lecture hall

“Alright Charles tell me all about it, the lecture, how was it?

“Dr. Clayborn alluded to during his discourse that the miniature three-toed mouse was Polyphiloprogenitive having as many as twelve litters in two months. He also noted the mouse had a lifespan of six months which may account for this Polyphiloprogenitive reproduction.”

“Well come on man, what else did the esteemed doctor have to say. You have been waiting almost a year to hear his lecture and that is all you have to say. A bloody three-toed mouse.”

Oh! All right Robert. The truth is I was late. The only available seats were on the back row of the theater, and the next thing I knew the usher was waking me, telling me, I had to leave, the theater was closing. I had missed the whole lecture except the part about the damned three-toed mouse.”