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Woke at 7


Woke up at 730 everything just hunkey dory with the few unrelenting minor morning maladies. Nose congested, eyes crusted, and rough dry skin abound around the old body along with the neuropathy, diabetic nerve pain, arthritis, obesity, and some depression. But I am cheered by the morning light and a few tablets and oh! let’s not forget the most important thing a lovely smoking hot cup of coffee, slowly sipped and savored, the salubrious brew sliding over the tongue warming the mouth and throat on its journey to the central core.

Now my friends it is time for me to sit and stare at the world through, you might have thought I was going to write rose-colored glasses, no my friend I am going to watch the world pass me by, through a plastic encrusted nylon bug screen dramatically set on its edge in my window. And from there I will become a voyeur upon a populace too busy to take notice of me, but to those who do notice me I will shout out a gleeful greeting and wish them a wonderful day. Sincerely hoping they will have that wonderful day where all goes according to their plans and dreams and least I forget to include their hopes.