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Ranson paused; he looked carefully around the corner, and then pulled his head back behind the safety of the wall. He licked his lips, he looked down, two men lay dead on the ground from the sniper’s bullets he wasn’t going to be the third, he squatted down and began to ratiocinate. “A distraction is what I need. Then I will make my move, find the sniper, and kill him.”

“Jones, Kelly,” Ranson called out.

“Give me a boost. I want to take a look see in that window.”

Jones and Kelly grabbed Kelly’s rifle, Ranson stepped on it, and they lifted him up to the window’s ledge. Ranson looked around the room was torn up from a shell burst the ceiling was hanging only held up by the walls and the roof had a large ragged hole torn in it. He pulled himself up and into the room and climbed up and looked out of the hole in the roof, he had a commanding view of the street and just about the whole town.

“Sarge,” Kelly called out, Ranson looked down, and saw that Kelly was hanging on the window ledge Ranson put his finger to his lips and crawled down from the ceiling. He made his way back to the window and whispered to Kelly. Kelly dropped back down to the street. Ranson made his way back up into the attic he found a position where he could see the town the church and about anyplace the sniper would or could hide.

Ranson took aim through his sights he was ready, he picked up a piece of plaster and threw it out the window and then counted to 10, a shot rang out from the church’s bell tower, Ranson fired he saw the sniper fall. A bit of movement to the right caught Ranson’s eye, and he sighted on the movement and fired the man stood and dropped his weapon and binoculars and tumbled out of the bell towers as fell to the ground.

Ranson looked down to the street; his troopers were already advancing into the town. He kept watch just in case there was another enemy sniper waiting to fire upon his men.