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Bond arrived, a little before dusk and made his way through the dense brush.

He wrestled the guard to the ground before breaking his neck, then he entered the building. Where he heard her muffled screams. He screwed the silencer onto the barrel of his Walther PPK.
With his back against the wall the James made his way towards the girl’s cries looking over his shoulder into the first room he spied 2 men sitting at a table, he raised his pistol and fired killing both the guards instantly. He moved to the next door. In the room lit by only one bare bulb Christine lay naked bound by her hands and feet, and wide leather strap across her middle to hold her down. Two men with their backs toward him were at the table picking up wires and cables and yammering about watching her jump.

Bond aimed his Walther at them, he whistled, and as they turned to face him, he fired, a small black hole appeared between their eyes and a red halo appeared behind their heads as they dropped to the floor.

James looked at Christine, he ran his hand up her arm, her marmoreal skin cut and bruised from the torture she endured at the hands of her captures, he felt a pulse, she was alive. No matter what state she was in she would always be beautiful, and best of all she was still alive, he unbuckled the restraints that held her to the table.

She opened her eyes as he pulled the gag from her mouth, she whispered something to him and passed out. James covered her in a blanket, threw her over his shoulder, and carried her out to his waiting car.

“They will rue the day, for what they have done, I will kill all of them, for God, Country, and Christine” He thought as he drove off into the dead of night with his beloved Christine at his side once more.