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She stood on the platform, and raised her hand to shield her hand from the setting sun. The two silver streaks of iron rails separated only by the lazy wavering shimmering traces of rising heat. She looked around nervously and thought, “Oh please hurry I have to get out of here before he finds out we are gone.” She squeezed her son’s hand, and looked down at him, she forced a smile.

“Mother, are we really going to visit Uncle Clyde? Does he have a pony for me to ride?” said Matthew

“Yes he does, now come over here, Matthew and sit beside me.”

“Yes Mother.”

The Sante Fe Chief rumbled into the Station hissing stream and puffing soot and smoke, a little inconvenience to the passengers ready to board. The engineer, smiled a wicked smile as he pulled the big steam engine passed her and equalizing the pressures enveloping her in a mist of steam before coming to a stop.

“Come Matthew, it’s time to go.” She stood; straightened her skirts, picked up her valise, took Matthew by the hand and headed to the first Pullman Car. The porter placed the stepstool on the ground. Matthew bounded up the steps. She handed the Valise to the Porter, he extended his hand, and helped her to the first step. She nodded her head and disappeared into the car. She was safe and Thank God she was alive.