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School bus

What should the caption read?

Imagine this picture. Now barely visible hidden from view covered by decades of the vines. A school bus, painted by a group of hippies, whose once vibrant psychedelic colors now faded, the clear windows now cracked and milky with age. The rear emergency was door sprung open, and hanging by one rusted hinge it was the only image visible to us as we stood on the road in the early morning light.

Yes, we were here. We rode for days to find the just the right spot for our commune. Peace and love, were going to be the only way of life, we were going to know. The bus, the center of Happiness Grove. The beautiful garden where all our hopes and dreams would come true. Now sixty years later we stand and look upon the final resting place of all our hopes and dreams. And Happiness Grove has become the final resting place of our beautiful bus as well.