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When comparing to Napoleon and Josephine, or Anthony and Cleopatra to the ardor which existed between Archie and Edith Bunker is almost impossible to describe.

Napoleon wanted to conquer the world, he almost did however he met his Waterloo, like the most of us do at one time or another in our lives. Yet his every thought revolved around his love for Josephine, he died alone in Longwood House on the isle of Saint Helena, his last word, his last breath was “Josephine,” he whispered to the attendant when he died.

Anthony Caesar of Rome Ruler of the known world had eyes only for the tauntingly beautiful Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt.  As Shakespeare would tell his story an ardor and love so strong she would kiss the serpent and die rather than lose Anthony to Rome or anyone or anything.

Man has no greater ardor and love than Archie Bunker had for his Edith. His ambition in life was to see or hope nothing changed and everything stayed the same. That he could always win an argument with Meat-head. Yet, through thick and thin, rain come shine, Archie was there for Edith maybe a little blustery at times, but in the end, Archie Bunker loved Edith to his very core, the loves of Napoleon and Anthony only pale in comparison to the ardor and love Archie had for Edith.