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Thanksgiving-DinnerMade a list for my Thanksgiving Meal… then thought a bit. There is only me. why make a big meal, you know the Turkey roasted to a golden brown the breast meat moist and succulent the dark meat with its robust sweet tangy taste and the crispy skin with the flavor only if you could describe it in mere words would be delicious but that would be too easy to do.

Then you have the mashed potatoes. Oh, such a creamy delight and smothered and flavored with… wait I must have the Bread sausage oyster stuffing that was cooked inside the bird now piled alongside the potatoes all covered in the gravy.

Mmmm the gravy made with the drippings the grease and a little bit of flour to thicken it, the stock made with the holy trinity, neck meat and chopped giblets and spices slowly cooked and stirred with love and patience so not one dreaded floured lump could be found or felt upon the pallet to ruin the brown thickened nectar that will be ladled over the holiday meal.

I also suppose I cannot forego the orange cranberry compote that would have taken days to concoct and let chill in the fridge to let the flavors meld so when the time comes I could spoon it over the warm succulent Turkey breast just before I began my feast. the juices melting sweetening the breast with a hint of heavenly bliss.

I thought of making a batch of yeast rolls now mind you my rolls aren’t pleasing to the eye however, the old saying they melt in your mouth isn’t a term lost on these rolls. while I’m in the baking mood I would have made a pumpkin pie. no, I wouldn’t carve out a pumpkin I have used a can of pumpkin though I would have made a real flakey crust for it

Now that would have been My Thanksgiving Dinner But since it is only me and I am here alone I will have some Pancakes.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.