porch to the tub, her clothes lay where they fell.

Margarete shook her head, “that messy Missy, what am I going to do with her?” Treasure stepped into the hot tub, she sat back, relaxed “Oh this is so good.”

“Here is your drink Missy Treasure,” Margarete said.

“Thanks Margarete.”

Margarete picked up Treasure’s clothes. An hour had passed when Treasure climbed out of the hot tub, slipped on her robe, walked to the kitchen. Margarete was preparing dinner. “What are we having tonight Margarete.”

“Blackened redfish stuffed with crab, baked potato, braised acorn squash, and lemon meringue pie.”

“Mmmm, sounds good.”

“Be ready in half an hour Missy.”

“I am going to go shower, I’ll tell Kate dinner is in 30 minutes.”

“Yes Missy.”

Treasure and Kate came down to dinner, they talked about what to do to the docks and warehouses, Kate even suggested an engineer or a planner.

“Missy Treasure, I know it ain’t none of my business, but Mister Phillip done did dat, he don’t do nothing cause something in the ground, some leads and some PC things.”

“You mean PCB’s Margarete,” Kate said.

“Yes ma’am it was PCB’s.”

“Well that is that, we don’t’ do anything, when it begins to lose money, you close it and abandon it, let the city take it for taxes, or try to sell it. Cleaning up the contaminants could be cost prohibited. That is my recommendation,” Kate said.

“Thank you Margarete, thank you,” Treasure said.

“Do you want those five and 10-year plans?”

“No Kate.”

“It might make a hard decision easier.” Kate said.

“Margarete bring us some coffee please.”

“Yes Missy Treasure,”

“We will be in the office.”

“Yes Missy Kate.”

Kate and Treasure worked in the office until eleven o’clock when Margarete asked if they needed her anymore, if not she was going to bed.

Treasure looked at her watch.” I didn’t realize it was this late. “Kate, I am going to bed as well.”

“Goodnight Treasure.”

“Goodnight Kate,”

Treasure thought of the first time she saw the warehouses.

“Treasure, come go with me, I have to check on some cargo at the warehouse. “Yes Sir,” “Dress Vanilla.” We will go to dinner afterwards. Treasure went to get dressed; she came down wearing a skirt, a white silk long sleeve blouse. “I’m ready,” she said. “You are my pretty girl, “come on lets go.” He opened the car door for her. When she got in the car, he saw the pink thong she was wearing he smiled.

Phillip drove the slick BMW convertible to the warehouse on the pier. He pulled up to a huge building. Phillip left the car running, he got out to unlock, a big door, slid it open, he came back, pulled the car in; he got out and closed the door. The warehouse was huge, it was pitch black, the only lights were from the cars head lights. Phillip drove to the other end and parked close to an office door. The warehouse was spooky and creepy, Treasure shivered. Phillip got out of the car, went to Treasure’s side of the car, he opened her door. He offered his hand to her. She reached out to take his hand.

Phillip grabbed her hand; he pulled her out of the car, and twisted her arm behind her back. He threw his other arm around her neck. Phillip walked backward dragging her to the office. “Bitch, keep your mouth shut, you hear me,” Phillip dragged her like he would a sack of potatoes.

He kicked open the door, the light came on, a pair of hand cuffs were tied to the rope that hung from a rafter in the  center of the room, Treasure screamed, she had never seen him this way, he was very frightening, she was scared, “shut up bitch,” Phillip said. He slapped her face; he put one wrist in the cuffs, then the other wrist. Phillip pulled the rope tight lifting her arms until she was standing on her toes.

“Oh! Please Phillip, what have I done, I don’t understand, please Phillip, let me down, it hurts please.” Treasure was crying, she was shaking, Phillip grabbed her blouse, pulled her to him, took his thumb smeared her lip stick, pressing hard with his thumb he smeared it to the right, then to the left, her lipstick was smeared from ear to ear. “You, fucking painted whore,” Phillip yelled. He pulled her hair, “look at yourself, your dressed like a fucking slut, a fucking piss whore!” Treasure screamed. “Shut up, you fucking piss whore!” Treasure screamed again. “Shut up bitch!” Phillip said and slapped her face. Treasure looked like she was going into shock.

“I know how to fix a slut like you.” He sneered, he reached behind his back under his coat, he pulled a knife out of his waistband. He pulled the sheath off the knife. The shiny blade caught the light and flashed in Treasure’s eyes. Phillip grabbed her hair with his left hand; with his right hand, he laid the knife on her cheek under her eye. “You painted slut, I will fix you,” he said. He slid the knife down her cheek. He shook her head and showed her the knife, there on the blade was her lipstick he had scraped it off her cheek. Treasure eyes dilated open in spite of the room’s bright lights. Now slut, let’s see what you have under those rags? Let’s see what you’re trying to hide from me.”

Phillip began to cut her clothes off he started with her jacket. He put the knife under her jacket lapel, and cut it to her shoulder then he cut it to her shoulder then he cut her jacket sleeve down her arm to the wrist. Treasure was squirming, struggling, she tried to kick Phillip. He laughed, “Yes struggle you slut, struggle.” Treasure screamed at him, “I hate you! Let me go you bastard!”

“Let you go, nonsense you fucking slut, you must atone for you sins oh, yes, yes, yes,” Phillip sliced the lapel on the left and sliced her sleeve down her arm. Treasure’s jacket fell to the floor.

Phillip ran the knife under blouse and cut the first button off. Treasure heard it pop off and then she heard it hit the floor with a click. Phillip, cut the next button. Treasure was screaming, yelling, pleading, with Phillip. Treasure peed on herself, her pee ran down her leg, and puddled on the floor at her feet. “Oh you nasty piss whore!” Treasure twisted, and turned she kicked at him. Phillip cut the next button off, he pulled her blouse from her skirt, and he flipped her blouse open with the knife and stroked and squeezed her breasts hard. “Oh God! Please Phillip,” she pleaded. Her words fell on deaf ears, he wasn’t listening, Phillip cut the last button off, he cut one sleeve, then the other sleeve, cutting so slowly taking his time, listening to the knife cut the thin silk. He looked at the knife as if it were talking to him, and in a sense it was talking to him. The music it made as it cut the clothe revealing her body. He cut up the other sleeve, smiling, “Oh slut, tis a shame I am going to skin such a lovely body.” Her blouse fell to the floor.

Phillip took the knife, laid it on her breast, the cold steel made Treasure shiver. Phillip began to trace the outline of her bra, onto her skin. He took the point of the knife dragging it down her skin leaving a red scratch. He started on her left shoulder, on her back he traced the inside of her shoulder strap, to the top of the elastic strap, then across her back to the other shoulder strap and up to her shoulder he traced the other side of her shoulder strap down to the back strap to her side. Little trickles of blood began to form on the scratches. He traced a line along the bottom edge of her bra strap all the way around her body. He finished in the back where he started. He traced the front of her bra down the shoulder strap along the top edge of the cup, over her breast to the front; Then up the other cup along the top edge of that cup over her breast. The red scratch shone plainly against her skin. He finished at her other shoulder.

He slipped the knife under the strap, pulled on the knife. The strap parted the elastic pulling the strap, she felt slap her back. Treasure was petrified. She knew if she moved he would cut her. He slid the knife across her chest and cut the other strap. He slid the knife down between her tits and cut the fabric between them. Her bra fell to the floor exposing her breasts. Phillip grabbed her nipple, pulled if and stretched it then slid the knife across it like he was going to cut it off. He stood back, the red scratches outlined where her bra used to be. Phillip took the point and flipped the barbell in her nipple. “I will delight in taking that barbell out of course you know, I will take the nipple too.” He laughed.  Treasure had not stopped screaming and cursing him.

Phillip traced a line down her belly to the skirt she was wearing. He traced it down till he felt her mound then her crotch; he pushed the knife through her dress at her crotch and cut her skirt to the hem. Phillip traced a line up the inside of her leg to her crotch, then to her mound. He slipped the knife under what was left of her skirt to the waistband and in one quick pull cut through it. Her skirt fell to the floor, “Oh how sweet” he said. “Little pink panties they will soon be red with your blood when I skin you alive. Treasure screamed, she had screamed so much she was becoming hoarse. Phillip put the blade of the knife between her legs pulled the point up in her slit, Treasure moaned. “O God Phillip please don’t.” Phillip cut her panties off; he pulled them from between her legs with a jerk. Her panties were wet with her pee, Phillip smelled them, yes, yes, he said. He put his knife on her clit. “Piss you fucking slut.” He commanded. Treasure was so scared she strained to piss; she pissed on herself and farted.

Phillip laughed. Now slut! Phillip broke up laughing he reached up cut the rope. Treasure started to giggle,” I am so sorry Master it slipped.” “I guess I scared it out of you huh. Phillip laughed,” Come here you bitch.” Treasure went to Phillip, he unlocked one cuff, Treasure slipped the other off her wrist. Phillip hugged her; kissed her. “I am so horny she said. Treasure reached down, and touched Phillip, he was erect “Come on” he said.

She started to pick up, “no leave them, get in the car,” Phillip drove to the other side of the warehouse and out the door. he drove to the end of the pier, “get out,” he said, Phillip walked to the back of the car, Treasure took his cock from his pants, he bent her over the trunk and pounded her, “Oh God yes,” Treasure said. “Harder, Master, please Master.” Treasure screamed when she orgasmed, he pounded her harder, Treasure felt Phillip cum. “Oh God!” he said.

“Ok, shall we go he said? Treasure got in the car, leaned over to his seat and gave him head on the way home. Phillip would begin laughing he made a little fart sound with his mouth. Treasure would nibble a little harder on him. “Ok, ok,” he said. Treasure rose up and laughed, she farted again. Phillip laughed so hard he had to pull off the road. Treasure was red from embarrassment, she was hiding her face and giggling, “Oh baby,” he said. “I am sorry,” “Excuse me Treasure said.” Phillip farted and laughed, Treasure slapped him on the shoulder, “ooooooh men,” she said. Phillip laughed.

He pulled back on the road and drove home slowly, they both would chuckle, and giggle, Treasure said, “I don’t see anything funny about a fart.” Phillip laughed said, “it was a man thing,” “it must be she said, “I don’t get it.”

Margarete was up drinking a beer in the kitchen. When Phillip and Treasure came in your home early, she said, “yeah” Phillip said.” “I’d like one too.” Treasure said, “Getting beer is a man thing ain’t it,” Margarete said.

“What” Treasure said.

Phillip laughed and said, “I will tell you later.” Phillip walked to the fridge, got two beers, he put them on Treasure’s back she turned, and he kissed her. “I do love you,” he said you know that don’t you. Whispering, she said, “Yes, I do.” Now get those fucking cold beers off my back and I love you too.” Treasure and Phillip finished their beers and went up to sleep.


Chapter Thirty-one Thomas joins the firm


Treasure stepped from the shower, she looked at herself in the mirrors, she turned to the right then the left, “she had to lose four more pounds,” she thought. She exercised every day, now she had to get herself in shape, she had less than two months before she would begin the interviews. At least two dozen prospective Masters and a couple of mistresses had contacted her.

Of the two dozen, she had sent letters of rejection to, more than half of them. She was still checking the rest, a couple had said in their letter of introduction that she would turn over control of all property to them. Those were the first to get her letters of rejection sent through the scribe and recorded. There were two however, that lightly intrigued her. One was a Great Grand Master; the other was a Grand Dame Mistress.

Treasure walked to her bed and sat on the edge. She propped herself up on several pillows and drew her knees up. She pulled the sheet and comforter up around her. “What do I do?” she thought, she was at a crossroads in her life. “Oh I don’t know what to do.” Treasure took a sip of her drink, and she thought about her options. She was even confused about what her options were. She had the responsibilities for all the businesses. Phillip had left her, she found even with all the help from Kate and Lloyd the more she got into the business, the more time it consumed.

Soon she would be interviewed by Masters who would want her time; it was her duty to please the Master.” A woman is nothing without a Master.” She was; raised, trained, schooled, to do just that. She missed having a Master to please, she missed the devotion to him, but most of all she missed not having to make those decisions, like she now made daily about the bank and the other companies. She made decisions that affected 25000 people and money. She would worry about a hundred dollars, now some of her decisions involved tens of millions of dollars that were at stake. Treasure deep down enjoyed the power she felt when she made decisions that made money. She loved the feeling when she would walk into a room and know that those people there to see her, not the other way around. How could she balance this with a Master, how could she please both for the business’s were in a sense a Master and a monster, she had to control the creature and serve the business; to guide it to please it, if you will.

Treasure lay down, “tomorrow I will call Julian and Thomas. Treasure heard Kate in the hallway. “Kate, would you come here please.” Treasure said. Kate stuck her head in the door, “hey what’s up,” Kate said. “Come here,” Treasure, said patting the bed. Kate walked to the bedside. Treasure extended her hand to Kate, “stay with me Kate,” Treasure said softly. Kate leaned over and kissed Treasure, I’ll be right back. Kate headed off to Treasure’s bathroom. Treasure heard the toilet flush, the shower start. Treasure laid on her side propped upon her elbow. Kate emerged from the bathroom drying her hair. Kate walked to the bed, Treasure pulled back the covers; Kate slipped into the bed beside Treasure facing her. “What’s wrong honey, “Kate said. Treasure looked at Kate and pulled her close. Treasure held her, “I am so confused,” Treasure, said, “But more than that, I am horny, I need to relax.” Treasure kissed Kate, Kate said, “lay back honey, I am here.”

Kate kissed Treasure on her lips, and then her eyes and her ears; nibbling the sensitive skin below the lobe. Kate slowly ran her hands sensuously, lightly barely touching her skin. She laid Treasure on her back. Kate’s hands explored every inch of Treasure’s torso. Kate lifted her leg so her knee was on Treasure’s mound. Treasure opened her legs; Kate lowered her leg and foot, slipped between then to the sheets. Kate slowly, tauntingly, teasingly kissed and nipped at Treasure’s check slowly teasing her breasts moving in circles from her chest to her nipples. Treasure could feel her rasping tongue, her breath, the subtle nips, and nibbles. Kate was pressing her knee harder into Treasure’s mound.

Treasure began to move her hips slowly, to Kate’s kisses and nibbles. Treasure felt Kate’s hair brush across her nipples, she felt Kate’s breath an instant before Kate sucked her nipple into her mouth and nipped its hardness. Treasure caught her breath, “Oh Treasure groaned.” Treasure raised her hand to caress Kate, Kate took her hand and pinned it under her. She raised her head looked at Treasure, shook her head. Treasure knew that she wasn’t to touch Kate. Kate traced her nails down Treasure’s belly. Treasure reacted; her body undulated under her touch. Kate slowly ran her finger around Treasure lips, her hips rolling to meet Kate’s fingers. Kate teased Treasure, kissing, nibbling, touching biting.

Kate slipped over on top of Treasure, forcing her legs open. Kate laid there feeling the heat of Treasure’s body. Kate began to tease her other breast just as she had done before, Kate reached down, and pulled Treasure’s legs open wider and her knees up, Kate slowly slid lower and lower biting, kissing, nibbling, nipping Treasure’s skin, slowly kneading her breast with her hands tracing a random pattern with her nails on Treasure’s areola and nipples. Treasure squirmed under her weight. Kate moved down kissing her mound; Kate’s chin resting on Treasure’s vulva. Treasure rolled her hips up to greet Kate’s, rasping, licking, and sucking greedy mouth. Kate opened Treasure’s lips exposing her clitoris and urethra. Kate’s tongue flicked her clitoris; Kate pushed her index finger into Treasure’s pussy. Kate found Treasure’s G spot; rubbing it with her finger, stroking it. Kate pushed another finger in Treasure, Treasure’s hips rolled up and down gyrating to a rhythm composed by Kate.

Treasure lay moaning, the words too slurred to understand, her head stretched up and back, her hands digging into the sheets her fists straining against the sheets. Treasure arched her back, she dug her heels in the bed lifting her butt off the bed. Kate popped Treasure’s mound hard with the flat of her hand. Treasure let out a muffled cry her body tensed, shook, she collapsed into the bed. Kate slowly kissed and nibbled her way back up Treasure’s body, up to her breast then her neck.

Treasure lay panting on the bed, her legs still trembling, her body shaking. Kate kissed Treasure’s mouth, but her hand was still between her legs. Kate squeezed her hand, her finger pressing that sensitive little dime sized spot. Treasure’s body erupted in new waves of spasms; Kate lay on the squirming, gyrating, quivering Treasure.

Treasure was gasping for breath; Treasure’s body convulsed a final time and collapsed into a spent exhausted shell. Kate rolled toward the center of the bed pulling Treasure with her. Where Treasure had laid moments before was soaked with the sweat and the scent of pent up energy and sex.

Kate pulled Treasure close to her; she cradled Treasure in her arms and pulled the covers up. Kate and Treasure lay in bliss in the comfort of each other’s arms. Kate snuggled her face into Treasure hair, her body pressed and molded against Treasure’s back. “Relax baby,” Kate said. I am here, you’ll be ok, whatever, is bothering you we will take care of it.” Kate kissed Treasure.

Margarete woke the sleeping girls at six. She had already seen that Kate was with Treasure and poured another cup from the cupboard upstairs. “Good morning girls,” she said, pouring two cups of coffee,” come on now; we have a busy day today, up, up, sleepy heads.” “Oh Margarete let me sleep,” Treasure said. “Come on up again at ten.” Kate was sitting stretching. Treasure rolled over; ok, ok, she nodded and sat up. I will run the tub for you both. I have things I must do down stairs, “Kate, you will take care of Missy Treasure,” “Yes Margarete I will take care of her.” Treasure sat up swinging her legs off the bed, sipping her coffee. “Oh ok, I am coming, Treasure said. Treasure and Kate bathed, Kate picked up her clothes on the way to her room to dress. Treasure finished dressing; she sat down at her desk and called Julian. Treasure got the answering machine and left a message for Julian to call her, it was important.

Treasure was sitting in the study when Julian came in the door. Thomas was right behind her, what’s the matter baby, you said you needed me it was important. Treasure got up and hugged Julian, “I only needed to talk.”

Hush child, I told Thomas you needed me that it was important, and then she whispered, I was bored and wanted to come back here.” “Yes I do need you, Thomas, thank you for bringing Julian to see me.” Thomas nodded and walked off to the kitchen. “Now what’s going on,” Julian said. Tears began to well up in Treasure’s eyes, Julian I don’t know what to do,” Treasure held Julian tightly,”my year is about up, I love being a submissive, I love serving, the excitement, living on the edge, you know I mean. I have the bank and the other stuff; I spend about all my time with them. How would I please him? I don’t have time. I put him first, the business suffers and the business’s first he is neglected. When Phillip was alive everything I did during the day was to please him, “Oh why am I tell you this,” you already know. “What am I to do?” “First thing you do is calm down.”

Treasure and Julian turned to look, Thomas and Margarete were standing in the doorway, “the second thing you need to do Treasure is figure out your priorities” Julian and I taught you better,” Thomas, said. Thomas motioned for Margarete to go in front of him, then he went to the sofa opposite the one Treasure and Julian sat on. Margarete please fix us all a drink and then come sit down. Margarete fixed the drinks and set them on the table and sat down, everyone was waiting for Thomas to say something.


Thomas looked at Treasure, then at Julian, and then at Margarete, “so what is the big problem here,” Thomas asked.

Julian scowled at Thomas.

Treasure slumped back into the sofa.

“There is no problem too big or too small that we can’t solve.” Thomas said, and then he took a sip of his drink. “I think you’re confused; you don’t know what to do. Let me tell you some things I know. Then Margarete will tell you the things only she knows. I’ve known Phillip for 30 years, I have never known him to make a bad decision about people, he made a couple bad financial decisions, but when it came to people, he never made a mistake.

Phillip did not make a mistake or make a bad decision to leave you his companies; he knew you could handle them. He knew they would grow, evolve, and prosper. If he even had a shadow of a doubt that you couldn’t handle this, he would have had it sold off, you would have been a very rich woman on an allowance, and the rest would go into an endowment or a trust to help people with school, research, the Arts, or some other things.”

“If you doubt, what I’ve said, ask Margarete, Lloyd or Paul. I knew Phillip’s daddy, he too never made mistakes with people. I know that for a fact, you know what Phillip and his daddy did for Lloyd and Paul; they did the same for me. I watched those boys grow up, I was here with my mom, we all grew up together; Lloyd, Paul, me, my mother was the housekeeper to his daddy. I promised Phillip and his daddy I would raise and take care of you and protect you with my life.”

Treasure had tears in her eyes, “but, I was taught that a woman is not a woman without a Master, Julian taught me that, you taught me that.”

“Yes we did, Treasure, yes we did.” Julian said,

“And I still feel that way. Treasure can a submissive serve two Masters and please both.”

“No sir, one would always be neglected in some way.”

“That is right,” Margarete said.

“What you miss the most Treasure, is the touch of the man, not the Master, but the man, don’t say anything just think about it before you answer.”

Treasure drank her drink, she got up to pour herself another, she stood there at the bar, not pouring, not moving, she then poured herself a drink and turned to face them. “You’re right, I miss the man, she said, but, I am a submissive, I want to belong and stay in the society and to do that, I have to be collared to a Master or Mistress.”

“That is where neither Margarete nor I can help you. Margarete openly declared herself to you and I won’t because I raised you.” Thomas said.

“That is the problem you can work on, finding a Master that will collar you, visit you when it is convenient for you both.”

“There is one other option.” Julian said. Margarete looked at Julian with a puzzled look on her face. “Treasure can ask the society to make her a Mistress in training, and then she wouldn’t need to be collared. She would remain in the society, she could have a relationship with a male or female of her choice, whether, he they were in the society or not.”

“And where did you hear that Julian.” Thomas said,

Julian said. “I wrote your scribe, he sent me the answer.”

Thomas shook his head, “I should be angry that you did this, but it is for our girl, so I will thank you now and chastise you later tonight.”

“You don’t need to do that, your scribe was very cross with me, but after I explained, told him it was for Treasure, he found out the information and told me what he did. I also had to promise to tell you and never do it again.” Julian said.

“I guess, I will have to talk to you about this tonight, in private,” Thomas said.

“Yes Sir, oh yes Sir,” Julian said.

Treasure giggled. Thomas shot her a look. Treasure stuck her tongue out at him. Julian giggled.

Margarete laughed, “oh my! Pardon me,” she said.

Thomas shook his head, slapped his knee, “I am outnumbered here,” he said.

“You’re not out numbered Thomas, just out maneuvered tonight,” Margarete said.

I just might, might have to do some maneuvers on a certain person tonight.” Thomas sneered.

“Oh please Sir,” Julian said. “You can use my foxhole, if you want,” Julian then batted her eyes at Thomas. They all laughed.

Since you are now on the right track, I will leave it to you girls to finish figuring it out and I suppose you’ll want to stay in the city for a while Julian.”

“Yes Sir, I would like that a lot, could we stay till we get Treasure taken care of.”

“How about we go down this weekend and close up the house,” Thomas said.

Julian ran to Thomas and jumped on his lap, “Oh! Thank you, Thomas, thank you so much!”

“I am hungry, I am going to go raid the ice box,” Thomas said as he started for the kitchen.

“No Sir, you are not going to raid my icebox,” Margarete exclaimed.

Thomas turned, “what did you say,” Thomas said.

“I will go fix you whatever you want, I saw what you did to my kitchen that last time you raided it.

“Oh yeah,” Thomas laughed, “I remember now.”

Margarete walked past him to the kitchen, “yikes,” she howled, “quit that Mister Thomas.”

Julian and Treasure heard them laughing, “We better go in there, the last time they were alone, they slept on the sofa in there together.”

Treasure smiled, “I remember.”

“You know Treasure, if you needed help managing these companies hire Thomas to help you, then I could stay in the city with you more than I do,” Julian said.

“Hey, that is not a bad idea. Do you think he would do that?”

“I think he is bored, it is like he just plays the market now we have all we need or want.” Julian whispered.

“Tonight after dinner, I will ask him, no I have a better idea, you go to the kitchen, I need to talk to Kate,” Treasure said.

“Kate, are you busy?” Treasure said walking onto the office.

“No I am not busy, what can I do for you.” Kate said.

Treasure went to Kate’s desk pulled a chair up close and motioned Kate closer to her.

“Oh this is going to be good, with such secrecy it has to be good.” Kate said,

“Julian thinks Thomas is bored.”

“Bored with Julian, Oh come on Treasure, she is a beautiful woman.”

“No not with her, Just bored not doing anything, he just dabbles in the market now, he lies around, Julian wants to spend more time in the city.”

“He doesn’t get my job Treasure!” Kate said, “Nope, nada.”

“Oh no of course not, you know I needed help when Lloyd came on full time to help, you know now he wishes he hadn’t, so if I could get Thomas to help Lloyd to trouble shoot or be there when I can’t and God knows we can afford it, can’t we?”

“Yes, we can afford it with no problem at all.”

“The problem is how do we do it so he doesn’t think it is charity or something like that I think I know that answer to that, remember over at the ship yard that problem we had that we about pulled all of our hair out over. We finally had to hire those consultants to figure it out, pull that report, tell me you need some help on it and I will get Thomas involved, and then spring my trap on him.” Treasure said. “We’ll do it after dinner.”

“Good idea, and there are a few parts, I don’t understand.” Kate said.

“Good enough,” Treasure kissed Kate’s cheek, squeezed her knee, and hurried off to the kitchen.

Margarete was preparing a sandwich for Thomas,

“Don’t let the snack spoil your dinner.” Treasure said. Margarete looked at Treasure, Treasure winked at her.

“I am only making him a small sandwich snack that surely won’t spoil the dinner I have planned for tonight. Maybe I should just give Mister Thomas one of them and give the other to you and Julian.”

Thomas reached across the counter and pulled the; plate to him, he covered both sides of the plate with his arms as though protecting his prey. ”Hey now, you know I haven’t had lunch and it is three o’clock in the afternoon. This meager portion won’t even; put a dent in my appetite and you all know it.” Thomas said teasingly.

Margarete put her finger on her chin, then shook it a few times, “yes she said to herself,” I know exactly what to fix the condemned man for his last meal Poor Thomas, what are those girls going to do him now?”

Margarete made a call to the market and within an hour, the shrimp and the fresh red snapper were sitting on the counter. Margarete finished adjusting her bra and her dress, “Oh that man, he sure do love Margarete,” she said softly to herself,” one day I gonna let him have just a taste of my honey hole as he calls it.” Margarete took the receipt from her bra.

“Tonight, we have two of his favorites at one time my Shrimp Creole and blackened red fish, I know dem he die a happy man.” Margarete chuckled.

Peachy cat came skidding around the corner, then with a leap landed, and skidded across the counter, with fluid grace, and in one motion, Margarete scooped him up and dropped him on the floor. “I give you some fish Peachy cat, but you gots to wait a few minutes, but here have a shrimps,” Peachy snagged the shrimp in mid air with his paw, he would be satisfied for only a few minutes, Margarete filleted the snapper, she gave Peachy the scraps. Margarete hummed a tune while she prepared the condemned man’s meal.

Treasure and Julian talked catching up on old times, while Thomas took his nap. Kate was up to her elbows in her work. Kate left the office, went to the study where Julian and Treasure sat, talking. Kate poured herself a drink. She turned toward Julian and Treasure then gestured to the bottle Julian shook her head, Treasure held up her glass, Kate walked over to her and took her glass, “scotch,” Kate said. Treasure nodded, Kate dropped two ice cubes, and poured two fingers of scotch, she went back to the girls and sat down, then handed Treasure her drink.

“Thank you Kate,” Treasure said. Margarete announced dinner was ready to be served. Julian found Thomas in the den watching TV. “Thomas,” she said, kissing is cheek, “dinner is ready.”

“Good deal,” he said, slapping his knees, getting up, “I’m starving. Oh that smells so good.” He said on his way to the kitchen.

There was a beer and the garlic rolls at Thomas’ place, all within his reach. Margarete set the salads out for them; Treasure poured the wine and helped Margarete serve the dinner. Margarete brought out a large dinner plate with a bowl that was shallow but the same size as the plate, it looked more like a pie plate than a bowl, and it was full of Creole and rice. Treasure placed a plate with the blackened fillets of red fish beside the Creole. Thomas looked up and then at the women, one by one Margarete and Treasure turned and went back to the kitchen and brought out plates to serve Kate and Julian.

When Treasure and Margarete returned, Thomas was sitting back in his chair sipping his beer, when they sat down; Thomas slid forward pushing the Creole out of the way.

“Now what is this about, I’ve got the feeling that I am the condemned man and this is the sacrificial dinner. You all know very well, that the only thing I love to eat more than a good Creole is an excellent blackened red fish, and look what I have in front of me. Both of them at the same time, and you also know, that no one, and I mean no one, makes Creole or redfish better than you Margarete. So, what is going on?”

The girls looked at each other, they made the expression like who me? They tried to look innocent, but to no avail. They knew he knew something was up. Treasure and Julian looked like the cat that ate the canary.

Kate thought, How Treasure saved them more than once at the orphanage. “Thomas it was my idea.”

Thomas looked at Kate with raised eyebrows, the expression, that said tell me.

“We need help, I need help, with the companies, I’ve got my hands full, Lloyd is regretting he came on full time as General Counsel, he says he works too much. I thought with your experience that you could maybe help me as Lloyd does, you would have, Kate, “gulped,” The title Executive Vice President same as Lloyd.”

“Ok, let’s eat,” Thomas, said.

The silence was deafening, “did you say ok,” Kate asked shyly.

“Yep, sure did, now let’s eat.”

Julian jumped up,

“sit Julian, you can thank me later,” Thomas said

The table erupted into laughter, “Let’s eat – ok,” Thomas said. Thomas pulled the Creole back to him, took in a deep breath, “Oh, that is nice,” he said. “Oh by the way I don’t work weekends, if I go out of town, she goes with me.”

Julian pulled his arm to her. “Thank you kind Sir,” she said.

“Oh Treasure, I’ll give you a list of my wants and needs tomorrow.”

“Thomas, I will be happy to take care of whatever is on your list,” said Kate.

“Oh this red fish is wonderful, Margarete my compliments,” Julian said.

“I hope Thomas doesn’t fight with Peachy for the left over’s,” Margarete chuckled.

Thomas raised his eyebrows at Margarete. “I’ll share the left over’s with Peachy fuzzy cat,” Thomas, said smiling.

Chapter Thirty-two The Interview


Treasure, tired and sweaty from her five mile run crossed the portico, she stopped short, looked at the hot tub. Treasure hit the switch that raised the lid. By the time the lid was up, Treasure stood naked ready to step into the tub, when Margarete; poked her head out the door, “Oh good, your back, Lloyd called, he has some messages for you from the society.”

Treasure nodded, “ok I will call him back in a little while.” “Lloyd said he would drop them off after a while,” said Margarete. Treasure climbed down the steps into the tub, “Oh that feels so good.” Said Treasure, as she sat down to relax. Margarete brought Treasure a glass of wine and some towels. Treasure had laid her head back, closed her eyes, her thoughts drifted as the water jets pounded and massage her body. Treasure’s body seemed weightless; it was in fact floating on the surface, buoyed by the turbulent waters. “Missy Treasure, Mister Lloyd is here,” said Margarete. Treasure shook her head and slipped under the water, she rose from the water, the water cascading from her hair streaked down her naked body, Treasure glistened, and her skin glowed like moonlight on a golden wheat field. Treasure toweled off, put on her robe, and wrapped a towel around her head. Lloyd was enjoying his scotch; he sat at the kitchen table with Margarete waiting for Treasure.

“Hello Lloyd, how are you?” said Treasure.

I am good, you’re still me working too hard, but I am good.”

“Thomas should be a big help to you,” said Treasure.

“Oh he is, a big help to us, but, Treasure honey you know me and work, any work is too much for me,” he said smiling.

“Oh Lloyd, that is not true and you know it.”

“Well I have a few message from the society,” with that Lloyd pulled a packet of correspondence, tied up with wide blue rubber band, from his pocket and handed them to Treasure.

We’ll, let’s see what we have here,” Treasure said, pulling the rubber band off and sliding it onto her wrist. Treasure thumbed through the letters; there were 12 from Masters, eight of which were from Brazil, to Hong Kong. Treasure put them in a separate pile; the other four were from Grand Master in California, New Jersey, Texas and Arizona, “Oh for goodness sakes, I am not, Leaving, New Orleans and that is final,” she said.

“I will answer these and tell them, thanks, but no thanks,”

Lloyd looked at her, he said, “I have one more piece,” he pulled the letter from his pocket, he smile and handed it to her.

Treasure read the letter; it was only one-half of one page long. Treasure smiled, she said, I’ll will meet this one, please Mister Lloyd arrange with the scribe.”

“I will do that, is there anything else, I can do for you,”

“No thank you, Lloyd, I will answer these, will you send them to the scribe.”

“I will handle it that way if that is what you want me to do.”

“I will send this one; it is my responsibility to answer them that I will do.” She said.

Lloyd nodded, “I need to talk to Kate, for a few minutes, before I go.” He said.

Treasure stood up, “I am going to go shower and dress.” Treasure walked Lloyd to the door. “Bye – bye she said and gave Lloyd a kiss on his cheek.

Treasure showered and dressed. She stopped in the office Lloyd had gone. Treasure and Kate discussed the day’s business and set up several meetings over the next few weeks.

Margarete stuck her head in the office door, “Missy Treasure would you like a drink.” Treasure nodded, “scotch please Margarete,”

Margarete brought Treasure her drink, “now don’t you have something to tell us,” she said.

Treasure just shrugged her shoulders,” maybe, maybe not.” She smiled.   

“Missy, you had better start talking,” Margarete said,

“Or what,” Treasure scowled.

“I’ll just have to go on strike, warm beer, cold food, no PB&J.”

“Oh no, Not the PB&J, Oh God, how cruel can you be, I couldn’t live without them?” Treasure threw her hand to her head her palm out her wrist a little limp. She put the other hand over her heart,” Oh, I feel faint; I think I am gonna swoon.” Treasure slumped back in her seat. She looked at Margarete and laughed, “All in good time my darlings all in good time.” Treasure pulled the note from her pocket, she handed it to Margarete, Margarete read it, and then she folded it and handed it to Kate. Margarete walked over to Treasure and kissed her. There was a look of shock and surprise on Kate’s face, “Oh wow! That is so cool,” she said.

Treasure took the note back, she said, “I will answer him tomorrow.” Are you going to meet the other two,” said Margarete. “Yes of course, I have committed, they have made their plans, I won’t back out, besides, I am curious aren’t you two curious as I am,” Treasure asked

“Yes we are, you know we are,” said Kate.

“I will meet them next month so between now and then we will plan on what we will do and where I will meet them.”

“The best place is here or Le Belle Noire,” said Margarete. “Le Belle is very safe and with me, Kate or Lloyd around you wouldn’t have a care in the world, if it ever goes that far.”

“I will concur with what Margarete said, besides, the least you can do is to take them to dinner. As far as we know, they are ok, Thomas will check out both men before they arrive. They are going to be disappointed enough as it is, once they see you and find out they can’t have you.” chuckled Kate.

“I could always give them a little sample of what they will miss.”

“Missy Treasure, you already have enough dogs slobbering and sniffing at you when you go out. You don’t want them camped out here too.” Do you,” asked Margarete. “if they’re real nice they can sample me.” Margarete winked and wiggled her butt.

Kate and Treasure howled with laughter.

“Well, come on ya’ll, dinner is about ready.” Margarete said. Treasure and Kate followed Margarete to the kitchen,

“Oh, I think I wet myself,” Kate said laughing.

Treasure laughed even harder.

“All this talk about men; has given me a little itch and it has been a while, I am going to see about finding someone to scratch that little itch soon.” Kate said between bites.

“Oh really, you know, I just had my nails sharpened,” Margarete said.

“Mmmm,” Kate said,” if that’s a proposal I’ll accept it.”

Margarete looked at Kate, your room or mine?” she said.

Treasure said, “Margarete’s room, I am already on the edge. I don’t need to listen to two all tonight.” Kate and Margarete looked at each other, then at Treasure,

“Oh no, Oh no, you don’t,” said Treasure.

Kate laughed, Margarete smiled and winked at Kate. After dinner Margarete cleared the dishes, Treasure and Kate sat talking when Margarete finished up in the kitchen, Margarete winked at Kate and Kate stood up in front of Treasure blocking her way. Margarete moved up behind Treasure and nudged her into Kate.

“Oh my,” Margarete said,” what do we have here?”

Kate pressed herself into Treasure; Margarete took hold of Treasure’s arms and held her tightly.

“Oh – no, please stop, Treasure cried, “Oh please don’t Oh! Help me, I am gonna be ravaged,” Treasure laughed. “If I am gonna be forced we might as well get started in the tub upstairs, Margarete get the wine, Kate bring some candles and incense. Well let’s go I am ready to be forced and ravaged”

Margarete and Kate hugged Treasure tight, “Yes Missy Treasure I’ll get the wine Margarete said.

“And I’ll get the incense and candles,” Kate said.

“Forward ho!” said Treasure.

“Who’s a Ho,” said Kate.

“I am a Ho,” chirped Margarete.

“Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to bed we go,” chuckled Treasure.

Margarete pouted the wine; Kate lit candles, and incense,

Treasure began filling the tub, then she stood straight looking at her profile in the mirror to the door and began to take off her clothes; she pulled the shirt loose from her jeans, pulling her shirt up past her breast and over her hair, and her hair cascaded out of her shirt down her back and over her shoulders. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. The white lace bra falling reveling her proud jutting breasts, her nipples making the point of her breast very well defined. Treasure’s belly was flat and hard, her muscles were subtly visible. Treasure unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She bent over to test the waster, her hair falling around her neck, three soft folds appeared across her body, and her jeans rode down her hips to expose the delicate cleft of her buttocks. Treasure tugged at her jeans, wiggling her hips, she shimmied out of her jeans, and panties.

Treasure stepped out of her jeans then kicked them to the corner. She stood straight, her round firm butt, her long graceful legs. Margarete and Kate stood in the doorway held captive by her sensuousness and beauty. Treasure turned her back to the door; they stared at her hourglass figure, her perfectly formed legs. Treasure leaned over to test the waters, and then stepped into the tub. The spell they were under had broken when Treasure stepped into that tub. Margarete and Kate came forward and began undressing, they were soon nude and in the tub. Margarete began to wash Treasure, first her neck, then her back, then her chest down to her belly, Treasure stood, Margarete washed her pudendum, her legs, and inner thighs. Margarete slowly and methodically washed Treasure not missing a square inch of skin on her body.

Margarete then began to wash Kate, taking time with her slowly erotically washing her. Treasure got up and out of the tub. She toweled off, she looked at Kate and Margarete, one last time before leaving the bathroom, and they did not notice she was gone until they were drying themselves off. Treasure had thrown on a gown, and thought to herself, “Imagine that Kate and Margarete now that is something, I thought would never happen.”

It did take a little bit of work, and I would like to finish what I started. It isn’t often, that I wind up on top, ya know, it’s a new experience,” Margarete said coyly.

“Well, I am for new experiences, Margarete go take your time and make sure you tie up all the loose ends before you are finished if you get my drift. Give my best or your best to Kate.”

“Oh I will, Missy Treasure, Oh I will,” said Margarete.  “I’ll see you later on,” Margarete said, walking back towards her room.

Treasure smiled, “Oh it is going to be a good day and a very interesting day.

Treasure reached down and scratched Peachey’s head. “Good morning Peachey she said, Peachey answered with a loud purr.

Precisely at 2:30 Jefferson longhorn Davis, rang the doorbell, the voice on the speaker said, Yes, might I help you. “I am Jefferson Langhorne Davis; I have an appointment with Ms. Richards.”

The door opened. “Please come in Mister Davis,” Margarete said, “this way please.” Margarete took Mister Davis to the library. “May I take your coat and hat Margarete took his coat and hat. “I will inform Ms. Richard’s that you are here.” Margarete laid his hat in the chair and draped his coat over the back of it.

Margarete returned to the library, “Mister Davis, Ms. Richard’s will be with you shortly, would you care for a drink?”

“No, no Thank,” Davis said.

Jefferson Longhorn Davis stood, looked around the grand room, the balcony around the room the two floors of books, he walked to the shelves, he pulled a book out, they were all bound in leather and labeled in gold. He opened the book, the pages had yellowed– a first edition of “Doctor Faustus,” by Thomas Mann. There must have been 10,000 books in here. He slid the book back into the shelf. Jefferson marveled at the enormity of the library and the house, he was in awe of the splendor and grandeur of this place.

“Good afternoon,” a voice behind him said. Mister Davis, I am Heather Richard’s.

Davis turned, there in the doorway was a creature he had only seen in his dreams, she walked forward extending her hand, only then did he begin to move, almost stumbling over his own feet. Treasure caught his hand and steadied him. “Are you alright,” she said.

“Yes, yes I am, I’m Jefferson Longhorn Davis, and I am very pleased to meet you.”

“Please,” Treasure said, motioning to a chair, “please sit.” Davis sat then she sat. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Yes, I would.”

Treasure picked up a crystal bell and rang it. Margarete appeared out of nowhere. Mister Davis what would you like to drink? She asked.

“It is a little early, but I would like a scotch.” Davis said.

“Make that two, Margarete the Glen Milken, please.

“Yes, ma’am,” Margarete went to the bar, “Mister Davis, rocks,” she said. Davis nodded; Margarete dropped three cubes in the crystal glass, then poured the 50-year old scotch over them. Margarete set them on a silver tray and served them. “That will be all Margarete thank you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Margarete answered as she left the room closing the door behind her.

Jefferson Longhorn Davis sat there holding his drink looking at Treasure.

Treasure took a sip of his scotch; she looked at Davis and smiled.

“Oh please excuse me for staring, “he said,” but I have never in my life seen anyone as beautiful as you are, I am quite taken aback,

Treasure began to blush, her skin became rosier,

Ms. Richards I didn’t mean to embarrass you, on the contrary; it was a compliment.

Treasure smiled, shifting in her seat, her knees opening a little wider, she crossed her ankles.

Treasure was studying Davis as well, he was 45-years old, he was over 6’ tall, well built, wide shoulders, his hair was silver and thick, his eyes were an azure blue; he was very well dressed in  Armani Treasure thought. He was not bad looking at all, he was no Phillip, but he wasn’t bad either, he spoke intelligently and he was educated She couldn’t remember if he had gone to Harvard or Princeton, he was a Texan through and through, he owned oil and gas leases and a large expanse of land in West Texas. He was very well off, but not as well off as Treasure.

The society had sent Treasure his dossier, he was a Grand Master, and he was well versed in many of the forms of play that Treasure adored. Treasure had contacted one of his former slaves; she had only good things to say about her former master. When Treasure asked her why she left him, she told Treasure that she had fallen in love with a cowboy that worked for Davis.

Davis took a sip of his scotch, his eyebrows went up, “very nice,” he said.

Treasure nodded, “so Mister Davis here we are,” she said.

Mister Davis said slowly in his Texas drawl, “Ms. Richards,”

“Treasure,” she said.

“Treasure I read your dossier and I saw your picture, neither do justice to who you are and your beauty. I did some investigating and what I learned truly surprised me. I had no idea that you were the CEO of the DuBois Company. It got me thinking and I became very curious. Why, you even agreed to meet me.”

Treasure looked down and smoothed her skirt, pulling it tight across the top of her thighs. “Mister Davis, I am a submissive, I was raised to be a submissive; I love being a submissive, and in spite of what I own, what I manage I still want to be a submissive. I want to serve a Master.”

“Treasure that may be very true and I don’t doubt your sincerity, one little bit. I was wondering how you would do both? I have conservatively estimated your worth to be somewhere near 700 million.”

Treasure said, “closer to 800 Mister Davis,” and she sat back in her seat.

“Then I must ask you how you would serve both of us, DuBois Company and me.” Treasure started to answer; Davis raised his hand, “where would your loyalty and your devotion lie, to me or to your companies?” And, before you answer that question, I want to make you aware that I already know where they are going to lie, to your company that is where mine lie, and I don’t have half of what you have.”

Treasure looked down, a tear welled up in her eye, “you are right Mister Davis, I cannot deny that.” The tear ran down her cheek, and Treasure knew what the reality was, “but I so want to be needed, loved, I want to serve, this isn’t going the way it should.” She said. “You don’t want me.”

“Treasure,” Davis said, “I do want you, I lust for you, to have you serve me would be the most wonderful thing I could imagine, but it would not be fair to you or to me. There is to be only one Master of my castle,” he watched her, she sank into her seat, her once proud stance her shoulders held high began to slump, Davis stood up, Treasure started to rise, he said, “sit please,” he picked up his glass and hers and went to the bar and refilled them. He handed Treasure her drink and a handkerchief, “thank you,” she said. Davis sat down beside her on the sofa, Treasure sipped her drink, as I was saying there is to be one Master in my castle, even if you were collared to me, you would still run your empire as I would mine and yours is bigger than mine he chuckled. “Don’t get me wrong now, I would love to have a relationship with you to wake up next to you would be a pure joy. Not to mention the other things I would get do to you.” Treasure looked at him. “Dry your eyes Treasure,” Davis said. Treasure dried her eyes,  “Where do we go from here,” she said.”

“We can get to know each other, then we could go to dinner, we could talk about business opportunities, or I could tie you up, spank you, and ravage your body, something along those lines.”

“Ok,” Treasure smiled at him.

“Treasure,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Call me Jeff.”

“Ok, Jeff.”

“Hey how about showing me around this beautiful house of yours.”

“Come on,” she said, rising, she offered her hand to him.

Margarete turned off the intercom. She dried her eyes, “that poor girl, she gonna be crushed more now but she is gonna get strong.”

Treasure led Jeff around to all the rooms all the floors, she told him about the old clock tower and that his was originally a bank back at the turn of the century. They stopped in the kitchen. “Margarete we are going to walk down to the Labelle Noire, would you call ahead for us.” Margarete nodded. Treasure and Jeff walked to the front of the house.

Jeff took Treasure’s arm; they slowly walked the four blocks to the restaurant Labelle Noire. Jeff told her about himself. Treasure did not let on, that she knew more about him than he knew she did. She carefully listened to all he had to say, not failing to smile or nod at the points he made about himself.

“This is it,” Treasure said, stopping at the restaurant door.

“This is what?” Jeff said looking around. The restaurant she said, as she knocked on the door. The door opened a crack then opened up the rest of the way. “Missy Treasure, please come in, you too honey,” the old woman said. “Thank you ma’am,” said Treasure. The old woman led them down the dark hallway to the dining room. It was dark, the only lights from the candles on the tables, and a few wall lights. “Would you look at this place,” Jeff said. If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believe it, this is just like a real prohibition speak easy.”

“It’s now a private dining club, one of places where no one is seen or heard or remembers. When Phillip died, I took over his membership. They say Huey Long was a member here.”

The waiter told them all the items on the menu from memory. Treasure ordered the lemon sage red fish, Caesar Salad. Jeff surprised Treasure by ordering a large plate of Cajun mudbugs, spicy cornbread, and greens. Jeff chuckled that he loved hot and spicy things. Treasure thought I wonder if he knows what hot and spicy really is.”

Jeff, do you find me intimidating? Treasure asked softly. Jeff looked at her with a somewhat surprised look on his face. He took a sip of his drink. “The truth,” said Jeff. Treasure nodded, “yes please,” she said.

“The truth is, you are a very powerful woman, with your wealth and power, there are many you could and do intimidate,” he said.

“I asked if I intimidated you,” Treasure said again. Jeff looked at her, he smiled, and shook his head, “no Treasure you don’t. Don’t confuse my respect for you by thinking that I am intimidated by you.”

Treasure nodded her head, “I thought maybe that was why you didn’t want me,” she said.

“Treasure it is not that I don’t want you, I would love to have you as my submissive, you are beautiful, sexy, you’re smart, everything that I am looking for in a submissive is embodied in you,” he reached over to her and took her hand into his, “the fact is that you cannot give yourself completely to me.” Treasure looked at him because you have a Master, a tougher Master than I would be that you serve now.” He said. However, I could, I have people who could take care of it, run it for me she said.

Jeff squeezed her hand. “It took the DuBois,” 150 years to build what they did. Phillip gave it to you because he knew you would run it, make it grow, he didn’t give it to others to run for him, neither should you,” he said.

Treasure knew he was right. Kate, Lloyd, and Thomas had told her the same thing. “You’re right,” she said, “but I was hoping it could have been some other way.”

If you want someone to play with for you to serve when you can have a part time relationship that is what you should look for. I would not be opposed to having that, but I really wanted someone, the same one to wake me up every morning.

Treasure nodded, “I understand,” she said.

Treasure put her hand under the table and squeezed his thigh. He looked at her. I would like you to stay tonight,” she said.

I would be honored Treasure, he said. Jeff put his hand on Treasure’s leg, slid her dress to the crotch, and squeezed her thigh pulling her legs open. Treasure gasped at the strength in his hand. Treasure let her legs fall open, he looked at her and looked down at her crotch, Treasure was wearing a thong, he mouthed the words, take them off now.” Treasure shifted in her seat and slipped the thong from her legs. She leaned down to take them off of her legs. Jeff had his hand out, Treasure laid the thong in his hand. Jeff casually laid the thong on the table between them. Treasure’s nipples became erect, the thoughts she was thinking were making her very aroused.

The waiter brought the bill and placed it on the table in front of Treasure. Treasure signed it as Jeff was pulling his wallet form his pocket. Treasure patted his hand, “they don’t accept cash here, or credit cards, I get a monthly bill,” she said.

Jeff said, “shall we,” Treasure stood picking up her thong letting them dangle from her fingers, the old woman who met them at the door handed them their coats and hat. The old woman pulled Treasure’s arm and raised up to whisper in her ear, Treasure listened and laughed softly, Treasure whispered back to her and handed the old woman her thong, “enjoy,” the old woman held them up and laughed. “Bon soir Madame Treasure,” she said. “Merci Madame, Au revoir,” Treasure responded.

Jeff walked arm in arm with Treasure, when he suddenly pulled her into a doorway, pushing her into the corner. He pushed himself against her; he began groping her, he pushed his foot between her feet and kicked them apart. He pulled open her coat, he grabbed the front of her dress and jerked it breaking the thin straps on her shoulder, he pulled her dress down to her waist, and he cupped her breast in one hand and kneaded it, then squeezed it harder and harder. Treasure moaned, he reached between her legs, grabbed her mound, and ground his fingers into her vulva. He took his hand from her breast and put it on her shoulder and he forced her to her knees, he pulled Treasure’s head to his crotch.

Treasure unzipped his pants she took his cock out, she had, had larger and longer but right now she didn’t care, she took him in her mouth. She began moving her head, her lips, and her tongue. She heard Jeff moan. She heard him moan and say, “suck it good you slut.” Treasure worked his cock in her mouth like a china man works on an abacus. Jeff moaned, his body stiffened, he pulled her head to him, holding her, his cock erupting, spewing his seed into her wanting mouth and throat. Treasure continued to suck him till he had her stop.

He pulled her up; he reached down grabbing one of her legs pulling it up to his waist. Treasure grabbed her dress pulled it up exposing herself to him; she reached down and guided him into her. Jeff began bucking his hips. Treasure rolled her hips forward to meet his thrusts and working her muscles to milk him again. Jeff began to moan, his body tensed again, he thrusts hard into her. She felt him come in her pussy.

Treasure was nowhere near ready to cum, she thought for all his experience, he had, he had just given her a schoolboy fuck. Slam bam fuck without the thank you ma’am. Treasure was totally disappointed; she hoped he would get better before the night was over.

Treasure slipped her dress off, she picked it up, she closed her coat around her. They walked the last two blocks in a virtual silence. Treasure took him upstairs to her bedroom. There they played a little, a little spanking, some humiliation and degradation, he fucked her once more; then when she was just getting started what does, he do, he rolls over and goes  to sleep.

Treasure laid their thinking what had just happened, she hadn’t cum once, he never got her close enough, nor even told her to cum. She was totally disappointed, she had her toys, she rolled over on her belly, she reached over to the nightstand and took out a fingertip vibrator. She slid her hand down under her to her pudendum, placed the vibrator on her clitoris, then she bit a mouthful of pillow to refrain from screaming when she orgasmed. within a few minutes, her legs were clamped together her muscles were taught she began to convulse she felt herself spasming the bed began to shake, and Jeff snored away totally unaware of what was going on.

Treasure couldn’t wait until the morning when he would leave. Treasure sighed, turned over so her back was to him. She turned off the lights. “Good night Jeff,” she said and thought to herself, good riddance. Treasure closed her eyes and sleep crept in.

Treasure awoke alone in her bed. Jeff was gone. It would be awhile before she would meet another. She could only hope the next would not be as disappointing as this one had been.

Treasure heard the clink of the tray; she sat up to see Margarete bringing her a tray of coffee, and her newspaper. “Good morning, Missy Treasure, that Mister Jeff left early this morning.” Treasure sipped her coffee, and then nodded her head. “Thank you Margarete.”

Margarete looked at Treasure, she couldn’t put her finger on it, but something was different with Treasure.

Treasure showered then dressed. She walked into the office with a new purpose in her life. “Good morning Kate,” she said, “let’s get to it shall we, we have a lot of work to do.”