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Hooded-Man-in-Chair (2)

Sam kicked the door open. He was followed by two thugs dragging the man they had pulled sleeping from his bed. They tied his hands and feet and pulled the black hood on his head before throwing him in the trunk of the Lincoln Town Car.

The thugs lifted the man and roughly sat him in the old wooden office chair and tied him in. Sam stood before him and shook his head one thug jerked the hood from the man’s head, “Hey, what the hell? Who…“ He shook his head, looked up, and saw a cold marmoreal face staring back at him. He knew his number was up. He dropped his head and mumbled, please leave my family out of this and make it quick.

“Your family isn’t involved; this is just business. The boss said, make an example out of you, and leave you where you could be found. You took from him, you hurt him.” Sam pulled the brass knuckles from his pocket and slipped them over his fingers. “Hold his head up.” Sam…