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You! You, exotic creature. Lay under my Christmas tree as a present. Let thine own heart be thy gift to me. Then with great zeal and delight upon Christmas morn, allow me to cherish you with all my heart.
If it be so true for you to be enticed from under the Yule Tide tree. First, untie the red and gold ribbons, which have so neatly and magnificently bound and wrapped so tightly around. Then gaze upon the one silver bow, which covers the heart with a little gold tag with the words “start here printed on it. Sanction this humble love struck one to hold you so tight as to never let you go, kiss you so deeply upon thy ruby red lips—I, we become dizzy with unbridled passion. Then when I again look upon thy face— with tears in my eyes, fore I now know I have found my happiness that will never fade or die under the Yule Tide Tree.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.