Frank had fallen on hard times, he had lost his job, the company called it downsizing. He had been replaced by a worker in a foreign country whose name he couldn’t pronounce. The company said it was good for the bottom line and stock holders and for the country, but for Frank what may have been good for the company wasn’t good for him.

Frank was down to pocket change when he headed out to the store, clutched tightly in his hand were the last few coins he had to his name. Enough money for some food for his family another day. He was looking down as he walked his hands thrusts deeply into his pockets, when he spied a wadded-up bill in the gutter. He bent down un-wadded it as he stood, it was a 5-dollar bill. He stepped up on the sidewalk smiling and looked around two people passed him and as he followed them with his eyes and he saw a small sign down in the corner of the window “Help Wanted” he smiled, he thought what felicitous events have brought this luck his way.

He threw his shoulders back held his head high and walked in and found the manager and asked him if he still needed help. His answer was yes and hired Frank on the spot.