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Fort Bliss

“Bliss control this is Army 204,”

“Go ahead 204, this is Bliss control,” the gravelly voice in the control tower answered.

“Hood, Army 204, requesting permission to land over.”

“Roger 204, final on runway 11… winds 288 at 5… you are cleared to land.”

“Roger Bliss, Army 204, Wilco.”

The UC-45 painted in olive drab green approached Fort Bliss, the twin 450 hp Wright-whirlwinds were purring like the proverbial kittens made its final turn and aligned itself with the runway. The pilot pulled the landing gear lever, he heard the growl and whine of the electric motors and then felt the shutter as each gear locked into place. His hand moved to the flap control wheel rolling it to the 20-degree position. He applied more throttle to the engines, and regained control of the sluggish plane. The plane descended slowly; he increased the flaps to 30 degrees. The plane was in the correct configuration for landing. Colonel Currie pulled back on the yoke settling the plane on the runway, with a thud, a squeal, and a puff of blue smoke. Bliss, this is 204, 1021 hours over.”

He coasted down the runway applying the brakes sporadically before turning off on the taxiway 2A and stopping. A yellow Studebaker pick-up truck with two large black and white checkered flags waited to lead him to operations.

Currie adjusted the throttles and the plane began rolling, he followed the truck to the operations building. The truck veered away, and Currie saw the ground crewman with his signal flags directing him to his parking place. Colonel Currie spun the plane around, locked the brakes, and then went through the shutdown checklist. The propellers slowly came to a stop before the engines coughed and the propeller spun backwards one time.

The ground crew chocked the wheels; Currie unbuckled his lap belt and disconnected his radio. The ground crewman had opened the hatch pulled down the short ladder, grabbed the bag of yellow safety flags and Currie’s flight bag and set it on the ground. Colonel Currie stepped from the hatch into the bright sunlit day at Fort Bliss Texas.

Colonel William Davis Currie was born in Red Bluff, Montana in 1894, he graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1914 he was ranked 42 in his class. He was a career Army aviator. He stood just a shade over 5-11 and weighed in at a wiry 155 pounds. He hid his blond hair under his floppy bombers cap that covered his steel grey eyes; he rubbed his Errol Flynn mustache, pulled at his A-2 horsehide-flying jacket around him and stepped from the airplane. He was the Commanding Officer of the 126th Air Transport Group at Pope Army Airfield, Fort Bragg North Carolina.

Looking around, he stepped down onto the hot tarmac; he returned the salute of the ground crew chief. Colonel Currie spoke to the man briefly, about his plane; the Sergeant shook Currie’s hand, welcoming his old friend to Fort Bliss.

Colonel Currie was headed to the operations shack, when a 39 Ford sedan rolled to a stop.  The driver jumped out of the car and ran around and open the back door for him, sitting inside was General Clark.

“Welcome to Bliss How long has it been what 7 no 8 years?” the General said.

“More like 10,” Currie said.

“That long huh, how time flies,” Clark said reaching out to shake Bill’s hand

“General time flies for me and yours keeps marching along,” Bill snapped back.

Clark shook his hand and said, “Same ole Bill Currie.”

The sergeant closed the door and ran back around to the driver’s door; he jumped in pulled the column shifter into first gear and started the Ford toward headquarters.

“Does he know anything?” Currie asked.

“No, we kept it on the QT; your son knows nothing at all.” Clark said.

Colonel Currie’s son, William Davis Currie Jr. Born in Tampa Florida, in 1916, graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1937; unlike his father, he stood 6 foot 3 inches tall and a hefty 195 pounds. He had soft blue eyes, curly black hair and to his father’s chagrin, he was in the infantry.

Lieutenant Currie was going to be promoted to Captain; Colonel Currie had known for several weeks of the upcoming event and had made his plans to be at Bliss when the day arrived. The staff car pulled to the curb and stopped inches from another car. The General shook his head, “One day Sergeant you’re going to hit something with me in this car, and when you do, you’ll pull KP for the next 20 years.”

“But sir, it’s the brakes I’ve had it to the motor pool 10 times, and they haven’t fixed them yet.”

“Brakes my butt,” barked Clark.

The sergeant jumped out and opened the door for General Clark and Currie.

Clark left the car in a hurry.

“Thanks, speedy,” Currie said and winked.

The sergeant smiled a big toothy smile, “you’re welcome Colonel.”

Clark introduced his staff to colonel Currie and had his clerk get Currie a cold drink “Boyle call McGill, get Currie over here ASAP.”

“Yes sir,” Boyle said, he looked at his clerk.

‘I’m on its sir,” his clerk said.

“Good Afternoon, Bill how are you.”

“I’m good Captain, and you.” Billy said, “What’s on the agenda for today.”

“We have a meeting to go to, grab your hat. Sergeant Jamison, get the car!”

“Meet you out front.” Billy said.

Captain Walt McGill and Billy Climbed into the back of the open staff car, “Headquarters Jamison, and step on it, I don’t want to be late,” McGill said.

“Yes captain,” Jamison shifted and ground the gears, then pulled off with a lurch. “Sorry, Captain, the car needs some work,” Jamison said seriously.

“More like you need some practice sergeant.” Billy laughed.

The tires of the staff car squealed as it rounded the last corner, before screeching to a halt in front of the Division Headquarters building.

“Let’s go Currie times a wastin, we got things to do,” McGill said, trying to sound like Jamison as he bailed out of the staff car.

McGill and Currie took two steps at a time racing up the stairs to reach the doors to the first floor. Standing in the hallway was a very familiar figure to Billy he paused and looked again, “Hey Dad! What are you…? I mean Colonel Currie,” Billy corrected himself when he spotted General Clark.

“Are we all here now,” Clark said, then motioned for them to follow him and on the way the General would stop in offices and tell people to come on. The Generals last stop was in a large conference room.  “Have you got those papers,” The general said, taking them from his aide, “Lieutenant Currie, Front, and Center.”

Currie looked surprised and then looked around before he marched to a place directly in front of General Clark, from the corner of his eye he saw his father come up and stand on one aside and Major Boyle standing on the other Curries heart rate went up at least 30 points. Currie stood at attention he did not move a muscle it seemed to take forever for the general to read the papers.

According to General Order 2348976 dated 1 September 1940, 1st Lieutenant William Davis Currie Jr. you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain, By order of the Secretary of War. Effective 22 November 1940.  General Clark said, pinning the captain’s bar on Curries collar then he shook his hand. Colonel Currie pinned the other bar on his son’s collar. “Sorry these bars are a little battered up, they were mine, they brought me a lot of luck, and I hope they bring you as much as I had with them.” Colonel Currie shook his son’s hand the hugged him. Major Boyle and the McGill shook his hand.

Currie felt an immediate relief; he stood at attention and began breathing again.

“Let’s get all this over with before we go out and celebrate,” Clark Said shuffling through the stack of papers. “Ah, yes here it is, General Order 3461863, you are hereby commanded to report to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, to assume the command of Able Company, 236th Infantry Regiment, 3rd division, 5th Army, Effective 2 January 1941 Signed Lieutenant General Williams, Personnel, congratulations Captain Currie. Pack your bags your 30-day leave starts today”

“Bill how about lunch it has been quite a while; hasn’t it. General Clark said. “Major Boyle, captains McGill and Currie will you join us.”

“Sure Mark, I would like that very much.” Colonel Currie said.

“Oh, Captain Currie pick up your orders from the clerk on your way out.” Boyle said.

Colonel Currie hugged his son, “after lunch get your gear. I have the transportation back to Bragg.”

“Your mother is so excited that you’re coming home.” Colonel Currie said as they headed for the Officers Club.

“I have quite a bit of gear, and several rifles are in the armory, it might take some time to get it all together, I had no warning about any of this.” Billy said.

“No problem; I’m here till you’re ready, I’m checking out a UC-45, A brand new one. She’ a beauty, let me tell you son she will do 225 knots and has a ceiling of  26 thousand she has a range of 1250 miles I’ll just stay here until you’re ready; I know I can bunk with you at the BOQ.”

When the group of officers entered the Officers club, the atmosphere changed the loud idle chatter stopped and it became whispers. The Pilipino waiter led the General to his table, and then pulled more chairs up to the large round table and seated all the men according to rank and time in service. The newly commissioned captain was the last one seated, but that was fine with him.

Colonel Currie sat next to the General he looked out over all the men in the O-Club, “You have a fine bunch of officers here Mark, I know a lot of them from the Point.” He knocked his ring on the table, every officer in the dining room turned their head in the direction of the General, and either nodded their head or knocked their ring, paying their respects to the group at the table.

After lunch, General Clark had his driver drop Colonel Currie and Billy off at his company. As they entered the building, the day room was standing room only the First Sergeant called the room to attention, then said “three cheers for the Captain, Hip, hip,” the NCO’s and other enlisted men responded with a resounding “HOORAY!”

“As you were,” Colonel Currie said.

Nevertheless, the First Sergeant continued, “Hip, Hip,

The entire day room plus the officers who had arrived chimed in and yelled their response “HOORAY.”

Colonel Currie smiled and joined in for the third chorus. The men officers and NCO’S alike came up to Billy to congratulate him on his promotion. After the congratulations and the hoorays had died down’ Billy told his dad “there are several people I need to thank in person.”

When Billy returned, he and his dad began packing Billy’s equipment and his other treasured items into a duffle bag. His Platoon Sergeant brought him the two rifles he had stored in the armory Billy signed for them and then shook the sergeant’s hand. “You’re a good man Sarge, keep up the good work.” The sergeant saluted Billy and then turned and left Billy’s office.

While they were packing Currie’s personal items, Sergeant Wilson appeared at the door with several privates. “When the Captain and the Colonel are through in here, take those boxes to wherever the Captain or the Colonel wants you to take them.”

“Thanks Wilson,” Currie said looking up from his packing.

Colonel Currie sat in the rickety office chair; Billy had used since he came to Fort Bliss. “You know son, what happened out there with your NCO’s is a rare thing, it happened to me only once in 20 years. Those men would follow you to hell if you asked them and not one would have said no to you, they would have never disappointed you or let you down.”

“I do not know about that dad; I know they do as they are told, and they do their jobs well. They have kept me out of trouble on several occasions. I don’t think I’ve done anything to make them do what they did.”

“You boys out there, come in here, take these boxes and this duffle to the strip, and have the ground crew chief store it in Army 204.” Colonel Currie said to the four privates that stood by the door.

The men picked up the boxes, duffle, and hauled them out to the company 6 x 6 truck. The Curries watched as the truck took, off heading toward the airstrip.

Billy picked up his two rifles and slung them over his shoulder, “You Ready dad, we will hit the BOQ, drop these off, and then hit the O-Club for dinner.” Billy and his dad walked the four blocks to the BOQ several MP’s stopped and questioned them about the rifles, but the Colonel soon put them straight, he simply told the MP’s to contact General Clark.  The MP’s followed them to the BOQ and once the two officers had disappeared into the building, the MP’s took off continuing their rounds. Billy put the two rifles in the closet and pulled his two A-bags out, laid them on his rack and unzipped them both.

Billy and his dad walked into the officer’s club, they took a seat at the bar and ordered two scotches, “Here’s to my son, Billy, never a man had a finer son.” Bill raised his glass and saluted his son. Thanks Dad and raised his glass to his dad.

About 1900 hours they were led to a table and the waiter took their order, they had not even been served when Billy’s friends began to come to his table and congratulate him. When the word was out that Colonel Currie was there people, friends the colonel had known for 20 years began arriving at the table and reliving old times and telling the same old lies, they had for 20 years. These men too congratulated Billy and wished him well, when they found out he was the colonel’s son. They finished their meal about 2200 hours and headed toward the BOQ.

At 0530, Sergeant Jamison began rapping his knuckles on Currie’s door, Colonel Currie rolled out answered the door and then pointed to several bags that were ready to go Sergeant Jamison grabbed the bags and took them to the car. Then he rolled Billy out of his rack. The men dressed, and policed the room, Billy grabbed the rifles and slung them over his shoulder, and they headed down the stairs to the waiting staff car.

“O-club Sergeant, and after you let us out, pull around back and wait, I’ll have them bring you a steak breakfast.” The Curries’ ordered breakfast, and had one delivered to the sergeant.

The ground crew pulled the last of the safety pins from the plane’s wings and vertical surfaces. Then they put the bag in the plane and closed the hatch. At 0700 on the dot, Colonel Currie fired up the port engine on the UC-45, it rumbled to life streaming blue smoke from the exhaust ports, Currie checked the magneto’s and adjusted the fuel air mixture, before starting the starboard engine.

“Hood this is Army 204, request permission to take off.” Currie said mechanically.

“Army 204 this is Bliss, barometer 29.05 inches, winds 134 at 2 knots.” There was a pause then the tower said, “Army 204 Taxi to 4A and hold for further instructions.”

“Roger Bliss Tower.” Currie said, He looked at Billy, locked the brakes, and looked out the side window, he signaled the ground crew to remove the chocks, and the Ground crew chief saluted the plane. Colonel Currie released the brakes he put his hand on the throttles and eased them forward the UC-45 slowly began to roll. Currie used the toe brakes on the rudder controls to steer the plane.  He rolled down the tarmac and then stopped at the hold line on taxiway 4A

“Tower, Army 204 Ready to take off, Currie revved the engines up to redline and set the carburetor heat to heat and then throttled them back down then set the flaps to 30 degrees.

“Army 204 this is Bliss, permission to take-off granted.

“Roger, Tower.” Currie released the brakes, throttled up the engines, rolled out onto runway 29 and began his takeoff roll. Currie read off the speed in increments of 10 knots he pulled the yoke back as hard as he could, waited, and at 70 knots, he eased the yoke forward and the plane’s tail raised, and the plane lifted itself from the runway. Currie raised the landing gear lever and began decreasing the flaps Bliss Tower this is Army 204 rotation at 0728.”

Currie banked the UC-45 to a new course of 085 degrees magnetic and climbed until he reached 8000 feet. He set the course and headed toward Pope Field. At sunset Currie started his descent to Pope Field.

Currie Set the UC-45 down on the runway and throttled back “Welcome to Pope, he said to Billy, “Welcome home.”

Currie taxied the plane to the operations shack and shut it down. The ground crew chocked the wheels, opened the hatch pulled the safety bag out and started putting the safety pins in their respective places. The crew unloaded the baggage and placed it on a float.

“Sergeant, load it up and run it over to my quarters and Sergeant make sure it gets there.”  Currie Bellowed.

The first sergeant laughed and then winked at the colonel “Seems to me colonel I haven’t lost nothing in 20 years I seem to remember you lost whole damn airplane once.”

Colonel Currie just laughed; he pulled his jacket tight and zipped it partially up. “Let’s go Billy your mom is waiting for us.”

“Hey Colonel, the first sergeant yelled, “I forgot to tell you your missus is in the ops shack and she is bustin at the seams to get out here, but I told her if she got hurt you would skin me alive and bury me piece by piece. ”

“You did right Charlie thanks.” Currie said.

Well go get her Billy and give her a hug before she skins me alive.”

Billy jogged off to the ops shack to see his mother; Colonel Currie entered the ops building to the babbling of his wife, fussing over her son.

“Come on, come on, let’s go home,” Currie said.

“What about our gear?” Billy asked.

“Charlie will get it up to the house.”

Amanda Lee Currie was all of 5 feet tall and 100 pounds sopping wet. Her red hair was a contrast to her soft blue eyes; she had a slight figure and was full of energy. All in all, Amanda was a beautiful Irish Lass. She had one little flaw, her temper, when it flared, it flared and the smartest move one could make was to get as far away as possible until she calmed down.

Out-side the ops shack Amanda jumped behind the wheel of her new Chrysler Town and Country wagon, the front seat was pulled up as far as it would possibly move.

“Billy, you will have to sit in the back, I can barely fit up front, much less you.”

“Now Bill, don’t you start,” Amanda said starting the car, I’m so glad to have you home son tomorrow is thanksgiving and it is just wonderful to have us all together.” Amanda drove around the end of the runway to Reilly Road then up to what the troops called the 0-6 Circle and turned in behind the tan stucco 2 story houses that bordered the golf course and housed all the Colonels. She pulled in behind the third house and set the brake. “Oh, Billy I have so much to tell you, you wouldn’t believe all that has been going on around here.”

I have Invited colonel Wilson and their beautiful daughter; I know you two will just get along. And I am going to have all your favorites for thanksgiving dinner, turkey and…”

“Amanda!” brings us a beer, Billy and I have had a very long day,”

Amanda paused and looked at her Husband and then at her son she knew he was right, but she wanted to talk to her son.  “Change your clothes, your room is top of the stairs 2nd door on the right your clothes are laid out for you, and I will go get you and the old bear a beer.”

Billy hugged and kissed his mom. Bill hugged her and said, “come on old girl lets go get dinner ready.”

Amanda playfully punched Bill on the arm, “Don’t you old girl me, you reprobate.” Amanda said laughing, “Doesn’t he look a little thin to you…” together they walked to the kitchen Bills arm around her waist, she was still talking, and he was still shaking his head.

Billy showered and changed clothes. He came bounding down the stairs taking them 2 at a time, Amanda met him at the bottom with a cold beer and cold tall glass, “your father is in the den, I’ll finish seeing to dinner” Billy watched, his maw as he called, her disappear into the kitchen.

“Hey dad,” Billy said as he sat down.

Bill closed his Look magazine and then looked at Billy.

“What do you think of what’s going on in Europe? Billy asked

“You know I don’t really know, I not in that circle that would know, but I will tell you what I feel in my gut, but my gut tells me that whatever it is , it is going to be real bad and it will involve us and a lot of good men are going to be killed.”

“You really think it will come to that.”

“Billy, you know I’m not a betting man, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar on it, that we will be involved in it somehow within a year. Roosevelt has this lend-lease deal going on with the Brits and I’ve heard some scuttlebutt and it isn’t good a lot of good men are going to die.”

“Listen Billy, I’ve been in the Army for 25 years and I have learned a few things, even though I am a flyer, I can’t stress this enough you’re going to take over an Infantry company soon, if you want those men to survive you need to train them. Train them to run 20 miles with a full pack, and then fight, then pick up and run 10 more miles. Shoot with the same accuracy as you did before you ran those 20 miles. Conserve your rations and your rounds.  Endurance conservation and accuracy, that is what you train them for, conserve your men; do not expose your men.   They will hate you now; however, they sure as hell will be thankful when they go into combat,” he said leaning forward in his easy chair.

“Yes Sir,” Billy said.

“Never sit on your ass while your troops are breaking their ass’s, you have to be in better shape than they are every day. When they run you run, when they drink, you drink, when they eat, you eat get the picture. And my last bit of advice, trust your Noncom’s especially the ones who were around in the last war.”

Billy sat quietly. Listening to his dad, he knew his old man was right he would have to practice what he preached he would have to be better than his troops and then make them better than he was.

“Dinner is served,” Amanda called out,

“Let’s go we shant keep your maw waiting,” Billy and his dad headed to the dining room.

Billy saw the table, it was loaded with all his favorites there was meatloaf, creamed corn, whipped potatoes, yellow squash, big thick fluffy biscuits and butter and sugary sweet iced tea. “Oh! Wow maw I’m in heaven,” Billy said, sitting down at the table. Bill smiled and Amanda, she could not have been happier.

Bill looked at Amanda after they had finished eating “I do believe you foundered the boy.”

“Oh hush,” she said, Amanda began clearing the table, and both Bill and her son were there to help her with the dishes since it was Hattie’s night off. Amanda washed them, Bill dried them, and Billy put the dishes away.

“Maw I’m about worn out; I think I will head off to sleep.” Billy said

“But I had so much to talk about, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and…”

“Maw, I’m going to be here a whole month you will have me for Christmas and New Year’s we will have plenty of time to talk.”

“Ok, go on, I love you,” she said, shooing Billy away with her hands.

Billy climbed the stairs, entered his room, sat on the side of his bed, and laid back he did not realize he was as tired as he was. He awoke sometime early in the morning; he kicked off his shoes and covered himself up. Billy awoke to aromas that could only come from his maw’s kitchen. His A-bags were sitting beside the door and his rifles were in the gun rack on the wall.

He opened his bag, rummaged around for his shaving kit, and headed for the bathroom. He showered shaved and then dressed in his casual clothes before going down to the kitchen.

“I declare, if it aint Little Billy, lordy have mercy how you have grown look at you.” Hattie said putting down the towel and then putting her hands on her hips. “Come here boy; let me have a look at you.”  Hattie said.

Hattie had been Amanda’s maid, confidant, cook, advisor, and friend since she was a teenager and employed by her parents.

“Hattie don’t you think he looks a little thin, I do,” Amanda said,

“Now Miss Amanda, that boy there aint to thin besides, if he doesn’t watch what he eats around here he won’t fit in those britches by the time he leaves here. ”Hattie said smiling.

Billy poured himself a cup of coffee.

Your dad is in the dining room I’ll bring you a plate.

“Thanks Maw,” Billy went into the dining room, his dad sat at the head of the table, reading the Fayetteville Observer.

“Morning dad, how are you this morning?” Billy asked

“I’m fine Billy, couldn’t be better,” Bill said

“Is there anything interesting in the paper? Nope same old stuff, everybody knows everything, and they don’t know anything about anything,” he said.

His maw kissed him as she put his plate, piled high with eggs, bacon, ham, potatoes, and biscuits in front of him on the table.

Bill looked over his paper at the plate of food, “Billy do you want some help with that.”

“Let me see how much of it I can destroy on my own. Ok, Dad? I’ll talk to maw she feeds me like I was a squad of men.”

“Billy Currie! I heard that and it’s not true.” Amanda said calling out from the kitchen.

“I’m sorry maw but a third of this would be too much,” Billy said pitifully.

“I told you so,” Hattie said laughing.

“Oh hush, Hattie, just eat what you want then.”

“Would you pass me a couple of those biscuits?”

Billy slid the basket piled high with biscuits, and the bowl of butter and the bowl of honey to his dad. “Hey dad, I run every morning and with maw feeding the bejesus out of me I’ll need to run even more, do I need some kind of pass.”

“Carry your ID and tell anyone who stops you, to contact me here, tomorrow I will get you a pass from the provost Marshall.”

The house buzzed with activity in preparation for thanksgiving dinner, Hattie and Amanda were in the kitchen. The aroma of the roasting turkey the fresh baked pies the apples and the cinnamon, the savory smell of the dressing. Oh! The aroma as Bill would say, “Make a dead man’s mouth water.”

Bill and Billy were busy setting the table and dressing the sideboard, the silver had been polished. The stemware was wiped cleaned of spots. The salt and peppershakers were filled. The starched linen napkins were rolled and pushed through the silver rings with care for their guests would soon be there. Bill and Billy looked at each other, then stood back and looked at their handy work.

Amanda looked in, “Knives and spoons on the other right,” she said and then disappeared.

Bill shrugged his shoulders, “As many times as I done this it’s always wrong.”

“Dad you do it so maw will have something to say.”  Billy drank the glass of iced tea, “I can get enough of this stuff, and I didn’t know how much I missed it.”

The buzz of work in the house was interrupted with the buzzing of the front door

I’ll get that,” Billy said.

Billy opened the door, the green tint of the copper screen door softened her image, yet the woman who stood on the other side was glamorous. She was tall 5 feet 9 or so. The long curly chestnut colored hair hung across her oval face, cascaded down her chest, and tumbling over her full breast. Her green eyes shining above sensuous red lips set off set off by her almost almond skin.

“Hi, I’m Pamela Wilson, dad sent me over to help Amanda and Hattie, and you must be Billy. Your mom has told me so much about you I believe I already know you.” Then she took a breath “Are you going to stand there with your mouth open or are you going to open the door for me.”

Billy opened the door, she slid off her coat, and handed it to him he turned and hung it on the clothes tree next to him. He turned around Pamela was framed in the doorway her yellow dress showing all her curves and god what breasts she had they were huge. His eyes traveled the length of her body from the top of her head to her feet and stopped at her legs. The autumn sun shone brightly through her dress and highlighted her shapely legs he could make out everything she wore underneath her dress. Billy’s jaw hung agape. She walked towards him, and with one hand reached up and pushed, his jaw closed. “Naughty Boy,” she said under her breath.

She turned and walked seductively toward the kitchen glancing once more over her shoulder and giggled seductively.

Bill came into the hallway where Billy was standing, “Close your mouth son your beginning to drool, I see you have met Pamela ‘Minnie Quarts’ Wilson, it runs in her family you’ll see what I mean when her mother arrives. I don’t see how those women walk upright.”

Bill and Billy sat, listening to a new song on the radio by Glen Miller; they didn’t catch the name because Pamela came into the room carrying a drink. She sat on the ottoman directly across the room from Billy. He had a bird’s eye view of Pamela’s legs, Billy smiled at her, and Pamela winked at him and crossed her legs. He caught a glimpse of her garter and her white panties.

“Did she just wink and me and show me her panties, no she didn’t I must be dreaming,” he said to himself.  “Maw tells me you are in college.”

“Please call me Pam, yes, I’m in college, the university at Chapel Hill, I come home on weekends and holidays. Oh, isn’t that, that new song, by what’s his name, oh, you know him, he plays that you know…”

“Glen Miller, he plays the Trombone.”

“Oh yea,” she giggled, her giggle was like the drawing of fingernails across a blackboard then, when she finished giggling, she snorted.

Billy shuttered and looked at his dad.

Pam twisted on the ottoman, causing her dress to ride up; Billy looked at her leg and her white garter. Then she turned back and picked up her drink, then again, she winked at Billy, she sat there talking to Billy and while she talked, she crossed and uncrossed her legs she dangled her shoe from her toe and then for the peace-de-resistance she would fold her arms across her waist and squeeze her large magnificent breasts together.

Billy thought to himself “You must be kidding me this broad has done everything except tell me to bend her over and have my way with her.”

The obnoxious door buzzer sounded, Pamela uncrossed her legs and spread them wide giving him a good look before she jumped up and headed to the door.  “I’ll get it. Oh! Hi, it’s my mom and dad.”

Colonel Wilson appeared from around the corner Bill and Billy Stood Colonel Wilson stood 6 feet 6 or better he was barrel chested and had a narrow waist, he looked like a spinning top, he shook Billy’s hand, His hand was the size of a catcher’s mitt, it dwarfed Billy’s hand. “Hey Bill, you have a good-looking boy here.”

Billy noticed the fabric coated points of a pair of breasts emerging from behind the giant that stood before him. He looked at her she was tall she was as tall as he was; she had silver hair that was pulled tight behind her head and put up in a French bun. Her sparkling blue eyes pierced everything within their view. Her lips were full, and her smile showed her pearly white teeth,

His eyes then began their journey, her legs went on forever, and her buttocks covered tightly in the skirt she was wearing accentuated her sensuous cheeks. Her breasts, my god her breasts were as big as the whole outdoors. God she was magnificent. He had never seen a woman as beautiful as she was.

She walked over and daintily shook Billy’s hand, and leaned forward her breast’s pressing into him before her face came close to his face, she kissed him on his cheek. “I am so very pleased to meet you; your mother is so proud of you.”

Amanda came into the room and said her hellos. “Billy this is Havilland and Walter Wilson,” Bill said.

“My pleasure Colonel, Ma’am,” Billy said, looking up at Colonel Wilson.

Pamela and Havilland followed Amanda to the rear of the house Walt joined Bill and Billy in the den, the news was not good on the radio the infamous Chicago Bears had beaten the Browns seemed when it snowed the Bears won, who could figure. They listened, as the reports from London were being broadcast, the blitz, the bombing of London, and the fires, it sounded terrible.

Walt shook his head, “It’s going to be a mess you know, and god help us we are going to be tits deep in it this time next year. If it isn’t with the damn Nazi it will be with the Nips   just mark my words.”

Billy thought to himself, “Tits deep anyone but you should talk huh tits deep you up to your eyes in tits.”

“All right you boys come and get it,” Amanda called out from the dining room.

“I’m starved’” bill said rubbing his stomach.

“Ok now, I thought boy, girl, Bill you sit there at the head of the table.”

Billy waited his turn, his seat was between the colonel on one side, and Pamela on the other and Mrs. Wilson sat across from him.  Billy looked across the table at her tits and she smiled at him then he glances to his right and there were more tits and what was more interesting was the fact that Pam had pulled her skirt up and pushed the table cloth so he was staring at her crotch. Billy thought to himself, “I had to work at it, to get laid in Texas, and I come home, and it’s thrown in my face how lucky can I be.”

Billy was enjoying his dinner, he felt a foot rubbing up and down his leg, he first looked at Pam, and then at her lap neither of her legs was moving. His eyes moved from Pam’s lap and slowly worked their way around the table, until he was staring Havilland in the face, she smiled, and then as she took a drink from her glass, she winked at him.

“Pass the beans would you please,” Billy said. Pamela passed him the beans and as she did, she let her hand touch his and she winked at him.  “Damn I have two women here throwing themselves at me, but I had better be careful one slip and I’ll be in deep shit.” He thought.

After dinner, when all the food had been put away and the dishes were washed, the girls joined the men in the den.

“Billy have you seen that new Errol Flynn movie the one where he plays a pirate or a buccaneer or something like that, its playing at the post theater, would you take me to see it.”

“Of course, he will Pam, the Wilson’s owe us a rematch for that bridge game last week.” Amanda said.

Billy thought to himself “Thank you maw, I didn’t want to sound too eager. I’ll get our coats, Maw may I drive your car.”

“OF course, you can let me get the keys,” Amanda said.

Billy returned with their coats, he helped Pamela slip her coat on, Amanda handed the keys to Billy,

“Now be careful,” she said kissing Billy on the cheek.

Billy opened the car’s door and he reached under the seat and pulled the lever to side it back as far as it would go. Pamela jumped in the front seat and slid to the center. Billy climbed in; his feet wouldn’t touch the pedals. He slid the seat forward a little bit. Pamela pulled herself close to Billy and pressed her breasts against him.

“Oh! Billy, let us get out of here I don’t want to see any old movie I want to be alone with you.”

“You will have to show me where to go,” he said.

She gave him directions they passed the guardhouse then they took a hard right and headed down the Spring Lake- Sanford road they had gone a few miles, when she told him to turn left and pull up beside the pines next to the lake.

Before he had finished Parking, dear sweet innocent, Pamela had pulled her panties off and stuffed them in her purse, she unbuttoned her dress, and a few wiggles later, it was off. Then she unhooked her bra it slid down to her nipples and hung there, Billy lifted it from her firm jutting, hard nipples. Pamela took the bra and stuffed it in the purse. She kicked her shoes off and jumped into Billy’s lap.

“I’m so fucking horny, Billy fuck me now, Please Billy. She whispered in to his ear.

“Get in the back girl, I need plenty of room, I’m going to fuck your brains out!”

“What brains, they’ve already have been fucked out.” She giggled.

Billy opened the door and stepped out, he was hard; his cock had been throbbing all day long, if it wasn’t Havilland rubbing on his leg or shoving her tits into him, it was this slut teasing him showing him her crotch. Billy unbuttoned his trousers, pulled his cock from his shorts, he climbed into the back seat to the waiting Pamela. She was on her back her knees were pulled up; one foot was tucked into the seat the other planted firmly on the floor. Her legs were spread giving him ready access to her. Her pudendum was covered with a patch of light brown hair. He slid his hands up her legs and then to her tits. Her tits were firm and tactile they stood erect on her chest and her nipples jutted out, they looked like red ripe raspberries.

Billy Positioned himself above her, she reached down and with her hand, guided him to the entrance of her body. Billy pushed steadily, his cock sinking into her. She moaned, raised her hips to meet him. He pushed, the length of his cock into wanton waiting body, she pushed harder against him until he was completely inside her.

Billy began to stroke the beautiful slut. First, his strokes were short teasing her, and then as she began to move with him his strokes became longer, and he drove his cock harder and harder into her luscious body.

He licked and kissed her tits and gently bit her nipples the more aroused she became the harder he bit and sucked. He squeezed them, pulled on them. To his amazement the rougher, he treated her, the more aroused she became.

He grabbed her knees, hoisted them up, and pinned them against her chest, her calves locked around his neck. He pounded his cock into her like a jackhammer from hell.

“Fuck Me, fuck me, fuck me hard, you son of a bitch, she screamed.

Billy began slamming his body into hers driving her head into the door panel, she threw her arms up and tried to push herself off the door. Billy noticed and grabbed her pulling her back to the other end of the seat; his feet were on the ground. He had changed positions he was pounding her as hard as any mortal could fuck a woman.

Pamela began squealing I’m coming, God damn you, I’m coming Pamela’s body began shaking; she thrust her back and her tits into the air and screamed again.  She put her hands up cupping Billy’s face “God I had no idea you could fuck like that; I love it when you are rough and hurt me. Fuck me again Billy please fuck me again I need it. I need that big cock of yours in my belly.” Pamela pleaded in his ear.

Billy put his hand behind her head and nudged it in the direction of his lap. Pamela followed through and her mouth soon found his cock she began sucking him. Billy Laid back on the seat an enjoyed the sensation, he squeezed and twisted her nipple hard, she yelped out in pain or was it pleasure but in any case, Billy’s cock hardened.

Billy put his hand behind her head, grabbed her hair, and pulled it he pulled her up and twisted her head around so he could look her in the eyes, Billy stared into her eyes and with his free hand, he squeezed her tit, and then twisted her nipple. “So, you say you like pain.” Pamela shook her head, well my dear little slut I’ll show you some pain. Billy slapped her tit. “Lie down, spread your legs whore.” Pamela lay back spreading her legs “Wider Billy Snarled, Wider.” Pamela spread them wide as she could. Billy raised his hand and slapped her pussy as hard as he could Pamela sucked in a heavy breath and cried out she snapped her legs together and tried to roll up “Did I tell you to close your legs or sit up!” he pulled her back down. Spread Them now Bitch! Pamela looked up at Billy her eyes pleading with him, but she obeyed. Billy slapped her again, and again, her mound was turning red and her lips were beginning to swell. “Now I’m going to fuck you,” Billy said.

Billy rolled over and positioned himself between her legs he grabbed her knees and rolled her knees and legs to her chest the he mounted her. He drove his rock-hard cock into her in a single stroke. Pamela gasped and tried to uncoil herself; Billy held on and began to pump her slamming his body into hers he watched her tits bounce to and fro he planted his feet against the tail gate and pounded her until he felt himself spew his seed into her. Billy rolled off her and lay beside her.

Pamela was breathing hard and almost out of breath she sat up and fiddled around in her purse Billy heard the click, click of the Ronson. Pamela lit two cigarettes she handed one to Billy and she took a long drag off hers before slowly blowing the smoke out. “Oh! My God, Billy I had no idea that was so good I’ve never been fucked like before. I loved the way you spanked my pussy and tits…”

Billy laid there thinking how he had enjoyed spanking her it seemed the more pain he caused her the more aroused he became. He took another drag off the Camel he looked over at Pamela her body was covered in sweat she glistened in the light of the sunset. “Get dressed we are going to town for a drink.” Billy said.

Billy watched her dress she put on her bra and put on her dress and buttoned it she pulled her panties out of her purse, Billy reached over put his hand on hers. She looked at him Billy shook his head; she looked a little confused; she smiled and put her panties back in her purse. Pamela got out of the car and straightened her dress she squatted and cleaned herself. Billy stood beside the car smoking and watching her.

“Piss Pamela, I want you to piss, pull your dress up so I can see you.” Billy said commandingly.

Pamela face turned red. “Billy I can’t do that.” She looked at Billy he stared at her “Oh Please Billy Don’t Make me do that.”

Billy raised his hand and slapped her face. I told you to piss; now piss, don’t make me slap you again.”

Pamela looked at him her eyes pleading, begging him she saw Billy raise his hand she turned her head waiting for the slap.

Billy bent over and put his head next to hers, “I said piss!” He snarled. Pamela’s body jerked; he heard her pissing on the ground he waited until she finished. “Good Girl,” Billy said,

Pamela looked up at him and she was beaming she smiled, “Oh thank you, Billy, Thank you.”

Get in the car were going to town. Pamela jumped in the front seat and slid to the center of the seat Billy climbed in to the car.

They parked outside a little club Billy opened the door for Pamela the Bar was Smokey and the people inside were civilians as well as military. Billy took a seat at an empty table he pulled another chair up next to his and told Pamela to sit. The barmaid came over to take their order she was young and had rather large tits her blouse was opened revealing her cleavage.

“Say what will you two have,” the barmaid said, she leaned over putting her elbow on the table giving both Billy and Pamela a nice view of her tits. Billy held up two fingers.

“Two beers it is,” the woman said.

Billy ran his hand up Pamela’s dress to her crotch. Her first instinct was to put her hands down and stop him. Billy looked at her then at her crotch Pamela turned two shades of red and put her hands back on the table. Billy continued up her leg until he could feel her pubic hair and her wet lips, he began masturbating her. “Spread your legs,” he said quietly, He was masturbating Pamela when the Barmaid returned. She looked down at Pamela’s crotch then at Billy and then back at Pamela “Is there anything else I can do for you, I get off at one,” she said looking straight at Pamela.

“Thanks for the offer; but I have this one in hand.” Billy threw a dollar on the table, “Keep the change,” he picked up his beer and gave a salute to the barmaid who stood there watching Billy masturbate Pamela. The barmaid left when she heard the bartender calling her name.

Pamela Looked at Billy, her face was beet red, she had never been so embarrassed, she was about to say something when Billy ordered her to Orgasm. She couldn’t help herself, her body tensed and spasm, she clamped her legs tightly around His hand, and she moaned and shook. She hung her head in embarrassment, she made enough noise that everyone in the club was looking at her, the barmaid had her hand up the bartenders’ ear, and Pamela knew what she was telling him. “Drink your beer,” Billy said, “then we will go.” Pamela grabbed her beer and downed it.

The club erupted in applause when Billy and Pamela stood up to leave the bar. Pam tried to run out the door, but Billy hung onto her arm.  “From now on, look at me when I am talking to you, Pamela looked at Billy she had tears in her eyes. “From now on when we are together, you will do exactly as I tell you to do, do you understand,” Billy smiled at her.

Pamela looked down then she looked at him and at that moment she surrendered to him, she said, “Yes I understand, I’ll do what you tell me to do.”

“Good, Girl.” is all Billy had to say. Billy drove back to base and then escorted Pamela to her house. He kissed her good night.

“Will I see you tomorrow,” she said.

“I have to run 20 miles, and run the obstacle course, I will call you.”

“Good Night Sir,” Pamela turned around, and entered her house she closed the door.

Billy walked slowly back to the house he sat on the porch and tried to analyze what had transpired. He didn’t fully understand it, but he certainly liked it. The pain he had inflicted on her aroused him, it also aroused her, and he enjoyed embarrassing her. He liked the power he had over her. Billy opened the door, climbed the stairs to his room, and went to bed.

Billy had his routine down pat during the weekdays, he trained, he spent the nights with his parents, and on the weekends, he trained Pamela in everything he liked.  A few of his classmates from the Point who were stationed at Fort Bragg allowed him to train with their units. Before Billy knew it, his leave was just about over. Moreover, he was eager to get to his new command.

Christmas came and went; It was four days prior to his reporting date when he told his dad he was going to go down to Columbia a few days early. “Wait here a minute I have some things for you,” Bill said. He got up went to the basement and came back up a few minutes later, “Here, you should be able to use these and this. They were given to me when I took that trip to Scotland last year.” He handed Billy 2 custom-made canvas and leather rifle cases and a strange looking stringy rag.

“What’s this dad,” Billy said holding out the rag.

“That is what the Scottish call a Ghillie suit the game wardens on the estates wear them to camouflage themselves when they go after poachers, I used it here during hunting season and brother it works you disappear in the woods from all men and beasts.”

“I’ll get the paperwork started and will fly you down, I have a couple of new trainers parked out on the field I can have you in Ft Jackson in an hour.” Bill said.

“Dad how about I take the train that way both you and maw can see me off I know she would like that and the taking the train gives me time to think.”

“Ok son your mom and I will take you to the train, I think there is one that leaves about 1300 heading south we can go early, and we can have lunch before you go.”

“Thanks dad that will be perfect it’s only a few hours to Columbia I should be there by dinner time.”

Billy loaded his luggage and rifles into the Chrysler and waited for his mom and dad to come out, Pamela came over, kissed him, and told him she loved him. Billy said he would write her from Ft Jackson, Bill and Amanda rounded the corner of the house and walked over to the car. Billy said one final goodbye to Pamela and climbed into the back seat, Pamela was in tears, she ran to her house. The drive to the train station was eerily quiet the only sounds that were hear were those of the car and the occasional sobs made by Amanda. Bill pulled up next to the station platform.

Billy called a porter over to pull his luggage from the car he followed the porter to the ticket window he showed his ID and purchased his ticket. “Take good care or these,” he told the porter handing him a sawbuck.

“Yes, Sir They will be here, nothing will happen to them as long as I’m on the job.”

“Let’s go eat, I’m hungry,” Billy said, he took hold on his mom’s arm “Come on maw,”

The three walked down the street to the Hotel Dining room. Bill looked at his watch, “It’s about that time, and we need to get you back to the station. It seems here lately that the trains are always on time.” Bill paid the check and left a tip on the table. The three walked solemnly back to the station, “Son, Good Luck, let us here from you, call us, call your mom. If you need anything call me if I can help you know I will.”

The porter with his luggage and weapons stood at the end of the platform he watched the porter load them into the baggage car. Billy stepped aboard the passenger car he heard the conductor yell all aboard, he heard the hiss of steam and the shriek of the whistle his mom and dad were waving to him he stood on the platform and waved back to them.

“Come on in Captain I gots to close it up,” the porter said.

“Where’s the club car,” Currie said

“That would be two cars back, Sir”


“Any time Captain, Any time.” The porter said

Billy Walked back to the club car and ordered a scotch he sat down and let his mind mull over the last 30 days he thought of the time he had spent with Pamela and the few times he had spent with Havilland.  Billy had finished the three scotches when they pulled into Florence South Carolina, Ft Jackson and his destiny lay just 1 hour away.

The train pulled into the Columbia station just a few minutes after three o: clock in the afternoon. He stepped down onto the platform, whistled for the nearest porter, and handed him his claim checks. “I’ll be right over there, Find me a taxi to Fort Jackson too.” The porter shook his head and took off dragging the luggage cart with him.

Currie tipped the porter after he had stored his bags in the taxi’s trunk Billy carried his weapons with him.

“Where to Captain,” the cabby said slamming the trunk lid down.

“Headquarters Building.”