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Oh God, how I hate that woman from King Arthur, you know the one, she emails out those Sunday tips for you to bake. Well I read todays and guess what? Thanksgiving is well over one month away. However, those damn Canadians are having their Thanksgiving next week. Aint that just grand.

I kept reading the email and she writes about pumpkin pies and this and that. OH! God it hits me Pumpkin BREAD. I have everything to make it. I have the pumpkin, the sugar, the spices, the flour, and the oil and eggs and now I am sitting here drooling on my t-shirt thinking of pumpkin bread.

So now, the 2 loaves of Pumpkin Bread are now in the oven. And I’m sitting here with my blood glucose already at 150 this morning, waiting for those dam loaves of Pumpkin bread to come out of the oven. I hate her, I hate her.

You know whats bad I have terrible worn out knees both are bone on bone, so it’s very painful to walk any distance at all. So, walking to lose weight isn’t in my future, ok, ok I’m obese, I old, have diabetes and it’s all I can do somedays is walk the 100 feet down the hallway to my car. My relief from boredom and melancholy is to bake and write stuff like this. I am impulsive to say the least the bread I bake to eat and have something to do with my time. But the sweet stuff I have ZERO willpower.

I found French Puff Pastry dough at a restaurant supply company they sell 20 sheets in a box. That’s enough to make 120 fruit filled turnovers. Imagine eating fresh hot out of the oven every morning, cherry, or apple, or blueberry, or a whole host of other fruit filled delights. I even thought of mincemeat. Take a sheet out divide it into six 5-inch squares scoop a large dollop of your favorite fruit pie filling or jam into the center fold them over into a triangle, seal the edges and bake. You know they are done when they are golden brown, and the filling begins to ooze from the seams. Even though, I have looked at the dough on their webpage a hundred times I have resisted the temptation. I even went to that damn site and ordered my Cambro containers and didn’t order the pastry dough.  Such willpower, I know I am a saint.

Oh, hell I can smell the spices in the pumpkin bread baking. I am going to die. You know one day while standing in line outside that dark shadowy place, which I won’t mention the name of, the fellow in front of me quoted the line “Satan get behind me.” And the fellow behind me heard the line and chuckled, and then said, “Don’t you mean Satan get behind me and PUSH.”

Well something pushed me this morning and I will pay for it dearly I just hope the neighbors are home so I can find a place for most of it, if not I will nibble at it until its gone.

So, for now folks Bake with love and Love to bake and hopefully you have more willpower than I do.