Food weights and volumes     
King Arthur Flours      
Unbleached All-Purpose Flour1 cup4 1/4120    
9-Grain Flour Blend1 cup4 3/8124    
Bread Flour1 cup4 1/4120    
Durum Flour1 cup4 3/8124    
European-Style Artisan Bread Flour1 cup4 1/4120    
First Clear Flour1 cup3 3/4106    
French-Style Flour1 cup4 1/4120    
Gold Medal superlative 12.6% protein1 cup4 ¼120    
Irish-Style Flour1 cup3 7/8110    
Italian-Style 001 cup3 3/4106    
Kings, all-purpose pastry flour 9% protein1 cup4 ¼120    
Pastry Flour Blend1 cup4113    
Perfect Pasta Blend1 cup5 1/8145    
Perfect Pizza Blend1 cup4 3/8124    
Pillsbury, patent A flour 12.6% protein1 cup4 ¼120    
Self-Rising Flour1 cup4113    
Sir Lancelot High-Gluten Flour1 cup4 1/4120    
Sprouted Wheat Flour1 cup4113    
Unbleached Cake Flour1 cup4 1/4120    
Unbleached Pastry Flour1 cup3 3/4106    
White Whole Wheat Flour1 cup4                       113-120    
Whole Wheat Flour (Premium)1 cup4113    
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour1 cup3 3/896    
All-Purpose Baking Mix1 cup4 1/4120    
King Arthur Gluten-Free Flours    
Gluten-Free Flour1 cup5 1/2156    
Gluten-Free Measure for Measure Flour1 cup4 1/4120    
Gluten-Free Brown Rice Flour1 cup4 1/2128    
Gluten-Free Whole Grain Flour1 cup4 1/4120    
Gluten-Free Baking Mix1 cup4 1/4120    
Rye Flours      
Medium Rye1 cup3 5/8103    
Perfect Rye Blend1 cup3 3/4106    
Pumpernickel1 cup3 3/4106    
White Rye1 cup3 3/4106    
Various Flours      
Almond Flour1 cup3 3/896    
Toasted Almond Flour1 cup3 3/896    
Amaranth flour1 cup3 5/8103    
Ancient Grains1 cup4 5/8113    
Barley flour1 cup385    
Buckwheat Flour1 cup4 1/4120    
Chickpea flour1 cup385    
Coconut Flour1 cup4 1/2128    
Harvest Grains Blend1/2 cup2 5/874    
Hazelnut Flour1 cup3 1/889    
Hi-Maize® High-Fiber Flour1 cup4 1/4120    
Hi-Maize® Fiber1/4 cup1 1/832    
Hi-Maize® Whole Grain Cornmeal1 cup4113    
Oat Flour1 cup3 1/492    
Potato Flour1/4 cup1 5/846    
½ cup potato flour per 3 cups flour    
2 Tbsp potato flour = ¼ C Potato Flakes    
Potato Starch1 cup5 3/8152    
Quinoa flour1 cup3 7/8110    
Rice flour (white)1 cup5142    
Semolina Flour1 cup5 3/4163    
Sorghum flour1 cup4 7/8138    
Soy flour1/4 cup1 1/435    
Spelt Flour1 cup3 1/299    
Tapioca Starch or flour1 cup4113    
Teff flour1 cup4 3/4135    
Volume  OuncesGrams    
6-Grain Flakes1 cup3 3/896    
Almonds (sliced)1/2 cup1 1/243    
Almonds (slivered)1/2 cup257    
Almonds, whole (unblanched)1 cup5142    
Almond paste (packed)1 cup9 1/8259    
Apples (dried, diced)1 cup385    
Apples (peeled, sliced)1 cup4113    
Apricots (dried, diced)1/2 cup2 1/464    
Baking powder1 cup 125    
Baking powder1 Tbsp 8    
Baking powder1 teaspoon2 ½    
Baking soda1 cup 220    
Baking soda1Tbsp 15    
Baking soda1 teaspoon5    
Baker’s Cinnamon Filling1 cup5 3/8152    
Bananas (mashed)1 cup8227    
Barley (cooked)1 cup7 5/8215    
Barley flakes1/2 cup1 5/846    
Barley, pearled1 cup7 1/2213    
Basil pesto2 tablespoons128    
Berries (frozen)1 cup5142    
Boiled cider1/4 cup385    
Blueberries (dried)1 cup5 1/2156    
Blueberries (fresh)1 cup6170    
Bran cereal1 cup2 1/860    
Bread crumbs (dried)1/4 cup128    
Bread crumbs, Japanese Panko1 cup1 3/450    
Bread crumbs (fresh)1/2 cup4-Mar21    
Baking Sheet brownie mix (dry)1 cup5 3/4163    
Buckwheat, whole (kasha)1 cup6170    
Bulgur1 cup5 3/8152    
Butter1/2 cup, 1 stick4113    
Buttermilk, yogurt, sour cream2 tablespoons128    
Cabbage raw chopped1 cup3 ¼91    
Cake Enhancer2 tablespoons2-Jan14    
Caramel, 14-16 individual pieces1/2 cup5142    
Caramel bits (Heath; chocolate or chopped toffee)1 cup5 1/2156    
Candied Peel1/2 cup385    
Caraway seeds2 tablespoons8-May18    
Cashews (chopped)1 cup4113    
Cashews (whole)1 cup4113    
Carrots (grated)1 cup3 1/299    
Carrots (cooked and puréed)1/2 cup4 1/2128    
Carrots (diced)1 cup5142    
Celery (diced)1 cup5142    
Cheese, cheddar, jack, mozzarella, Swiss (grated)1 cup4113    
Cheese, Feta1 cup4113    
Cheese, Ricotta1 cup8227    
Cheese, Parmesan (grated)1/2 cup1 3/450    
Cheese powder1/2 cup257    
Cherries (dried)1/2 cup2 1/271    
Cherries (candied)1/4 cup1 3/450    
Cherries (frozen)1 cup4113    
Chives (fresh)1/2 cup4-Mar21    
Chocolate (chopped)1 cup6170    
Chocolate chips1 cup6170    
Cocoa, unsweetened2 tablespoons8-May11    
 1/4 cup4-Mar21    
 1 cup385    
Coconut, sweetened (shredded)1 cup385    
Coconut, unsweetened (shredded)1 cup4113    
Coconut, unsweetened (large flakes)1 cup2 1/860    
Coconut milk powder1/2 cup257    
Cookie crumbs1 cup385    
Coffee powder2 teaspoons8-Jan4    
Corn (popped)4 cups4-Mar21    
Cornmeal, whole1 cup4 7/8138    
Corn syrup1 cup11312    
Cornstarch1/4 cup128    
Cranberries (dried)1/2 cup257    
Cranberries (fresh or frozen)1 cup3 1/299    
Cream (heavy, light, or half & half)1 cup8227    
Cream cheese1 cup8227    
Currants1 cup5142    
Dates (chopped)1 cup5 1/4149    
Dough Improver2 tablespoons8-May18    
Egg white (fresh)1 large1 1/435    
Egg whites (dried)2 tablespoons8-May11    
Egg yolk (fresh)1 large2-Jan14    
Egg whole (fresh)1 large 60    
Egg whole (fresh) 1 cup9 large16454    
Egg Whole (fresh) 1 Quart20 large32908    
Egg yolk (fresh) 2 cups22 large16454    
Egg White (fresh) 2 cups16 large16454    
    Espresso powder1 tablespoon4-Jan7
Flaxseed1/4 cup1 1/435    
Flax meal1/2 cup1 3/450    
Figs (dried, chopped)1 cup5 1/4149    
Garlic (cloves, in skin for roasting)1 large head4113    
Garlic (minced)2 tablespoons128    
Garlic (peeled and sliced)1 cup5 1/4149    
Garlic, powder1 cup 155    
Garlic, powder1 Tbsp 10    
Garlic, powder1 tsp 3 1/4    
Ginger (crystallized)1/2 cup3 1/492    
 1/3 cup2 1/464    
Ginger (fresh, sliced)1/4 cup257    
Graham crackers (crushed)1 cup5142    
Graham cracker crumbs (boxed)1 cup3 1/299    
Granola1 cup4113    
Grape Nuts1/2 cup257    
Hazelnuts (whole)1 cup5142    
Honey1 tablespoon4-Mar21    
 1 cup12340    
Instant Clearjel®1 tablespoon8-May11    
Jam or preserves1/4 cup385    
 2/3 cup7 1/4206    
Lard1/2 cup4113    
Leeks (diced)1 cup3 1/492    
Lemon powder2 tablespoons8-May18    
Lime powder2 tablespoons8-May18    
Macadamia nuts (whole)1 cup5 1/4149    
Malted milk powder1/4 cup1 1/435    
Malt syrup2 tablespoons1 1/243    
Malted Wheat Flakes1/2 cup2 1/464    
Maple sugar1/2 cup2 3/478    
Maple syrup1/2 cup5 1/2156    
Maple Flav-R-Bites1/2 cup2 1/271    
Marshmallow crème1 cup385    
Marshmallow Fluff®1 cup4 1/2128    
Marshmallows (mini)1 cup1 1/243    
Meringue powder1/4 cup1 1/243    
Mayonnaise1/2 cup4113    
Milk, whole for every 100 g of whole milk, use 23-30 g NFDM, 3.5 g butter and 88 g water.77
Milk, evaporated1/2 cup4 1/2128    
Milk, 1%1 cup8242    
Milk, whole1 cup8242    
Milk, baker’s special dry1/4 cup1 1/435    
Milk, buttermilk, dried1 cup4 ¼120    
Milk, buttermilk, dried1 Tbsp 8    
Milk, buttermilk, dried1 tsp 2 ½    
Milk, nonfat dry, NFDM1 cup2 ½68    
Milk, nonfat dry, NFDM1 Tbsp 5    
Milk, nonfat, dry, NFDM1 tsp 1 ½    
Milk, dry, whole1 cup4/1/2002128    
Milk, dry, whole1Tbsp 8    
Milk, dry, whole1 tsp 2 ½    
Milk, sweetened condensed1/4 cup2 3/478    
Millet (whole)1/2 cup3 5/8103    
Molasses1/4 cup385    
Mushrooms (sliced)1 cup2 3/478    
Oat bran1/2 cup1 7/853    
Oats, traditional rolled or thick flakes1 cup3 1/299    
Oats, quick cooking1 cup3 1/889    
Oats, steel cut (raw)1/2 cup2 7/899    
Oats, steel cut (cooked)1 cup9255    
Oil, vegetable1 cup7198    
Olives (sliced)1 cup5142    
Onions, baking1/2 cup1 3/8     
Onions, fresh (diced)1 cup5142    
Orange juice powder2 tablespoons8-May82    
Organic 6-Grain Flakes1/2 cup3 5/8103    
Peaches (peeled and diced)1 cup6170    
Peanut butter1/2 cup4 3/4135    
Peanuts (whole, shelled)1 cup5142    
Pears (peeled and diced)1 cup5 3/4163    
Pecans (diced)1/2 cup257    
 1 cup4113    
Peppers, red or green (fresh)1 cup5142    
Persimmon pulp1 cup8 1/2241    
Pineapple, dried1/2 cup2 1/271    
Pineapple juice powder2 tablespoons8-May18    
Pineapple (fresh or canned, diced)1 cup6170    
Pie Filling Enhancer1/4 cup1 5/846    
Pine nuts1/2 cup2 1/271    
Pistachio nuts1/2 cup2 1/860    
Pistachio nut paste1/4 cup2 3/478    
Poppy seeds2 tablespoons8-May18    
 1/4 cup1 3/8     
Polenta (coarse ground cornmeal)1 cup5 3/4163    
Potatoes raw diced1 cup5 1/3151    
Potatoes (mashed)1 cup7 1/2213    
Praline paste1/2 cup5 1/2156    
Pumpkin (canned)1 cup8227    
Quinoa (whole)1 cup6 1/4177    
Quinoa (cooked)1 cup6 1/2184    
Raisins (loose)1 cup5 1/4149    
Raisins (packed)1/2 cup385    
Raspberries (fresh)1 cup4 1/4120    
Rhubarb (fresh, medium dice)1 cup4 1/4120    
Rice Krispies1 cup128    
Rice, brown (cooked)1 cup6170    
Rice, long grain (dry)1/2 cup3 1/299    
Rye flakes1 cup4 3/8124    
Salt Kosher1 tsp 6    
Salt Kosher1 Tablespoon18    
Salt table1 tsp4-Jan7    
Salt table1 tablespoon 17    
Scallions (sliced)1 cup2 1/464    
Sesame seeds1/2 cup2 1/271    
Shallots (peeled and sliced)1 cup5 1/2156    
Signature Secrets1/4 cup8-May18    
Sour cream1 cup8227    
Sourdough starter1 cup8 to 8 1/2 oz   227-241   
Spices ground1 oz14 tsp28    
  1 Tbsp                   8- 10   
Strawberries (fresh sliced)1 cup5 7/8167    
Sugar (granulated white)1 cup7198    
 2/3 cup4 3/4135    
Sugar (granulated white)1 tablespoon2-Jan12    
Sugar, confectioners’ (unsifted)2 cups8227    
Sugar, dark or light brown (packed)1 cup7 1/2213    
Sugar, demerara1 cup7 3/4220    
Sugar, sticky bun1 cup3 1/299    
Sugar substitute (Splenda)1 cup8-Jul25    
Sugar substitute (Clabber Girl Sugar replacer for baking)1 cup5142    
Sundried tomatoes (dry pack)1 cup6170    
Sunflower seeds1/4 cup1 1/435    
Tahini paste1/2 cup2 1/271    
Tapioca (quick-cooking)2 tablespoons4-Jan21    
Toffee chunks1 cup5 1/2156    
Tomatoes Crushed with liquid1 cup8 ½240    
Vanilla extract1/8 cup128    
 1 Tbsp0.4613    
 1 tsp0.154.2    
Vegetable shortening1/4 cup1 5/846    
 1/3 cup2 1/860    
 1/2 cup3 1/492    
Vinegar white distilled1 cup8.47237    
 1 oz 30    
 1 Tbsp 15    
 1 tsp 5    
 1ml 1    
Vital wheat gluten2 tablespoons8-May18    
Walnuts (whole)1/2 cup2 1/464    
Walnuts (chopped)1 cup4113    
Water1/3 cup2 5/878    
 2/3 cup5 ¼155    
Water1 cup8236    
Wheat berries (red)1 cup6 1/2184    
Wheat bran1/2 cup1 1/832    
Wheat (cracked)1 cup5 1/4149    
Wheat flakes (malted)1/4 cup128    
Wheat germ1/4 cup128    
Yeast (instant)2 1/4 -teaspoons4-Jan7    
Yogurt1 cup8227    
Food weights and volumesSpices      
Allspice1 cup9662   
Anise seed1 cup11572 ½   
Bay leaf, crumbled1 cup28.3     
Cardamom1 cup9363   
Carraway seed1 cup10772 ¼   
Celery seed1 cup13483   
Cinnamon1 cup12483   
Cream of tartar1 cup13483   
Chili powder1 cup12883   
Cloves, whole1 cup13483   
Cloves, ground1 cup13483   
Fennel seed1 cup9362   
Garlic, ground1 cup155103   
Ginger, ground1 cup13483   
Italian, seasoning1 cup13483   
Nutmeg1 cup13483   
Onion powder1 cup172113 ½   
Oregano1 cup9662   
Paprika, ground1 cup10872 ½   
Pepper black, ground1 cup11072 ½   
Pepper, red, ground1 cup8452   
Parsley, flake1 cup9662   
Poppy seed1 cup14183   
Poultry, seasoning1 cup7041   
Rosemary, dried1 cup5231   
Sage, ground1 cup322    
Sesame, seed1 cup14493   
Thyme, ground1 cup6941