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It was easy for the town and its pious inhabitants to cast dispersion upon him, when he had been missing for so many years. He could not defend himself against the lies, the allegations the town so maliciously leveled against him and his family in his absence. However, now that he has returned, and brought with him the proof and the evidence to back it up. He named the real culprits who were behind the thefts and the embezzlement at the bank, all the evidence pointed to the mayor and his two brothers all leading citizens of Simpsonville. He laid out the proof for the sheriff, the police chief, and anyone else who wished to see it.

He had not only venerated himself, his family, and his family name as well. I only mention his family name, because the town was named after his family. The town had survived for a hundred years with barely a blemish on its reputation until the scandal about the bank fraud and Bill Simpson leaving town. Now though Simpsonville may have been a little tarnished, it would survive without his help for another one hundred years.

And those scandal mongers who tried so hard to have him convicted were themselves convicted of their crimes that is after they were tarred and feathered. And their families were run out of town.